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Thursday 25 October 2007

BBC TV News Review - Wednesday 25th October

I wish they all could be Californian. So sang the Beach Boys back in the swinging sixties and the BBC were happy to oblige; in a role of fairy godmother for the first featured story last night on the flagship News at 10; "wildfires". We saw many images again of burning and destruction along with a devastated Arnold Schwarrzenegger, who it seems has still not found a weapon capable of destroying his arch enemy the wind. George Bush appeared, offering condolences, and assuring assistance from authority. Makeshift refugee camps inside school halls were pictured and then we met a victim, Marian Spiney, pronounced as spinney. One close to you perchance ? Perhaps you were just there, having nipped out to take the dog for a shite ? We closed with images and reports from San Diego.

Rubbish followed. We heard that talk of a bins tax will remain talk, our Government have quietly dropped the proposed reforms. Cleansing operatives were shown at work, rudely interupting slumbering students. We saw the social unrest in Scarborough from last year when a fortnightly refuse collection was introduced, piles of rubbish sat on street corners, uncollected. Anyway, "Gordon Brown may dump the whole idea" as it is "politically smart to think through consequences". .

More smartness and smugness - It was time for Nick Robinson's nighty political round up. The issue tonight is the same as last night -the election vote scandal from Scotland; Douglas Alexander, Gordon Brown and a "monumental mess".

The body of the lady, who had vanished after her daughter was found after falling from a roof in Majorca, has been found in a cave close by. Details were somewhat sketchy.

Return of the McCanns next, we saw them giving a television interview, emotional Kate etc., and then arrived on the Algarve to meet a reporter, see a deserted street and be told nothing.

Coming up - North meets South- new map.

The abortion laws are to remain the same after attempts were made to lower the current 24 week termination limit.

The ongoing tension in Turkey/Iraq continues. Images of military operations were aplenty, we got to go on a patrol with the Turkish troops, then we saw some Kurdish people, including infants. A mother told how her son had died, "fighting for Kurdish rights" and that she considered him a martyr.

Nato have asked for a better effort from member countries in respect of the current Afghanistan War.

The Diana Dodi Inquest continues - more of the same really, reporter Nicholas Witchell told of the underpass, paparazzi and maybe a motorbike. We saw a police line up of some photographers, first on the scene we were assured, only to then squabble like vultures over shooting rights rather than helping with casualties and victims. It seems that these individuals may in fact give evidence next week, we shall see.

A special report from Burma - Andrew Harding, special correspondent has sneaked in, we saw him fighting through a thigh high cornfield, avoiding the "bristling rival armies" to meet with some rebels who told of their passion before "heading off to a jungle battlefield". Some front line imagery was displayed, buring villages and similar. It seems that "the dead are buried on the run", and to confirm this we saw a hastily arranged burial with few mourners. Time for some orphan children and a 14 year old rape victim before, thankfully, we closed.

Football followed, reds doing badly and blues doing well it seems.

To finish the programming, the promised feature on an updated prosperity map of the UK with particular reference to the North South divide. Half the TV screen went to old black and white grainy images of Northerners in the fifties perhaps, all looking like Andy Capp and Flo; the remaing half showed champagne glasses bubbling. Some members of the public were asked for their opinions, all had differing ideas although none seemed to take it too seriously, including the BBC. Moral seemed to be that we are all the same now, or aiming to be and moving accordingly; quaffing champagne, and bolstering egos en route - to where though and why ? Perhaps features like this help mark the route. Courtesy of our fairy godmother via a trojan horse called television. Video clip follows.


Paparazzi ?

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