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Friday 20 June 2014

Bravehearting (2)

Just following on from yesterday's post regarding the movie Braveheart, the 20th anniversary of the camera's rolling, and the effect on the Scottish psyche. From today's Daily Record, an interview with Mel Gibson :

The film boosted pride and confidence in Scotland, reinstated Wallace as a Scottish hero, incorporated Braveheart as part of our language, used by politicians and as a way to describe valiant sportsman and heroic deeds...

There may have been doubters but Gibson sensed how much the film would come to mean to Scotland when he screened it at Stirling Castle in September 1995...

 He said: “I’ve never seen anything like it. Thousands and thousands of people lining the street. I couldn’t believe it...

“I didn’t know there were that many people in Scotland. It was like this moment people had been waiting for in their DNA...

“It was phenomenal. I’d never seen anything like it and I doubt I will again.”

 You only have to shout “Freedom” to a Scot and the blood will stir...

It’s latest release on Monday for the 20th anniversary of the start of filming on DVD and Blu-ray will see old fans and a new generation snap it up all over again.

It wasn’t just in Scotland that the story was loved. Stories have since come out of Iraqis watching Braveheart in cellars while they were being bombed and Chinese watching it to inspire courage...

 Gibson revealed: “If I wanted to change anything in the film, it was the whole scene with English nobles who were trying to dial in a deal before they had to slug it out. I thought afterward that he should have just ridden up to the guy and killed him right there and said, ‘Let’s go’. That would have got everyone going nuts.”

Meanwhile, last night another man went "nuts"; Mark McConville from Glasgow brandishing a Saltire in the Uruguay end at the World Cup game with England. From the Telegraph :

One opposition supporter said: "That Scottish boy in the Uruguay end with the ginger jimmy wig on, Scotland strip and his flag has been immortalised up there with [William] Wallace. 

Note that I am not suggesting that Mark is a brother at the lodge and is well aware of the actualities of Scottish independence in terms of alchemical magick - breaking down the parts (countries) into base so that they can be reconstituted into something else - in this case a global United Kingdom.  It is likely that only those at the very top of the pyramid are aware of the reality.


Thursday 19 June 2014


In my recent From Templar to Garter posting, I highlighted actor Brian Cox's appearance at Rosslyn Chapel with the Queen's Commonweath baton, alongside the investiture of two fresh Knights into the Order of the Garter:

"Apparently the name Brian has connotations with kings and exalted/high/noble, whilst his surname guides us in the direction of coxswain, someone who steers a vessel."

Later on that day, around the time of the Queen's "investing", another Brian had the dubious honour of carrying the baton. A Brian Christie. Unfortunately, after Brian returned the baton to it's holder on top of a podium, it appeared to fall out of it's own accord. The BBC (where the video can be found) say "as more people took to the stage, it is thought the movement caused the baton to fall".  (here)

Note that the location was the Scottish Mining Museum in Newtongrange; in Scotland mines are known as pits, as in "going down the pit". One wonders if perhaps a guiding hand is showing us exactly the legacy we leave for our children to inherit.

Meanwhile, I think I have said before although perhaps not here, that if the movie Braveheart is shown close to the independence referendum, then that should certainly swing a few minds. I remember when the original movie came out and teams of young men deserted their local public houses for the day, requisitioning a vehicle and decanting to the Highlands for a spot of "Bravehearting" as it was then known.  

Today's Daily Record tells of how Braveheart is getting a "special 20th anniversary relaunch on DVD and Blu Ray next week" whilst it's sister Sunday publication is giving away a free poster this weekend to mark the 20 years since Mel Gibson started his cameras rolling.

Today's Daily Record also tells of how a campaign group named Republic are holding a meeting to discuss getting rid of the monarchy in the event of independence. A couple of quotes follow :

“These protesters have always been, and will remain, a small faction very much on the fringes of society.”

"An SNP spokesman said last night: “An independent Scotland will retain the Queen as head of state.”

DiCaprio signals his allegiences with Clint

Also on the subject of Braveheart, from last week's BBC,  we read that on the set of the movie Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio used to stand and roar "freedom" in the style of Mel Gibson. Whilst we know what happened to the Titanic, although I don't think black magick and alchemy were involved in that particular senario.

No. 1111 issued 22/2/2010

Whilst on the subject of DiCaprio, it is worth noting once again his "anti-authority" Godfather, Robbie the Pict. Robbie was the man who after conviction and short jail time for drugs offences, allegedly managed to receive a royal pardon via the dubious Malcolm Rifkind. Robbie then had some days in court, alleging freemasonic influences, although it got him nowhere. Robbie then hooked up with Professor Robert Black in regards to Lockerbie, the 2112 bombing (numbers which appear with alarming regularity), and a miscarriage of justice in regards to Megrahi. From wiki re Robert Black:
Eastwood's "Dirty Harry" badge

"According to an article appearing on the Sunday Times, Black was retained by Megrahi's legal team to provide advice on Scots law. The total amount of such retainer is unknown, but includes $1.5 million which as of 2007 remain unpaid (some of which appears to be for political services allegedly performed by Lord Trefgarne. It appears that such retainer existed at the time of the aforementioned comments by Black on Megrahi's conviction. It is unknown whether Black's commercial relationship with Megrahi was known at the time."

Robbie the Pict, Prof Hans Koechler and a very cheery Robert Black
 See Bridge Building for more on the topic, although let's just say like "independence", things are not what they seem.


Wednesday 18 June 2014

A major truth ?

I referenced the Queen's elite "Order of the Garter" in respect of new members, Mervyn King, and ex spook boss, Eliza Manningham-Buller just a couple of days ago (here), loosely tying it in with actor Brian Cox's Queen's Commonwealth baton relay visit to Rosslyn Chapel.

Ex Conservative Prime Minister, John Major, is another of the 24 knights.

John Major, like most conservatives, is non too popular in Scotland.

Today's Daily Record reports on how Mr. Major has accused Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, of deliberately setting the referendum date for the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn in order to "maximise anti-English sentiments". 

Some claim that the Scottish forces were helped at the battle by the Knights Templar.

Some might consider John Major's comments to be more "reverse psychology", as we have noted recently in regard to the referendum.

Some more on Bannockburn, from mythomorph :

Perhaps no battle in history has been written about more passionately and at greater length than the 1314 Battle of Bannockburn. Without that great battle Scotland may never have managed to shake off the yoke of English domination, may therefore never have established a true national identity, and so would never have birthed the stirring Declaration of Arbroath which was, in the opinion of many, the model for America’s own Declaration of Independence...

But was Scotland really the underdog, or was it only meant to appear so? Working under the credo that what looks too good to be true usually isn’t, I looked someplace new—at the sky above the battlefield—and saw what had perhaps been hidden there, in broad daylight, almost seven hundred years ago...

 At dawn, in a sky already too bright to see him, Taurus the bull stands on the horizon, facing north. The uppermost stars of Orion the Hunter have just risen. Venus, a planet long associated with the pre-Christian Goddess, shines just north of Orion’s weapon, in a direct line with the bull’s lower horn. The sun rises in Gemini, the heavenly twins, followed by Jupiter, Mercury, and the moon in Cancer. Bringing up the rear is Leo the lion, with the war planet Mars below his breast. Accompanying Orion are his two hunting companions, Canis Major and Canis Minor—the Big Dog and the Little Dog.

Throughout the day this celestial group moves westward. Taurus reaches his zenith at midday, and begins to descend. As evening falls, Orion drives Taurus below the western horizon. The sun sets. Night returns. Short as a midsummer night is at that latitude, for those who must fight at dawn it must seem all too long. Many will never see another...

Let’s now consider events at Bannockburn over that same period, keeping in mind the hermetic dictum “as above, so below.” The parallels are striking...

The Egyptian Connection: The 15th-century Scotichronicon claims that the Scots derive their name from Scota, daughter of the pharaoh who pursued the Children of Israel out of Egypt. Scota and her followers left Egypt shortly thereafter and, after many years, her people eventually settle in a land they name Scotia. It has recently been claimed in Keith Laidler’s The Head of God that Scota’s father was Akhenaten, the pharaoh who tried to establish monotheism in Egypt, using the sun to represent the one true god who should otherwise have had no image. Most astonishingly it has recently been claimed by Laurence Gardner, author of Bloodline of the Holy Grail, that Akhenaten was in fact Moses, the man who led the Isrealites out of Egypt. 

The Jesus Connection: In 1982’s The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail it’s argued that Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, contrary to Christian dogma, were married with children, founding a “holy bloodline” that continued to thrive through some of the highest and mightiest families of Europe. Evidence of that bloodline may have been uncovered by the Knights Templar, that mysterious medieval order of warrior monks, while excavating beneath the ruins of Jerusalem’s King Solomon’s Temple in the early 12th century. Upon that order’s barbaric 1307 dissolution, it’s thought that many escaped from France to Scotland, just in time to help Robert the Bruce, a man whose parentage may have united both bloodlines—the Egyptian and the “holy”—in his struggle with England...


Tuesday 17 June 2014

The Pope and eye.

Grey haired LEGO Pope

The Pope and myself are bosom buddies, it appears.

Two MSM (mail on line) stories from last week appear to confirm that, to a certain extent, in respect of a one world currency and a "new" "religion".

The first concerns the Pontiff's concerns of imminent global financial meltdown , due to a "throwaway culture of greed", "the atrocity of youth unemployment" and the "idolatry of money". Here @newspaceman, we believe that one pull of the playing card will bring the tower crumbling, however, we believe the Pope knows that too and is, shall we say, spreading the butter thin.

The second relates to the "split" between the Church of England and the Catholic Church which Pope Francis states can only be "fixed with a gift from God" (mail on line) :

The centuries-old divide between the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church is a 'scandal', Pope Francis said as he met the Archbishop of Canterbury in Rome.

The leader of 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide said a goal of full unity between the two churches 'may seem distant' but it remained an aim that should direct their 'every step'.

He said progress towards full unity would not be the result of human actions alone, but would be a 'free gift of God'.

 Beneath his merciful gaze, we cannot claim that our division is anything less than a scandal and an obstacle to our proclaiming the Gospel of salvation to the world,' the Pope told Archbishop Justin Welby.

Yesterday I wrote about Rosslyn Chapel, actor Brian Cox (the King, navigating), the Queen's Commonwealth baton relay and the "Knight's of the Garter". It is surely more than interesting to note the same symbol.

Mind controlled "Breivik's" "Knight's Templar" manifesto "cover"


Monday 16 June 2014

From Templar to Garter

Just following on from yesterday's post re the twin "goings on"; in London, with Trooping the Colour, and in Edinburgh with the Commonwealth Games baton relay.

Today is day 3 of the latter - in Scotland anyway - and we visited an old favourite, Rosslyn Chapel, in the company of pro-independence actor, Brian Cox. Apparently the name Brian has connotations with kings and exalted/high/noble, whilst his surname guides us in the direction of coxswain, someone who steers a vessel. BBC News

Here @ newspaceman we don't watch many movies thus we know little of Brian Cox, although he seems to have had a distinguished career and has received a title - CBE -  from the Queen. We know a little about Rosslyn, and it's legends of Knights Templar and freemasonry, but mythomorph in the sidebar is a better source in that regard.

Her most regal majesty is busy as always today,  down in Windsor Castle she is investing two new Knights into her Order of the Garter. The culprits are Mervyn King, ex governor of the Bank of England, and Eliza Manningham-Buller, ex director general of  the spooky MI5. Note that Her Majesty makes her own decisions on who she admits into the clan. BBC News


Sunday 15 June 2014

The Phoenix is landing

Scottish Commonwealth relay route

 Yesterday saw the annual ritual Trooping of the Colour in London.

Yesterday also saw the Commonwealth baton relay reach Scotland, the baton carried over the bridge at Coldstream by Daley Thompson, then handed to Eilidh Child. From there it made remarkable progress to Edinburgh, where it was paraded down the Royal Mile around lunchtime. It rested it's head later in the evening at Princes Street Gardens, in the shadow of Stone of Destiny holding Edinburgh Castle.

A young Coldstream guard

We recall the Queen's observations at the D Day banquet :

"Everything we do, we do for the young"

The baton tarried  at Meadowbank, where Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, posed with it in the company of two young "Burns" children, Craig and Marilee.

On day 33 of the Olympic torch relay, the procession  returned to Scotland, allowing a start from the "lion's pawed" Robert Burns statue in Dumfries for a 121 mile (11x11) journey back to into England. Burns was a freemason, some might consider he is more  iconic for that, rather than for his "poetry".

The image below is the front cover of top-Scottish rite freemason, Albert Pike's, lodge essential - Morals and Dogmas. The "pyramid", 33, and solar rays are most revealing, as is the translated phrase Ordo ab Chao - Order from Chaos. Some consider the crowned, double headed bird to be the mythical phoenix, which reincarnates, every so often.


Saturday 14 June 2014

Jiggery Popery

From 3rd April this year - a gift of  Balmoral Whisky

It's the Pope's turn at Scottish independence.

It's front page news on many of the MSM publications today. here for example

He doesn't appear to think it's a good idea: "In remarks that may resonate with Scotland’s Catholics, he said: ‘All division  worries me". Which is surely a curious phrase, given most religion appears divisional.

It's more likely, in fact far more likely, to encourage a vote for independence rather than the contrary, simply because there is still a fairly large percentage of Scottish people who are, let's say, anti-catholic.

Just to reiterate, there will be no such thing as independence, or an independent country in the not too distant future; we might live under an illusion of such but when everyone is using the same (electronic) currency to purchase the same mass produced goods from the same corporations, it's simply mutton dressed as lamb.

Potter meets the Queen for some magickal games

Friday 13 June 2014

Growling at Rowling

The writings on the wall
Harry Potter creator, J.K. Rowling, has waded into the Scottish independence cavalcade. 

We touched on  reverse psychology propaganda  in the post Childsplay.

On Wednesday, 11/6, it was announced that Rowling, has given a million pounds to the anti-Scottish independence (Better Together) campaign. She could have kept it quiet, one imagines, however she detailed her rationale for the donation on her website (mail on line):

However, I also know that there is a fringe of Nationalists who like to demonise anyone who is not blindly and unquestionably pro-independence and I suspect, notwithstanding the fact that I’ve lived in Scotland for 21 years and plan  to remain here for the rest of my life, that they might judge me ‘insufficiently Scottish’ to have a valid view.
It is true that I was born in the West Country and grew up on the Welsh border and, while I have Scottish blood on my mother’s side, I also have English, French and Flemish ancestry. 
However, when people try to make this debate about the purity of your lineage, things start getting a little Death Eaterish for my taste. 
Do as though wilt be the whole of the law
I was not sure what Death Eaterish meant, however the BBC have kindly compiled an article about Wednesday's event - What does "Death Eaterish" mean: 

"She likened some of them to the scariest characters in her books, saying that, when trying to "make this debate about the purity of your lineage, things start getting a little Death Eaterish for my taste".

The Death Eaters are a group of wizards described as "pure-blood" supremacists led by the evil Lord Voldemort, Potter's arch-enemy. They are contemptuous of "half-bloods" and human "muggles".

The inner circle of Death Eaters - who behave without regard to wizarding law - have dark marks emblazoned on their arm, denoting membership.

"To use the D-word is pretty much as low as you can go in the Harry Potter fandom," says expert John Granger. "It will really hit a nerve with JK Rowling's fans. She is trying to get back at the people who say she's not really Scottish and shouldn't intervene in the debate."

The thing being is that I cannot recall Rowling voicing an opinion on Scottish independence  prior to her "donation", thus looking again at the segment of her rationale as above, when she writes "suspect.... that they might judge me insufficiently Scottish", and then follows up with "when people try to make this debate about the purity of your lineage", the point is they have not. It is Rowling who has brought to life the "blood purity/ Death Eaterish angle", no one else.

Apparently, poor JK received on-line dogs abuse for her slant. 

Remember though that the Death Eaters were led by Lord Voldermort. According to wiki, they try to create a "new order" through the "Ministry of Magic". Their main enemy is the "Order of the Phoenix".

Remember too, that many Scottish people would find Rowling's comments distasteful. They might class them in the same vein as those of the fairly unlikeable, Hillary Clinton, who has expressed a desire that the Scots vote no.

Scott Lucas, professor of American Studies at Birmingham University, seems to agree with myself in terms of the reverse-psychology being played out here. From today's BBC :

Hillary Clinton doesn't make off-the-cuff remarks, and she certainly doesn't do so on foreign affairs.

The fact that President Obama, and indeed other European politicians, have come out vocally against Scottish independence really points to a coordination among policy-makers on both sides of the Atlantic who basically are saying Scotland should remain part of Britain and, in turn, part of the EU.

I think this is a concerted campaign. I think it's one that's been discussed by the White House, I think it's been discussed by Number 10 and by other European capitals to try to deter Scottish voters from breaking away from Britain...

It will be interesting to see how Scottish voters react, because my perception is that - far from pushing Scottish voters to say 'we have to stay part of Britain' - I think they may assert their own, as it were, independence from these politicians by voting in the referendum precisely to come out of Britain.

Which indeed is the game plan. An independent Scotland as the symbolic cornerstone of a New World Order; an act of alchemical magick. 
Pottering @ Greyfriars
Some food for thought is that many Potter fans believe that "Voldermort's" grave is located in Edinburgh's Greyfriars Churchyard (Dark Arts). From wiki - History of the Jews in Scotland :

 Like many Christian nations, medieval Scots claimed a Biblical connection. The Declaration of Arbroath (6 April 1320) appealed to Pope John XXII for recognition of Scotland's status as an independent, sovereign state and asserted its right to use military action when considered unjustly attacked. It was sealed by fifty-one magnates and nobles. It is still periodically referenced by British Israelitists, because the text asserts that in the eyes of God:

cum non sit Pondus nec distinccio Judei et Greci, Scoti aut Anglici
(there is neither bias nor difference between Jew or Greek, Scot or English)
Reverence for the tenets of Judaism was a hallmark of 17th century fundamentalist Protestant thinking when the National Covenant of 1638 seemed to set the seal on the belief that by returning to the "true religion" at the Reformation the Scots had become a chosen people

The National Covenant was signed at Greyfriars.

And from the Scottish Kirk (Protestant/Presbyterian Church) Crypto jew-ology:

Biblical promises about the land of Israel were never intended to be taken literally, or as applying to a defined geographical territory...
 The 'promised land' in the Bible is not a place, so much as a metaphor of how things ought to be among the people of God. This 'promised land' can be found - or built - anywhere...

Back in the 1940's a "conspiracy theorist" called Comyns Beaumont proposed that Edinburgh was the "real" Jerusalem and that Edinburgh Castle fitted the Biblical description of Zion and the Citadel. Allegedly, the rights to his books are owned/controlled by the CIA. One wonders who controls them.

Stone of Destiny containing Edinburgh Castle from Greyfriars Churchyard. Image from Beaumont's, Great Britain - Key to World History


Tuesday 10 June 2014

Strings attached

At the beginning of the year I noted the red string "Kabbalah" bracelet sported by celebrities such as Madonna. (The X factor)

Some ten days later I noted One Direction's, Harry Styles, and his new "silver spoon" tattoo, located just under another he has of a curious handshake. Note that Harry also has two tiny crosses with the letters M and K, plus a large butterfly across his chest. Some may suggest that the letters M and K refer to the CIA's MKUltra "mind control" program, whilst the butterfly is also allegedly utilised as a symbol of an offshoot program known as Project Monarch, the monarch being a species of Lepidoptera

Today's Daily Record notes how Harry is following in the footsteps of Mick Jagger after being "spotted on stage" wearing a Kaballah bracelet, thus "embracing the mystical Jewish philosophy" :

Kabbalah – which means “to receive” – is Jewish mysticism that has now exploded around the world...

It’s not a religion but it is a map for a spiritual life that draws upon astrology and ­numerology...

At one end of the scale, it’s obscure stuff based on five books of the Old Testament.

One might consider the possibility that "celebrities" are being used, puppet like, to control, influence and manipulate the masses in order to recreate those consequential, Biblical Days of Noah.

It could be that our global society is seen as a greedy caterpillar by the elite, their nefarious long term plan being to reduce the human population drastically ("we" deserve it) and usher in a new "golden age" with global monarch - a new Eden so to speak.

One wonders if the Queen's outfit worn to the D-Day "celebration" banquet last week, alludes in some manner to the occult sentiments of "Harry's" bracelet, as with her quote, "everything we do, we do for the young". (mail on line)


Friday 6 June 2014


A few years ago, "mind-controller", Derren Brown, demonstrated the power of negative suggestion to persuade a girl to "kill a kitten" by pressing a button. (wiki)

Negative suggestion seems akin to  reverse psychology - where one create the illusion that one does not want someone to do something, and thus they do it.

Here in Scotland we appear to be under attack through the process of reverse psychology by the UK government who, to all intents and purposes, are closely overseen by the monarchy. (See recent posts for clarification/evidence of the latter).

Yesterday, matters appeared to take an all time low.

According to the government, if we don't vote for independence, we will all be £1,400 a year better off. To illustrate this on their own web site they utilised lego toys to demonstrate 10 ways the money could be spent, for example : "experience 636 joyful caffeine highs" or "share a meal of fish and chips with your family, every day for around 10 weeks". (Big Gov.UK) 

Scottish First Minister and SNP top-dog, Alex Salmond, bonded with the Queen over their shared passion of horse racing. Alex wants to keep the monarchy in the event of independence. As noted above, the monarchy appear to, somewhat covertly, really be the boss. Thus, if an independent Scotland retains their services, we will not be independent.

Lego seems a fairly apt choice for the government's illustration. The great thing about it is that you can build something, take it to pieces, and then rebuild something else with the same bricks. That's exactly the scam with independence. A New World Order is being finalised, and Scotland is the magick key, the root, in terms of it's forthcoming figurehead and past construction

Utilising reverse psychology, I got the laddie to make me a couple of minifigures; his Ancient Egypt resonating Queen seems bang on the money, whilst Alex is maybe not so good.


Thursday 5 June 2014

Blut und Boden

A great stushie has erupted over an interview with "Better Together" leader, Alistair Darling in the New Statesman publication.

It appears that Alistair has compared Scottish National Party leader, Alex Salmond, to the late North Korean "dictator", Kim Jong-il (New Statesman):  

"He said on the BBC that people voted Ukip in Scotland because English TV was being beamed into Scotland. This was a North Korean response. This is something that Kim Jong-il would say. And this is the same BBC for which we all pay our licence fee, and we all enjoy the national output as well as the Scottish output."

The SNP are raging. (BBC News)

Furthermore, it appears that the magazine carries a reference to the Nazi expression Blood and Soil (Blut und Boden), which itself refers to "racialism and national romanticism". This apparently was an error, Alistair never said it, rather it was a term coined by the interviewer, Jason Cowley:

Clarification, 22.36: Owing to a transcription error, Alistair Darling was incorrectly quoted using the words "blood and soil nationalism" to describe the SNP's non-civic nationalism. The phrase was raised in conversation but not used directly by Mr Darling. This is the disputed exchange:


NS: Salmond has successfully redefined the SNP as [representing] a civic nationalism . . .


Darling: Which it isn't . . .


NS: But that's what he says it is. Why do you say it isn't? What is it? Blood and soil nationalism?


Darling: At heart . . . [inaudible mumble] If you ask any nationalist, ‘Are there any circumstances in which you would not vote to be independent?’ they would say the answer has got to be no. It is about how people define themselves through their national identity.
Here @ newspaceman, running hand in hand with our outlandish theory that Scottish independence is more to do with magick, sorcery and alchemy in terms of a one world society and king than anything else, we also have concerns about our children's future. We see the social structure of an independent Scotland as the ("masonic") blueprint for the rest of the globe. Plus the "king" is sure to be crowned here first, given the current location of the Stone of Destiny which we noted just yesterday.

Thus, when we read that Police Scotland carried out 2912 stop and searches on children aged between 8 & 12 in a 9 month period last year, it concerns us. When we read too that 640,699 stop and searches were carried out in total over a twelve month period - three times more than that of "dodgy" London which has a higher population - again it concerns us. (BBC News)

Another concern is the SNP's policy to appoint a State "guardian" for every single child in Scotland (The Scotsman) :

MSPs approved legislation in February which will mean everyone up to the age of 18 will have a ‘’named person’’ - such as a health worker or headteacher - assigned to look out for their welfare.

We agree with the Christian Institute's philosophy on the matter :
Campaigners say the blanket nature of the named person provisions “constitutes a disproportionate and unjustified interference with the right to respect for individual family’s right to a private and family life”

Although we would not have expressed our feelings in that legally worded manner.

These children with would-be guardians, well acquainted with stop and search, CCTV cameras, fingerprint scanners in schools etc. etc. will grow to be adults. The powers that be like to grow from seed at the moment; however they have their eye on cloning.


Wednesday 4 June 2014

A chip off the old block

It's the Queen's Speech today, the state opening of parliament.

It's an annual, ritual affair. According to BBC political editor, James Lansdale, it's when "The Queen shows us who isn't boss", which he qualifies by firstly asking us to "Forget, if you can, the crowns and carriages. Dismiss from your mind the page boys and pageantry. Ignore the robes and royalty that fill your television screens.". Which is a fairly tall order, given most have been indoctrinated since early childhood to believe in the "superiority" of the royal family.

Let's face facts, if it had been David Cameron rather than William and Kate who opened the Famous Grouse experience last week, would the local schoolchildren have spent all week making flags and banners, then been given a day off to go and wave them ?

Basically what happens at today's event is that the Queen arrives at parliament, and her representative, Black Rod, summons the Commons to attend her forthcoming speech in the House of Lords. Doors are slammed in his face but Blackrod strikes the door three times with his staff and is then admitted, whereupon he issues the monarch's summons. The Commons duly attend.

James Lansdale tells us that the door slamming equates to Parliament telling the Queen who is boss. I have my doubts about that. Historically, it reflects the right of Parliament to question the right of the monarch's representative to enter their chamber, although they have no "lawful authority" to bar him from entering.

Some more from James' article :

As she processes through the Princes' Chamber in the House of Lords, there are two statues representing mercy and justice placed there on purpose to focus her mind as she prepares to deliver her speech. The route is dotted with pictures and statues of previous monarchs, as if Westminster were saying: "We have seen your like before."

Or perhaps James, it shows just who always has been true boss

And here is the really cheeky move: parliament forces Her Majesty to consider her own mortality as she gets dressed for the occasion. For in the Robing Room of the House of Lords, where the Queen puts on her robe and imperial state crown, the authorities have chosen to display a facsimile of the death warrant of her ancestor, Charles I.

If ever there were a symbol to express the end of the divine right of kings and the limits of a constitutional monarchy, that document is it.

Note that Charles 1st was indeed executed, however the monarchy was restored after a period of 11 years, his son, Charles 2nd, returned from exile, and all legal documents were backdated to his father's death as if he had directly succeeded him.

Note too that Charles 2nd was always King of Scotland during the 11 years, having been proclaimed such on 6th February 1649, exactly 303 years prior to HM Queen's coronation.

Just back to James' conclusions :

The point is this: as you watch the state opening of parliament, remember it is one of the strongest ceremonial demonstrations of our liberty that we have. Democracy is not just the freedom to vote out a government we dislike; it is also the freedom not to be ruled by an autocratic monarch chosen by God. 

Here we would simply refer James to a Guardian article from 2013, which notes the royals "secretive powers over new laws" including that of going to war, which remains a royal prerogative :

"This is opening the eyes of those who believe the Queen only has a ceremonial role," said Andrew George, Liberal Democrat MP for St Ives, which includes land owned by the Duchy of Cornwall, the Prince of Wales' hereditary estate.

"It shows the royals are playing an active role in the democratic process and we need greater transparency in parliament so we can be fully appraised of whether these powers of influence and veto are really appropriate. At any stage this issue could come up and surprise us and we could find parliament is less powerful than we thought it was."

Charles has been asked to consent to 20 pieces of legislation and this power of veto has been described by constitutional lawyers as a royal "nuclear deterrent" that may help explain why ministers appear to pay close attention to the views of senior royals.

Meanwhile, it requires highlighting that the Queen's new carriage, which she used to travel to the event today, contains a chip of the alleged "Stone of Destiny" - directly under her seat.

The Stone of Destiny is something we are most interested here, given it's current locality at Edinburgh Castle, alleged Scottish  "independence", and that all "magick" is based on ritual - if something has been done in a specific manner before, and that specific manner is repeated, then the magick will work.