Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Sunday 30 November 2008

Crossed purposes

Britney I feel like a prisoner Spears appeared on the popular, Beijing Olympic handover star Leona Lewis spawning, TV show The X Factor last night, singing or more correctly miming her new song Womanizer whilst dressed like an Dutch red light shop window. As we read from the BBC:

Amsterdam coat of arms

Spears is on a whistle
(you dig the wolf) -stop tour of Europe ahead of the release of her latest album, Circus, on Monday.

She wore an all black outfit, with hotpants, fishnet tights and knee-high boots during her mimed performance - which received a standing ovation from the judges and studio audience.

Coincidentally, it appears that Scots born British Prime Minister Gordon Brown takes an interest in the programme, as we heard on Friday of how "he has taken time out of his busy schedule to write to the remaining X factor finalists" although the linked story only details his babbling letter to Ruth Lorenzo, a Spanish con-test-ant. It was the kiss (X) of death though, as the poor girl was ruthlessly voted out last night:

Lorenzo said: "In the letter that the Prime Minister sent us he said 'Keep singing in English girl. You're doing a great job! Going against Simon'.

The story is found in Genesis 11:1-9 (KJV) as follows:

1 And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.

Remember the Irish vote on the Treaty of Lisbon - they voted no. However Irish crosses on ballot papers don't seem to amount to much as it appears that the screw is turning to reverse this democratic decision .From Friday, Irish report back second vote of EU Treaty:

A second referendum on a modified Lisbon treaty is the main option for Ireland, according to a report submitted by an cross-party group of deputies in the country's parliament on Thursday (27 November).

Dublin will announce its next move on the EU's reform treaty - rejected in Ireland in a June referendum - to the bloc's leaders at their gathering in Brussels on 11 and 12 December.

Catch the date, 11th & 12th December, the 12th being the solar anniversary of the Treaty signing on the 13th (Lucifer's day) last year and also the date when Halifax Bank of Scotland shareholders vote on whether or not to merge with Lloyds TSB. (see all paths lead to Rome)

Synchronising perfectly with Britney's performance on 29/11, given the leap year, is the fact that St Andrew's Day in Scotland falls on 30/11. For those unaware of why St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, it seemingly regards a historic battle set in East Lothian, the Picts and Scots versus the English in the year 832. From Saintly aid at the battle of Athelstaneford:

The Northumbrian army surrounded the Picts and King Angus realised he’d have to turn and fight. The night before the battle, as the forces mustered around him, he prayed for a miracle. According to legend, Saint Andrew came to him in a vision and not only promised that he would survive but also that he would be victorious in battle. King Angus vowed that if this came true he would adopt Saint Andrew as the patron saint of Alba.

As the two armies met the next day it is said that a white cloud formation of a saltire - or X-shaped cross - formed against the blue sky. This highly effective morale-boost encouraged the Picts to fight on, and they triumphed on the battlefield, killing Athelstan and routing the Angle army.

For more on mind control, Leona Lewis, and the symbolism of the letter X, please see my London XXX Olympic handover post Things are not always as they seem.


Friday 28 November 2008

Your World IS Changing. 51/51

Not sure what the 51/51 stands for, not my title, ISIS backwards maybe, but a good video anyway about the Treaty of Lisbon being signed on a Venus transit ( can anyone confirm?) and slave resonating 2012 - must be quite old video as , pre potentially- pointless Irish referendum



Thursday 27 November 2008

Painting by numbers

Grandmaster Flash - "It's like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder"

It is unlikely that those in the UK would be unaware of the ultra-popular annual November television show, I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here, however, for
overseas readers, the basics are that a group of has-been "celebrities" are flown to the "outback" in Australia where they compete in a outdoor camping Big Brother style show with the addition of various trials of bravery and human endurance, perhaps eating witchety grubs and kangaroos testicles or maybe lying buried in a wooden enclosed coffin type structure whilst cockroaches are poured upon them.

Anyway, this
programme is now an annual event, a November ritual, the eventual winner selected through nightly eliminations of the other contestants by means of viewers calling a premium rate telephone number to cast their votes on who they wish to survive. Spellbinding television indeed.

Now, as an individual who was cursed from birth with a numerical compulsion which is somehow still with me, I feel it is my duty to point out a couple of synchronicities which I, personally, read into the voting hotline number:

09011 32 32 ?? (viewers with more money than sense would normally add an other two celebrity-specific digits)

The first part, the 09011, is both obvious and self explanatory, another simple reminder of the constant threat of terrorism we live under, 911, nine eleven. Just part of ongoing conditioning;
lest we forget - be scared, live in fear.

The second is perhaps more difficult to establish unless one is of the opinion that the television is supremely hypnotical, the finest tool in the box, maybe even the whole box? in terms of mind conditioning and used in a subliminal manner by those who seek to control us further, the architects of our current Western society, the dreaded Scottish rooted freemason network.

Prince Charles with a witchety grub

For, as a new recruit, or to use correct insider terminology, an apprentice, is initially affiliated to this nefarious organisation on the promise that they are now part of a great group of guys doing great things for humanity, they are issued with what is known as a tracing board - a design which seemingly contains deep secrets of some description. The more boards they digest, the more secrets they learn and this knowledge together with financial contributions ensure a journey, measured in
degrees, up a heirarchical pyramid, the summit being numbered 33. ( Once, many years ago, I thought that perhaps I had been approached to join, but it turned out to be an Amway meeting)

Anyway, as most will know, an awful lot of communication between these freemasonic types is carried out in an occult or hidden manner, by way of "secret"signs, symbols, handshakes and similar; and bearing this in mind whilst looking again at the remaining 32 32 telephone code, we see a pattern. The pattern of a chess or chequer board, the thirty two of each white and black squares, the mainstay of the aforepictured first degree tracing board.

There is however one contestant this year who has never been a celebrity. He used to be a policeman and has already broken down sobbing over the 7/7 London bombings.

His voting number is 1, imagine he wins. That will gives us 09011 323201 or, adding them up, 11 11.


Please also see, if interested in this subject, an early newspaceman essay style post The Role of Television and Celebrity in Mass Manipulation

Tuesday 25 November 2008

The eight hundred billion dollar man

From All paths lead to Rome:

Certainly, change-loving US President-to-be Barack Obama, seems to have taken Gordon's economic credit crisis busting strategy to heart, at least the first part:

& fresh from the BBC, US Fed announces $800bn stimulus :

The Federal Reserve is to inject another $800bn (£526.8bn) into the US economy in a further effort to stabilise the financial system.


Beasts of Wales

This news story from the BBC resonates with so much of the content of this month's newspaceman postings: Scotland, (free)masons; hell, maybe even the Wales' and the post 2012 "golden age", but more directly, the pigs and dogs of Orwell's Animal Farm in relation to today's emerging New World, economic or otherwise.

In the novel, which personally I feel is a allegory of human nature
per se, top pig Napoleon produces 9 wolf-type dogs which he uses to establish order:

"... But just at this moment Napoleon stood up and, casting a peculiar sidelong look at Snowball, uttered a high-pitched whimper of a kind no one had ever heard him utter before. At this there was a terrible baying sound outside, and nine enormous dogs wearing brass-studded collars came bounding into the barn.

At first no one had been able to imagine where these creatures came from
, but the problem was soon solved: they were the puppies whom Napoleon had taken away from their mothers and reared privately.

Photos from my May post, German shepherd:

And, from todays BBC report, PCS sentenced for pet dog kicking:

Two North Wales Police officers have been given community sentences after being filmed kicking and throwing their pet dogs around their back yard.

Anja Mason, 29, and Craig Macleod, 34, were filmed by a neighbour who watched the abuse at a house in Prestatyn

Beasts of England, Beasts of Ireland,
Beasts of every land and clime,
Hearken well, and spread my tidings
Of the Golden future time.


see also Orwell today and
wrong way wizard(esoterically)

Monday 24 November 2008

K9 2 666

Those who immerse themselves in synchronicity will be well pleased with this little gem from Red Ice creations latest interview with genius (some might say plagiarist) Jake Kotze, others will find this post utter drivel so may as well stop reading.

On the you tube video there is a moment of "comedy genius" - exactly when the clock shows 4.15/9.03 a man is heard shouting in the background "Spencer" and a dog begins barking loudly.

So what you might say, the interview has been somehow slightly fouled up. Think again, consider adding the numerals in the time display at the exact moment of interruption, a total of 22, 2 x 11, resonating the double K, a favourite of Jake's.

Then think of the context of the interview, the J.C. movie star resonating Christ, and Jake's belief in an unquantifiable yet fantastic future for humankind post Mayan 2012, seemingly a sort of an all encompassing one-ness lifting us to another level.

Then consider the dogs clearly heard name, Spencer; think Lady Diana, think Prince William, think God works in mysterious, sorry ultra mysterious, ways.


ps if anyone has the capability to cut and paste the actual screen clip image from you tube, then please, I would be most grateful.

pps more on Kotze and Jesus in what can only be described as superlative (and I don't lick arses) writing, at De Black Whole.

Sunday 23 November 2008

Straight from the horses mouth..

Considering knackers yards (think Boxer) together with my recent Animal Farm post then, potentially synching magnificantly with my last Mayan calender 2012 Sagittarius equine related black-arts beauty, here is yet another ominous tale from freemasonic top-place-to-live-and-grow-old-gracefully Scotland - surely the root of this current midden that we call, euphemistically, a global society.

From the ever reliable BBC, headline Care worker admits Red Rum charge:

A care worker has admitted a charge of placing oversized false teeth in a man's mouth and likening him to the racehorse Red Rum.

Janet Cameron, 43, of Inverness, also admitted conducting herself in a disorderly manner and dripping water on the face of a resident at a home.


Skulduggery leaping

Etymology of hub:

1511, perhaps from
hubbe, originally "lump," the source of hob of a fireplace and hobnail, as in boots. A wheelwright's word, not generally known or used until c.1828; it reached wider currency in connection with bicycles. Meaning "center of interest or activity or importance" first recorded 1858 in writings of Oliver W. Holmes.

Bearing in mind my my last post noting the meaningful coincidence, or synchronicity, relating to the
Luciferian Treaty of Lisbon, and the current worldwide "Gordon Brown" masterminded restructuring of our global capitalist economies ( based on a Scottish blueprint), then do we perhaps see another esoteric hint of potential forthcoming ominous tidings for humanity reflected in this report from the BBC, "Indiana Jones" skull on display ; a report detailing that the famed, purportedly Mayan, Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull (nicknamed the Skull of Doom or Skull of Atlantis) is to be displayed in Edinburgh today, SUNday 23/11/2008, for one day only:

A crystal skull - said to be the work of an ancient south American civilization - is to go on public display in Edinburgh on Sunday.

It is claimed the skull, which is named after English adventurer and author FA Mitchell-Hedges, inspired the latest Indiana Jones film.

Some people believe it is 3,600-years-old, others claim it is a fake.

The one-day viewing at the Hub on the Royal Mile has been organised by the Histories and Mysteries Conference.

And of the history of the building now called the Hub:

The historic, grade A listed building forms an integral part of the architectural fabric of Edinburgh. Constructed between 1842 and 1845 and originally named Victoria Hall, it was built as the Assembly Hall and offices for the Church of Scotland. The architects were James Gillespie Graham and Augustus Welby Pugin.

In 1956, the building was named the Highland Tolbooth St John’s Church following the union of the Church of Scotland and the United Free Church.

The Edinburgh International Festival acquired the building in 1995 and it underwent a huge transformation before opening to the public in July, 1999.

Notwithstanding my previously documented Royal Mile/ Bank of Scotland/Church of Scotland Assembly connections with Gordon Brown, our Monarchy, and this historic venue, we must again bear in mind here my recent observation that given this is a leap year, the date 23/11 would normally be 22nd November, approximately when the sun moves into Sagittarius, but exactly the date of sun-king JFK'S assassination amongst other things.

We find a straight
(all things considered) answer in aferrismoon's recent posting, BARAK@MUN:

"Hebrew: hargol, meaning: "leaper"

Mention of it is made only in Lev. 11:22, where it is obvious the word cannot mean properly the beetle. It denotes some winged creeper with at least four feet, "which has legs above its feet, to leap withal." The description plainly points to the locust (q.v.). This has been an article of food from the earliest times in the East to the present day. The word is rendered "cricket" in the Revised Version."
Interesting as it mentions Lev: 11.22 which = The first 'true' Soviet Hydrogen Bomb - 11/22/1955 and the 8 years later Killing of the Sun-King JFK Ritual on 11/22/1963. The killing = A Greening ritual - Life-Sex-Death.
Thus the Hargol meaning LEAPER relates to RESURRECTION


Wednesday 19 November 2008

All paths lead to Rome

Remember last January. When the losses of French financial "rogue trader" Jerome Kerviel came to light, his employers, Societe Generale, responded by offloading vast quantities of stock to a half empty marketplace (America was on a Monday holiday), the stock exchanges throughout the globe fell sharply due to the supply/demand imbalance and America herself responded to these falls, seemingly in ignorance of the actual root "fraud-based" cause, by cutting interest rates by 0.75%, the largest reduction for 26 years. (see Give 'em enough rope)

Since then, as predicted, the entire global economic system has gone into freefall, total meltdown really, with entire banks, insurance companies, and even countries going bankrupt. Nevertheless, from this disarray we have seen the glimmers of a rebirth, a global restructuring plan led by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, seemingly an expansion of his idea for Britain to spend it's way out of this dilemma; spending by means of tax cuts, cuts paid for by further inter-continental borrowing from somewhere/one. In the interim, our government provides funding for ailing banks who otherwise would be virtually worthless entities based on current market conditions, the funding provided by additional share issues, thus diluting the bank's "value" and transferring a substantial stake to the state.

Yet this latter funding is not available to all who go cap-in-hand to the UK government. For example, two of the major UK Banks shareholders are due to vote in the next couple of months over a proposed merger which would create the largest bank in the UK. Some leading economic business types and ex bankers have publicly told how this would-be partnership is probably not in the best interests of the general shareholders or
employees however our government have simply advised that they will not provide funding at such generous rates to the individual establishments, Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) and Lloyds TSB, rather they point to the far more shareholder expensive arrangement made recently between Barclays and the Saudi government as an example of what the options are otherwise.

Barclay's eagle

In other words, shareholders vote for the merger or it is likely that they see their "investments" plunge even further than the 80-90% they already have during the last year. Some may consider it bullying, anyway the tactics worked today, as we read from the BBC, Lloyds TSB approves HBOS takeover :

Lloyds TSB shareholders have voted in favour of taking over HBOS as well as taking government bail-out money.

On Tuesday, the chancellor warned that shareholders could receive much less cash if the deal falls through.

This is not of course done and dusted because Halifax Bank of Scotland shareholders still have to vote on the merger, this being scheduled for 12th December, although it seems highly unlikely, given the options, that this will not happen.

In the interim though, Ingliston Headquarter based (see my recent ruby shoes day post) Royal Bank of Scotland's shareholders vote tomorrow, 20/11/2008, on whether to accept £20billion of government bailout monies - the venue the Church of Scotland's (what would Jesus think?) Assembly Hall in Edinburgh, the same venue that PM Gordon Brown revealed his global moral vision to church ministers on 17th May this year at their annual gathering

Let's assume they vote yes to the government loan, which seems a likely assumption given the gun-at-the-head situation they are all in given the global crisis, then that just leaves us with the HBOS vote on the 12th December for all of the major Scottish banks to have borrowed vast amounts of money from the state, by selling a substantial stake in themselves at what, in reality, are knock-down prices. (However, as noted, the deal that Barclays made with the ultra shady Saudi royal family - fairly unreasonable terms - is cited as the benchmark but remember that Gordon Brown visited the Saudi's two days after this as detailed within in A real dead ringer for love )

Is there anything special about the 12th December ?

There is if you consider that this year is a leap year and an extra day has been slotted in. Thus what is the 12th would be the 13th without the addition and last December 13th, St Lucy's Day,(the longest night of the year prior to the Gregorian calendar reformation, Lucy itself perhaps from Lucifer - the light bringer) was the date of the occult ritual ridden signing of the Saint Jerome dedicated European Treaty of Lisbon as noted in my must- read post Going back to our roots.

EU Logo - Note 666's embedded, who's being farmed ?

So, on the solar anniversary, or birthday of the Treaty of Lisbon signing, we see another major Scottish rooted bank's shareholders meeting which is almost certain to agree with a merger costing thousands of jobs and furthermore, a substantial multi- billion pound loan from the State. The last of the main players to do so.

Within a year we have seen our entire global financial system crash. Scottish born Gordon Brown, the man who signed the Treaty of Lisbon on his own, later in the afternoon than the other thirteen pairs of "leaders", is leading the charge for the G20 group and as noted, has masterminded a blueprint which he expects the other nations to follow - to borrow funds now to stay economically afloat, these funds to be paid back later by means of additional taxes, once the economy improves. In the interim, the state control (via their massive shareholdings) the banks who in turn the citizens owe money to in terms of their mortgages and loans; the enormous amounts of individual debt when looked at
logically, surely making the State's acquisitions a veritable bargain.

And so from this new Scottish rooted and founded, European backed and globally aimed blueprint for global economic stability , we will see the new world economic order roll out, rather like the establishment of this current Western economic system by the Scottish rooted freemasons, back in the 1600's.

Certainly, change-loving US President-to-be Barack Obama, seems to have taken Gordon's economic credit crisis busting strategy to heart, at least the first part, the borrowing now to fund the "spending", from his recorded interview with CBS News "60 minutes" (per the BBC's Robert Peston's blog):

"Barack Obama said last night that he would do whatever it takes" to "avoid a deepening recession" and that "we shouldn't worry about the deficit next year or even the year after."


Monday 17 November 2008

Angelic Upstarts ?

This is apt considering my last two posts; we read today from the BBC of an astonishing survey result in a study commissioned by children's charity Barnardo's - apparently over half of 2021 adults questioned believe that UK children behave like animals.

Furthermore, from the report, headlined UK society condemning children :

More than a third of those surveyed also agreed that "it feels like the streets are infested" with children, while 43% said something had to be done to protect adults.

Around 49% said they disagreed with the statement that children who "get into trouble" were "misunderstood" and needed professional help

One wonders what exactly the "something" will be "to protect adults", it almost runs parallel with the ubiquitous threat of "terrorism" and the introduction of identity cards, biometrics etc.

Yet, remember it is us, all of us, who allowed and still allow this inhuman slave-based society to be created and maybe, just maybe, these animal-like children somehow "know" better and it is our adults who are in dire need of help.


Saturday 15 November 2008

Animal Farm

One of the major media stories this week in the UK was the shocking tale of the torture of a baby. Disturbing images have been repeatedly shown of a battered child, whilst we ourselves are, quite rightly, naturally tortured by the list of horrific injuries inflicted by the infant's mothers boyfriend over a fairly substantial period of time.

Yet, although this particular case - Baby P. - shows a graphic example of individual physical torture against a defenceless human, what about the global society we are currently creating for future humans - is it really going to be a pleasant life for them, born into what seems, to me, like bonded slavery.

For a glimpse as to how humanity could progress we need to go back to 2006 for this story from the BBC, Taiwan breeds green-glowing pigs:

Scientists in Taiwan say they have bred three pigs that "glow in the dark".

They claim that while other researchers have bred partly fluorescent pigs, theirs are the only pigs in the world which are green through and through.

The pigs are transgenic, created by adding genetic material from jellyfish into a normal pig embryo.


Monday 10 November 2008

Degrees in Motion?

Continuing in the same vein as recent posts:

On the day that Barack Obama visited George W Bush at the White House for their first meeting since his election victory, we read of a further connection linking Scotland with the first black US president. From today and the BBC - "Obama song" recorded in Scotland:

One of the songs featured in Barack Obama's US presidential campaign was recorded at a college in Glasgow, it has emerged.

Josh White Jr recorded "We Can Do It (Together)" at the sound studios of John Wheatley College's Easterhouse campus in January.

The New York-born singer songwriter recorded "We Can Do It (Together)" in Glasgow through connections with his agent, Doug Yeager.

Excuse the poor quality photograph, but it is the cover of White Jr's '79 classic ( a classic which will be 33 years old come the Olympics 2012), Sing a Rainbow.



Saturday 8 November 2008

Remember, remember, the fifth of November

This is a footnote to my last (ruby slippers) post

First and foremost, and I really should have checked this first, Beckham's boots. The catalogue for the sale by Convery Auctions on 5/11 gives their lot number as 121. Remember Rik Clay who is sadly no longer with us; his work on the Olympics 2012 ( I really should have credited him with the Zion/2012 image I used previously) , Prince William and his thoughts behind the re-occurrence of the numerals 11.11 and what that could perhaps signify ? Well 121 is 11 squared.

Secondly, the
piece de resistance of the 222 lot sale, number 143 (13 x 11) :




inscribed European Cup Final, FC Internazionale, v, Celtic, In Lisbon, 25th May, 1967, with embroidered shamrocks, 28in. (71cm) long

San Siro Football Museum, Milan

The above is the official club pennant produced by Celtic for the customary exchanging of the pennants by the club captains prior to the 1967 European Cup Final, were Celtic became the first British side to win the famous trophy.

A true piece of historical football memorabilia

From my post regarding the occult significance of the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon, in Lisbon, on Lucifer's Day last December. From Going back to our roots:

And as such we can perhaps ascertain that at the centre of the cube is a bloodline all the way back from Rome, and perhaps before. A bloodline of power. A bloodline of Kings. A bloodline marked by the spots from Jerome's lions paw.

Remember Obama's Scottish Roots?:

Mr Salmond said Americans had chosen another president of Scottish descent.

Mr Obama's maternal ancestor, Edward FitzRandolph, is said to have emigrated to America in the 17th Century.

According to genealogists, his ancestry can also be traced to William the Lion, who ruled Scotland from 1165 to 1214.