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Wednesday 28 May 2008

The K-9 conundrum

Cave canem !

Further to my recent "German Shepherd" posting and continuing the theme of the collective herding (and surely enslavement) of humanity into a new "Golden Age" under the guise of a new European Superpower - from the Daily Express of yesterday, another nudge towards thinking in the right direction as we read of a £65,000 guard dog, named the Titan Ultra :

The super-intelligent dogs undergo two years of extensive and rigorous training in Germany with some of the best handlers in the world.

A standard Titan can be snapped up for £45,000, but for £65,000 the truly security conscious can get their hands on a Titan Ultra – which is guaranteed to be traced back to champion German shepherd bloodlines.

And from wikipedia regarding the German Shepherd breed and it's post WW1 name change to alsatian:

Anti - German sentiment was still high in the wake of World War I (1914 - 1918), and change of German-oriented names in the UK - including that of the Royal Family - were common at the time when a few dogs were taken to Britain and the United States. Since it was feared that the name German Shepherd Dog could be an impediment, the name Alsatian wolf dog was introduced.

In the blood ?


see also K9 history, dogs of war , from pre biblical times onwards.

wiki entry for Titans - note Lucifer parallels

Alsace, from where the name Alsatian is derived. Note the Roman history

Saturday 24 May 2008


Referring to recent posts regarding the social disorder surrounding the recent Glasgow Rangers game in Manchester, and my potentially ultra-paranoid possibility that our "authorities" were well aware of forthcoming problems, perhaps even instigating them, (giant television screen malfunction), therefore causing the antics which allowed the riot police to retain order, thus providing the police with on-the-job training, I bring you more.

From the Southern Express we read of Mark Hay, a Scottish Borders businessman and publican who was contracted by UEFA sponsors Carlsberg to operate the tents in their "fan zones" - zones established to cater for the alcohol hungry and ticket-less migrant supporter :

"Contrary to press reports, the atmosphere was hostile all day and it just got worse and some of the worst behaviour came, not from hooded youngsters, but from fans aged between 30 and 50.

when we arrived at Piccadilly Gardens at 10am on the day of the match there were already thousands of fans, most of whom were drunk, with large carry-outs, including bottles.

and from supporter Ian Crawford:

“Out of the blue, a riot policeman approached me and struck me on the head with a baton. I managed to get to the side of the road and was watching the mayhem with a woman and a young child who was petrified.

“The riot police surged at us and I put up my hand to protect the mother and child but was again belted on the back of the head and blood started pouring.

For those unaware, and this may be slightly hard to accept, here in happy Scotland the wearing of green is considered the most despicable of crimes by a "true" Rangers supporter; certainly regarded as an insult and often personally taken as such:

Again from Mark:

"Things got worse as the day went on and staff were subjected to terrible abuse for wearing the green tops supplied by Carlsberg

Makes one wonder, surely.

Notwithstanding the above, the images in this post are from the potentially esoterically named Fulham in London this week - at the aftermath of the Manchester United Chelsea game, where we again saw out-of-stadium disorder and, what looks like, heavy handed policing. The full Times article is here.

"More than 20 police vans were at the scene, which was littered with glass bottles. One supporter, who asked not to be identified said: “The police just went crazy. They pushed a woman and then charged us.”

Remember, this was the week when a speeding and unlit police car killed a teenager - then tasered her boyfriend for grumbling about it.

Your future ?

Bringing home the bacon ?


Tuesday 20 May 2008

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Yesterday, the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, hit out at certain sections of the media, accusing them of belittling her daughter (pictured above from Saturday) by claiming that she is overweight. We read from the BBC that

In an interview with the BBC, Sarah Ferguson said her eldest daughter Beatrice was a fit and healthy size 10.

"The press has been absolutely outrageous, calling her such horrible names... I just think they ought to take more responsibility," she said.

"Her comment was 'will they be happy if I get anorexia because then they would write about that?'"

With the recent Diana inquest apportioning blame towards the media franchised paparazzi, and last years "falling out" between the Queen and the BBC - not to mention Prince Harry and his numerous social outings - how much longer before we see the popular media censored to a certain degree, with "our" full blessing. Maybe we will see a sacrifice first though.

World crown ?


For more on mind control and Project Monarch, please see here.

For the Duchess' new "reality" TV show, see Duchess joins benefit family.

Sunday 18 May 2008

Eyes wide shut

From 1979:

You wind me up
Like a clockwork orange
Then you hide the key
To my destination
No satisfaction its all frustration
The times are changing
They're changing me
Open the cage
Let free the animals
Running wild
With hardened criminals
No satisfaction it's all frustrations

Back in the early 1970's Kubrick's Clockwork Orange was released, it's influence into the culture of the time partly manifested by the adoption of boiler suits and heavy boots by football "hooligans" as terrace uniform
de rigeur. Building site hard hats were worn as protection in the sheds as darts and nail studded golf balls were thrown into the enemy section by opposing club supporters.

Soccer violence was nothing new at the time and is nothing new now. So last weeks events in Manchester can surely have come as no surprise to the authorities. The catalyst for the trouble - the malfunctioning of a giant television screen, erected in the city centre to cater for some of the hundred thousand plus ticket-less fans who had travelled down from Glasgow to "watch the game".

Since then we have heard from Prime Minister Gordon Brown: (from the Guardian)

The prime minister today condemned the violence caused by football fans in Manchester last night as "a disgrace" and said that a review of UK laws might be necessary to deal with future violent episodes.

No word though on the reason for the big screen breakdown.


Thursday 15 May 2008

"German" Shepherd

Policing the New European Order (N.E.O.)

When 100,000 drunk and ticketless Glaswegians assemble in Manchester for a European Cup Final, it is fair to say that some amount of social disorder is to be expected.

Practice makes perfect.

This is the future.

BBC report is here


see also - Making an Arsenal out us, ceremoniously ?.

Wednesday 14 May 2008

Flying the Flag for Europe

We saw the birthing ceremony for the new Europe last December in Lisbon and I suggested in my post Going back to our roots that perhaps there was a hidden or occult "power" operating behind this new super-continent.

Yesterday Her Majesty the Queen visited Turkey for a state function - we read from the BBC :

On Tuesday evening she gave a speech prepared by the Foreign Office at the presidential palace.

"For us, Turkey is as important now as it has ever been," she said.

"Turkey is uniquely positioned as a bridge between East and West at a crucial time for the European Union and the world in general."

Britain is a strong supporter of Turkey's attempts to join the EU. The country became an official candidate in 1999 and entered formal accession negotiations in 2005. At the banquet, President Gul thanked Britain for backing Turkey's bid.

"The United Kingdom has become one of our most loyal supporters in Turkey's march toward membership of the European Union," he said. "We are grateful for this unwavering and permanent support."

And yet some would have you believe that our monarchy is against this New European Order ?

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:


Saturday 10 May 2008

Double A side ?

Madonna and her 27 date forthcoming world tour, 9 in Europe, 18 in USA:

The 49-year-old singer is to kick it off at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium on August 23. She will also play at Wembley Stadium on September 11.

From wiki on the old Wembley, replaced in 2007.

"The stadium's distinctive Twin Towers became its trademark. Also well known were the thirty nine steps needed to be climbed to reach the Royal box and collect a trophy (and winners'/losers' medals)"

pls see here for 27

here for the wonderful wizard of Wembley

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Thursday 8 May 2008

Billy Smarts Circus

Princes William and Harry last night "spearheaded" an event called City Salute, held at sunset, outside St Paul's Cathedral in London, it's purpose being to raise funds for our injured armed forces personnel.

They were joined by television celebrities Jeremy Clarkson and Ross Kemp for the event, which began with the now ubiquitous Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet fly-past and included a military parade together with bands and ceremonial troops.

For those unaware, Clarkson is a likeable, if controversial, motor vehicle enthusiast and tends to call a spade a spade. Kemp was an actor in the popular TV soap Eastenders where he held a long running part as a gangster with a softish heart. He has recently played in a soap style soldier role and also went to Afghanistan to film a documentary on UK forces in operation. Both individuals are portrayed and projected to us as men's men I suppose, rough, tough but not bad deep down. Read into that what you will, given the circumstances.

We read from the first BBC report: here

Actor Ross Kemp went on to pay tribute to the dedication of British troops and there was a second fly-past conducted by two Chinook helicopters, before march pasts by the three services.

Top Gear presenter Mr Clarkson went on to joke about Prince William's two controversial helicopter flights and emphasised the "vital role" helicopters and their pilots played in the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"It takes a special kind of courage to fly one of those things, I think, into a firefight.

"It's a bit of a lumbering tank - not exactly hard to miss. You can't even land one on the Isle of Wight without the newspapers finding out."

"Sorry. I'll be in trouble," he added.

Harry and William both laughed at the comments.

And from another BBC report on the same event, one which to my mind reinforces the power of televisual medium on the collective:

To the many veterans it must have seemed like a bygone era as they watched the display of pomp, ceremony and music through a sea of Union Jack flags fluttering in the wind.

As if to reinforce the conviction of those sharing this view, two short films aired on giant screens captured the attention of those struggling to find space on the crowded pavements.

In one, a soldier called Mark described how he lost both legs and an arm while serving in Afghanistan.

There was silence as the audience hung on his every word, while images of him in his uniform were displayed.

And there was an audible gasp when the camera panned out to reveal his missing legs and arms.

Just as a side note and with reference to my recent Tale of Two Williams post amongst others, it is surely pertinent that the Olympic Torch reached the summit of Everest only a few hours later than this flying event took place. (see here). And that St Paul's is marked with the number 8 on the London Olympic Torch route as highlighted in the post Black Majick.

Its just ritual after ritual.


Tuesday 6 May 2008

Light thickens...

It was the dark of the moon at the weekend, the final death throes of the very full moon mentioned in my recent post - When shall we three meet again ? - the one about the snared hares of Cawdor and a possible but unquantifiable Macbeth connection; a connection which appears to have re-reared it's ugly head.

Some say that "dark forces" are at work during this part of the lunar cycle and some would tell you further that it is the time of Hecate, Goddess of Witchcraft; yet whether this is the case I have no proof. However, two separate but very similar horrific incidents in Scotland last Saturday would certainly validate that manner of thinking, also bearing in mind the proximity to the astronomical Beltane:

"Hekate is awesome & can be terrifying, for She rules all that is outside our ken: Death, & the dark intuitive wisdom that is beyond the conscious mind. Such wisdom comes through dreams & whispers, mediumship & divination. It is the inspired vision of artists & seers. For some it may be too much & bring the madness of lunacy: Hekate's power can poison as well as heal."

Beltane was also a time when the Otherworld was seen as particularly close at hand.

The first was in an isolated car park off the Crow Road, near Lennoxtown and close to Glasgow, where Ashol Kalyanjee set himself on fire after violently stabbing his two young sons Paul and Jay Ross to death.

The second took place on the East Coast, in Buckhaven, Fife, where a Mr. Robert Thomson, aged 49, stands accused of repeatedly stabbing and murdering his son and daughter, their bodies being discovered on Saturday evening in Muiredge Cottages.

Whilst I am not of the mind to dwell on these type of gruesome and manic incidents, what seemed rather uncanny to me was that both Lennox and Ross are characters from the sparsely populated Shakespearean tragedy and that Macbeth savagely stabs King Duncan to death before having Banquo murdered. Especially if we travel full circle and consider that Iain Banks wrote The Crow Road, the scene of the carnage.

And of the second, Buckhaven only a couple of road miles through the moors from the non fictional ruins of the once powerful Clan MacDuff's castle, and only twenty from Leuchars.

I shall end as I ended my original post and leave matters up to your own imagination.

Bearing in mind Hekate from above and maybe her Macbeth role.


Here for Crow Road BBC news story.

Here for Buckhaven BBC