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Friday 30 November 2007

BBC TV News - Thursday 29th November

Mr Abraham and his bogus donors were the first subject up for consideration on the BBC news at 10 last night, we heard that there will be another police enquiry into political funding donations, given the recent relevations. Political editor Nick Robinson appeared gleeful as he told us of Nigel Moore and Yates of the Yard, both top policemen who will be involved in the investigation. A long, draining feature this one with little new information - although not as draining as my own interview with Lothian and Borders finest on Wednesday, hence no report yesterday.

Gillian Gibbons, the teacher who called a teddy bear Mohammed, on her pupils recommendation, has been sentenced to 15 days in prison. We saw the head teacher of the school, he seemed to believe that she had got off lightly, as do the majority of the Sudanese population it seems. However we heard that our Government are not happy and that "there will be no more softly softly by our Foreign Office - they have demanded an explanation". It seems though that some Muslims consider a "plot" is afoot and that Ms. Gibbons is part of a nefarious conspiracy to stir up trouble. I personally would have thought that if this was the case, they would have utilised the services of a young attractive blonde bubbly young lady teacher rather than a lady who unfortunately resembles her name. Other Muslims believe the the sentence too lenient and are planning demonstrations.

Slowdown in the housing market followed and Mevyn King, chief of the Bank of England ,warned of uncomfortable times ahead, including a warning of stricter credit lending, his speech at the House of Commons to a group of MP's interrupted by a fire alarm. "attention, attention" was looped into this feelbad feature.

Coming up - Texas double killer a hero ?

First we went to Pakistan for an update on their owngoing social political unrest. We heard Mr Musharrraf''s reasoning behind his recent decision to impose a state of curfew, he was attempting to protect order it seems. Nevertheless, we saw images of more trouble between lawyers and police, like a big huge Reservoir Dogs X Enter the Dragon X LSD.

The Phillipines followed, malarky in Manilla it seems , details of a foiled rebellion were given, the perpetrators holed up in a 5 star hotel.

A British paratrooper, Brian Budd, who was awarded the Victoria Cross in Afghansistan was killed by paradoxical "friendly fire" it seems. A close up of the medal was displayed before we cut to a home made war recruitment movie (or that's how it seemed) made by members of the Paratroop regiment. In it we were treated to fairly lengthy scenes of tattooed arms firing large guns out into the desert plus other miltary operations. Mr Budd was "caught in the crossfire". Watch it here, judge for yourself if it glamourises the fighting aspect.

As promised, the Texan double killer - Joe Hordon who spotted burglars ransacking his neighbours home, first phoned the authorities, then went outside and killed the two coloured men. It appearsthat this event is "fueling debates on law and order and gun control" in the USA.

To close, another donor story and a feelgood feature - a five week old baby who received a new heart and has just celebrated his first birthday. We heard more of the groundbreaking operation, a shortage of donors and from his parents, who obviously were delighted.
Smoke Mirrors Wizard Oz Scarecrow


Catching 67 monkeys in your mind ?,_Softly_(TV_series)

Wednesday 28 November 2007

BBC TV News -Tues 27th November

Huw Edwards was our host on the news at 1o last night, we hurried into the first feature, that of donations to the Labour Party by David Abrahams, a wealthy and reclusive businessman from the North East of England. It seems that since yesterday, more shennanigans have been uncovered in terms of bogus donors, Mr Abraham freely admits using other individuals indentities to invest contributions to Labour and says he did not think it was illegal, a major problem with this strategy appears to be that some of the people he used to front his financial backing were totally unaware of his dealings. We heard from BBC political editor Nick Robinson and saw Gordon Brown avoiding straight answers at a press conference.

The Middle East summit has started with George W Bush acting as mediator between Israel and Palestine in order to attempt to broker some sort of peace strategy which will involve creating a Palestinian State. The two leaders and Bush were pictured shaking hands, however we heard of 1967 and viewed images of a HAMAS inspired rally on the West Bank, the participants are seemingly none to keen on any arrangement being made. To close we were reminded that "the consequences of failure could be very grave". As in mass one assumes.

Next up, the General Medical Council have decided that paediatrician Dr David Southall "abused his position" after accusing a mother of drugging and hanging her 10 year old son who it seems took his own life. We saw the esteemed Doctor, he seemed unconcerned, before we heard more of his previous behavour, which was of the same standard. We will find out today what further action will be taken against him.

Coming up - Are £100 laptops the way out of Africa's deprivation. - images of cute African children

First though, rioting in France, we heard of the previous night's disturbances and saw the usual images of buring cars and petrol bombs before hearing of fears of more trouble. Mention was made of the ongoing national strikes. We had a coloured reporter for this feature although we heard (and saw) that "journalists are not trusted".

Our postal workers have accepted a pay offer, 6.9% over 2 years. It seems though that they have agreed to "modernisation", so we will no doubt see all new starts on temporary contracts with no pension rights - plus the use of more casual staff on an ad hoc basis. For example, one could be laid off on Christmas Eve and then restarted on say the 11th of January, the gap period unpaid. This event happened to your author, maybe eight years ago. That is the way of the New Global Order, soon the majority will be employed in this Dickensian manner.

As promised - "Are £100 laptops the best answer to poverty and lack of opportunity" was our opening gambit as a procession of Nigerian children passed by, heading for school and clutching plastic "laptops". It seems by the blackboard that they are taught English and our reporter took a seat in the class, opening his laptop and showing us few of the features, including, bizzarely I thought, a camera. We did however hear from another individual, another doctor, his name far too long to write down, he told how yes, laptops were great, but what about "seats, uniforms, facilities. "
This is the same story but a different feature for those interested

Sport next, first a drugs tainted athlete, followed by a greed tainted manager, Alex McLeish,who resigned from his job with the Scotland football club. He did the same thing when he managed Hibernian, and to be honest it was no great loss, I thought he was shite and mearly reaped the harvest left by Frank Sauzee, a Frenchman with sublime skill.(and morals). We got the European results to close.

Last up, the film, the Golden Compass, based on the book Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. Unfortuantely, I have not read the book so cannot comment; however we heard of criticism by the Catholic League and a basic plot rundown about a sinister behind the scenes entity of some description. You can read about it here, , or watch the clip here


Tuesday 27 November 2007

BBC TV News - Monday 26th November

Emily Maitless presented the news at 10 last night, we began with the resignation of Peter Watt, General Secretary of the Labour Party, over irregularities in financial donations. A long feature, we heard of Mr Abrahams, an individual who has donated almost £600,000 to the party in the last 4 years, using other people's indentities to front these gifts and how this was beinding the rules somewhat - hence Mr Watt's decision, given he was well aware of the malpractice. Gordon Brown was featured and will be discussed later, in respect of his New World vision.

Facists and Holocaust deniers followed, from Oxford University, where a planned debate on free speech was disrupted due to hoardes of placard waving anti-racist demonstators. Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party along with David Irving, author and "holocaust denier", were pictured, arriving hours early at the venue to ensure access; however protesting students stormed the debating chamber to prevent them talking and we saw some grainy, home-made, images of this "stand off".

France - the President has called for peace amidst growing urban tension and rioting, images of petrol bomb throwing youths were in abundance.

Richard Branson is attempting to add the "debt ridden Northern Rock" to his prospering global empire, reporter Robert Peston told how in effect that this means that every taxpayer in the UK is lending the illuminatist £500 for three years if his offer to buy is accepted. We saw banknotes featuring Richard's head instead of our Queen's as we were asked to consider whether this was in fact a "licence to print money" and "augment his vast fortune", it seems the answer is no, or so we were assured as we heard more of his well meaning, almost charitable intentions. There are however objections to his proposals, it appears that chief investor Rab Capital* described his offer as cheeky and so we will need to wait to see what evolves. Watch here
Read here

A teacher, Gillian Gibbons, who has recently taken up employment in a school in the Muslim Sudan, has been sentenced to 40 lashes for blasphemy after making an "innocent mistake" by allowing her pupils to name their classroom teddy bear Mohammed. Can you imagine the outcry and gnashing of teeth if a Sudanese teacher came here, say to a deprived inner city housing scheme primary, the ones that are churning out the new world prerequisite "responsible citizens" , and allowed her pupils to call their golliwog Jesus ?

and on that note perhaps - coming up - British schools celebrating Christmas in Polish - cue images of youngsters practicing carols in an unintelligable language

First though and worringly, George W Bush has decided that he needs a legacy other than the Iraq Holocaust , and as such is attempting to broker peace in the Middle East. We heard of a new Palestine, Jewish settlements, the promised land and fulfilling a prophecy. Revelations perhaps, check your Bible. Quite a long feature, watch it here

Gordon Brown again, this time talking to the CBI (Chartered Business Institute). A short clip was shown where he talked of a New World. However he also refers to an "New Global Order" early in this clip of the full 23 minutes of his speech. 14 minutes on he begins his New World rant and insinuates that we already live in it, with constant reference to the "old days"

As promised, the feature on the Polish child carol singers in Slough. We heard more of the pressures on some of our schools due to inward migration from Eastern Europe. This was illustrated by means of a row of coat hooks in a primary school - all had foreign name tags so we could see just how bad it really is.

Princess Diana inquest, it seems that she was not pregnant when she died - thus somehow disproving Scottish clan chief Al-Fayed's Duke of Edinburgh theory.

The United States next, the faux country established by the British Monarchy, in a freemasonic colonisation from the 1600's onwards, to hide behind "it's" pursuit of creating a "new global order", . We heard how it's financial infrastructure is beginning to strain and we saw some New Yorker's grumbling about rising gasoline prices, the least of their forthcoming problems.

To close, Emma Clark, the lady behind the voice on the London Underground tannoy system, has been sacked after broadcasting spoof tannoy messages on her own website. Some examples were provided for our amusement, although the Underground managerment were, in the manner of the Queen, "not amused". You can see the feature here if you desire.


Welcome to your New World Holocaust

Sunday 25 November 2007

BBC TV News - Sat 24th November

I watched the late afternoon news yesterday on the BBC where we began with Australia and their recent elections where Kevin Rudd of the Labor party was voted in as Prime Minister, replacing Conservative John Howard. We heard of the "end of an era" and 0f "writing a new page in Australia's history" and viewed images of both winner and loser giving a speech to faithful party members. It all seemed remarkably friendly compared to here, I must say.

The missing disks, we were advised that the police have carried out searches of various premises operated by TNT courier services although have found nothing. TNT "dispute they were the carriers though", and no proof of postage has been offered, the package seemingly being sent on a basic class basis. It seems though that some more disks have gone astray within the postal system, 6 were apparently sent by an Inland Revenue department to their head office and have not yet appeared. This seemingly shows a "pattern of carelessness" within our Civil Service.

Gordon Brown is in Uganda, we saw him strolling through a park, in conversation with a lady who's identity was not revealed. He seemed to be having some difficulty in co-ordinating his camera orientated talking-with-his-hands whilst walking, it looked more like he was fumbling to catch a cricket ball rather than an important and educated individual engaged in important conversation - which is what one assumes this ridiculous fad is meant to imply.

Northern Rock, we heard that plans to break it up and sell it were being opposed by shareholders.

Still up North, this time Antartica as we heard more of the rescue of the individuals who were "shipwrecked" on the M/S (not microsoft) explorer after hitting ice in this desolate "corner of the globe". You can see the video link here as the survivors talk about their rescue
Written information plus links to more videos

Pakistan - 2 suicide bombings, brief details were given

The Queen next, she and Phillip have been visiting Uganda, today was their last day and they visited a school (checking on the harvest?) where they received a "rapturous welcome from hundreds of adorable flag waving children. You can watch the report here, note the reference to PP's age and how he is "keeping up". Imminent era change? Anyhow, the Queen will open the Comonwealth talks tomorrow, one wonders if she will bump into Gordon Brown ?
Video link here to this monarchial extravaganza, watch for the reference to "responsible citizens", this statement is muraled on my local primary school's playground wall. One wonders if the pupils there would be encouraged to celebrate the visit of HM and if so, why.?

To close, the Queen's son Prince Charles, natural successor to the throne. We saw him with his floozie Camilla at the source of the Nile; "a large lake named after one of one's ancestors", our reporter advised. Loch Ness, the source of the Nile ?

Lets just take a quick look at the position though. I believe that the Queen will step down soon, very soon. And Charles for King ? Well, lets look at the situation. He is portrayed almost as a bumbling fool who additionally treated Diana abysmally, carying on with Camilla despite being married. The media's view of Camilla - see Heather Mills McCartney. The public's view of a man who carries on behind his partners back - see Mark Bannerman and Cerys Matthews in this weeks immensely popular TV show: I'm a Celebrity - Get me out of here, filmed live in the Australian "wilderness". Coincidentally, last night the contestant's supper was camel sausages, I kid you not.

Maybe it will be William who meets the farmer?


Sausage hunters ?

Saturday 24 November 2007

Fags, Booze, Bees and Masons

I quote from todays Daily Express -

We cannot tell a lie. George Washington, America's first president was a Scottish Freemason. It was never a secret that Washington was an enthusiastic member of the craft, but now his Scots connection has emerged. Washington was in Fredericksburg Lodge number 4 in Virginia which got its charter from the Grand Lodge of Scotland in Edinburgh in 1758. The lodge was started by West of Scotland freemasons who dominated the tobacco industry there until the American Revolution in 1776.

Travis Walker, historian of the Frederick Lodge said : "He petitioned the lodge for membership around the age of 20 and he was searching for things he had not previously been exposed to. In no other organisation could individuals meet on the level with individuals who may have been considerably higher in social rank. It laid the groundwork for the intellectual thought that went into the American revolution, much of which was born here at Fredericksburg. Most early members were from Scotland . The earliest recorded meeting was in 1752. Within the next two or three years it appears that local lodges had tied in to a fashion, to go back to the old world and get legitimate charters. The first was Kilwinning Cross Lodge at Port Royal which went to the Grand Lodge of Scotland and got a charter in 1755. By 1758 the brethern in Frederick decided that it would be expedient to do so as well. George Washington was a Scottish freemason in that the majority of individuals that he was meeting with and who conferred the degrees on him were Scots.

Washington later belonged to Alexandria Lodge 22, and was named the lodge's Charter Master in 1788. Records of him presiding over the lodge were lost in a fire at Alexandria's City Hall. Mark Tabard, curator of the George Washington National Memorial said: "A young man like Washington could join a lodge in rural Virginia and have a conduit to a cosmopolitan organisation whose headquarters were in Edinburgh.

* The Mason's Word is on BBC Radio Scotland on December 3rd.

The bees and booze? I recently read an interesting article about connections betwen these industrious creatures and the freemasons and have a bit to add. Bees live in a hive in a collective group, each bee having a role or job to play within the organisation, from simple workers to the Queen herself. Sometimes, when the bees have had a favourable period in terms of pollen collecting and therefore honey making, a curious decision will be made. A proportion of the collective hive will suddenly decide to swarm, abandoning their home and honey wealth in order to create a colony. To a certain extent to us as humans, this would seem an unbelievable decision - apparently foresaking one's life work and home in search of an unknown and yet to be discovered destiny. Yet, if we compare this swarming with the way the freemasonic lodges expanded their operation from the 1750's onwards, into America, and also the other colonies of our Queen, India in the 1800's for example, then we can see how a cellular like structure of lodges has dominated the majority of the so called civilised Western world of today. The Scotch whisky trade marketing of the early 1900's can also be used as an illustration of a freemasonary export, Buchanan's Black and White and Johnnie Walker with the slogan - always on the square.

Turning briefly to bees farmed by humans for their honey, we can see how the human hand will interfere with the natural order of the hive - for example he may remove some of the drones, or males bees, from the colony - in order to maximise honey production for his or herself - almost in a God like role.

It is at this stage that I would like to expand upon and perhaps slightly correct some of the article provided by Y in his article published at BtB. (I have sent three e mails but have received no response and wonder if there are perhaps watchers in the system) Whilst I would accept much of what is written, I do in fact have quabbles with the following statements -

"where the male drone's job is to just fly off and mate with Queens from other colonies, otherwise they laze around the hive and luxuriate, being looked after by the female workers who do all the essential tasks".

This is in fact unfortunately factually incorrect. The very stature and lethargic lifestyle of the drone ensures that he does not have the means to travel to a distant hive in search of another Queen. In fact, the drone may only make it out the hive for the hottest part of the day, and then only to laze in the baking heat for a couple of hours. Furthermore, the Queen will select only one of the 400 or so males to be her lover; the rest being eventually murdered en masse by the workers; and such propagate furture generations of bees. In effect, the entire colony will have the one bloodline, similar to a community of rats, where every member of the clan is blood related to the two founding members. It would also be prudent to perhaps point out that althought the worker bees are female, they are in fact infertile and any which do somehow manage to become "laying workers" will only produce male offspring. Curiously, we can see another example of this type of natural quirk in the cannabis plant, normally a plant which is either male or female. In certain circumstances (thought to be brought on by environmental stress) the plant will become hemaphrodite and self pollinate - in these circumstances any plant produced from the forthcoming seed will be female. (Hence we see adverts for guaranteed female seeds - guaranteed hemaphrodite tendencies would be a better description).

"Their Queen is only tolerated so long as she lays the eggs for the next generation and doesn't try to leave"

This is a statement which initially seems nonsensical because it somehow assumes that the Queen is firstly unwanted, and secondly desperate to escape. This may be true, or it may n0t - we have no way of actually knowing for certain because we are unable to communicate with bees on their level. We might imagine that the Queen is desperate to leave, given her working conditions which are severe in terms of constant laying, and it might well be the case. What we do know for a fact though is that there is a unseen force which contains and drives the community and thus ensures it's survival - by working as a collective and sacrificing the rights of the individual to that of a collective cause, again in a similar manner to freemasonary

I have no gripe with the extra terrestrial theories offered in the rest of the article, what concerns me is who is doing the farming and harvest day. It may be that maybe only the highest ranking freemason knows the answer to that.

Waiting for the farmer?

Friday 23 November 2007

BBC News - Thursday 22nd November

Huw again on the news at 10 last night and we began with an "unprecedented joint attack" on Gordon Brown by retired "senior military officials", accusing him of providing insufficient funding to our armed forces. Images of troops from the Royal Anglia were displayed, "back from fighting the Taliban", we heard more of the criticism and political comment on this matter.

We stayed with politics and moved on to the missing disks as "the police continue their frantic search" for the sensitive information laden CD's. Images of police vans parked outside government buildings were shown, to assure us that this is happening. We heard more about e mails from last March, seemingly incriminating senior offficials, cost saving exercises, and filters - before closing.

Pakistan has been suspended from the Commonwealth until "democracy and rule of law" is restored. No details were given as to the actual tangible implications of theis penalty although I believe that it amounts to little more than a banning order on meetings and the 4 yearly Games. It is almost like Supernanny and the naughty step on a global scale.

A worrying story for bus travellers next as we heard of the man who was stabbed to death on the top deck after asking a schizophrenic to stop throwing chips at his girlfriend. Images from the CCTV on the bus were shown , including the "smiling killer", although the actual assualt was deemed too horrific for viewing. We heard from the victims family, obviously not happy given that Mr Joseph had only got out of prison a few hours before. This was blamed on inconsistencies between the police and prison computer databases which seemingly "dont tie up". The fearmongering continued, we heard how people who witness incidents are often afraid to intervene, fearing for their own safety. However, we saw local hero and terrorist foiler, John "Smeato" Smeaton, the one who tackled the terrorist in the burning car, a mere baggage handler , yet a true hero. John told how more people should be willing to have a go and we got to see the car burning again to close.

Football, more on England and McLaren's sacking. If he had won then he too would be a hero, like Smeato, yet today he is unemployed, miserable, probably scared to go out. We heard various debate into how this calamity of non qualification could possibly have occured to a nation as great at football as England, footballer and manager Roy Keane told how he believed that "ego' s were a problem in the dressing room".

Another furore, this time a company called Qinetic which was Ministry of Defence owned up until 2003 and then sold for a paltry amount. We heard how the MD and others had invested around £100,000 then, this has now grown to an astonishing 20 million or so.

Alexander Litvinenko, the murdered Russian ex KGB agent, this is the first anniversary of his death as such we were reminded of the circumstances with specific attention being drawn to the poison trail, and Mr Lugovoi, the individual accused of the crime. It seems that he is in fact standing as a politician and images of him disemarkaing from his private jet to attend a meeting were used to illustrate this. Some say that he is doing this to keep himself in the public eye becuase he in fact fears for hsi own life now. Another spy type agent gave his opinions on the matter - "even if he is innocent, he will be killed". The video is not on yet, this link is for the article.
A very informative article on the subject - October 2nd

To close, Banglasdesh, an update on the situation caused be the recent severe cyclone. We saw people hurrying to the reporters to see if they had any provisions, although we did not find out whether they did. Instead we saw images of families "living in the rubble" and grieving mothers, wailing in despair like I suppose only a grieving mother can. Is there really a need - judge for yourself.


Personal data on your child's person

Thursday 22 November 2007

BBC News Review Wed 21st November

Edward - Teddy - Ed.
Pudsey Bear, Children in Need.
Ed Pudsey
Yes Duped

Huw was our host on the news at 10 last night, we began events with the ongoing story of the missing disks and a "dramatic new turn". Again we heard the tale of how they were sent yet were never received, the new drama being down to the fact the Conservative Party believe that someone more senior is involved - other than the young junior administration assistant who actually posted them and has subsequently resigned his post. We heard how America encrypts their data to avoid this type of incident and images of codes were flashed on the screen to demonstrate how this works - everything gets jumbled up and the symbols changed. This feature went on and on, paedophiles, false identities, identification cards and finally bolting horses, the implication being that this information could fall into the wrong hands - at any time in the future.

Health followed, it seems that some accident victims do not get proper care from hospitals in certain instances. An example was given - you may have a near fatal crash in a rural location and be taken to a small local hospital. As that hospital does not have a high volume of patients then it could be that they only deal with one bad emergency each week, and as such not have as much experience with the type of injury you may have sustained. We also heard of poor ambulance procedures causing unecessary deaths. No solution seemed to be offered at this stage but is this another nail in the coffin for smaller hospitals - to be replaced with superambulances or mobile hospitals. We heard from some crash victims families, lamenting their loss and blaming the health service.

Football next, England got beaten, cue much more lamenting prior to teeth gnashing, as we heard of the menace McLaren, the team manager. We saw McLaren swigging out a water bottle during the game as we heard how "he was in the last chance saloon and they have stopped serving drinks". Does he possibly have a alcohol problem ?

Iraq - a helicopter crash - 2 dead, 2 badly injured, believed to be SAS. Images of soldiers etc were in abundance, we were told of the Puma helicopter, its capabilities, and the 33 in service.

A huge number of turkeys have been destroyed on suspicion of being in contact with bird flu. It seems some sort of "dangerous contact" was involved somewhere. Wait till the human killer virus hits - say you went to the shops for milk and the wifie who served you suddenly died of the killer disease. Next day you go back as usual, then are tapped on the shoulder by a man dressed in white plastic before being taken through to the back of the shop and checked with the CCTV recording for facial dimensions etc., definate match, bolt through the head, your corpse hosed with bleach and then bulldozed into a lorry to be buried 50 feet down. No one tells your missus for three days, she thinks you have run off.

Next up, opposition to the governments plans to increase the detention limit, locking up suspected terrorists to 58 days. We heard from Ken McDonald and Lord Goldsmith they are not too happy about it. However, this feature was illustrated with images of the Glasgow terror attack and the burning car which seems to me to reinforce the perceived threat.

To close, a long feature on Russian neo nazis, "the stormtroopers of a new revolution". Images of immigrants being beaten were displayed, we were assured they were genuine. Nazi marches and demonstrations were also shown before saw the would be stormtroopers training in a gymnasium. One individual was interviewed before a backdrop of a yellow and black flag; quite an aggressive nasty character, he told of a "critical mass" and the aformentioned "new revolution" which seemingly looms. You can watch it here - instigating similar ?


Desert Island Disks ?

Wednesday 21 November 2007

BBC News - Tuesday 20th November

We commenced with the two missing computer disks on the news last night. Not just any old disks, they contained the personal details of 25 million people in the country, including names , addresses, NI numbers and bank account numbers, everyone it seems who claims child benefit. We heard concerns over how this data could perhaps be used fraudulently, should it fall into the wrong hands - banks have advised customers to check statements etc for any unusual transactions. This has caused the ususal political storm and we saw the nightly images of bickering and schoolboy debate by our esteemed politicians. What worries me slightly is if we look down the line at this then basically, the names, adresses, dates of birth and national insurance numbers of all our children have all been "lost", - new system required ?

The Northern Rock again - shares fell further as "fear stalked the market". Business editor Robert Peston told us more on the ongoing saga and we heard of another lender, Paragon, their shares fell 39%. Talk was of future worries, a potential house price crash, again we heard of wholesale money markets and America.

Meredith Kercher, the British girl who was killed in Italy - another man arrested.

Ian Smith the ex prime minister of Rhodesia has died. We saw some old black and white images of him as we heard that he "defied the Windsor change" in terms of transferring power back to the colonies. We heard of the Wilson crisis , Mugabe, violence and oppression.

Coming up - parenting classes.

First though, fishing, we saw trawler men dumping the majority of their catch back into the sea, due to quotas and limits imposed by Europe.

The Conservative Party have spoken of a "supply side revolution" in terms of education and independent schools. I believe the jist is that groups of like minded individuals will be able to set up their own schools although few details were given.

As promised, parenting classes - soon to be available to "anyone who needs them". We heard of anti social behaviour before viewing a typical class in action. Bullet points, flip charts and women who like the sound of their own faux posh voices were in abundance at this social education event. We then saw a lady, Jenny Bristow, she told how she feared the government were becoming a bit intrusive in our lives and to close we saw a young black girl, with previously unruly children, that had been magically cured by the use of a Supernanny type naughty step - the preferred and socially acceptable method of controlling ones children nowadays, it appears. It is like a period of solitary confinement for a child if they misbehave - sit on the naughty step for a stretch, usually one minute per age of the child's life. Is this not a form of mental torture ? Video link provided -

Our Queen again and the diamond wedding celebrations. She is off to Malta for a bit, we were indulged with images of this event and heard of Prince Phillip's nautical Royal Navy connections.

Last up, a situation compared to the film Local Hero, one of my favorites by the way. In this senario, multi million billionaire Donald Trump wishes to buy a huge stretch of wilderness and turn it into an up market housing estate with a golf course and hotel. His plans are being scuppered somewhat by a Mr Michael Forbes, who is refusing to sell his smallholding of twenty odd acres and has in fact painted the slogan - no golf course - on one of his outbuildings. Mr Trump has resorted to personal insults, accusing Mr Forbes of having rusted tractors and old oil drums on his farm which to my mind are a prerequisite for anyone involved in this manner of business. The report is here, worth watching -
or reading
and the nefarious Mr. Trump


Top Trump ?

Tuesday 20 November 2007

BBC TV News Review - Monday 19/11

I had to watch the Panorama McCann special before the news. It didnt really tell me much other than the McCann's, and at least one of their friends, are extremely shady. This I already knew. However, we heard more about their thoughts on the abduction as Gerry spoke to a family friend who was making a film about them, telling of the predator who seemingly watched the family and utilised a "window of opportunity" for the abduction of Madeleine. Kate hung out washing which reminded me of Judge Chubb's wife. We will return to the window of opportunity later.

The news started with the tale of the ongoing tale of the Northern Rock bank as it seems that no adequate offers have been received for it's purchase. Again we heard of Richard Branson. The bank's share price (and therefore worth) is about 10% of it's January level yet no one is willing to pay even that for it. What does that tell you about the rest of the stock market and what is round the corner. This is the start of the economic meltdown - part of the proverbial blueprint.

The house of death followed, again we heard of the two girls found murdered. Media hover like buzzards in search of carrion, waiting days for a cadavar. The workings of the underground radar machine were explained - it bounces down waves and when they hit a corpse it comes up black and white on the screen.

Chief Constable Terry Grange has resigned due to cash discrepencies and "improper use of the police computer". We saw images of him and heard of his crusade against child abuse.

Guess who's back. Tony Blair. Not in this country though, he has started his new job in the Middle East as some type of peace ambassador or envoy. He told of his plans to "revolutionise Palestine", utilisng a "range of projects" to achieve this goal. We saw some images of raw sewage and urban warfare to close. Structured revolution then, another part of the blueprint.

Incapacity benefit, our government have revealed plans to reduce the number of people who claim this sickness related benefit. Talk was of bad backs and depression. How could anyone not be depressed is what baffles me, we live in troubled times. Anyway it seems that some of the so called sick will be offered employment in other roles that they are capable of. A social truth here - a lot of these sick characters and people like them would historically have found employment of some description in one of the nationalised companies, the post office for example. They did not work too hard, but provided a function and had a purpose - plus a pension, holiday pay, a union to support them. It was a reasonable balance - it takes all sorts. These days are gone and the jobs on offer an insult to humanity and this so called caring society. We wonder why people are sick.

Coming up - our hard working Queen's diamond wedding.

First though, we had an update on the cyclone in Bangladesh, usual images of the aftermath.

A long feature on climate change, we saw Gordon Brown speak of a "global low carbon economy". Again we heard of banning plastic bags before viewing the "solar panels in the shade of the London Eye". A curious statement I thought. It seems though that "we will be paying more for energy"

Our Queen next, but not the promised diamond wedding feature. Instead we heard how hhe and other landowners are set to "loose money" due to a European rule over agricultural subsidies. We saw some cows with straw dropping on them as we were told of "manna from heaven". Talk turned to grain mountains and wine lakes. The Queen intro is not on the video link but she is in it later with Charles.

Diana inquest - we heard of another "window of opportunity", this one missed though - a chance to perhaps have kept her alive. I wondered as to the use of this phrase here, with it's similarities to the McCannorama mentioned earlier.

James Hourley, who escaped from prison several years ago, has been recaptured in Holland.

As promised, the Queen and her diamond wedding. We saw Dame Judy Dench and Prince Wiliam speaking at Westminster Abbey. Nicolas Witchell, Royal correspondent told us more of the original wedding - "forged in the days when self discipline was strong".


Branson - a window of opportunity

Monday 19 November 2007

BBC News - Sunday November 19th

The McCanns headlined the late afterrnoon news on the BBC yesterday. It seems that there are two stories, the first being that a special "The Mystery of Madeleine McCann" documentary has been produced for the BBC Panorama programme and will be shown tonight (McCannorama). We were treated to some clips of the show; Kate hanging out washing whilst Gerry produced and distributed Find Maddie posters, telling how he"felt sick to the core" given his belief that Maddie had been targeted by a "predator" who had probably had the family under surveillance for a number of days prior to the abduction. Kate told how there was no self help style of book available for child snatching victims - please, surely not a book.

The second part of the saga was that the private detectives hired by the McCann's appear to believe that Madeleine will be found imminantly. We saw Fransisco Marco, the boss of the agency, who sat with a banana yellow file on his desk; marked with her name. It seemed remarkably thin and crisp looking, but Mr Marco, who spoke very similarly to Antonio Montana in Scarface, assured the reporter that he had concrete evidence and was "very close". We shall see, he seemed remarkably confident. For more on cockroaches, please see here (from yesterday)

Next up was the ongoing story pf the two girls bodies found in the house in Margate, once occupied by Peter Tobin. There was not much to say as nothing else has been discovered , instead we heard from the people who originally swapped the council property with this creature. They told how he seemed a normal guy, "maybe a bit of a charmer".

Rumpus between the two candidates for the post of Liberal Democras leader followed. We saw them being interviewed together on a BBC television show where they began bickering. What was amusing was the body language employed.

Mining disaster in the Ukraine, 63 dead, 37 unaccounted for.

The Conservative party have stated that they wish every six year old child be able to read. We saw children practicing and heard of a phonetic method of education, learning sounds before attempting to read.

Next up - a strange story of terrorists in Lebanon who are attending a Red Cross run night school class in which the "rules of war" are taught, the example given was "humanitarian law". Images of a classroom with hooded and masked individuals were shown, some were wrapping bandages round each other. This was first aid we were advised, "learning to save lives" and was also on the syllabus. We then went "outside the classroom" to "private homes and busy streets", the terrorists "battleground". Here we saw rockets being fired into Israel, a daily occurence we were assured, and furthermore sometimes they use "schools as launchsites". We saw an unhappy Israeli to close. A link is provided to the video report.

Last up was football - or was it. We heard of the European Championships and how England are still in with a chance. This is due to Israel beating Russia and coincidentally David Milliband, the foreign secretary was visiting. We saw him briefly, he told how "Israel was every Englishman's friend", then corrected himself, "even more of a friend". Faux pas?


Rules of War ?

Saturday 17 November 2007

BBC TV News - 16th November

It was a special Children in Need charity night on BBC television last night. It is sort of like a giant televised BBC money collection charity pantomime, where members of the public are hoodwinked into phoning in and pledging monies to deprived infants via images of suffering and do-gooding, along with urges from "celebrities" to hand over the (your) cash.

Anyway, Fiona Bruce was presenting the news before appearing on CIN, and we began with the story that the police search of the house in Margate where the body of Vicky Hamilton was found buried has uncovered another body, believed to be that of another missing teenager Dinah McNicol. We saw images of the house, helicopter views of the property and again the ridiculously simplistic 3D computer representation of a garden, this time to show us where the graves were located.

Another missing child story followed, Madeleine McCann. One of the Tapas 9, Jane Tanner, is to appear on Panorama on Monday night in a special programme, "The Mystery of ..". A brief clip of the troubled JT was shown, she spoke of the mysterious man with the bundle that she saw that evening.

The Northern Rock, we heard more about the possible takeover/rescue for the troubled bank, Robert Peston, the BBC business editor was interviewed about his thoughts. Again, as in previous reports, our attention was drawn to white knight Richard Branson, and a large image of his friendly face appeared on the screen to remind us what he looks like.

The cyclone in Bangladesh, we heard of the devastation, the video link is here.

Climate Change, a UN panel have seemingly produced a report which verifies the theories behind climate change and warns of devastating problems ahead. Images of polar bears in need were displayed and we heard from BBC scientific officer David Shukman. The video link report from him is here.

Coming up - DNA online

First though, we heard the nightly update on the Pakistan situation along with images of social disorder.

More children, this time gangs and gun culture. It seems that police are to somehow get hold of the leaders of the gangs and give them a good talking to of some description, warning them that their behaviour will not be tolerated any longer. We were told that Gordon Brown has met members of the Xcalibre Task Force in Manchester to discuss issues further. What is forgotten here is that someone else will simply fill their role, if indeed they bother listening. The problem is not the individuals or the gangs, the problem is our society. There have always been gangs and violence yet now they have guns where as it used to be knives, baseball bats whatever. The video link follows

Football, we heard about Scotland's chances tonight in the World Cup qualifiers and saw images of the famous Tartan Army.

To close, the DNA feature. Often on a Friday night we close with a scientific/dna type feature, tonight we heard of the DeCode Genetics who are offering an online genome profiling which will enable any customers to ascertain thel likelihood of contracting various diseases. You can read about it here. This could be great for our children, maybe they could simply have the offending genes removed.


Genetic Xcalibre Task Force ?

Friday 16 November 2007

BBC TV News - Thursday 15/11

Barry George was first up on the news at 10 last night, his conviction for the murder of TV presenter Jill Dando has been quashed by the High Cout and as such, Mr George will face a retrial. We heard some brief details and a reminder of the celebrity friends of Jill, including sixties crooner, everyoung Cliff Richard.

Next up was Peter Tobin, as reported yesterday, he appeared at Linlithgow court in connection with the death of the schoolgirl Vicky Hamilton. Images of outside the courtroom were shown as emotions boiled over, we cut to the garden where her body was buried to hear of ongoing searches. The BBC graphic department had been busy, we saw a pointless 3D virtual reconstruction of the garden in which a shed was dismantled and taken away. To close we heard of other unsolved murders, reference was made to the Bible John cases whilst black and white images of the victims were shown.

Lord Phillips has advised that our prisons are overcrowded and in chaos. He blamed our Government for this and accused them of interfering in matters they knew little about, namely the sentencing of prisoners although, quite frankly, they appear to know little about anything that matters.

Foreign secretary David Milliband was next up, speaking in Bruges about an expansion to the European Union. We saw Milliband at work, what baffles me is this new talking with their hands concept that most politicians appear to have adopted and know so much about. It is so obviously contrived that it is an insult to one's intelligence. Anyway, he talked and gesticulated about a "model of international co-operation", you can read more about this interesting concept here.

Next, a harrowing feature about state run mental hospitals in Serbia. We saw the prerequisite infants rocking backwards and forwards, older children tied to their beds and a group of deranged adults, some pacing backwards and forwards. This is not the first time we have seen these type of images, nor I fear will it be the last. We are living in a cuckoo's nest anyway, you dont have to travel far to see insane people wherever you live.

Coming up - special feature roadside bombs Afghansitan.

First though, we saw radical cleric Abu Hamza, the story being that permission was granted for his extradition to America to face terrorist charges, namely "helping al-Quaeda". We saw the radical rascal ranting, he spoke of Islam and its greatness. Images were shown of the detention centre in the US that he will be sent to, a "modern day Alcatraz" we were assured. One wonders if their would be much chance of Abu escaping as he only has one arm and uses a hook, in the manner of the famous Captain. We closed with talk of supergrasses and a hundred stretch.

Our government have abandoned plans to transfer sections of the NHS to the private sector. No information was supplied as to what the actual plans were.

The solider killed in Afghanistan yesterday was named as Capt John McDermid which allowed us to move into the promised roadside bomb feature. We heard more of this "change of tactics" and got to see a bomb being safely detonated. It seems that "this is a different insurgency to Iraq", or so a high ranking soldier told us and we closed by hearing of the "battle to win people over" and "an unseen enemy".

Barclays Bank, we heard of their less than expected write off provision after the credit crunch.

Lebanon, a long feature, worries of civil war, mention was made of Syria, images were shown of destruction including blown up bridges, obiously there are worries over more conflict.

Good news, a Russian lady has had quintiplets in Oxford. Images were shown of a baby in an incubator.

Last up, it seems that diposable plastic bags are to be banned in London. Various members of the public were asked what they would do, most seemed bemused at the question. A group of dogooders were highlighted. These characters spent time making home made bags then swapped them with passers by for plastic ones, thus somehow helping to save the planet.


Collective therapy required ?

Thursday 15 November 2007

BBC TV News - Wednesday 14th November

The new "anti-terror laws" were the first topic covered on the News at 10 last night. Presenter Huw Edwards told how Gordon Brown had unveiled his proposals to the Commons. It seems that Gordon fears future terrorist attacks will be targeted on cinemas, sports arenas , train stations and similar public facilities. Measures will include preventative objects such as barriers to negate the threat of a drive-in bombing; Glasgow Airport being given as an example of the threat we constantly face. Reference was also made to the 7th July (7/7) London bombings as a reminder of what can happen and that the aim here is to "make life more difficult for the terrorists" by means of the legislation.

We cut to Nick Robinson to hear of another Government wish, that suspected terrorists could be detained for 58 days without charge, rather than the current 28. Attention was drawn to our Minister for Security, Admiral, now Lord, West , who yesterday appeared to have almost instantaneously changed his views on the subject after firstly stating on a BBC morning radio show in which he stated that he was "not convinced" of the need for the new measures, then,shortly after meeting the Prime Minister, seemingly endorsing the need wholeheartedly. When questioned on this apparent reversal in thinking, Lord West advised that had had not chosen his words carefully enough when speaking on the radio programme. Furthermore, he claimed to be only a "simple sailor", perhaps out of his depth was the insinuation. I would treat that last statement with a slice of salty beef, you can read his impressive crudentials here.

The body of a missing Scottish girl, Vicky Hamilton, has been found buried at a house in Margate, once owned by a creature going by the name of Peter Tobin. The police were searching for another missing girl at the time, although Tobin was charged with the muder of Vicky a number of months ago. We saw helicopter images of the police digging up the garden and the makeshift grave in an old sandpit.

The fire which killed 7, as reported yesterday, has been confirmed as having been started deliberately, petrol having been poured through the letterbox. Again we saw images of the charred remains of the house.

The Bank of England have forecast a "bumpy year" ahead, we heard from Economics guru Evan Davies, who enthusiastically warned that things could get tight in the months to come. Evan utilised aviation based metaphors throughout this feature, telling how the BoE were "steering a course", through "clouds of uncertainty" until somehow "heading back to the cockpit". The feature was illustrated with the illustrations from an aircraft evacuation instruction leaflet - heading for the exits, life jackets, evacuation etc. Perhaps apt symbolism in these terrorist infested times ?

22,000 turkeys will be culled now in the wake of the recent H5N1 bird flu outbreak. It seems that there are fears of cross contamination between two farms due to shared staff. We saw images of a gaggle of free range geese in a field along with a murder of crows who perched amonsgt them, in search of easy pickings. The inference was that the crows are wild and yet freely intermingling with captive, table destined birds.

Convicted sex offender and celebrity, Chris Langham, yesterday had his sentence reduced on appeal and was released on parole.

Cricketer Imran Khan has been arrested in Pakistan after attempting to speak to a rally of students. It seems that the Pakistani ruling authority have detained him under anti-terror laws and view him as a terrorist. We heard an update of the situation, we seem to be waiting.

Coming up - 1000's of French workers hit the streets.

First though, more fantastic news on the animal creation front. Scientists have managed to clone a monkey in America, we saw a long feature on how this was done and the hopes that it can one day somehow help to treat humans in some manner. But we cant even treat the ones here properly. It's like deciding to build a shed, then always thinking bigger, eventually you have plans for a skyscraper, yet you havent even got the tools out the bag for the intital project. It is quite disturbing, the way the concept is sold to us and they way that the poor animal is seen as a tool, you can see the feature here

A feature on the Euro Star train, or so it seemed, again we heard of St Pancreas, a favourite destination for the BBC. There has apparently been a "surge" in demand for European train travel. However, we were told that there was no point getting it today because the French were on strike. We then cut to Paris to see a man parking his bicycle, yet without onions. He told of his outrage and of the dated working practices employed by the rail service, retiring at 50 was the given example. I understood these type of more relaxed working conditions to be knows as Spanish, rather than French practices, however the implication is the same as with our posties strike -- that they are outdated and are not cost effective in todays new world. Why does the cycling Frenchman wish to be a slave and to live in slave conditions ? Surely he has a mental disease or disorder ? I feel the French are worth watching, it will be interesting to see how the authorities react to the unrest which is surely inevitable, given the events of last year.

Breaking news just in- another soldier killed in Afghanistan

To close, we heard of the Hugh Grant owned Warhol painting of Liz Taylor which was sold at auction by Christie's yesterday. Quite a long feature, art prices semingly escalating rapidly at present - "a global passion".


Albert Gladstone Trotter - a simple sailor