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Thursday 18 October 2007

BBC TV News Review - Wednesday 17th October

Obesity was again the first topic covered on the BBC News at 10 lat night. Top newscaster, Fiona Bruce, told us again of how this problem is forecast to balloon in the coming years, now it seems that in fact 60% of men will be clinically obese by the year 2050, along with 50% of women and 25% of children. We rolled along, hearing that the problem could be blamed 0n the fact that food is now "cheaper and richer in calories", plus it seems that people are eating more and doing less physical exercise. To confirm this, we saw a girl Jo and her personal trainer, working out a sensible diet and training plan before many images of the bottom halves of overweight individuals were displayed - "take a good look" we were advised. It seems though that "supersized" nation America is in fact way ahead of us in this department - we saw "Fatburgers", a fast food drive in, before turning to a class of schoolchildren who were frighteningly asked "how many of you drink fruit juice voluntarily?". None seemed to be the answer, although no details were supplied as to how compulsory intake was enforced or encouraged, if indeed it was, although that seemed to be the implication.

America featured stronlgy in the next report which regarded house prices in the UK. The International Monetary Fund, IMF, have warned that our homes could possibly be "overvalued" given the massive increase in prices that we have seen over the last decade. Economic reporter Evan Davies ran through a stack of statistics and told that by his calculations, prices may be as much as 26% too high. We went to the States to see their property crash, rows of Married with Children style ranch houses, many displaying For Sale signs. It seems that these are times of "considerable uncertainty", and to close we heard of similar potential problems in Germany and Ireland" as a large red house was displayed on the screen. It looked remarkably similar to a hotel gamepiece from the Monopoly board game.

Chris Huhne and Nick Clegg will both run as candidates to replace ex sprinter, Menzies Cambell, as leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Potential military conflict is brewing on the Turkey Iraq border due to "Kurdish separatists" who are using Northern Iraq as a base for their ongoing conflict with the Turks. It seems that the Turkish military are gathering in preperation,to reinforce this, we saw images of tanks and similer vehicles and heard that "Turkey has the second largest army in the World". George Bush told of "a better way of dealing with the situation", however no further information was given as to his thoughts on the matter. To close, we saw some rebels.

Coming up - a damning indicment of our education system

First though we travelled to Switzerland with reporter Gavin Hewitt, to hear of a remarkable racist sheep story. It seems that the far right Swiss People's Party have produced an election poster which shows three white sheep kicking a black one out of the country. We heard more of this, the SPP have advised that the sheep is meant to represent "a misfit or troublemaker", one party representative told how "criminals are not really a race". However a black man was interviewed, none too happy, so much so that he is utilising the offending picture as a mobile phone screensaver. Somehow we moved on Hell, a place for rapists and ner-do-wells; then Heaven, an all white industrious civilisation where the leader of the SPP stood in the Alps; -"up high" we were assured. To close we heard of Islamisation, "another political order" and "fear of the Swiss indentity being polluted". I have enclosed a link to the video (see the cows, foot and mouth) - what does this actually say ?. Furthermore, the story was originally published by the BBC in early September, only making the national news yesterday.

The BBC diet is underway, 2 billion slashed from budget - massive restructuring programme is in order. Breaking up and rebuilding.

The Metropolitan police are under fire, accused of tampering with the reconstruction of the 50/50 photograph of mistakenly identified suicide bomber, Brazilian, Jean Charles de Menezes. Regular readers will remember that it was a reconstruction of a half of two separate faces, merged together to create one; it has now transpired that some tampering, stretching to be precise, occurred in the manufacturing process. The link is here to the original posting; photographic alteration seems hot just now.

As promised, the report on "Education, education, education". Standards seem to be slipping, statistical evidence verifies this - we ran through figures - some schools are better than others, that seemed to be the conclusion. A red line for teachers ?

A man who tortured and murdered his 2 year old stepdaughter has been jailed for 12 years, the girls mother received six. Images of the adorable toddler were shown.

Europe followed, we heard who Gordon Brown has refused to have a referendum over the European Treaty - he cites a mysterious and seemingly intangible red line as being our protection.

To close, football, not good results for either England, denyed by the red line of Russia; or Scotland. We probably heard about the forthcoming rugby in Paris, I just switched off.

Red Line TV, On its way ?

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