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Saturday 27 October 2007

BBC TV News Review - Saturday 27th October

Reformation of resuscitation policies within our National Health Service was the first feature on this afternoons BBC news; senior nurses now being allowed to make a decision on when to abandon emergency procedures, previously this could only be made by consultants or GP's. John Brain, the BBC reporter, was on hand to show us some simulated scenes of emergency practices, including a surgeon shaking his head as we were told of "hospital dramas". And, in that context, reference was then made to the television programme Holby City, a fairly long standing hospital soap opera - we were told that this show was in fact misleading, because it showed a higher proportion of successful revival attempts than is actually the case. It seems that only 5% of resuscitation cases are successful and that brain and or lung damage often results.

We remained with brains as it appears that our military forces are returning from service duty with mental problems, memory loss, anxiety and depression are commonplace. These differing illnesses have been packaged together and diagnosed as an all in one disorder, christened Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Attention was drawn as to the causes of such, as we were treated to some Afghanistan action images and heard of "shock waves". Pictures of Headley Court rehabilitation Hospital were displayed, a lovely old ivy clad building. We cut to America to see some multilated soldiers in a gymnasium, the ones targeted by the camera has missing limbs. To close, we saw our territorial army troops returning from action last week and heard fears that cases of MTBI could run into thousands.

A fishing boat has been intercepted by a warship in the North Atlantic, 3.5 tonnes of cocaine siezed.

Nick Clegg got more nominations to stand for election as Liberal Democrats leader than rival Chris Huhne.

Scottish Nationalists conference. A referendum over Independence and he possibility of lowering the voting age to 16 are on the agenda.

India, we saw Benazir Bhutto visting her ancestral village under close security. Images of some flag waving supporters were displayed although there was "not much mingling" taking place.

A "rally" has been held in London over the abortion laws. It seems that some find them slighly lax. Reference was made to 40 years ago when the current regulations were introduced.

An "extension" has been built onto the space station as it appears that "they have run out of space". No information was provided as to who the "they" are. . We did however hear that the module was simply bolted on.

To close, British Summer Time ends tonight, clocks forward by an hour.

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury - better than nothing ?

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