Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Thursday 26 February 2009

Got 99 problems...

I noted in my post, A fishy tale, last month of how the Scottish National Party's annual budget for the year 2009-2010 was £33 billion and, furthermore, of how capital city Edinburgh applied for £33 million of this.

I have also noted in various previous posts of the Royal Bank of Scotland's financial problems, in particular their "bail-out" by the UK taxpayer, and today we read from the BBC
(RBS records record corporate loss) of how they are to be given further funds on top of the £20 billion already - £13 billion - giving a grand total of £33 billion.

Again in many previous posts I have highlighted the ongoing, year long, Scottish faux Burns/Golf Homecoming extravaganza, indicating that it is not perhaps all it appears to be, for example my post, I saw three ships a sailing, which highlighted the unusual choice of festive ephemera selected to celebrate this by Scottish PM Alex Salmond, where I stated, pictorially, that it may have more to do with the Knights Templar arrival on these shores and their subsequent re-birth through the vehicle of freemasonry, their objective being a one world, global, order.
It also requires noting, given the current furore (see here) , that ex RBS boss, Sir. Fred Goodwin, has retired aged 50 with an annual pension of £693,000. 693 being 21 x 33.

I leave you with tonight's Edinburgh Evening News front page concerning the Royal Bank which ties in well with the above although, unfortunately, the bottom third is missing.


Wednesday 25 February 2009

Schiphol - A Scottish Synchronicity

To be edited/expanded/linked , you may have to read between the lines at present.

This morning we saw a plane carrying 133 crew and passengers crash close to Schiphol Airport - home base of KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) amongst others, whilst it's name derives from Old Dutch, meaning "ship hell".

The time of the incident was 0931 GMT, the aeroplane crashing short of the runway, landing close to the A9 highway.

Just under 30 minutes later - exact time to be confirmed - a motor vehicle crash involving three lorries and two cars occured in Scotland. The location was the main Edinburgh - Thurso A9 trunk road, precisely the small town of Dunkeld which lies directly across our biggest river, the Tay, from the village of Birnam. One truck left the road and felled several trees which landed on a number of cars which were parked in the offficially titled Dunkeld and Birnam railway station.

So what ?

Well, according to American conspiracy theorist, James Shelby Downard, in his essay King Kill 33, both railroads and the play Macbeth feature significantly in freemasonry - surely an organisation rooted in the Knights Templar. . Those readers aquainted with, The Scotttish play, will be aware of the tale and thus the significance of the witches prophecy regarding Birnam Wood.

The contents of the two Scotttish water lorries ?

Raw sewage, like the stuff that washes up on the beach.


BBC report is here, note they have inaccurately described the railway station as Dunkeld only, the correct and full title can be verified via wikipedia.

Saturday 21 February 2009

Appointed "Ones"

"Downing Street has confirmed Prime Minister Gordon Brown will be visiting US president Barack Obama on 3 March" ( or 3/3)...
..Then, Mr Obama said he shared a desire with Mr Brown to strengthen the trans-Atlantic relationship to solve problems that could not be tackled by countries acting on their own.

He also spoke of a "deep and abiding affection for the British people in America and a fascination with all things British".


Thursday 19 February 2009

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Up here in Scotland, a favourite children's performance is called the Singing Kettle, basically a sing-along, act-along, stage variety show for the precious wee-ones.

Somehow, I was reminded of this act when I tuned in to the Red Ice "conspiracy" site and found a headline banner advertisment for an event called
The Alternative View, run by a character called Ian Crane, who, incidentally, receives messages for mankind via a mysterious shamanic entity. We read from the AV mission statement, a pre-requisite for any corporate organisation nowadays:

To advance awareness and facilitate discussion of Political, Scientific and Spiritual alternatives without constraint by Consensus Reality and/or Received Wisdom.

Mankind is at a fork in the road. Ahead, potentially, is an Orwellian nightmare, or an opportunity to participate in creating a new beginning for our world.

Tickets for this "opportunity" come in the manner of Olympic medals; gold, silver and bronze, the gold priced at £149, with an "earlybird saver" deal of £129, giving an enhanced range of facilities as we note:

Seated in Front Section of Auditorium (First 5 Rows).
First option on all Workshops (No extra Charge).
Join the Speakers for Cocktails in the Green Room on both Saturday & Sunday Evening
Dinner with Speakers on either Saturday or Sunday Evening (Dinner not included)
Free Tea/Coffee
during designated breaks.
Designated seating area for Tea/Coffee Breaks
5% discount on Event DVDs
Free Access to The Alternative Market

It should additionally be stated that in order to qualify for one of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style golden tickets, one must also book three nights hotel accommodation.

All together now, from the Singing Kettle:

Let me tell you something, all you need to know,
everything about yourself from your head down to your toes:
Eyes, nose, cheeky cheeky chin,
cheeky cheeky chin, nose, eyes.


Tuesday 17 February 2009

Ritual Eleven-Ness

Venturing over the loch to America, I note that change loving Barak Obama is set to sign "his" monster, 787 billion dollar, economic stimulus package today at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science after inspecting the new solar-power facility installed there.

The palindromic 787 totals 22, and seems to tie in well with the founding of the city, nicknamed The 303, on 22nd November 1858 by General William Larimer. This, together with the sunshine connection, takes us to "Sun King" JFK, himself assassinated on that date in 1963.

Whether or not that adds up for you I do not know, only hope, but what should seem clear is that the American people are heavily indebting their children, rather like what has happened over here with the two Scottish banks, albeit on a smaller scale.

Of course, I suppose it could be said that the current American, in fact global, economic financial system was built by Scottish founded architects, and that it is the self same who now construct this Brave, New, World.


n.b image is Denver flag, see also aferrrismoon's It should also be noted that the moon entered Sagittarius yesterday and that the cusp date of this sign under the tropical Zodiac is 22nd November.

Sunday 15 February 2009


Set in Stone

Here are couple of stories from this week which tie in well with the current flow, the significance of which allude me as yet but, never-the-less, require noting:

I don't normally bother too much about J.K. Rowling, now
a French Knight of the Legion of Honour, and her pottering, but we saw, this week, that she was given the "prestigious" Edinburgh Award for her role in raising the city's profile, a title she inherited from top freemason, crime writer Ian Rankin.

As such the outline of her hands have now been engraved into a slab of Caithness stone which will be sited in the grounds of the City Chambers, along with other past winners.

Meanwhile, the famous Glenfinnan stone on which Jacobite leader Bonnie Prince Charlie sat his staff and standard to mark the beginning of a Stuart rebellion, and rally his troops to march to Edinburgh, has been returned to the Highlands. The stone had been missing for 20 years after being re-discovered in 1988 when a moorland fire revealed it's existence. From the
Herald we glean more:

There had long been doubts as to the true site of where the banner was raised.
In 1988, however, the surface of a large horizontal rock, hidden by moss and peat on the summit of a rocky knoll a quarter of a mile away from the Glenfinnan Monument, was revealed after a moorland fire. Its Latin inscription read: "1745. In the name of the Lord the standards of Charles Edward Stuart, triumphaning at last, were set up."

Along with the inscription were four incised footprints and an arrow pointing to a hollow where the stone was found.

Additionally, it is worth stating that the Glenfinnan viaduct and heritage Jacobite steam train were utilised in the filming of the second Harry Potter film, the Chamber of Secrets, the train itself being transformed into the Hogwarts Express for the production.


Wednesday 11 February 2009

All 2 Geller now

Only a couple of posts ago I highlighted the appointment of Beijing Olympic related designers, Jacobs Arup, consultants who have been hired to design a further road bridge over the River Forth whilst, at the same time, noting the "secret" funeral arrangements for Prince Philip. (see here)

Today we read of "mystic" Uri Geller and his purchase of The Lamb - an uninhabited island located within the same marine estuary, although slightly east of both the current and intended crossing points. From the BBC, we read further as to his reasoning for this acquisition, under the headline -
Spoon-bender buys Scottish island:

Celebrity spoon-bender Uri Geller has bought a tiny Scottish island he believes has links to the pyramids at Giza and the Knights Templar.

Geller paid £30,000 for The Lamb, an uninhabited lump of volcanic rock in the Firth of Forth.
He claimed he felt a "strong instinctive urge" to buy it after reading it was for sale.

Geller said: "I am fascinated by the connection between the pyramids and these islands.
"The connection has been known for centuries - you can read about it in a 15th century manuscript called the Scotichronicon by Walter Bower the Abbot of Inchcolm.

"This island has links not only to the pyramids, but to King Arthur, King Robert the Bruce and to the ancient Kings of Ireland too," Geller added.

"It might seem forbidding, and it is certainly uninhabitable, but it is one of the keystones to British mythology, and I am thrilled to be its owner.

Last year in my post
Life saver I touched upon an article by Jeff Nisbet called the Pyramids Of Scotland and once again I draw readers attention to it and thank Jefff for allowing me to utilise his graphics and the following quote, albeit only a small snippet of a fairly in depth article :

Completed in the 15th century by Walter Bower, Abbot of Inchcolm, the Scotichronichon begins with “The Legend of Scota and Gaythelos.”
The legend claims that Scota was daughter to the pharaoh who pursued the Children of Israel out of Egypt on their Exodus to the Promised Land. Gaythelos, an exiled prince of Greece, was Scota’s husband. Shortly thereafter, the couple is forced to lead an Exodus of their own out of Egypt—going first to Spain, then Ireland and, finally, to Scotland, which was named after Scota. Their bloodline flowed down the centuries through all the high kings of Ireland and Scotland. But Gaythelos’ pedigree was more ancient still—stretching back many more generations to Old-Testament patriarch Noah, eldest survivor of the Biblical Flood


n.b. It should perhaps be noted that Mr Geller was born on 20th December, the same date as the fire at Khushi's restaurant in Edinburgh, as noted most recently here.

see also Uri Geller - Real, Fake or Military Weapon.