Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Sunday 27 January 2013

The most powerful family in the world ?

Scottish football team, Glasgow Rangers, were often mentioned here last year, not in respect of their sporting endeavours but rather it was their affiliation with Protestantism and William of Orange which caught my imagination, I saw their sacrificial demise and rebirth as an allegorical portent of our current global financial systems. Soon to be dissolved and reborn New World Order style, but pretty much the same. (Ger-kill and Hide)

Rangers hit the headlines today in respect of their Remembrance Day (11/11) tributes last November according to the Sunday Mail. It seems that the abseiling of Royal Marines from the main stand and the firing of a howitzer have been deemed unacceptable by "military chiefs". What caught my attention was the Royal Marine abseil angle, given they cropped up just a couple of posts ago, in relation to the Dame Kelly Holmes/Olympic Torch/Tower of London/ James "Joker" Holmes shenanigans, not forgetting their carrying of Jimmy "The Beast" Savile's golden coffin.  (The Sperminator)

Turning back to Rangers resurrection, I noted at the time the court (Crown) reference which their Valentine Day entrance into administration was allocated - P221/12 - numbers which appear to hold some sort of significance for the nefarious navigators of collective humanity.

For example, there was Prince William, and his dark appearance in Hello magazine, issue 1111, dated 22/02/2010.

Or Uri Geller, his infatuation with 11 11, and his purchase of Lamb Island in the Firth of Forth, where he (allegedly) believes returning Egyptian princess, Scota, stashed her valuables. (It's the returning part that is most important)

Then there's JFK and his 22/11 assassination.

Or even, topically, Prince Harry, who returned from his military campaign in Afghanistan stained and sandy - after carrying out "dirty work" in respect of killing Taliban. For the greater good, of course.


Bottom image - Dirty Harry's badge.

Thursday 24 January 2013

Numerical symbols

Just to condense and update my last post -

James Bond's Skyfall "Glencoe" Aston Martin registration number BMT 216 A - although originally seen in the film Goldfinger. In Skyfall, Bond invokes sexual relations with a lady called Severine, a "former victim of sex trafficking".

Glencoe, historically infamous for the massacre of the MacDonalds in 1692, allegedly on the orders of William of Orange and his wife Mary, due to a delay in pledging allegiance to the new joint monarchs of the "United Kingdom". My opinion is that it was a blood sacrifice.

Glencoe, topically infamous due to the avalanche last Saturday and of course, Jimmy Savile, who owned a cottage, steeped in "mountaineering history", in the locality. An avalanche of child abuse and indeed necrophilic allegations have surfaced over the BBC presenter, paedophile, and philanthropist, who elected to be buried in a golden coffin, encased in concrete, and set at a 45 degree angle.

Last Sunday saw a repeat of TV childen's show, The Tweenies. One of the puppets, Max, acted out the TV presenter role of Savile, which caused a bit of an outcry in the media and, according to the BBC on Monday, gave rise to a surely synchronistic 216 complaints.  That digit sequence, as of today, appears not to have risen. (here)

216 - a number, some would say, with a deep occult meaning. It had a starring role in the movie Pi - and it's main-man Max. Plato references it. It is 6x6x6. Will leave it at that, for now.


Sunday 20 January 2013

Fudging issues ?

Just another "coincidence" ?

Back in November I noted James Bond's "Glencoe" car registration number, BMT 216 A. Given my OCD concerning numbers, I tied this in with the film, Pi, which revolves round a character, Max. That's not forgetting the Jimmy Savile angle.

 "In the film Pi, Max becomes obsessed with a 216-digit number in his quest to find the numeric equation behind existence, and is told by a group of Hasidic Jews that it represents the true name of God.". "As six cubed (6x6x6), 216 is also symbolic of the Mark of the Beast in Christianity".  

Today the media are reporting of another Savile scandal. BBC Children's TV show, the Tweenies, was shown yesterday morning (19/1) on the state-sponsored channel. In it, the "puppet", Max, parodied Jimmy Savile, whilst singing "one finger, one thumb". (here)

The more mature reader may perhaps need a gentle nudge to remember a potential paedophilic element concerning the "one finger, one thumb" song. It was, I recall, tunefully bastardised in an advert for Cadbury's finger of fudge -  "one finger of fudge is just enough to give you'r kids a treat". Peter Adamson (Len Fairclough), from uber popular soap, Coronation Street, was, in 1983, accused of tampering with children in a swimming pool; hence the jingle was revised in the playground to "one finger, one thumb, is just enough to given you'r kids a treat". (here)

Meanwhile, also on 19th January, 11 years ago in 2002, Peter Adamson died.


Note, today's (Monday) BBC reports that there have been 216 complaints about the show so far. For whatever reason they have chosen to highlight that particular figure, doubtless there will be more. 

Playground slang - here

Sunday 13 January 2013

The Sperminator

The above image is of Jimmy Savile OBE from 1977.

In my post, Holmes is where the heart is, I noted the coincidence between (alleged) James "Joker" Holmes' Aurora - Batman Dark Knight Rises - massacre and the abseiling of the Olympic torch into the Tower of London by Royal Marine, Martin Williams, where it was handed to Dame Kelly Holmes DBE MBE. Lord Coe, chairman of the games, noted that the Tower was a fitting point for the torch to enter London because "it is where the power and the significance of the Monarch resides"

Royal Marines carried  Savile's golden coffin, which was buried at a 45 degree angle and encased in concrete. One wonders, in light of the whiff of necrophilia, if he was covering his arse, so to speak. (Digging Jimmy Savile).

Aerial scenes for Dark Knight Rises were filmed in the mountains of Scotland, the plane concerned flying out from Inverness airport. (BBC News)

Savile had a cottage at Glencoe in the Scottish mountains, specifically in the shadow of the Three Sisters. According to today's Sunday Mail, the previous owner of the property, top mountaineer, Hamish MacInnes, claims he was "hoodwinked" by the disgraced celebrity. MacInnes' claims to fame are that he invented the MacInnes stretcher and the first metal ice axe. MacInnes appears to take some solace in his hoodwinking by referencing Prince Charles as another victim. Some are saying that due to the "mountaineering history" of the cottage, it should not be demolished.

According to The Masonic Lodge of Education, hoodwinking is not specifically a "masonic" term, however it applies to a "type of blindfold used in Masonic rituals of initiation". Furthermore, Albert Mackey, "scholar and historian" notes: "But it is more than certain that there is in the hoodwink a representation of the mystical darkness which always proceeded the rites of the ancient initiations". Overall though, it appears to represent the "removal of darkness to let in the light".

Top occultist and freeemason, Aleister "The Beast"  Crowley, purchased Boleskin House at Loch Ness in order to carry out his magical (sic) experiments. Crowley was also a keen mountaineer. His climbing partner was a chap called Oscar Eckenstein and between them they "did much to develop and promote the crampon". (here)

According to yesterday's mail on line, when the police placed evidence bags over James Holmes' hands to preserve gunshot residue, he "began playing with them as if they were puppets".


Thursday 10 January 2013

Lamb Chops

Above is logo for CEOP - Child exploitation and Online Protection

 Above is Jimmy Savile's Glencoe "lair", note graffiti.

Above is Cheops pyramid

Above is taken from American one dollar bill, below is the future one world king, taken from his mother's womb during an eclipse on the longest day of the year, thus symbolically replacing the sun.


Note - Cheops/ceops info here and here .

Sunday 6 January 2013

Otter than July

On 1st January the Scottish Daily Record reported of how a "mum and four kids cheated death" after their blood red people carrier careered a hundred feet down an embankment into Loch Ness. (here)

On 2nd January the same publication reported of how the "heroic" mother - she pulled the children free - was none other than Jennifer MacMillan, daughter of TV celebrity and "nature expert", Terry Nutkins, who passed away last September aged 66. (here)

On 4th January, Aangirfan, told of how Terry Nutkins had lived with a chap called Gavin Maxwell, author of the otter related, Ring of Bright Water, since the age of 11. Furthermore, that Maxwell was a spy, enjoyed the company of young boys, and had been cursed by Kathleen Raine, OBE, herself a poet and critic with a deep interest in spirituality and, as such, the occult, after spurning her sexual advances given he was homosexual. Unfortunately for Gavin, the curse potentially came true after his home, Sandaig, burned down and one of his otters, Edal, died. From the Telegraph we note that Maxwell wrote to her : "Whether or not your curse has been responsible for this terrible disaster I don't know or should never know," he wrote. "If it was, I can only say God forgive you... Your Silver Stag [Raine's description for Maxwell] has indeed fallen - as you willed - and possibly beyond recall. If you really believe in your own powers of destruction you must consider yourself to have been successful at least twice.". After Maxwell died he left everything to Nutkins.

In Kathleen Raine's, Yeats the Initiate: Essays on Certain Themes in the Work of W.B. Yeats, she notes of how infamous occultist, Aleister Crowley, and Yeats shared a common philosophy that the time of a "second coming" was imminent, and that Crowley  "placed himself in the services of Antichrist, the savage God of the new cycle" whilst for Yeats, "fidelity was to the old king", the "workman, noble and saint of Christian civilisation".  In the chapter, Yeats, the tarot and the Golden Dawn (a magical, Hermetic order and a main influence on 20th century Occultism), she again quotes Crowley and indeed references his Book of Thoth.

One could therefore be of the mind that Raine was fairly intimate with the works of Crowley and that if she did utter curses, they were likely to have been obtained from his form of magic, rather than that of Yeats.

Turning back to Jennifer McMillan's car accident, the location was as noted, Loch Ness; more specifically, "just north of Altsigh between Fort Augustus and Drumnadrochit". If one studies the location in a bit more depth, it transpires that the incident happened only a matter of a few miles from being directly across from Crowley's old abode, Boleskine House, a place which he purchased specifically to carry out a magical ritual in an attempt to contact his "guardian angel" whilst evoking the "twelve Kings and Dukes of Hell" (The Book of Abramelin).

wiki - "Aleister Crowley considered Boleskine to be the Thelemic Kiblah. This is an Arabic word which refers to the direction of Mecca, the holiest shrine of Islam. It has a slightly different meaning in Thelema, as it is mentioned in several rituals written by Crowley where it is identified with the East. The Gnostic Mass and Liber Reguli [1] both identify the principal orientation (sometimes known as "Magical East") as being towards Boleskine. It is considered to be the focal point of the magical energies (also called the "93 Current") of the Aeon of Horus. In this way it is similar to Jerusalem in Judaism and Mecca in Islam."

Whether or not there's any connection, I leave up to the reader.

Meanwhile, according to AA Route Finder it's some 66.8 miles by road from the Loch Ness Monster Exhibition Centre to Glencoe, the location of Jimmy Savile's cottage, Allt-na-Reigh. Today, the Daily Record rekindles the story, claiming that is is definite at least one child was abused there, probably more, whilst recalling the acts of vandalism to the property which were carried out last year; albeit missing out the "masonic, all seeing eye angle" which I covered last November, here for example.

Which takes us nicely to today's mail on line and a story regarding the inmates on Death Row in Indiana State Prison. Reporter Trevor McDonald (some of them survived the Glencoe massacre) has been there and notes that : "One  prisoner was obsessed with the late Princess Diana and had papered his cell with pictures of her, including the famous Mario Testino portrait of her in a strapless white dress and tiara. He said he believed in her goodness and likened her to Jesus Christ or Mother Teresa of Calcutta."

Which gives us a fair glimpse into the future; unless one is blind.


 wiki - Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

Google Earth - Loch Ness / Boleskin House (type Boleskin House into search box at top)