Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Sunday 28 March 2010

Green Men ?

I wrote on 3rd March about the Scottish Defence League "Lockerbie memorial" rally proposed to be held yesterday, 27/3. Apparently it was cancelled, with some members instead travelling there recently, incognito, to lay a wreath. (Fade to Grey) . The reason for the post was the "occult" connection with Gordon Brown meeting Sarkozy in a "new-world building" exercise at the Arsenal Stadium on the same date, the year before, just after a 1122 strong police raid close by. Since then we have dwelt on both foxes and hunting:
"It will be interesting to see if the demonstration -to be held 6677 days after the bombing - and counter demonstration do take place as planned and if so, whether any other events are held in conjunction. "

The aforementioned "terrorist atrocity" still however managed to make headlines just the day before, when we were treated to the news that Fox produced American cartoon show, Family Guy, had parodied the bombing. Under the headline, Sick joke we read more, accompanied by the image of 10 children lying in a crucified position around a "new age" type hippy-chick, whilst a mammoth sun beams down.

Whilst on the 27th we did indeed see Gordon Brown, speaking in Glasgow at the the Scottish Labour Party conference, hot-footing it there after announcing his "five election pledges" in Nottingham.

Nottingham always brings to mind the infamous Robin Hood, and his capers in Sherwood Forest.

Doomed flight Pan Am 103 crashed into, from wiki:

As it descended, the fuselage broke into smaller pieces, with the section attached to the wings landing first (46.5 seconds after the explosion)in Sherwood Crescent, Lockerbie


BBC - Gordon Brown 5 pledges.

Thursday 25 March 2010

Road to nowhere

The past month here at newspaceman has seen a variety of topics covered - it began at the Orange baftas with their rising star award, and laterally with hunting, in particular the fox variety. These I attempted to quantify in terms including vampires, Prince William and the historic Prince William of Orange; together with the Battle of Culloden (16/4) and "Royal" House of Stuart (Jacobite/Catholic).

Unfortunately, I totally missed the connection between the hunting and vampire aspect. It's blood, in terms of sports and sucking . Which takes us briefly, given the ongoing "agenda" here, to the London XXX Olympics - surely the stage for the reincarnated Arthur in all his glory. (Remember too recent Olympic gold winning Amy Williams' skeleton sledge is called Arthur)

Back up in Stone of Destiny located Scotland we see another XXX event, planned, this time for Holyrood and the Scottish Parliament building. Ending 10/10/10, the 3 day 10th National Human Rights Institutions will include representatives from 80 countries. Remember Catholic Church head, The Pope, is coming to Holyrood too, albeit the Royal Palace next door, commencing his visit to Great Britain there on 16/9 (4 squared, 3 squared) by meeting Church of England head, The Queen, before being popemobiled up the Royal Mile towards Edinburgh Castle. Holyrood sits in the shadow of extinct volcano, sphinx-like Arthur's Seat.

Talking of heads, and indeed Holyrood - she got married there - Catholic, Mary Queen of Scots, was last week unveiled as part of the set of seven Stewart Kings and Queens who ruled Scotland between 1406 and 1603, the Union of the Crowns. Mary being last, executed by decapitation aged 44. You note she's on the 81p stamp, maybe a coincidence that her coronation was on 9th September, 9 squared being 81 (3 to the power 4)The stamps were released on Tuesday past.

Another Royal Mail stamp issue was released a couple of years ago to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Carry On and Hammer series of films. There were six released on 10th June 2008, the Dracula one at 42p, Carry on Cleo at 50p whilst at Mary Queen's 81p we were treated to Egypt resonating, The Mummy. Make of that what you will.

To close, a true-life vampire story has been resurrected by the BBC. On Monday just past we read from
Child vampire hunters sparked comic crackdown of how a radio documentary is to be broadcast on 30/3 detailing a fascinating incident in which a Glasgow policeman was called to a cemetery on 23rd September 1954 (the equinox although that is not reported) where he came upon:

Hundreds of children aged from four to 14, some of them armed with knives and sharpened sticks, were patrolling inside the historic graveyard.

They were, they told the bemused constable, hunting a 7ft tall vampire with iron teeth who had already kidnapped and eaten two local boys.

Fear of the so-called Gorbals Vampire had spread to many of their parents, who begged Pc Deeprose for assurances there was no truth to the rumours.

Newspapers at the time reported that the headmaster of a nearby primary school told everyone present that the tale was ridiculous, and police were finally able to disperse the crowd.

But the armed mob of child vampire hunters was to return immediately after sunset the following night, and the night after that.

This event was blamed by some on the corrupting influence of American comic books and led to drastic changes in the law.

Again, make of that what you will.


Human rights conference.
Holyrood - Pope/Queen.
Carry-On/Hammer stamps.
House of Stewart stamp set.

Saturday 20 March 2010


We continue on the bogus Messiah redcoat trail, initially courtesy of Royal Prince Harry.

The brother of the dark one spoke last Friday whilst indulging in some charitable endeavors, "launching" a party of military-maimed amputees who are treking to the North Pole, albeit next year.

From the BBC, Prince Harry hopes to join disabled troops Pole trek:

"Joking that he hoped he would be able to "keep up" with the team if he was able to take part, Harry, who has served in Afghanistan, finished by saying: "Good luck, and let's get an Army flag on the North Pole before my brother lands a helicopter there."

One wonders if Harry was hinting towards sun drenched Hyperborea, that mythical, Madam Blavatsky beloved place, believed by esoterists to be the original centre of civilisation and spirituality, or maybe just that Wills will, one day, be sitting on top of the world:

humankind does not rise from the ape, but progressively devolves into the apelike condition as it strays physically and spiritually from its mystical otherworldly homeland in the Far North, succumbing to the demonic energies of the South Pole, the greatest point of materialization

Or perhaps, bearing in mind cocaine and messiahs, Father Christmas, the ultra-generous snow-white-beared gentleman and his obligitary red suit. The below image says it all, note bottle patent date.

Potentially tying in with the Blavastky theories, and previous posts, we saw the Manchester CK police riot squad in action again yesterday - another English Defence League rally, another anti-facist protest. Whilst we await the 27/3 Lockerbie rising, we again see the flying of the SoD at the demonstration, plus...
To close, a pair of Culloden related tales, the first from the BBC last week ,
Call for Battle of Culloden red coat memorial, the headline self-explanatory as we read of how a top military historian wishes some sort of commemerative item to be errected on site, marking: Writing in the National Trust for Scotland's magazine, he said little was known of those who served in the red coat regiments on 16 April 1746.

In the article, Mr Royle said some of the Duke of Cumberland's red coats went on to play a part in unpleasant aspects of the battle's aftermath.

However, he said the thousands who fought at Culloden should be remembered because the battle and regiments involved were important to the future development of the nation and the British Army.After first drawing a blank, a descendent of soldiers who served on both sides was found.

An examination of Inverness schoolboy Philip Nicol's family tree revealed three brothers of the Farquharson family of Allargue in Aberdeenshire.

Two were officers with the Jacobite army, while their brother fought with the government troops.

Those Farquarson's get everywhere, note this turn of the century stoneware butter crock with the date 1694 surrounded by what looks like the sun. Perhaps a reference to the founding that year of the Bank of England, together with the first ever war-based national debt. How things don't change.

Then the second, another - in the same vein - self explanatory BBC headline : Opposition to red coat memorial at Culloden battlefield, another "outcry" from A Circle of Gentlemen, a modern day Jacobite sympathising organisation. Readers may remember these characters from the scotch egg incident, where a picnicker was apparently observed munching on a deep fried egg snack, whilst perched on top of a war grave. At the time I suggested that the tale was perhaps fabricated, the delicacy being metaphorical for Prince William - given the phoenix bird rises through the medium of inferno and indeed the importance of Scotland, ritually, to this . (image from A box without hinges, key, or lid)


Wednesday 17 March 2010


We keep moving in the same general direction - the reader will remember that just before I was sidetracked in my last post by Tolkein's ring, I was dealing with hunting in respect of both Uri Geller and the stolen Da Vinci: Madonna of the Yarnwinder.

Sticking with that latter "sporting" theme (whilst apologising profusely for neglecting to advise that the Duke of Buccleugh "owned" a very famous fox hunting team) we note it blends in exceptionally well with a stramash which occurred over the last week here in Bonnie Scotland. Glasgow City Council boss and "rising star", Steven Purcell, resigned from his post after revelations about his use of cocaine, shortly afterwards his teenage prodigy, Danus McKinlay, collapsed and died in the street. The whole affair has become rather sordid, with links to the inevitable "gangsters" and indeed nightclub, including the famed Karbon, owners. (See Aangirfan
Steven Purcell; The Mafia/PURCELL, Stefan King, James Mortimer, Brian Dempsey, Willie Haughey)

Brushing aside the obvious connections to footballers and suchlike via the nightclubs, we are left with cocaine, known nowadays by a variety of colloquial nicknames: goodness, ching, marching powder and of course the UK ubiquitous charlie. Now, in the olden days (although not that long ago) Charlie was a nickname given to the fox, probably the most infamous of the hunted species.

So that's Charlie Fox, possibly. Bear in mind here that my intention is, as always, to marry this theme to the ongoing agenda to establish a global community (new world order) with resultant King and bogus Messiah (Prince William).

Thus, back in 1986, rising star River Phoenix played the part of Charlie Fox in the film
The mosquito coast: "a 1982 novel by Paul Theroux and a 1986 film based on the book. Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, Andre Gregory, and River Phoenix star in the film directed by Peter Weir"

Whilst I don't really do movies, Harrison Ford resonates the Holy Grail, via the Raiders series whilst Helen Mirren is of course the Queen. I looked up Gregory on wiki and, other than the above and playing himself, it appears his main claim to fame was the role John the Baptist in The Last Temptation of Christ. (see comments previous post)

River Phoenix I don't know much about, he died from drugs outside a club called the Viper Rooms - the phoenix a mythological bird which rises (reincarnates) every 500 or 1000 years via the vehicle of intense flame, or fire. Maybe worth a note is that the movie Mosquito Coast was also the last for actress Butterfly McQueen. (See Pseudo-Occult- Media
RIP -Lee Alexander McQueen for more on another McQueen, monarch butterflies, MK ultra etc.)

Whilst we don't have mosquito's here, but rather another type of nasty vampire-like bloodsucking insect - the midge - which abound in the autumn months of September and October, coinciding with the visit of The Pope to Scotland, squarely on 16/9. We touched on this event in
Come Dine with Me when I cheekily pointed out that his visit - and previous visit - coincided with the musings of Fritz Springmeier and his alleged satanic Feast of the Beast:

In simple terms, the Feast of the Beast is a yearlong event that occurs every 28 years and is attended by Illuminati leadership from around the world. It is a very high level ceremony, and would not be recognized at the anarchy ritual level of the Illuminati.

The Feast of the Beast is associated with the number 28 (as well as its reverse 82...
According to some, the year long Feast of the Beast occurred in 1982, and the previous one occurred in ’53 or ’54. The next one is to occur in 2009 or 2010.

From the

Pope Benedict XVI will visit Scotland in September as part of a four-day UK tour at the invitation of the Queen, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

The head of the Roman Catholic Church will be received by the Queen, Supreme Governor of the Church of England, at Edinburgh's Palace of Holyroodhouse

Summing up, we began with "rising star" Purcell - now pharmakosed, exiled in shame who knows where. His apprentice, and thus another rising star, Danus, collapsed in the street days later, leading to speculation - condemned by some - that he too nuzzled the nose-gear. (No one yet has mentioned that perhaps he knew too much and was supplied with uncut cocaine - the general street product in Scotland about 10-12% purity). Nightclubs, including Karbon, featured prominently here at newspaceman earlier this year (e.g. gang -stars) and this together with the hunting line already established, took us to River Phoenix, his appearance as Charlie Fox, and subsequent drugs related death outside a nightclub.

Another recent drugs related death was that of Lost Boys star, Corey Haim. This synchronises with Prince William if we recall his first role as President - The Orange Baftas - where the winner of "Orange rising star" was Kirsten Stewart for her vampire related role. (
Old habits die hard)

Notwithstanding the rather tenuous link between the Pope and Charlie Fox (midges/mosquitoes/blood suckers/Illuminati feasts/1982) there is another, more direct route which includes the "orange" theme. Bear in mind the significance of the number 3 in both occult and religious circles whilst chewing over the fact that exactly 309 years to the day before the Pope's visit, James Francis Edward Stuart, sometimes called the "Old Pretender", became the Jacobite claimant to the thrones of England and Scotland. The reader may be better acquainted with his son, Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite rising of 1745.

That "uprising" consisted of a few battles, including Culloden, against "Butcher" Cumberland under the guise of the Stuart/Jacobite/Catholic cause, although the Bonnie Prince seemed to spend the majority of his time being pursued by "English" redcoats - again resonating the fox hunting theme. (A box without hinges, key or lid and squaring the circle)

We close by reference to the government information service of the 1970's, cleverly sampled by The Prodigy, where they used an un-named boy and his fish loving cat as tools to educate us children on "safe behaviour". Here we see the cat with only the fish bones remaining, surely, along with the recently noted skeleton/bone pattern, resonating the end of the astrological age of Pisces alongside the commencement of Aquarius and a fresh, but dubious, Messiah.


wiki - Charley says,

wiki - Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Aeolus Kephas on Heath Ledger.

Friday 12 March 2010

Kissing Cousins

(The saga continues : the construction of the New World Order, Scotland's importance to that, freemasonry, Prince William, pyramids etc - and indeed the effigy of Alex Salmond, hanging at Wairds cemetry. See my last post.)

From my February post number crunch, written in "respect" of Donald Trump's Scottish golf course development, based at Menie:

Today's date, 01/02/2010 is quite fascinating numerically, given that if we ignore the nothings (zeros) it breaks down to 1221 - 11 to the power 3, 11 cubed or 11x11x11.

It was on that date that Donald announced his choice of building contractor, an Irish company called SOL, as such is it any surprise that today, 12/3/2010 - 12321 in the same manner, ignoring the zeros - we again see movement on the Trump front, this time after the unveiling of his golfing masterplan to locals in the Udny Arms Hotel, Newburgh. Not that 12321 is divisible by 11, but rather both dates contain a "step up" angle, if you follow that way of thinking. (
BBC - Angry scenes at Donald Trump masterplan exhibition).

Also, that means a 40 day period elapsed. From wikipedia re 40 (link at bottom):

"The planet Venus forms a pentagram in the night sky every eight years with it returning to its original point every 40 years with a 40 day regression (some scholars believe that this ancient information was the basis for 40 becoming sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims)."

In my post
jonah from the end of October, I noted how a "Noah's ark raintime length resonating 40 foot and 40 tonne sperm whale" was found dead on Balmedie beach, Menie , two days after "work had started" on Donald's development. (I realise that it may sound strange work had commenced before the contractors had been nominated, indeed before the plans finalised - perhaps planning etc. is a formality). Anyhow, in the same post I again highlighted the Pyramids of Scotland article - referencing a previous post A sandwich full of nonsense

In this latter post, I drew the reader's attention to effigies of Trump which had been created via statues at various locations throughout Scotland, overnight, on the light/dark, day/night equalling equinox. (This being before the appointment of sun resonating SOL). I also attracted notice to the fact that the shrewd American tycoon had, the same week, rented land in Bedford, short-term, to Libyan leader Gaddafi, who planned to pitch a large tent whilst attending the UN headquarters close by to speak at the General Assembly. I connected these two events via the winter solstice timed Lockerbie bombing - Megrahi had just been released and protests were held outside the UN. There also was a "ley-line link" between Lockerbie and the "proposed" golfing development:

Hopefully you get the jist.

Moving on, this was not the only event on Friday which caught my attention. French President, Sarkozy, visited Britain, where he mobbed up with Gordon Brown to "attack the US for protectionism over an areospace deal". Apparantly, the "two leaders staged a show of unity"

But Mr Sarkozy said earlier the US was not treating its European allies in the "right way".

And this is where it gets interesting...

As with my previous post and the astrological chart for Geller and Lamb Island, I noted the planetary line up for the Lockerbie bombing in my post Sign of the Goat. Quoting 33 degree mason, Manly P Hall, I drew the attention of the reader to the remarkable planetary position at the time of the outrage - a convergence of planets including Saturn stationed in Capricorn; Mars - planet of war - almost exactly above in the sky, at mid-heaven:

“Pan was a composite creature, the upper part–with the exception of his horns–being human, and the lower part in the form of a goat. (…)The pipes of Pan signify the natural harmony of the spheres, and the god himself is a symbol of Saturn because this planet is enthroned in Capricorn, whose emblem is a goat”

(What I did not know at the time was that Saturn's rings were at maximum tilt towards earth, a once in 15 year event.)

Then, again on the 12th, something incredible, BBC2 television were plugging their second instalment of the factual programme "Wonders of the Solar System". It is the turn of the planet Saturn and the rings this Sunday:

Many astronomers now believe the patterns encoded in the rings tell us something fundamental about the forces that formed the entire Solar System.

And that is part of the story we wanted to tell in the second episode of BBC2's Wonders of the Solar System - Order Out of Chaos.

Order from Chaos ? Ordo Ab Chao. From Tsarion's
Weapons of Mass Destruction found:

The "WAR ON TERRA" is merely the latest move in the great game played out by the Atonist Establishment - the Royals and Jesuit-Masonic sorcerers - who expertly employ the "Ordo ab Chao" (Order from Chaos) methodology to further their very personal aspirations that date back to an old world order that you are not supposed to know about.

Just to close, perhaps further resonating Tolkien's trilogy, British Conservative leader, David Cameron, apparently insinuated Sarkozy was a "hidden dwarf."

Behold the darkness, goodbye the dollar.


Da Black Whole- more on Bedford +:

"Last jabber walkie, we lowrode the streets of Chi-town, celebrating with Pharaoh, Mom Baba-lon, Hillary, Oprah, and other (semi)human hemorroids. We also charted the Portuguese/Cape Verdean sucrose presence in Pharaoh’s birthplace, the Realm of the Dead,"

40 - wikipedia.

BBC - Saturn's beauty and power.

wiki - Manly Hall.

Wednesday 10 March 2010

Tally Ho

Just to surmise recent events, firstly Amy Williams wins a gold at the Winter Olympics in the skeleton event - on a sled named Arthur, followed by the "King of Scotland" effigy and skeleton at J.K. Rowling's Potter sounding Wairds cemetery in ley-line important Melrose, seemingly a protest at the proposed building of a crematorium. That was followed closely by the eleven-eleven UFO caper, the "Saint Michael/Michael Jackson" statue in masonic-icon Robert Burns' Dumfries and the planned Lockerbie bombing "demonstration" by the Scottish Defence League.

Step up 11 11 obsessed Uri Geller and his visit last Saturday to "his" Lamb Island to hunt for the buried treasure of Egyptian princess Scota. We read more of Uri's fascinating numerical correlations which transpired during his visit, from his website:
As you will know if you frequent my website, I believe there is something about the number 11, and particularly 11:11. Who knows what it is & what it symbolizes, but I strongly believe it is a positive sign.

On the way to the island, I experienced a bombardment of 11:11 experiences....

We arrived to Edinburgh on platform 11, and the temperature was 11 degrees....

The time on the clock in the platform (see the pictures below) when we arrived, was 11:11:11....

On the way, I photographed Durham Cathedral, which I was then informed was built in the 11th century....

I was informed that Orions belt stars were fully risen to the east horizen while we were on the island, at 1:11pm....

On the way back - the train left from platform 11....

Even those reading this of a skeptical disposition, you have to admit this is pretty strange!

Perhaps not as strange as Prince William appearing in Hello magazine issue 1111 on 22/2/2010 Uri ?

Anyhow, without trying to ridicule his statements, surely he would have known what time the train was due in: 11:08; most London-Edinburgh trains leave/arrive platform eleven (there is maybe a lot more in that, thinking James Shelby Downard). Perhaps it was indeed 11 degrees in temperature, however the Durham Cathedral incident is laughable, especially for a man interested in synchronicity - described as "meaningful coincidence" by Carl Jung.

That leaves the statement regarding the belt stars of Orion rising to the east horizon at 1.11pm.

Orion is often referred to as the hunter, whilst the three stars Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka carry a variety of cultural nicknames: The 3 Kings, 3 Mary's, Jacob's Rod and the L or Ell, the latter assumed to be an average person's arm length in Scotland.

What Uri has not stated is that at exactly his chosen moment in time, another astrological event was happening, the sign of Leo coming over the horizon. In a birth chart this would be known as the ascendant and given appropriate significance by an astrologer given it's high "status" in terms of "influence". You can see it to the middle left of the 3 charts above, marked AC - note too the abundance of planets around Pisces.

There are a couple of other charts, one above, a few minutes before, and one below, a few minutes after, 1.11, note that the beginning of the sign Leo, or the Lion, is just before and just after the "middle line" thus we can ascertain the accuracy of the "syncronicity" of Uri's statement - the sign of the Lion, astrologically speaking, was rising over the horizon.

You may have noticed a small circle with an upwards pointing arrow, on the border (0 degrees) of Leo. This is the planet Mars , planet of war, which is currently travelling backwards in the heavens, or appears to do so when viewed from the Earth, a term known as retrograde. Due to the "reverse" motion, Mars will spend an unusually long time period in Leo, but that is really a story for someone more knowledgeable - whilst there is more to go with this particular trail.

Before leaving Scotland on the SunDay, Uri took in Da Vinci code starred Rosslyn chapel, swinging his pendulum and suchlike over the purported decapitated head of John the Baptist. Knitting in well with the "bones" theme (as explained in first paragraph) in the introduction is that on 1st March it was reported that "human remains" had been found at the Knight's Templar haunt. From the report, (all links at end of post) :

One of the groups carrying out the conservation is Hunter Clark, whose headquarters are in Glasgow’s Gallowgate. The company declined to comment about the discovery.
Note this is the only company named.

Sticking with Da Vinci and Scotland, another story has been heavily reported over the last ten days or so, the trial of five men who are accused of attempting to extort millions of pounds for the return of The Madonna of the Yarnwinder, a painting stolen from the Duke of Buccleuch's (Walter Francis John Montagu Douglas Scott, 9th Duke of Buccleuch and 11th Duke of Queensberry) Dumfriesshire Estate in 2003 and "recovered" just a month after his passing away . The characters involved are all lawyers I believe, with the exception of a Robert Graham, a "lovable" Liverpudlian publican nicknamed The Silver Fox.

They depict the Virgin Mary with the Christ child, who looks longingly at a yarnwinder which the Virgin could use to measure off yarn. The yarnwinder serves as a symbol both of Mary's domesticity and the Cross on which Christ was crucified, and may also suggest the Fates, understood in classical mythology as spinners.

The significance of the yarnwinder as a motive is that it suggests the classic Three Fates, the sisters Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, who were believed to exercise very serious power over human life from birth to death. They were conceived of as being occupied in spinning a thread of gold, silver or wool, which represented a man's life. Clotho, the youngest, put the thread around the spindle, lachesis spun it, and Atropos, the eldest, cut it off when a man had to die.

Summing up then, it seems evident that Mr. Geller was winking towards the rising lion given the precision of his timing. It could be argued, given the other nonsense stated in his 11-11 thing, that he just picked the time to suit his agenda, however a more logical choice in that event would be 2.11, surely. We are perhaps helped in our quest for truth through the vehicle of his beloved "syncronicity":

Firstly the bone events, all reinforced by the Rosslyn discovery. Then a new line: Uri's on a hunt for treasure and he indicates Orion - the hunter in Greek mythology. Contributing further are the Rosslyn architects, Hunter Clark, and, via Da Vinci and his stolen painting, the fox. Running silver resonates mercury, or quicksilver - Mercury also the planet of communication. Death and resurrection appear prominent too.

Anyone who keeps up with this blog will know of my ongoing preoccupation with Prince William as King of the forthcoming "new world order"or Zion. His mother, buried on an island, was constantly "hunted" by the media; indeed her brother at her funeral speech "drew an analogy between the ancient goddess of hunting, also named Diana, and his sister - "the most hunted person of the modern age".

Thus, we perhaps unwind Uri's buried treasure yarn in his visit to Lamb - in reality an expedition to pay homage to the rising and rebirthing lion - the A.C.

Saturday 6 March 2010

Mutton dressed as Lamb

As I write, 6/3, super psychic and Scottish landowner Uri Geller shivers, his fingers blue as Glasgow Rangers, whilst he tenderly grasps his "y shaped twig" during a daring 24 hour attempt to find legendary treasure he believes buried by "Tutankamun's sister" on his Lamb Island in the Firth of Forth, just off Edinburgh. (Quotes above and below from BBC report)

Mr Geller believes it could be the site of treasure buried by exiled Egyptian Princess Scota.

"The Lamb is one of the keystones to British mythology," he said.

"I am fascinated by the connection between the pyramids and these islands."

I touched on the "pyramids of Scotland" only last week, in connection with the Melrose Alex Salmond effigy lynching, however have brought up the subject previously, indeed last February in my post All 2 Geller now I broke the news of Uri's 11th February (11/2) acquisition of the famed island, whilst highlighting the code-name of Prince Philip's funeral arrangements: Forth Bridge, and the architects of the planned 3rd river Forth crossing: Jacobs Arup - along with their Olympic related history.

In that post I utilised one of Uri's own images for enhancement: "Hidden Agenda", reshown above for convenience. Eagle eyed correspondent aferrismoon noted the the computer bore a double Dan logo, which he equated, through gematria, as 2 x 54, equalling 108. (See his posts
AtomHeartMatter & Prime Time). In my last post comment section he kindly explained that 2012 is a dragon year, as was 1904 (a (108 year difference), in response to a query regarding Aleister Crowley's The Book of the Law, a book which was written in Egypt after contact from a "higher spirit":

The general method that Crowley used to interpret the obscurities of Liber AL was the Qabalah, especially its numerological method of gematria. He writes, "Many such cases of double entendre, paronomasia in one language or another, sometimes two at once, numerical-literal puzzles, and even (on one occasion) an illuminating connexion of letters in various lines by a slashing scratch, will be found in the Qabalistic section of the Commentary."

Crowley wrote the book in a magikal three days, completing the text on 10th April 1904, a leap year thus with an additional day slotted in . The Stone of Destiny or Coronation Stone is said to have been brought to Scotland by the aforesaid Scota. All recent British monarchs have been "installed" on it and, without going into too much history, at one time it was taken by the English and kept at Westminster Abbey, although this changed on Christmas Day 1950 after it was "stolen" back and returned to Scotland, subsequently being left at Arbroath Abbey on 11/04, the same date as Prince William got his "wings", as King William of Orange was crowned joint sovereign of Great Britain , the same date as that of an "anonymous" letter sent to top judge Lord Cullen alleging a masonic conspiracy in relation to the Dunblane tragedy and the same date that the school gymnasium - scene of the latter carnage - was demolished.

Before I get too far off course, why buy an island where you believe treasure to be buried, yet only hunt once a year ? Could it be that Uri, in the manner of Crowley and his "sources", in the manner of David Icke and his "reptilians", is telling many important truths yet browning the water with his talk of treasure, perhaps superficially as part of a public relations/money making exercise, although perhaps more sinisterly.. Surely a man possessed of highly tuned "other dimensional" skills would be able to located any hidden loot relatively quickly. Could it be that the "hidden agenda" snap previously offered should be taken more literally, with the double Dan (108) logo telling us more about jewish Uri's true colours - bearing in mind, for quick example, that the Royal Box at the new 2012 Olympic starred Wembley is located on the 108th level and that Uri seems almost obsessed about double 11 (note for example the date of his purchase, 11/2) and the Dark Prince's recent Hello magazine appearance.


Wednesday 3 March 2010

Fade to Grey

Three separate stories, all somewhat interconnected ...

A fair bit UFO media coverage was given last week over the release of previously classified files, collated and maintained by the UK State over previous years; what has now emerged is that from last 11/11, that's 09, no records will be kept of UFO reports to the authorities other than for a short 30 day period. What to make of that is beyond me, however we have touched upon eleven eleven a number of times here at newspaceman, most recently in regard to the rising "fallen angel", Prince William. (Daily Record)

Next up King of Pop, black turned white man, Michael Jackson. A statue of biblical St. Michael has been restored in the Robert Burns famed town of Dumfries, curiously posed in a manner which resembles one often adopted by the chimp doting, drug ravaged songster - a pose resonating the ongoing feminisation of men. Jackson of course almost androgynous, his hand mimicking a vaginal mound thrusting downwards as he exorcises his penis, all esoterically twinned by St. Michael, stamping his staff on the serpent.

St Michael, we note from wikipedia, is described in the Dead Sea scroll, War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness, as the "prince of light, leading forces of God against the darkness of evil". "He is described as the "viceroy of heaven", a title that is said to have formerly belonged to the Morning Star" .

Lastly, an unusual happening. A few months ago I wrote a wee bit about the English Defence League, an "up and coming" media sponsored, "right wing" organisation. It appears that a new Scottish fraternity has been established with a sparsley attended rally taking place in Edinburgh recently, but far more importantly another is planned for Lockerbie*, in "respect of" the victims of the 1988 atrocity and as some sort of protest against the early release of April Fools Day born Megrahi, the "convicted terrorist".

The date planned for the event is 27th March and what is sure is that a heavy police contingent will be at hand to prevent any violence with the anti-racism protestors who are sure to be out in force and indeed outnumber the "nazis", as they call them. Lockerbie is close to the English border and also a train station on the main West Coast line whilst buses are usually laid-on by the State to contain and transport "thugs". (Note image above)

I only mention this latter event because two years ago, on the same date, we saw an "unprecedented" police raid in Finsbury Park, London, the total police team involved being 1122. At the time I noted it (Making an Arsenal out us ceremoniously) not just because of the numbers but because British PM, Gordon Brown, was meeting with French top-boy Nicolas Sarkozy very close by at the Arsenal football stadium to make an joint announcement about increasing aid to Africa. I surmised that the two events were perhaps connected in an occult manner, drawing on the date, 27/3, it's cubic relationship to 3, and unisex Prince William's Zionist Global Kingdom inspired, Luciferian Treaty of Lisbon. (Going back to our roots)

(Arsenal's main rivals, or opposites, are Tottenham Hotspur, often known as the yids given their "Jewish" roots)

It will be interesting to see if the demonstration -to be held 6677 days after the bombing - and counter demonstration do take place as planned and if so, whether any other events are held in conjunction.


*We touched on the astrological side of Lockerbie in sign of the goat, where a convergence of planets in the sign of Lord of the Rings Saturn "ruled" Capricorn was noted. Some say that the Nike "tick" symbol is an indication of "occult" worship of Saturn, whether this is the case or not I do not know, however in that respect it is worthwhile noting Megrachi's attire on leaving Scottish prison.