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Sunday 30 March 2014

Marilyn Manson, Magick, Jodi Jones and the Clutha

Following on from my last post concerning the digits 11 and 22, it seems worthwhile bringing up James Shelby Downard and his King-Kill 33 essay regarding masonic symbolism in the assassination of President Kennedy.

Downard believed that there was alchemical sorcery of almost inconceivable quantity revolving around the murder.

Someone who appears to believe Downard is musician, Marilyn Manson, who wrote a track called King Kill 33. From the excellent  The nachtkabarett :

One of the more esoteric references in Holy Wood, King Kill 33° is one of the most blatant references to the Kennedy assassination after the song 'President Dead', which again represents the theme of Kennedy becoming the Second Christ in the eyes of America because his death was televised and subsequently portrayed as martyrdom. The title is a reference to the manuscript 'King Kill 33' by James Shelby Downard and Michael A. Hoffman. Most Marilyn Manson fans at one time or another have probably come across the web page entitle King-Kill/33: Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John F.Kennedy which is a preface and excerpts to the entire 35 page manuscript, and upon reading the excerpt it is a very interesting treatise and is essentially what the song and imagery surrounding the album are evocative of...

 The concept dealt with within 'King Kill 33' is reference to the esoteric rite of The Killing Of The King (an ancient, radical version of the Masonic initiation ritual of the Death of Hiram), often associated with alchemy, and particularly how the enactment of this rite was the motive behind John F. Kennedy's assassination. The number 33 is the highest degree of the Scottish rite of Masonry, it is also the degree of latitude at which JFK was assassinated at the Dealy Plaza, the degree of latitude which the detonation of the first atomic bomb at Trinity and the degree of latitude which the the Temple of Solomon in Israel is to be rebuilt, as foretold in the Book of Revelations as one of the signs heralding the Apocalypse, The Second Coming Of Christ

Note that Michael Hoffman is credited as co-author of KK/33. In some circles Hoffman is known as a holocaust denier, something I will return to at the end.

Not far from allegedly esoteric Rosslyn Chapel is Easthouses in Dalkeith. On 3/6/03, a schoolgirl called Jodi Jones was found murdered there. Her boyfriend, Luke Mitchell, was found guilty of the crime and sentenced to detention "without limit of time with a minimum of 20 years". Despite several appeals he is still incarcerated. From wiki :

The prosecution said Mitchell had taken an interest in the The Black Dahlia case, a 1947 homicide of an young woman whose body was severely mutilated in a way that the Crown alleged was similar to injuries suffered by Jones

From the Scotsman, Valentines Day 2005 :

Jodi was stripped, bound and stabbed to death in woods between her home in Easthouses and Newbattle, where Mitchell, now 16, lived with his mother, Corinne, and older brother, Shane.

The schoolgirl’s death and her injuries bore similarities to the gruesome "Black Dahlia" murder of 1940s Hollywood actress Elizabeth Short. 

Paintings by Manson depicting the mutilated body of the murdered actress were shown to the jury during the schoolboy’s trial. 

Detectives believed the woman’s murder was the inspiration for Jodi’s killing after it emerged Mitchell was an avid fan of Manson. 

Lord Nimmo Smith, the trial judge at the High Court in Edinburgh, said he believed Mitchell had carried an image of those paintings in his mind when he killed Jodi...

 "I do not feel able to ignore the fact that there was a degree of resemblance between the injuries inflicted on Jodi and those shown in the Marilyn Manson paintings of Elizabeth Short that we saw.
"I think that you carried an image of the paintings in your memory when you killed Jodi," the judge said. 

Apparently, many in the legal profession who have been connected with the case believe Mitchell to be innocent, whilst his case has been re-opened given advances in DNA technology. (Daily Record)

Bearing in mind the numbers 11 and 22, it is worth noting Mitchell's sentencing date and final appeal date  :

 Mitchell's sentencing took place on 11 February 2005

 The appellant's appeal against sentence was finally disposed of on 2 February 2011 and in such circumstances there did not exist a live appeal in respect of which leave could be granted under section
The Clutha Bar - it's name means Clyde

Let's turn to last year's deadly Clutha police helicopter crash in Glasgow, a crash which has still not been explained although compensation has been paid. From the Scotsman :

THE Police helicopter which crashed into the Clutha Bar in Glasgow had been returning from an incident in Dalkeith. 

In a special bulletin, the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) revealed the final route of the helicopter on the night of November 29.

The helicopter had been over Dalkeith for ten minutes providing support for an incident before heading back to Glasgow.

Police Scotland said they were currently unable to disclose why the helicopter had been called to Midlothian.

And from wiki :

The helicopter crashed through the flat roof of the Clutha Vaults at 22:22 on 29 November 2013

Note that exactly a year and a day prior, on 28th November 2012, Marilyn Manson played Glasgow's S.E.C.C. venue which is located on the north bank of the River Clyde.(here) .The Clutha sits on the north bank too, just a couple of miles away. (map here)

Allegedly, a year and a day has great importance in magickal circles.

To nearly close, a couple of random "connections".

KK33 - full text linked at end - carries many Scottish references to the JFK assassination.

The above "Manson site", notes that "In America, most children (though particularly of now slightly older generations) have grown up watching the Zapruder film of of Kennedy's head being eviscerated on camera". It also notes that it is still 313 of the movie which shows the moment of "evisceration". If we utilise 313 as a date, in the British manner, we have 13/3, the date of the Dunblane massacre which itself is alleged to have "masonic" connotations.

Meanwhile, returning to "holocaust deniers", it is interesting to note that in the case David Irving v Penguin Books and Lipstadt, the judge decided the matter on an 11th April in a 333 page judgement. We note the date 11th April often here, the 101st day of the year; the date the Stone of Destiny was returned to Arbroath Abbey; the date Prince William received his "wings", the date that William of Orange and his House of Stuart wife Mary were made joint sovereigns of the United Kingdom...We also recall Alex Salmond at last years Scottish National Party conference, and the 333 (Half Way There).

Manson's last song at the SECC, excluding encore, was Antichrist Superstar


Aangirfan - Copter Crash and Princess Diana

King Kill 33

Friday 28 March 2014

King Size Numbers

Here at newspaceman, as often noted, we dig numerical patterns. Often we believe that these patterns are more than coincidence...

Back in 2008, on 27th March, there were some interesting happenings in London. We were drawn to them, firstly because of the date, 27 being 3x3x3, March being the third month. At football club Arsenal's Emirates Stadium, then Prime Minister, Gordon Brown was meeting with then French top-dog, Nicolas Sarkozy. From the Guardian :

Sarkozy says Brown was one of the best finance ministers in Europe in the past decade. "We have been working hand in glove," he says through a translator. Sarkozy says it is interesting that Brown talks about "Europe in a global world".

It wasn't just their meeting that grabbed our attention though, as almost simultaneously an "unprecedented" "army sized" police operation was taking place in North London, very close to the Emirates Stadium, in a "dramatic crackdown on drug dealers, thieves and passport forgers". From the Daily Express :

The 600 officers were part of a 1,122-strong unit that swooped on notorious crime gangs plaguing a North London borough

Now, there are many reasons why 1122 rings, or should ring, bells; for example JFK, Dirty Harry, a dark Prince William on Hello's front page, but I can look a bit closer to home for a more up to date example.

Yesterday, 27/3, Protestant/Orange, Glasgow Rangers football club, released their half-yearly financial results. It was a loss of £3.6 million. Now, I wrote far too much about the Rangers saga over the last couple of years, the basic thrust being that what has happened to the club is a foretaste of what will happen with the (Scots founded) global economy. In so much as things won't really change, but all the money - which doesn't really exist anyway - will disappear. Then phoenix style, from it's own ashes, the economy will be reborn, although this time there will be a single global currency, as envisaged in the Bible. From today's Daily Record :

"Given the obvious need for investment we again urge the board to accept King’s offer of £30m."

Note that the "King" they refer to is a Dave King (King Dave), who is allegedly attempting to buy the club. 

And, before I forget, Rangers entered financial administration  under Court reference P221/12.

From, The Times, 01/11/12


Wednesday 26 March 2014

Bridge Building

DiCaprio signals his allegiances ?
 There's a pair of most interesting stories in the news today, regarding "men only clubs", and their eventual eradication as we move to an allegedly equal society.

The first concerns golf, and it's "spiritual" home of St. Andrews. The "extremely powerful" Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews has written to it's 2500 members - including Sean Connery - to "ask members of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club to welcome female members into the club". Apparently, the members are being told they should accept the change as inevitable. (mail on line)

The second concerns a secretive men only Scottish Enlightenment society which meets in rooms within the Old College of Edinburgh University. Named the Speculative Society and formed in 1764, it's membership has included figures such as Robert Louis Stevenson and the "inventor" of tartan, Walter Scott. According to today's Edinburgh Evening News, Stacy Devine of the National Union of Students is hoping that Edinburgh University management investigate the "society" and sever any links to it, if there is any sign of "discrimination". 

St. Andrews
Back in 2003, a chap called Robbie the Pict, godfather of Leonardo DiCaprio, brought up the Speculative Society during a court case over the Skye Road Bridge tolls. He claimed it was intimate with Freemasonry and questioned the three judges as to whether they were members of the craft, a question they declined to answer ((BBC News) :

The petitioner will argue that it is not unreasonable to suggest that membership of a closed order with unknown preferences is a potential threat to the impartiality of a publicly salaried judge," he told the court. 

He said that this applied "in particular when brother judges and other parties subject to judgement are members of the same sodality". 

Robbie said that Sir Iain Noble, chairman of the Skye Bridge Company, and Sir Angus Grossart, financial adviser to bridge builders the Miller Group, were among the current members of Spec.

He also referred to 21 court cases which he said had been presided over by judges who were Spec members.

"It is important to stress that no conspiracy is suggested by the petitioner," he said. 

"However, the well, or even not so well informed observer, were he appraised of the above, could reasonably perceive the possibility. 

"The well-informed amateur of justice is appalled to contemplate the possibility of corruption arising from... Spec presences."

Robbie lost this particular case, however not long after, tolls were abolished. The link is well worth a look at, and please bear in mind that what you won't read is that Robbie was convicted of amphetamine "dealing/production" prior to all this and sentenced to 8 years imprisonment. Allegedly he wrote to the local MP, who at the time was Malcom Rifkind, and also to Prince Charles, debating the legality of "English/UK" law in Scotland and thus his conviction. Allegedly, he was soon released. Also from the link, it is interesting to note that Robbie again questioned the legality of the pertaining law in his Skye Bridge proceedings but :

The petitioner submitted that the Act of Union was never implemented and that no lawful constitutional union existed between the Kingdoms of Scotland and England. His conclusion was that the judicial oath sworn by each of us was an oath only to the Queen of England and Wales and not to the sovereign people of Scotland. [11] The petitioner gave no notice of this submission. For that reason alone we cannot entertain it. In any event, we could not consider a point of such significance on the exiguous arguments advanced by the petitioner."

Make of that what you will; one would perhaps thought that "well informed amateur of Justice", Robbie, would have contemplated the notion that his submissions required notice, de facto.

From Aangirfan :

1. A top Scottish Freemason, Former Grand Master Lord Burton, has said that Lord Cullen's inquiry into the Dunblane massacre was a cover-up.

Lord Burton says Cullen's inquiry suppressed crucial information to protect high-profile legal figures.

2. These high-profile legal figures may belong to a secretive 'Super-Mason' group called The Speculative Society.

Lord Burton said: "I have learned of an apparent connection between prominent members of the legal establishment involved in the inquiry, and the secretive Speculative Society. 

"The society was formed in Edinburgh University through Masonic connections so I accept that there might be a link by that route."

Reportedly, members of the Speculative Society have included Lord Cullen and a number of other judges, sheriffs and advocates. 

Anyhow, to close, my own thoughts are that as this New World Order is nearly completed, and "everyone" is equal, then there will be no more need for the bulk of the shady underhand dealings that have gone on prior through history, nor indeed for the men only clubs. For we will "all" be equal; equally marked worker slaves under a living Sun-God. 

Note - According to the Robbie the Pict court case linked above, Professor Robert Black is a member of the Speculative Society. Both Professor Black, who had a "commercial arrangement" with Megrahi,  and Robbie have a joint link to the aftermath of the Lockerbie bombing, notwithstanding Black's involvement in the eventual trial (here).

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Stringing along

We touched on David Bowie's anti-Scottish independence stance at the Brit awards in the post - The Starman and Scottish Independence - tying it in with The Wizard of Oz, Aleister Crowley and a potential esoteric  message:

The chorus is loosely based on Harold Arlen's "Over the Rainbow" from the film The Wizard of Oz, alluding to the "Starman"'s extraterrestrial origins (over the rainbow) (the octave leap on the word "Starman" is identical to that on the word "Somewhere" in "Over the Rainbow")

According to yesterday's mail on line, another global "celebrity" is advocating non-independence; none other than Kermit the Frog from the Muppet Show. Apparently he made the comments in this week's Big Issue publication.

What is interesting is not the puppet's words, but rather the fact that the Government semi-answered questions on Kermit's involvement in the debate:

Downing Street refused to be drawn on whether it had coerced the Muppets into the political debate.
‘Are you suggesting somebody might be pulling the strings?’ David Cameron’s official spokesman told journalists at a briefing.
He gave no answer when asked if the Prime Minister ‘had a hand in Kermit’.

Here at newspaceman we believe that that there is reverse psychology at play given the Scottish psyche, and that Muppet involvement just adds to that feeling. Furthermore, we are interested in some of the other aspects of the Muppets which appear to tie in with our ongoing thoughts, especially regarding "mind control".

For example, there's Lady Gaga, who it must be said is a puppet too (Delicately probing Gaga) :

And then, going back to the start, there's the Muppets' Wizard of Oz movie, which stars a hip hop star, Ashanti, along with Quentin Tarantino. From :

Parents need to know that this Muppet caper operates on two levels, with numerous gags that mainly adults will understand. The movie includes mischievous references to R-rated movies (Kill Bill, Passion of the Christ) and pretty far-out rock and roll, like the legend that Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" album has been used as an "alternative soundtrack" to the 1939 Wizard of Oz with trippy results.

As noted many times here before, Scottish independence and it's importance operates on two levels too.


Friday 21 March 2014

The Braveheart Redemption

Here at newspaceman we are interested in synchronicity and whilst numbers are often our forte, sometimes we notice other patterns :

Back in July 2010 we brought you The Braveheart Enigma, an unusually well read post which revolved around three "celebrities" alluding to the moniker Braveheart: actor and director of the movie itself, Mel Gibson; ex Scottish national football captain Colin "Braveheart" Henry; and Scottish ex boxer, boxing promoter and alleged gangster, the tabloid's favourite, Barry "Braveheart" Hughes.

At the time, Colin was in the newspapers almost daily, given his recent bankrupcy and fondness for gambling, whilst poor Barry had returned from Spain to find that the police had raided his "mansion" house, confiscating his family's belongings and leaving them with only bare essentials. Mel Gibson was facing multiple accusations of racism and wife beating, not forgetting his prior "jew" comments.

Barry, in prophetical form in 2010
We cooked up these three stories back then as follows :

We can crack the esoteric code served up here by means of a Scottish delicacy again nicknamed after the movie: the Braveheart sausage. A slice of square sausage with the centre extracted and replaced with haggis. This resonates the forthcoming, truly awful New World Order: a new Zion, a global village where we are all equal slaves, orchestrated and architected over the centuries squarely through the vehicle of Scots rooted freemasonry.

Pure raw Braveheart sausage

Fast forwarding to now, well lo and behold but all three Braveheart characters have simultaneously popped up again over the last week.

The first was  Barry "Braveheart", the boxer, convicted of mortgage fraud and money laundering after three or so years of proceedings concluded on 12th March. He was sent down by the Court to 43 months imprisonment. BBC News
Barry with Neill Horan from One Direction
Then there was bankrupt Colin, who was physically attacked by one of his creditors - a former friend, Hector MacFarlane. Colin is owe Hector £85,000, Hector "rained blows upon him" in an Italian restaurant, shouting "Where's my fu****g money". Hector, on 17th March, was ordered by Court to pay Colin £100 in compensation and given a fine. Scottish Daily Record

Whilst lastly we have Hollywood pharmakos Mel, the Braveheart of the Bravehearts. On  12th March again, an "opinion piece" was written in Deadline Hollywood by an Allison Hope Weiner suggesting that Gibson has served his time and should no longer be "quietly blacklisted" by Hollywood. Apparently this has courted  "heated discussion" in Hollywood circles. Las Vegas Review

Thus we see that all three Bravehearts have, it could be said, either been through, in the case of Messrs Gibson and Hendrie, or about to go through, in the case of Hughes, a period of redemption.

What could this be based on, thinking esoterically ?

Could it be that we are being shown a possibility of escape from the henious situation rapidly unfolding for global humanity.

Here at newspaceman we think so. We are drawn, perhaps due to Barry and his boxing, towards Tolkien, "his" Hobbit, and the ring. Readers of his book and subsequent trilogy will know that the ring - which itself is symbolised by the circle of haggis in the Braveheart sausage - can only be destroyed at it's source. As I have noted before Scotland is the root of (current) freemasonry and thus one could say the source. 

Thus Scotland, and Scotland's peoples, need to begin redemption.

We must go along with the "elite's" wishes and vote for an independent Scotland, the one they secretly desire as part of their magickal alchemical ritual to create a one-world society. Once the votes are cast, counted, and independence declared, the brave-hearted people must , without further ado, march on Holyrood and Alex Salmond, in hundreds of thousands.

Then demand change, demand that both freemasonry and the monarchy are immediately expelled from the country or the masses will not disperse. For only then will "freedom" be attainable. The bogus, although still symbolic, Stone of Destiny, can be transported South and left at the border while we are at it.

Hopefully, in these days of global-media, other countries inhabitants will quickly follow suit. The table will be turned...

Let the Scottish spring commence.


Note - here @ newspaceman we feel rather sorry for Barry and his family, his sentence seemed rather excessive compared to similar cases.

Friday 14 March 2014

Who ate all the PIE

Lost Prophets' Ian Watkins. Maybe not that ironic, Peaches ?

There's been much media interest recently in P.I.E., the Paedophile Information Exchange.

One might wonder where PIE has gone.

On 6/6 in 2008, an event was organised at West Lothian Council's Strathbrock Partnership Centre, Broxburn. It was called ICONS and billed as "A Very Gayleigh Ceilidh". It was targeted at children aged 12+. It was supported by LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual) Youth Scotland, West Lothian Council, and the children's charity - Children 1st. 

In 2008, LGBT Scotland received £1.1 million from the Scottish Executive (government).

In 2008, the director of LGBT Scotland was a Neil Rennie.

In 2009, Rennie was convicted of sexually assaulting a three month old. He was given life imprisonment. From the BBC :

The judge said Rennie, a trained teacher who was found guilty of 14 charges, was at the heart of the conspiracy to abuse youngsters, and likened him to a spider weaving an electronic web to bring about his crime. 

One of Rennie's conspirators was a Neil Strachan. He was convicted of attempting to rape an eighteen month old. He got life as well.

It's common knowledge amongst older residents of the Strathbrock area that Strachan was caught tampering with children previously in the locality.

PIE seems to have it's fingers elsewhere.


Wednesday 12 March 2014

The melting pot

Esther Rantzen
 Last October, we wrote the short post - Fitting the Bill - noting how United Kingdom Chancellor, George Osborne, had been tipped to sell off the Royal Bank Of Scotland (RBOS) and indeed had appointed the bankers, Rothschild, to set out the "pros and cons".

As  noted back then, we expected RBOS to become "more relevant" up until the referendum for independence. We also told of our fears that when global economic breakdown occurs - which is on the cards - the Royal Bank will be the benchmark, the cornerstone, of the emerging "new" economy which is created, phoenix style,  from the ashes of the old. 

Yesterday, Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, told Members of Parliament that there was a "distinct possibility" that the Royal Bank will have to relocate, if Scotland votes for independence.  If this happens then the Bank is still technically Scottish, just as if a Scotsman moves to England or Wales, although Carney didn't say that last bit.  (BBC News)
"Eco warriers" at  RBOS HQ - Knights in White Satin
It is fair to say that current banking and economic systems are rooted, historically, in Scotland. It was even a Scotsman who founded the Bank of England.

The New World Order, or global society, will no doubt utilise one currency, it's just so much easier; not withstanding Biblical prophecy which, incidentally, is being utilised as a script

The Royal Bank of Scotland has been bailed out by the UK taxpayer. In recent years, it has set aside a multitude for bad debts and written down it's balance sheet. It is fair to say that it is one of the most solid banks on the globe and even "owns" Coutts, which itself was founded by a Scotsman.

We could wax lyrical about freemasonry, it's importance to the construction of the society we inhabit, and it's Scottish root, but we do it all the time.

We could wax lyrical about Prince William, his future coronation, and the Scottish located Stone of Destiny. We could even point out how the UK monarch's head appears on coins and banknotes.

But let's just remember that all magick is based on ritual and that if something has worked before when a set of "circumstances" are followed, then if the same "circumstances" are followed, it will work again.
Esther Rantzen checks Jimmy Savile's "gold". Jimmy loved Scotland, in particular Glencoe.


Tuesday 11 March 2014

A Bavarian Princess in Scotland

Last weekend was the  annual ritual Oktoberfest party at Kinkell, an event which is apparently "one of the highlights of the social calendar" for St. Andrew's University students. Daily Record

A guest, Princess Theodora Sayn-Wittgenstein, yesterday appeared in court after allegedly threatening to kill Muslims, shouting homophobic abuse, and attacking fellow revellers at the shindig. Not only that, she apparently called the police "paedophiles".

The Princess is the daughter of a German prince and a Swedish mother.
Kinkell is a place with historical links to the (Catholic) House of Stuart and the Covenanters.

St. Andrew's is where Kate and Prince William met whilst studying. St. Andrew is Scotland's patron saint and the one we get the X (saltire) flag from. It was St. Andrew's bones that the Pope and  Cardinal O'Brien prayed over at 13.00, just after the Pontiff had met "our" (Germanic) Queen at Holyrood back in 2010.

Kate went to a St. Andrew's School, although not in Scotland.

Occultist, Aleister Crowley, believed that dark energies congregate in Scotland.

Today it is widely reported that Theresa Riggi has committed suicide. She was the very-religious, Catholic,  Californian woman who killed her 3 children in Edinburgh four years ago. (BBC News)

Now disgraced anti homosexual, homosexual Cardinal O'Brien -the same one who lunched with the Pope - visited her in prison in 2011. (Scottish Sun)

It's her image above, I'll skip on the Disney mind-control aspects for now.


Friday 7 March 2014

Honey thieves

George Washington, reportedly born 11/2/32 and first President of the United States, was a freemason.

He was initiated into the craft by Scottish tobacco merchants in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Something new to us, in 2007, was that the White House and Capitol Building in Washington DC were built by stonemasons from Edinburgh; confirmation made by their individual, personalised "mason-marks" which are found both on these buildings, and on properties in Edinburgh's prestigious New Town.

We gleaned the above from a BBC radio show called The Mason's Word. Unfortunately, the actual recordings are no longer available, although there is a quantity of written information at the link:

The following passage is taken from the chapter The Mason Word in Billy Kay’s book The Scottish World A journey into the Scottish Diaspora. 

Fredericksburg, Virginia June 29, 2007

Travis Walker: By 1755 it appears that local lodges had tied into a fashion to go back to the old world and get legitimate charters. It appears that the first was Kilwinning Cross Lodge down at Port Royal - they went to the Grand Lodge of Scotland and got a charter in 1755. So by 1758, the Brethren here at Fredericksburg decided that it would be expedient for them to do so as well.

Billy Kay:And that is the actual charter that is upstairs in the room I’ve just seen?

Travis: The original that dates to 1758

Billy: And so was George Washington then, a Scottish freemason?

Travis: I think it could be said that he was a Scottish freemason in that the majority of the individuals that he was meeting with. and who conferred the degrees on him were Scots.

George Washington was not the only great man of the Age of Enlightenment to find inspiration in what Robert Burns called the “mystic tie” which bound him together with major European figures like Goethe, Voltaire and Mozart and major Scottish icons like James Boswell, Sir Walter Scott and James Hogg. And while it may be stretching it to suggest that Mozart and Goethe were Scottish Freemasons like George Washington, there is certainly a strong case for saying that all speculative freemasonry arose out of ancient Scottish traditions, therefore making all freemasons, de facto Scottish freemasons.

Note that we are not too sure who Travis is, although he appears to perhaps be the Master of a lodge. His surname though, resonates.

On the square
Freemasonry, historically, has reproduced itself via colonisation. To illustrate, a historically based fictional short story :

Rab joins the lodge. Rab is a keen brother and soon reaches level 3, that of a Master Mason. Other brothers in the lodge have noticed Rab. One evening, a top-brother approaches him :

"Rab, I have employment you may desire. It's well paid, great conditions, minimal actual work, plenty shagging"

Rab - "sounds great, right up my farm-track"

TB - "Only thing is, it's in the West Indies, on a plantation"

Rab - "No problem, when do I start."

Rab does well in the Indies and TB is happy. Most happy. Indeed, he is so happy that one day Rab receives a telegram : "MORE OF THE ISLAND AND PEOPLE PROCURED. TWO BROTHERS SAILED TODAY TO JOIN YOU".

Rab is ecstatic, to him it's like Robinson Crusoe's footprint.

Rab removes some of  his "employees" from their general duties and drives them to work, clearing a large area of vegetation. The topsoil is then removed and crushed stones pounded down. Sweat appears to assist in this process.

The ship soon  arrives with Rab's "brothers", tobacco and whisky.

Uncannily, the next evening is a full moon. Surprisingly too, it's the eleventh of November. At the stroke of eleven, Rab sets the stone in the North East corner. He has already, most carefully, carved his "mark". Lodge building has begun.

It's March 3rd, 2014.  Rab's structure still stands. Tonight is a special night at Lodge 2121, @ quarter to nine, Brother McBurns will receive his third degree from his father, Brother McBurns.


At exactly quarter to nine, Brother McBurns - a black man with a hint of whiteness - does the business.

This week, the Scotsman reported on how twin Beehives (have been) installed at Scottish Parliament. Apparently, it's a first.

Bees build a colony, a hive. Then, perhaps, one day when the bees have had a favourable period in terms of pollen collecting and therefore honey making, a curious decision will be made. A proportion of their collective society will suddenly decide to swarm, abandoning their home and honey-wealth in order to create another colony. Their new colony will consist of the same initial "bloodline", in the same manner as rats and their clans.
From today's BBC - Glasgow Commonwealth games uniforms


Wednesday 5 March 2014

Auld acquaintances

At the turn of the year the BBC published an article - How Auld Lang Syne took over the world.

Within it, we discovered how a "folk  song with words that most people do not know, or fully understand, became one of the world's most popular songs".

Apparently, it is all to do with "Rock star Scottish bard Robert Burns", who wrote the lyrics in 1788, the tune appearing after his death. The article is a wealth of information re the song, for example: Hollywood loves it, it's place in the American Civil War, the first World War,  it's popularity in China, it's popularity in Russia, and that the Dutch utilise it for their football song, We love Orange.

MK Ultra victim, Shirley Temple, who sung the song in the movie,  Wee Wullie Winkie. See also - From Templi to Temple
The article neglects to point out that Burns was a freemason, which may well explain his, and his poetry and songs, global popularity. Indeed, Robert has more statues dedicated to him than any other non-religious figure with the exception of Queen Victoria and Christopher Columbus. ( Note that Burns was initiated into the lodge on 4th July. From Robert Burns as a Freeemason:

Freemasonry's influence on Burns's poetry is quite visible. Besides the aforementioned works which specifically deal with the craft, a number of poems have a strong dose of Masonic philosophy and ideals in them....

For Burns, Masonry was everything that the Kirk was not.

(Note that the Kirk is the Church, I touched on both it, and 4th July, at the end of last month - Stage Managed  & Ball Games - in relation to Scotland's occcult importance to the New World Order)

Our attention was  rekindled by the image of John Kerry in Kiev this week.


Monday 3 March 2014

"Just" numbers..

The rings spell 88 - or two sets of mirrored 3's
It's 3/3.

Do we see the prospect of a 3rd World War, or is it just scaremongering when the Russians give a 3.00 GMT deadline of surrender to Ukraine's forces in Crimea, or face an all out assault. 

88 days ago, Nelson Mandela allegedly passed away. Today, a memorial service was held at Westminster Abbey for him. (BBC News)

Some suggest that Mandela was a freemason. There were some "famous faces" at the event, including two ex Prime Ministers and the current one (two?) . Mandela was released from imprisonment on 11th February (11/2) 1990. We touched on the double eleven just last post.  Given that freemasonry alludes to create a "perfect" society, where all are "equal", it makes some sense that Nelson would be part of the craft.

Over at the blog Merovee, Frank has done some sterling work on the "coincidences" surrounding the digits 88, PIE, Harriet Harman (and her butterfly brooch), and the Russian's Olympic Rings. Remember one of the five failed to illuminate at the (Russian) Sochi opening ceremony, as imaged top.

Slightly off topic, or perhaps not, the image below is Kim Kardashian last week at the Vienna Ball (nothing to to with the Convention). Apparently she left early after being "abused" by a white man with a black face, mimicking Kayne West. Reference was also made to "Niggers in Vienna". Kim's attire for the evening is somewhat Knights Templar cross. There was even some blood for the ritual gathering. mail on line


Sunday 2 March 2014

Stars and Stripes

Note the 11 11's.
According to old BBC reports (here), Prestwick Airport itself, and various Elvis Presley websites, the "King" briefly touched down in Scotland on 3th March (3/3) 1960 after completing his military service. It was, allegedly, the only time he set foot on British soil.

Today's Daily Record correctly contradicts the date slightly though, and gives it as 2nd March, although it was in the evening. One can only imagine the source of the "error".

It would be fair to suggest that Elvis was the first global superstar, a living "god", worshipped by many.  Obviously, now, others have followed in his "footsteps, indeed sometimes it appears that our entire society revolves around "celebrity" worship: music stars, sports stars, movie stars.

After Elvis returned to America, the first album he released was  Elvis is Back.

It's serial/issue number was LPM/LSP 2231. A gold "remastering" on CD, ref GZS-1111 was later released. (67 Not Out).

Some believe that the numerals 1111 are "important". Some "New-Agers" would suggest they pertain to a new "spiritual" season for mankind. Uri Geller digs them.  Others are dubious.

Prince William - a future King - has an association with the digits. He appeared on the front cover of Hello Magazine, issue 1111, dated 22/02/2010. Prince William has numerous associations here in Scotland, he studied and met Kate here,his family "own" (actually, they own everything. If one purchases a house, one only buys the title, if one buys a car, one is the registered keeper - the Crown the "owners".)  properties galore, he shoots pheasants, catches salmon etc. etc.

Jimmy Savile, William's Dad's mate, meets Elvis - note handshake

A long time ago, people worshipped the sun, they held it, for obvious reasons - and I shiver as I write - in deep regard.

Occultists, and suchlike, appear to worship the sun. 

Prince William was torn from his mother's womb on the longest day of the year - the summer solstice. There was a partial solar eclipse on that day.

Some occultists might consider that, if one was "born" at the same time as the moon obscures the sun, then one, symbolically, magically, "represents" the sun in some aspect.