Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Saturday 30 June 2012

Lest we forget

Lady Gaga made a surprise visit to newspaceman last week in the context of her concert at Carlisle last year - the one where she appeared from a coffin immaculate in a prosthetic PVC pregnancy stomach before dedicating Orange Coloured Sky to Prince William and Kate and ending her set with the song Judas. (Rites of Passage).

We sort of decoded this in terms of Mary Queen of Scots, mother of James 6th and 1st - Bible reviser and Scotland/England (United Kingdom) amalgamator, tying it in with Princess Diana, Prince William, and his future role as global United Kingdom amalgamator.

She's made it here again after her appearance in Melbourne, Australia last week where she unveiled a new track - Princess Die - in which she "imagines herself as the late royal, singing: “Princess Die, I wanna see you cry, and wish that I would go, in my rich boyfriend’s limo.". According to the Scottish Sun, Gaga is infatuated by the late royal and sees herself in terms of some sort of "21st century incarnation" of the ill fated superstar.


Top image - from the Sun, as linked.

Thursday 28 June 2012

Musing between the lines

The official London Olympic song was unveiled last night on BBC radio 1, a track called Survival from the band Muse. (BBC)

For those unaware of the basics of the group, we note from the New Musical Express review of it that their lead singer, Matt, is a man "who’s usually to be found exposing global power-cult conspiracies in song".

Which leads us again to Pseudo-Occult Media and an old 2009 post: The Duality of Muse. Ben, the author, has a fondness for the trio and tries within the post to give a balanced perspective on the obvious symbolism within their recordings and promotional material, including masonic chequerboards, an image of them ascending a a spiral staircase with a bust of (freemason) George Washington, the ubiquitous sex-kittens, the horns of lucifer, etc. etc. Not to mention the top image posted here with the prominent MK Ultra, an alleged CIA mind control programme and one of their song titles.

Whatever the position, NME seem to hit the nail firmly on the head with their sum-up of the lyrical content of the music: "It’ll certainly make the rest of the world’s athletes believe that Britain is populated solely by immortal classical Gods", which is indeed the Olympic - British Israel - point, not forgetting the Book of Revelations script following.


Bottom image - Muse on Olympic torch relay, note golden "pyramid" to base of torch and note that when runners meet, they kiss torches, again in a "pyramidical" fashion.

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Double double toil and trouble

Above image is from the mail on line, showing  more details of Danny Boyle's Olympic opening ceremony;  some fairly dark imagery it appears to go with the "green and pleasant", note giant figure in centre with wand - allegedly Prospero - and cauldron in close proximity.

Meanwhile, up here in Scotland, a small earthquake - 1.1 - was recorded on Saturday in Lochaber's "Loch of Hell". (BBC)


Monday 25 June 2012

Big Cats

Just a quick post, touched on the London 2012 musical extravaganza in my Fruit for thought entry last week: commencing on Prince William's 30th birthday, the Olympic torch returning to Scotland to briefly visit the "lions paw" gesturing Robert Burns statue, a giant fireworks display to greet the torch in Windermere, and the bouncy Stonehenge - Sacrilege - visiting Wales en route London.

As part of the event a giant concert was arranged in Hackney, London, it finished last night with Rihanna and an Egyptian theme; going with the flow, to be honest. (BBC)


Note: Rianna's cat costume etc. all covered in Psuedo Occult Media's 2009 post: Rihanna -the imprisoned Mannekitten, covering mind control etc. etc. 

Friday 22 June 2012

Snakes on the Brain

It was yesterday's post that got me thinking about snakes, given the Lakes Alive: On the Night Shift firework display to welcome the Olympic torch to Windermere.

Lo and behold, today from the Scottish Sun aerial photographs are displayed showing a dress rehearsal for Danny Boyle's opening - Green and Pleasant - ceremony. As noted in my post A new Eden, it features the mock Glastonbury Tor along with solitary tree, which  resonates strongly with the story of Joseph of Arimathea and his alleged visit to these islands. 

Whilst the Scottish Sun compares it to the opening credits of Eastenders - a BBC soap opera revolving around a housing square in London (squaring the circle) - it also could well be mistaken for a a slithering snake. What we do know though is that Danny intends to also include " meadows, fields and rivers, with families taking picnics, people playing sports on the village green, farmers tilling the soil and real farmyard animals".

That's not forgetting the surely ominous element of nurses and  giant hospital beds, as imaged below. One wonders just exactly what they are planning.


wiki - Cain and Abel - note Cain was a tiller of the land, notwithstanding kabbalistic (and others) beliefs re the serpent.

Thursday 21 June 2012

Fruit for thought

It's Prince William's 30th birthday today and we note that the London 2012 Festival - which runs in tandem with the Olympics - also kicks off. In case you have'nt guessed by now, yes in Scotland: the opening concert to be performed by local youngsters, the Big Noise Orchestra, in Raploch, Stirling, in the shadow of the castle and  imposing William Wallace statue. (BBC)

Meanwhile, the inflatable Stonehenge "bouncy castle" - Sacrilege - which was unveiled at Glasgow Green in April , is also involved in the 2012 Festival opening, today it will appear at Carmarthen Castle in Wales, a place with alleged associations to King Arthur and indeed Merlin (although so has Glasgow , whilst it's Green is the "birthplace" of Glasgow Rangers - One flew over the phoenix nest)

As noted here yesterday, the Olympic torch relay commenced in Dumfries, nicknamed Queen of the South, this morning on day 34, after finishing yesterday in Carlisle. Demelza Powell began proceedings from the Robert Burns statue. The relay will end back down in England, after 121 miles (11 squared), at Windermere, where a giant pyrotechnics show called, Lakes Alive: On the Night Shift, will greet it, again allegedly as part of the London 2012 Festival opening; although perhaps the name has more subtle connotations. 


Top Image - Burns with masonic pendant. Bottom image, Burns statue with masonic lion's paw hand.
Note, apparently the name Demelza derives from St Columb, a "bringer" of "Christianity" to Ireland and Scotland

wiki - Carmarthen .

Robert Burns and Freemasonry.

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Rites of Passage

Day 33 of the London Olympic torch relay and, as one would imagine, it's thick with symbolism.

It started in England's York, the torch commencing from it's historic Minster before boarding a  steam train - Scots Guardsman - for  a journey to Thirsk where it was met by pipes and drums from the 1st Battalion Scots Guards. (Originally, The Flying Scotsman train was meant to be used, however it requires "remedial work"). From Thirsk it will travel up to Carlisle, the end of today's show, yet somehow tomorrow's leg begins up in Scotland, at Robert Burns famed Dumfries. Carlisle to Dumfries is, according to (AA routefinder), a journey of exactly 33 miles; surely a highly symbolic detour, especially as it has to travel back through Carlisle tomorrow. (BBC report)

 Carlisle is the place where Mary Queen of Scots was held captive before her beheading. Mary was a Stuart and a Catholic and the mother of James 6th and 1st - UK amalgamater and Bible reviser, the Stuarts not long afterwards being ousted from the throne by Protestant, Willam of Orange (King Billy), although the religious angle was all divide and conquer of the masses, to be frank.  I went into this in a bit more depth back in May 2011 (here) when Lady Gaga performed at Carlisle, appearing from a coffin, attired in PVC prosthetic pregnant stomach, and dedicating jazz track Orange Coloured Sky to Prince William and Kate. She ended her show with a song called Judas, and was no doubt well remunerated for her time. Bear in mind that a lot of James' popularity with the masses was due to the unfortunate circumstances of his mother's death. 

Bear in mind too that tomorrow is Prince William's 30th birthday, cut from the womb during an eclipse on the longest day of the year. Bear in mind that his mother Diana was from Stuart lineage.

Let's not forget Glasgow Rangers here, the historic football club with the Orange Protestant, King Billy faithful supporters, who just liquidated,  and currently rebirth under the auspices of Yorkshireman, Charles Green. They were in the headlines again today after their ex manager Walter Smith gave up on another takeover.

Neither should we forget Walter Disney. For if it wasn't for him we might never have had the movie Brave, which premiered in L.A. earlier this week. Note from top image Scotland's political top-dog, Alex Salmond, at the event, and note his trousers of many colours. Note too, how the carpet was changed from red to green for this event.(see my recent posts re "greening" : A New Eden and Beachcombing)


bbc - Olympic torch relay  - Day by Day with maps.

wiki - York rite freemasonry

wiki - Scottish rite freemasonry.- Note middle image is front cover of Albert Pike's, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, it suggests a phoenix bird rising with a crown, pyramid and the number 33.The latin phrase Ordo ab Chao translates to Order from Chaos -  see banking.

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Golden balls

Last post we noted in some depth the the St. Andrews to Edinburgh leg of the Olympic relay: commencing on the world famous Old Course before a ritual pyramid forming torch kiss to young Joseph Forrester, who recreated the Chariots of Fire scene on the golden sands.

Today we note from the Daily Record of how David Beckham puts playing a round of golf there as one of his top ten things to do in Britain, alongside dropping in to see the Queen at Buckingham Palace. The fairly sycophantic article also claims, via VisitBritain boss Sandie Dawe,  that Becks "is not only a global superstar, but an ambassador for Britain wherever he goes". Which, given the recent photo above is surely concerning; or perhaps enlightening.

Coincidentally, the same newspaper also carries a story today re Chariots of Fire. Eric Liddell's (on whom the movie is based) daughter noting  that today's society  is a different world from the one her Christian father lived in, and that greed is one of the main problems. (here)

To me, the pairing speaks volumes.


Note: Beckham was heavily involved in both the Beijing - London Olympic handover (here), and the transportation of the flame to the UK from Greece.

Top image - St Andrews - Home of Royal and Ancient Game poster
Bottom image - A favorite from the Ambassador's party.

Thursday 14 June 2012


In Tuesday's New Eden post, I considered the manufactured synchronicity between the Olympic torch relay passing Scone Palace (Stone of Destiny) and the announcement of the opening "Green and Pleasant" ceremony, surmising that if we added the Glasgow Rangers/ Charles Green predicament to the cauldron, together with a bit of Joseph of Arimathea and his historical tree planting jaunt to Glastonbury, then it spells, well, trouble. 

Sticking with the green-theme, the torch yesterday travelled from home of  golf, St. Andrew's - where Wills met Kate - to Edinburgh. The highlight of the morning appeared to be 13 year old Joseph Forrester, who led a group of schoolchildren along  the beach in a reenactment of a scene filmed for the movie Chariots of Fire. Joseph was lucky enough to have carried the torch just prior to this as well - a unique second coming, so to speak. At the end of the day the torch was carried into Edinburgh Castle (Stone of  Destiny/franchised ice cream van registration WMS 666 T) by a Lesley Forrest. (BBC)

Meanwhile, down in Nottingham, Prince William was thanking the Queen for her "love and devotion" as part of the ongoing Jubilee celebrations. Nottingham is, of course, also synonymous with forests, not just because of the football club but also because of Robin Hood, that legendary "green man" who took from the rich to give to the poor. 

Also take note that the torch travels down to England tonight, destination Alnwick Castle, a location used for several films, including Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and the Harry Potter series. Perhaps worth pointing out again that Rowling completed her writing of the final Deathly Hallows in the Balmoral Hotel - not a stone throw from Edinburgh Castle, signing a bust of Hermes in recognition.


Tuesday 12 June 2012

A New Eden

Yesterday was day 24 of the Olympic torch relay with another potential "act of God" as the torch went  out, and refused to relight, at the beginning of the event (The Callanish Stones), causing the organisers to "dash" 30 miles back to Stornoway to collect the "mother flame". (Scottish Sun - Panic as Olympic torch is blown out)

Today the torch visits Scone Palace, originally the home of the Stone of Destiny, which some say is Jacob's pillow stone (wiki). Certainly it seems to have been of some significance historically, given it's use as coronation stone for "Kings" of Scotland and indeed the current monarchy.

Coincidentally, today saw the announcement of the final  details of the London Olympics opening ceremony, director Danny Boyle unveiling his masterpiece. Apparently it is a countryside setting with animals and suchlike, together with a recreation of Glastonbury Tor - complete with solitary tree. It is to be titled Green and Pleasant, seemingly because Danny is creating "a picture of ourselves as a nation". (BBC report)

Curiously, "In England's green and pleasant land" - on which the hymn Jerusalem is based - is the  last line of  William Blake's "And did those feet in ancient time" poem, which he based on the "apocryphal story" that a young Jesus Christ visited England  in the company of his uncle, Joseph of Amirathea. According to wiki the legend is linked to an idea in the Book of Revelation describing a "second coming" wherein Jesus establishes a new Jerusalem. Danny doesn't mention any of that, nor that Joseph is alleged to have thrust his staff in the ground at Glastonbury, whereupon a thorn tree grew.

Diversifying very slightly, something I have written perhaps too much about recently is the football club Glasgow Rangers and their precarious financial position since Valentines Day when they entered administration. Cutting to the quick: according to today's BBC, it seems that Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs have rejected the "creditors" deal offered by would-be owner, Charles Green, in terms of outstanding liabilities and as such the club will need to be liquidated and "reborn" as a  same-but-different entity.  I believe that the creditors meeting is to be held on Thursday, the day after the Olympic torch travels from St. Andrew's to  Edinburgh, and "her" Castle -  the current home of the (alleged) Stone of Destiny. One has to perhaps understand fully the William of Orange/King Billy/Protestant angle here in terms of Rangers - and it's impending reincarnation. 


Middle image - From the film Ben Hur. Ben, dressed in tartan, meets (Druid) Balthazar - one of the three wise men - as he goes to hear Jesus preach. Source: here.

Sunday 10 June 2012


Back in 2008 I noted my own lengthy take on the Beijing - London Olympic handover - Things are not always as they seem - comparing it too some sort of Wizard of Oz parody whilst reflecting on the inclusion of Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, his connections to Aleister Crowley via Loch Ness/Boleskin House, and surmising that the handover-ritual was a reference to Zion: in Oz being an anagram. (That's not to mention Oz creator Frank Baum and his occult leanings)

Yesterday, as noted here, the Olympic torch crossed Loch Ness.

Yesterday saw unprecedented flooding in Wales - where the  Olympic torch travelled last week.

Today we note of how the entire village of Pennan in Wales is being evacuated, apparently a reservoir dam is in imminent danger of collapse, the contents feared to rush en-masse into the river Dovey and cause severe damage to property etc. (BBC News). The dove is seen as symbolic of peace and love - although there is the Noah's Ark angle.

Pennan is also the location of  Bron-Yr-Aur cottage, Welsh for Golden Hill. It was here that Robert Plant and  Jimmy Page wrote their Led Zeppelin 3 material, as well as Stairway to Heaven.


Bottom image - Page's Saturn symbol &

Saturday 9 June 2012

"Baal", said the sheep

It's Saturday, and day 22 of the Olympic relay, the torch having  arrived in Cairnyan, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, on Thursday night by ferry from Ireland. The day before, 6/6, saw Prince Charles too in Scotland, fresh from the jubilee, symbolically opening a sheep show. (Daily Record)

Friday, the torch traversed from the Castle of St. John in Stranraer, to Glasgow, before this morning departing tall ship, Glenlee, en route Inverness via infamous Glencoe, Fort William etc., to the skirl of Scotland the Brave, performed by the Williamwood Pipe Band. 

Loch Ness too was part of today's route, no sign of Nessie it appears, unlike the 22nd July 1933 when it was allegedly spotted waddling out of the water by a Mr. George Spicer, his vision -the nearest approach to a dragon or pre-historic animal that I have ever seen in my life" - the catalyst for the ongoing variety of myths and explanations. It seems the previous "sighting" was by Saint Columba, back in the (palindromic/ remotely double eleven) year of 565 AD (En-cryptid). Mr. Spicer's encounter on 22/7 was not reported until 13 days later - 4th August - in the Inverness Courier, the latter  being a date fairly well known by Charles as it was his grandmother's (The Queen Mother) birthday. Her 33rd. It was the first time the term "monster" had been applied. 


second bottom image - pertinent TV news screenshot re (Oz-low - Paradise Island) Anders Behring Breivik, "his" massacre also on 22nd July.

bottom image - Baal, from  from Collin de Plancy's Dictionnaire infernal, 1862

Thursday 7 June 2012

Leading the Way

Today it was disclosed that Prince William has qualified as a Royal Air Force search and rescue captain after his ongoing training with 22 Squadron, apparently he passed his exams on 29th May - the "news release" delayed until today (BBC report).  

Yesterday we read of an outcry over 22 Americans being flown over by Coca Cola to carry the Olympic torch through the streets of Oxfordshire. (BBC news). Note too this report from NBC, highlighting that one of the lucky twenty-two is a girl from Pleasanton going by the name of Sarah Williams.

Twenty ninth May saw pleasant Wills in the news anyway - (Thistledown) - after appearing on America's ABC network lamenting the loss of his mother; together with the announcement that he is to be made a Knight of the Thistle in early July, up here in Scotland. 

Meanwhile the Jubilee celebrations are over, the Royal Barge which led the flotilla of craft on the Thames, and indeed transported the Queen and family to the Spirit of Chartwell,  returning home to base-camp Edinburgh. (BBC report). It is  worth noting that the barge used to be used to transport the Royals to the Royal Yacht Britannia during the numerous - 968 - official voyages. One can surmise then, that last weekend's Jubilee trip was the barge's 969th conveyance. 

As we keep stressing here, Scotland and indeed Edinburgh are of uber-importance to the ritualistic raising of the global-King : The Stone of Destiny, the Banking System, freemasonry, King James 6th and 1st and, indeed, the (forthcoming) global United Kingdom.


Top image - Dewars (jew-are : see British Israel) White label Scotch.
Bottom image - Coca Cola Santa