Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Fitting the Bill

Note solar resonating logo

It seems barely worth a post but somehow I feel it will become more relevant over the next year or so, up till the Scottish Independence referendum.

The Royal Bank of Scotland - which was originally created with strong Hanoverian ties, given the Bank of Scotland's Jacobean associations - became 81% taxpayer owned after the last economic crash and Chancellor, George Osborne, seems likely to attempt to sell it off, in the process creating the duality of a good, and a bad, bank. BBC News

Note that the Jacobeans attempted to reinstate the House of Stuart to the Scottish throne after it was overthrown by our old favourite, William of Orange.

Infamous investment bank, Rothschild, have been "tasked with setting out the pros and cons". One invisages that the "good" bank will be, in comparison to the rest of world financial institutions, pure gold.

I appreciate most would think the idea of a standardised global currency erupting from the ashes of another global economic meltdown being Scottish Royal Bank rooted as preposterous.


Note, today, Friday 1/11, it was announced that the Royal Bank will create it's own internal "bad" bank of £ 38billion in "dodgy" loans, which it intends to sell off asap.


Sunday 27 October 2013

Bread and Circus

Last night, Prince William attended a dinner to mark the Football Association's 150th anniversary. I noted the match he arranged at Buckingham Palace for the same cause in my post William of Orange. William apparently noted whilst dining of how football was "a huge force for good in the world".

The function was held at the Grand Cannaught Rooms in London, itself built on the site of the Freemasons' Tavern, where the Football Association - and original 13 rules - was formed back in 1863. BBC

Today we note from the BBC of a storm revolving around Manchester United sending out a newsletter to supporters which included a swastika style logo, with the title, NewOrder. 

Lee Rigby was buried @ Bury, on 12th July - The Glorious Twelfth
Today we note from the mail on line, that serving armed service personnel have been photographed giving Nazi salutes in front of a giant union-jack banner, emblazoned with the words Invicta Loyal, a Kent based Glasgow Rangers supporters club. However, it is alleged that it is not in fact Nazi salutes that are being performed, but rather a (previously unknown) Red Hand of Ulster salute. The red hand of Ulster is synonymous with Protestantism,William of Orange, and suchlike.

Just a couple of weeks ago, it was reported that British military personnel, sang sectarian songs whilst attending (Protestant) Rangers' Ibrox Park. Daily Record

Kilted man with Red Hand, overlaid with Star of David (Britam)


Friday 25 October 2013

Sly; and the family stone

Last week saw Prince Charles address the National Association of Pension Funds, warning of a "miserable future" for future generations. The NAPF said it was pleased he was "shining a light on these issues". BBC

Today, one reads that Prince Charles is apparently loath to be King, according to Time magazine, as he sees it as a form of imprisonment. However, the claim has since been denied by Clarence House. Nevertheless, it appears that Charles is more than happy to continue in his current, philanthropic, role; assisting charities, warning about environmental issues and suchlike. Time magazine also suggests that the monarchy could skip a generation in favour of William". mail on line

In my last post I noted light, and it's alleged relationship with Lucifer, not forgetting Alex Salmond, the SNP conference, and philanthropy. After I had posted, I noted what could be a subliminal invocation by Salmond to Isis, a top Egyptian goddess, worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic. The images of Salmond are below. Note that Isis was instrumental in the resurrection of her brother and lover, Osiris, after he was murdered by their other brother, Set. 

Alex confirms s = 5, in a backward manner ?

On Wednesday, it was advised that the petrochemical plant in Grangemouth, Forth Valley, Scotland, was to close for good because of anticipated strike action by employees coordinated by their union, Unison. Some staff were in tears. However, today it is reported that the giant plant is to stay open after the union dropped all demands. Alex Salmond appears to have been somewhat pivotal in this alleged change of heart whilst noting the plant now has a "bright future". To all intents and purposes, it has died and reborn over 3 days. Bear in mind though, that post-rebirth, the staff will have few rights and far less favourable working conditions and wages. Nevertheless, this is being seen as a victory in some quarters. BBC 
Grangemouth employee - the futures bright ?
Also on Wednesday, we saw the christening of Royal baby George. 22 guests were invited and 22 coins are to be struck by the Royal Mint in commemoration of the event.

22 and 11 11 are digits which pop up with alarming regularity here. Someone I have neglected to post about for a while is Uri Geller, who is infatuated with the number sequence. Uri purchased Lamb Island in the Firth of Forth - not that far from the Grangemouth plant - some years ago, allegedly as he believes that a returning Egyptian princess named Scota, buried her treasure there many many moons ago. Whilst there are conflicting legends regarding Scota,  "they all agree that Scota was the eponymous founder of the Scots and that she also gave her name to Scotland."

Some have claimed that Scota brought with her the Stone of Destiny, Jacob's pillow stone.

It currently resides in Edinburgh Castle and ritually has been used to crown all United Kingdom monarchs. This ritual will no doubt continue, even if Scotland gets "independence".

One wonders if, as I alluded to in my last post, that both black and white magic are at play here. 


Note that the whole Grangemouth saga can be rooted back to base to an ex Member of Parliament called Eric Joyce, who is a member of the "wolf in sheep's clothing" Fabian Society. I wrote about it here in July.

Sunday 20 October 2013

Half way there ?

The image above is from yesterday's BBC news. It shows (political) Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, at the Scottish National Party's National Conference which is being held at Perth, and began on Friday.

The image should have been taken on Friday, given that the 333 days countdown clock refers to the forthcoming referendum for independence which is due to take place shortly after the Glasgow Commonwealth Games end, on Thursday 18th September 2014.

The triple three digits seem deeply symbolic to me, indeed it's something I have written about on numerous occasions. My perspective - and I apologise to any regular reader for the reiteration - is that an independent Scotland is most important to the "elite" in terms of the final touches of their one-world order, new Golden Age, re-invented Eden. Those close to the top of the pyramid tend to use symbols, including numbers, in a fairly occult (hidden) manner, for those in the know, so to speak.

The Guardian - King of Fish
The American declaration of Independence is based on that of the Scots.

Someone I know little of is Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish-American industrialist. The main thrust of my understanding comes from a 1970 book titled The Union Jack , with a subtitle of : The Hidden Hand behind the Kingdom of God deception

"The mongrel banner shown on the front cover originated in the mind of a demented tyrant who acquired his mammoth fortune in America  - one Andrew Carnegie. This half Union Jack and half Stars and Stripes mean more than a freak flag waving in the breeze. It represents a Satanic conspiracy to control the world."

Katy Perry hypnotises in Jack 'n Stripes. Some say Perry, with alleged top-Christian parents, is mind controlled; is a puppet.
Carnegie loved libraries although one doubts they carry the aforementioned text, he financed around 2,500 in Britain and Ireland. Apparently, all carry the motto "let there be light" over the entrance. Some contest that light oft refers to Lucifer, the "gnostic" light-bringer and liberator of humanity from those old testament, Eden biding, blood-sacrifice loving god(s). The placing of the bastardised flag at the opening of the public library in Wick, Northern Scotland (here), appears to confirm that Carnegie saw Britain and the US as top of the heap.

Carnegie's legacies live on.

For example, there's the current Andy Warhol exhibition @ the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood. The artwork has been loaned by the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburg. I wrote about the occult undertones of Warhol's work in juxtaposition, mainly in connection with Jimmy Savile and the blood-sacrifice to William of Orange and his missus, here.

Then just last week, leading philanthropists congregated at the self same Parliament to receive their Carnegie medal of Philanthropy. BBC 

Edinburgh's Holyrood lion resonating Arthur's Seat

Whilst yesterday, Malala Yousajzai, who allegedly survived a bullet in the head from the Taliban for campaigning for "better rights for girls",  addressed a 1000 strong audience at Edinburgh's McEwen Hall at the first Global Citizenship Commission public meeting. McEwan Hall was built and donated in a philanthropic gesture. The Global Citizenship Commission is a joint initiative between ex Prime Minister, Scotsman Gordon Brown, and Carnegie UK Trust.
Working together, under the same

 Gordon Brown, in India, in January 2007 (BBC):

It is time to formally recognize on a more consistent and regular basis the reality of this emerging new world order.

Gordon Brown addressing the General Assembly of the (Christian) Church of Scotland in 2008 (BBC) :

Mr Brown argued that the joining together of the information revolution and the human urge to co-operate for justice made it possible for the first time in history for the dream of a truly global society to be realised..

And to honour the dream of the scriptures: that justice will roll like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.

Christian Church of Scotland, May 2013 :

The 'promised land' in the Bible is not a place, so much as a metaphor of how things ought to be among the people of God. This 'promised land' can be found - or built - anywhere.

A druid chances upon a tartan-clad Ben Hur, hurrying to hear Jesus preach, on a green hill in a green and pleasant land
Some claim Gordon Brown was connected to (topical and Scottish, as is Kate) Gerry McCann through Gordon's brother, Andrew, who works in media for EDF energy, a company who utilise nuclear energy. Allegedly, Gerry was employed as a medical adviser for COMARE, a government commitee which monitors radiation in the environment. However, on the website, Madeleine McCann - Exposing the myths , it dismisses the rumour that Gordon Brown phoned the Portuguese "authorities" to advise them how to proceed with an aspect of the case. It does though, in the rebuttal of conspiracy theory, acknowledge that Gerry spoke directly with Gordon through the medium of mobile telephone.

 Punch, and Judy, post abduction 
Some claim that in order to perform dark magic, one must also perform good magic. And vice versa. Hence philanthropy. One gives away things for the (alleged) better good. One sacrifices. Like chess.

The image below is the front cover of top American, Scottish-rite, freemason, Albert Pike's, masonic-lodge library essential, Morals and Dogmas. Note the digits and the latin phrase, translated as Order from Chaos. From M&D:

“Lucifer, the Light-bearer!  Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness!  Lucifer, the Son of the Morning!  Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable, blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls?  Doubt it not!” 

Note too that the global banking "industry" and economic systems were architected to collapse, be sacrificed. Note that Scotland, when she becomes "independent", may require her own currency. Note that Prince William is likely to be crowned as king in Scotland first - given the Stone of Destiny location. Note that all magic is based on ritual, if "something" has worked before, then if exactly the same circumstances are followed, then it will work again.

Note that King James, the Bible reviser and promoter to the masses, was crowned King of Scotland before amalgamating the United Kingdom. Note how the United Kingdom created her "Commonwealth" then took matters back towards base. In the manner of an alchemist.

Carnegie, caricatured
a subliminal, reversed, ISIS (important, magic-loving, Egyptian top-goddess), Alex's hand subtlety confirming 5 = S ?
Princess Di


Thursday 10 October 2013

Ritual Games

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Baton Relay was "launched" (note the maritime vocabulary) yesterday, at Buckingham Palace. I touched on the significance of the digits 11 and 22 just a couple of posts ago in relation to Prince William's football match, not for the first time.

The baton was carried to Buckingham Palace by Sir. Chris Hoy, the Scottish cyclist who began the Beijing - London Olympic handover in conjunction with Victoria Pendleton. 

The meaning of the name Chris, from the Greek, Khristos, Christ. His surname, Hoy, metonymic occupational name for a sailor, from Middle Dutch hoey ‘cargo ship

At 11.21, The Queen and Philip " walk on to the stage, with the flags of the 70 Commonwealth nations and territories forming a colourful backdrop". At 11.22, Lord Smith, chair of the 11 day long event, addressed the guests. ( BBC timeline)

Just for today the torch is in Glasgow, before heading to India. Today's date is 10/10/13. It maybe just coincidence that the digits add to 33, numbers beloved by those secretive Freemasons, who sprang up with their rituals (again) in Scotland many centuries ago.

The baton itself is interesting. It comprises a gemstone gift, a puzzle mechanism, and a secret message from the Queen, written at Balmoral, which will be revealed by HM herself at (Roman Catholic) Glasgow Celtic's Parkhead Stadium on 23rd July 2014. The handle is elm-wood. (BBC news)

The "gemstones" are sourced from Ailsa Craig, a volcanic-plug island in the Firth of Clyde, which was once home to a large contingent of Roman Catholics during the persecution years of the Scottish Reformation.

The elm-wood is sourced from the grounds of Garrison House on the Isle of Cumbrae. According to wiki, "in politics, the elm is associated with revolutions". Furthermore, "In England after the Glorious Revolution of 1688, the final victory of parliamentarians over monarchists, and the arrival from Holland, with William & Mary, of the 'Dutch Elm' hybrid, planting of this cultivar became a fashion among enthusiasts of the new political order". One wonders if the "Garrison" elm is one of these "Dutch elm" cultivars, most on the mainland having been wiped out by disease. Note too from the wiki entry, the American "Liberty Tree", situated in Boston (another hotbed of masonic activities) very close to the recent alleged marathon massacre, on a street then known as "Orange Street", and don't forget that William, of William and Mary, is William of Orange, that infamous Dutch Protestant King who pops up here with some regularity. (Catholic/Protestant - divide and conquer)

The Baton Relay will last some 288 days, (12x12x2), the last 40 of these being in Scotland, not necessarily in the wilderness.

Perhaps coincidentally, today's Scottish tabloids are full of the news that South African businessman, David King (here), is set to return to (Protestant) football club Glasgow Rangers as chairman. The saga of Rangers was something I dwelt upon perhaps too much last year, bear in mind they entered administration on 13th February, the same date as the Glencoe massacre ( a blood sacrifice in respect of William of Orange and Mary), and that the court reference was P221/12.


Note that from today's BBC, the closing date for nominations for baton carriers in the Scottish stretch of the relay is 22nd November, 22/11. (here)

Note too that Royal Mail shares are to be offered at £3.30, the entire business valued at £3.3 billion - today's BBC

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Tommy and the Patsys

Lines (Patsy Clines) of cocaine
Yesterday, Zionist, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, AKA Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defence League, quit his role, citing his rationale for the decision as "the dangers of far right extremism" . The announcement was made by a think-tank called the Quilliam Group, which generally focuses on counter-extremism of the Islamic variety. 

An open letter to the Guardian, re Quilliam, stated :

We believe this is just another establishment-backed attempt to divert attention from the main cause of radicalisation and extremism in Britain: the UK's disastrous foreign policy in the Muslim world, including its occupation of Muslim lands and its support for pro-western Muslim dictators. The foundation has no proven grassroots support within the Muslim community, although it does seem to have the ear of the powers that be, probably because it is telling them what they want to hear

In 2009, the Times reported that Quilliam had received almost £1million in funding from the government.

The scene is a private back room in the Vauxhall Griffin public house, close to M16 headquarters. An unidentified pin-striped suited individual we will call Mr. X,  Maagid Nawaz of Quilliam, and Yaxley-Lennon are the sole occupants, with the exception of an on-hand topless barmaid. A large plate of glistening, pearly-white powder sits on the table amongst the pint glasses.

Mr X : Have another patsy lads.

Tommy : Sniff Snort Snorkle

Maagid : Sniff Snort Snorkle

Mr. X : Tommy, you have the information ?

Tommy, speechless with the quality of the Peruvian flake, hands over a memory stick containing the personal details of all 35,000 EDL members.

Mr. X : Thanks, and this is for you.

Tommy opens the briefcase and acknowledges the bundles of used £50 notes.

Mr. X : Another pint Tommy ?

Tommy nods.

Mr. X : What will you do with the money Tommy ?

Tommy nods towards the plate and then down to the Stone Island badge on his jacket arm.

Mr. X : Good.

Mr. X : Another patsy lads ?

Tommy and Maagid nod and sniff, snort and snorkle.


Full story - mail on line

Tuesday 8 October 2013

William in Orange

Yesterday, Prince William hosted a football match at Buckingham Palace to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Football Association. He looked dapper in orange boots, sourced from Manchester United (Red Devils) player, Wayne Rooney, whilst the traditional half time oranges were served on silver platters along with Mars Bars. here

The (English) Football Association was first conceived at the Freemason's Tavern, Great Queen Street, London in 1863. 

Football has eleven players per side. The "elite" appear to hold these particular digits in some esteem as with double 11; 22.

Tying in with that, today the BBC reports that a range of 22 coins are to be minted to commemorate baby-Prince George, ranging in cost from £13 to £50,000.

The coins feature a lily font and the motto "Dieu et mon droit" or "God and my right" which itself is sourced from the Divine right of kings, meaning that the monarch requires no earthly authority to rule and derives his or her power directly from God. 

A dark Prince William on the front cover of Hello magazine, issue 1111, dated 22/02/2010


Monday 7 October 2013

Magical Scotland

Many people believe Scotland is a magical place.

For example, allegedly, the infamous occultist, Aleister Crowley, purchased Boleskin House on the shores of Loch Ness as he believed it was the focus point for "magical energies" of the Aeon of Horus, similar to Jerusalem in Judaism and Mecca in Islam. (wiki).

Nowadays, in a less occult manner, Loch Ness is focused upon primarily because of the alleged monster which appeared some 20 years after Crowley deserted his Scottish abode. Yet, if Crowley was correct, then the "energies" must still surely linger. One wonders if the visitors and monster hunters are affected, or indeed whether the energies are manipulated by the daily dose of human attention.

Greyfriars Bobby statue, in Candlemakers Row.
In a potentially similar manner, Greyfriars Kirk, and it's grounds, also feature prominently in modern Scottish history, firstly given Greyfriars Bobby, the faithful dog who allegedly sat at his master's grave in mourning till his own death. Earlier last week, the BBC reported on how the nose of the Bobby-dog statue was being restored as apparently it has worn down with tourists and visitors rubbing it for magical "luck". The same article concludes that the legend of Bobby is somewhat bogus, he did exist, but not in the manner romantically depicted.

On Friday, 4/10, it was reported that the restoration work to Bobby's bugle had vanished overnight, as if by magic. Vandals are being blamed. (BBC news)

Donald Trump mask affixed to Bobby statue - full story below
Fort Augutus Abbey, on the banks of Loch Ness, hit the headlines recently, given systemic abuse carried out by monks on the premises. It was built in 1880 on the site of an fort erected for the suppression of Highland Jacobites. The Jacobites were loyal to the House of Stuart, an allegedly Catholic, royal dynasty. The Abbey is constructed around the form of a quadrangle.  Terry Nutkins, a BBC TV wildlife man and host of TV show, Animal Magic, purchased the Abbey after the monks had vacated.

Terry Nutkins
Terry was mentored in Scotland from age 12 by a chap called Gavin Maxwell. Gavin was cursed by a half-Scottish lady called Kathleen Raine after rejecting her sexual advances given his homosexuality. Kathleen was intimate with esoterica, and indeed with Crowley's "work". Kathleen's curse appeared to function as Maxwell's house burned down not long after her dark ritual. Maxwell left everything to Nutkins on his death.  Last January, Nutkins' daughter, Jennifer McMillan,  "cheated death" after her car rolled down an embankment at Loch Ness, not far from "Crowley's" Boleskin. One wonders if Terry left everything to Jennifer.  (Animal Magick)

Beatrix spent a lot of childhood time in Scotland
A couple of posts ago - Dark Arts - I noted of how Harry Potter fans are flocking to Greyfriars Kirkyard to leave notes for Lord Voltermort, as they believe that the gravestone for a Thomas Riddell was the inspiration for occultist and philanthropist, J.K. Rowling's, character.

Bang next to Greyfriars is George Heriots School, once titled hospital. It was built by a royal goldsmith , George Heriot, in  a philanthropic gesture for the poor fatherless children of Edinburgh. Like Fort Augustus, it is built around the form of a quadrangle. George was the goldsmith for James 6th and 1st, a Stuart, the Bible reviser, and UK amalgamator. Some say that Greyfriars Bobby used to hang around George Heriots School, but was turfed out by the gardener, into neighbouring Greyfriars. Some say that Rowling's (Potter's) Hogwarts is based on Heriots School.

Greyfriars Kirk was where the Covenanters - the Presbyterian "enemies" of the Catholic supporting Jacobites, who took their name from the Biblical covenant sworn by Israel in the Old Testament and nothing to do with a witches' coven - signed their declaration in 1638 in front of the pulpit. 41 years later, 1200 covenanters were imprisoned in the kirkyard pending trial. From wiki, History of the Jews in Scotland:

Reverence for the tenets of Judaism was a hallmark of 17th century fundamentalist Protestant thinking when the National Covenant of 1638 seemed to set the seal on the belief that by returning to the "true religion" at the Reformation the Scots had become a chosen people.

Scotland, whom our Lord took off the dunghill and out of hell and made a fair bride to Himself... He will embrace both [of] us, the little young sister, and the elder sister, the Church of the Jews. (Rev. Samuel Rutherford)

There's a pub (a bar) in Edinburgh named after George Heriot. It's called Jinglin' Geordie, which was the nickname given to Heriot because his pockets clinked with coinage. In 2009,  Oasis' Liam Gallacher payed a visit to the premises. He was interviewed by the Scotsman at the time, and noted that he found the Scotttish capital city spellbinding : "Beautiful, amazing, f****** biblical, in fact. Words can't explain it..." (here)

This week, pop-star, philanthropist, and potential MK Ultra victim, Rihanna, told of how Princess Diana has been the biggest influence on her style : "You know who is the best who ever did it? Princess Diana. She was like, she killed it. Every look was right. She was gangsta with her clothes". (mail on line)

Rihanna wears chequerboard
Another top celebrity who worships Diana, and thus focuses her legions of followers upon her, is Lady Gaga. At her concert in Carlisle, some years back, she dedicated the track Orange Colored Sky to Prince William and Kate, whilst ending her performance with a track called Judas. Gaga has written a song called Lady Die, and apparently believes herself to be some sort of of "21st Century reincarnation" of the Princess.

Princess Diana is a Spencer, an offshoot of House of Stuart. Her mother resides in Scotland. Mohammed al Fayed, Dodi's dad, has an estate in Scotland and titles himself Mohammed of the Glen.

Disgraced BBC employee, philanthropist, and alleged necrophiliac, Jimmy Savile, owned a property in Scotland at Glencoe, close to the scene of the infamous massacre of the MacDonalds by the Campbells. The blood sacrifice was carried out because the unfortunate MacDonalds were late in pledging allegiance to their new monarchs, (Protestant) William of Orange and Mary. Although Mary was a Stuart, she was allegedly not a Catholic. Jimmy liked to use his ubiquitous cigar in the manner of a wand. Jimmy's golden coffin, which was later buried arse down at a 45 degree angle and encased in concrete, was carried by Royal Marines.

Glencoe has been used very recently for Bond and Batman movies. We saw Bond at the Olympics meeting the Queen, and we subliminally saw Batman too, given that James "Joker" Holmes carried out his massacre almost at the same time as the Olympic torch was abseiled into the Tower of London by a Royal Marine, Martin Williams, to be gratefully received by Dame Kelly Holmes. Batman has actually been to the tower, in an episode called The Bloody Tower, season 3, episode 13.

Demelza Powell poses with Olympic torch in front of Robert Burns' statue in Dumfries. The name Demelza derives from Saint Columba who had an encounter with a Loch Ness Monster as well as bringing "christianity" to Scotland. Note Burns' masonic "lion's paw" pose.
Freemasonry and it's rituals are allegedly rooted in ancient Egyptian occult practises. Current Freemasonry has it's roots in Scotland, Mother Lodge 0 being in Kilwinning. Freemasonry is global, and many of the "elite" appear to be "brothers". Many large, corporate organisations logos and symbols appear to allude to freemasonry. Ancient Egypt was an old "world order". One has to be "chosen" to become a freemason, one cannot simply apply.

Donald Trump's logo is below. I mentioned his mask on the Bobby statue earlier. It appeared on the autumn equinox, when light equals dark, in 2009. At the same time, in America, Trump had rented land to Libya's Gaddafi as the latter was attending a UN meeting. Gaddafi also met relatives of the Lockerbie bombing victims the same day. Some people believe that statues, obelisks, and suchlike, are not just randomly placed in city centres.  (A sandwich full of nonsense)

A caged planet Earth ?
Only a catapult shot from Greyfriars and Heriots School sits Edinburgh Castle. Within it lies the (alleged) Stone of Destiny, which some say is (Biblical) Jacob's pillow stone. All recent British monarchs have been crowned upon it. On Christmas Day, 1950, the stone was repatriated from London's Westminster. On the 11th April 1951, the 101st day of the year, it was left at the alter of Arbroath Abbey.

Arbroath Abbey was where the Scottish Declaration of Independence (from England) was signed. The declaration asserts that (in the eyes of God):

cum non sit Pondus nec distinccio Judei et Greci, Scoti aut Anglici
(there is neither bias nor difference between Jew or Greek, Scot or English)

Lord Cullen, who was overseeing the 13/3  Dunblane massacre enquiry, received an anonymous letter dated 11th April 1996, alleging that there was a masonic cover-up in regard to Thomas Hamilton, the alleged perpetrator of the deed (The Scotsman). On 11th April 1996, the school gymnasium - scene of the carnage - was demolished. (The Independent)

On 11th April 2008, Prince William received his "wings" from his father, Charles.

On 11th April 1689  the above mentioned William of Orange and Mary were crowned as joint sovereigns of the United Kingdom. 

The "jews", whoever they may really be, are allegedly God's chosen people. My understanding is that if one delves into the Talmud, some fairly nasty evidence of their alleged superiority to the rest of humanity is evident. It appears they see the rest of us as unclean cattle; beasts. (Church of Nobody)

Last year the Church of Scotland were forced, after complaints, to rewrite a ten page report as it contained the lines (Crypto jew-ology):

"The 'promised land' in the Bible is not a place, so much as a metaphor of how things ought to be among the people of God. This 'promised land' can be found - or built - anywhere."

The solitary franchised ice cream van at Edinburgh Castle has the registration number WMS 666 T. Whether this is coincidence, synchronicity, magic, or prophecy, is anyone's guess. Whatever though, a New World Order beckons, with resultant solitary "king".

Whilst, in the background, in the spirit of colonisation, the Olympic torch heads into space. (mail on line)


Aleister Crowley on human sacrifice/blood - Dancing with Nazis

 wiki - Greyfriars Kirk

wiki - Jacobitism

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