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Thursday 31 January 2008

Give 'em enough rope

It seems ridiculous to consider that somehow French financial trader Jerome Kerviel and Saint Jerome or Jeronimo are connected in any way other than a simple coincidence of name, yet to my mind, they are.

To realise just how the two Jerome's subtly interact we must look at the bigger picture - the blueprint for a future social structure that appears to have been written hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago. For it is now that we are beginning to see the outcomes which have been planned and plotted for many years; a new order for humanity, but unfortunately for us, an order based on inhuman principles.

What does Jerome Kerviel have to do with this.

First we must understand a fundamental law of capitalist economics. Supply and demand. When goods are in short supply and demand for them high, their cost goes up. When there is little demand and plenty product the price goes down. You will see this concept at work in the shops when purchasing vegetables over the course of a year. For example, broccoli is cheap at the moment; being plentiful.

It seems that Jerome's job involved dealing in colossal sums of "money" in order to exploit microscopic fluctuations of share values in the stock market. It is, to a certain extent, irrelevant. What is relevant is that his employers, Societe Generale, sold vast quantities of Jerome's stock "holding" on Monday 21st January, thus forcing stock prices down in the bargain. America was holidaying that day and therefore not trading: as such the French bank was offloading to a half empty marketplace

Thus, when the aforementioned economic rules of supply and demand are applied, we can see that there was less demand on the Monday because America was shut. Additionally, S. Generale had an astonishing £37 billion worth of Jerome's stock to unload in order to redeem his position, which increased the "supply" to the financial markets and thus reduced the share price accordingly.

Then on the Wednesday, the "fraud" seemingly as yet still not common knowledge, the Federal Reserve cut U.S. interest rates by 0.75%, the largest reduction for 26 years, citing the slump in stock market values as rationale.

It is now, in my opinion, that you are seeing the beginning of the end for America's financial system. Like any structure built on shaky foundations - in this instance debt - once it starts to crumble and the cracks appear then it wont be long before total collapse ensues. Jerome Kerviel being the final catalyst for the inevitable economic meltdown.

But this is all part of the New World blueprint, for as shocking and unbelievable as it may sound, this was always meant to happen. It was not so much on the cards as the cards themselves. It is why America is what it is and was designed by a Grand Architect of some description.

Jerome and America were destined to fail.

And, as America writhes in it's death throes, a birth is simultaneously occurring. A new Europe, bound by the Treaty of Lisbon and seemingly dedicated, given the numerous "coincidences", to none other than Saint Jerome and his lion.

Everything has to be dismantled before it is rebuilt.

Intercontinental alchemy.


BBC report is here.

Wednesday 30 January 2008

Snapdragon Towers

Sporting Clube de Portugal -
The Lions (of Lisbon)

The Lion Rampant, Royal Standard of Scotland

"An earlier recorded Scottish Royal standard featured a dragon, which is known to have been used at the Battle of the Standard in 1138"

Referring to yesterday's post on the 12 day debate being launched on 29/01/2008.
A numerical coincidence: Take the 29, add the two digits, gives you 11. Then take the 1 and add it to the 2, gives you 3. Leave the 8 alone.

You get 1138.
Of course 3 plus 8 is 11 as well.


Saturday 26 January 2008

Burns Night

It's Friday 25th January and Mr. o' Shanter is exhausted; physically, mentally and spiritually.

It has been a hard week for him at work as team leader in the Bank call centre, many staff have phoned in ill complaining of the winter vomiting virus, some others have been signed off for longer, citing stress and depression as validity for non appearance. Even Mr o'S. is a bit down at the moment, the weather has been miserable, wet 'n windy, a typical Scottish January nowadays.

He got home to his rundown flat till about 7 and by the time he reached for the whisky bottle the clock had struck eight. He hadn't finished till 6, stopping off at the chippy for a haggis supper after working late to try to compensate for the skivers. Since then he has been watching the telly - a lot of nonsense really - but nothing better to do, and, more importantly, it kept his mind off his growing financial problems; most of his salary went to his ex-wife and kids and it all constantly niggled at the back of his mind.

As the clock on the telly struck ten, Thomas poured himself a large glass from his rapidly emptying bottle. It was time for the news.

As always it was mostly war and misery. Northern Rock, Afghanistan, American elections etc. etc. Thomas' spirits slipped down. And down.

To close was a story on writer Martin Amis. It featured Mr Amis discussing his views on Muslims in the light of the September 11th and 7th July incidents. Images were provided. Thomas reflected for a while and staggered to his cupboard. He got out the big bottle of white spirit and an old rag that he had brought for decorating the flat before going downstairs to the Asian shopkeepers. "Fucking Paki bastards."

He tried to pour it through the letterbox but it splashed back over him. "Bastards" Nevertheless, he put his lighter to the fabric he carried and flames burst up. Thomas was too drunk to realise what was happening at first, then he felt the heat. "Bastards." By this time his hair was ablaze, his nylon jacket melting onto his skin. "Bastards." He fell to the ground, still muttering then screaming.

"and in an instant all was dark"


You can see the actual report here.

Tam o' Shanter

Mary Rose/Cutty Sark given restoration funding

Jerome and the Lion strike again

Probably just a coincidence that the mysterious French stock trader who lost 3.7 billion pounds is called Jerome.

And that the Federal Reserve of the United States of America reduced their interest rates by 0.75% in order to attempt to avoid a slump on stocks and share prices - seemingly without knowing anything about Mr Kerviel's employers, the French bank Societe General, offloading his dubious investment purchases en masse and thus creating a falling equity market which the "Americans" were seemingly attempting to negate by means of the aforementioned reduction.

I suppose it's another coincidence that George Bush Jnr. became the 43rd President of America on 13th December 2000, exactly 7 years before the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon.

Beating Al A Gore - or should that be allegory, perchance ?

(more on photo below)

Pause for thought ?

Friday 18 January 2008

Communication in Mysterious Ways

Way back in 1983 we had the film Local Hero.

The basic plot was that an American, comet-hunting, business tycoon called Felix Happer was attempting to purchase a picturesque fishing village in Scotland and turn it into an oil refinery. He sent a representative called Mac (MacIntyre) to arrange this, however it was not quite as simple as it seemed due to a hermetical beach-combing character called Ben Knox. Eventually, Mr Happer flies over, chills with Ben in his shanty-town style beach home and decides instead to build an astronomical observatory and research facility. The best bit in my opinion is when Ben holds up the sand from the beach and asks "Mac" for a pound for every grain.

Anyway, I digress. One of the main locations used for filming was that of the fishing village of Pennan in Aberdeenshire, Scotland - in particular the red telephone box or kiosk which Macintyre utilised in order to provide a running commentary back to Mr Happer detailing the Northern LIghts or Aurora Borealis which were visible in the night sky at the time. Since the filming, Pennan has become a tourist attraction, fans of the film travelling from all curves of the globe to see the famous box, and steep or marinade themselves in the beauty, tranquility and general ambiance of the place.

In what seems a simple case of truth following fiction (see Brave New World), Mr. Donald Trump, an American tycoon with a Scottish Grandmother (haven't they all) has attempted to purchase an area of North Scotland, including part of a nature type reserve or SSSI. His intention is to build an executive housing estate under the guise of a luxury hotel and golf course. One individual, a local smallholder Michael Forbes, has refused to sell his portion of land and additionally there is strong local opposition in certain quarters, especially given the conservation argument.

Initially, the local planning group voted against the monstrosity, however in a move without precedent, the new Scottish Government headed by Alex Salmond (who is coincidentally the Member of Parliament for Pennan) has intervened, and the legal, local decision uniquely overruled , a new review to be undertaken and, therefore, a potentially new outcome to the matter - in favour of Trump's golf plan.

Yet, back in scenic Pennan, all is not well. Last August a mudslide hit the village, causing widespread, unprecedented damage and, according to a local resident of 25 years, "turning the sea red with mud as far as the eye can see". You can read the BBC report here .

Only last week, the final bill for the clean up operation was revealed, some £50,000. Furthermore, it appears that the local council have warned that the cost of protecting the village from a similar future potential Act of God could run into £600,000. Additionally, a dispute has arisen between local Laird Julia Watt and local residents over compensation. The local report is here as regards this latest matter, it should perhaps be also said that this is not the first time that the Laird and her community have fallen out over feudal law, back in 2000 another stramash occurred, you can read about it here in a long article from the Sunday Herald.

When your writer hears of Alex Salmond, Scottish political leader, cosying up to Donald Trump due to his money - and therefore power and influence - he thinks of a line from Nostradamus: "poison under the heads of salmon"; although he concedes that it may have not been the seer's intention.

Just for the record, the famous telephone box was spared the recent onslaught.


Time to answer ?

Tuesday 15 January 2008

Welsh Wizardry

Paul Burrell, Princess Diana's former butler appeared on I'm a Celebrity... Get me out of here and finished second, way back in 2004.

Cerys Matthews, Welsh crooner, was on the same show in November last year. She "fell in love" with another contestant, Marc Bannerman, who then subsequently split with his fairly long standing partner.

Camilla and Charles - Prince of Wales


Sunday 13 January 2008

MacLantis - The West Lothian Question

Allow me if I may to briefly resurrect, Dallas style, Patrick Duffy and the Man from Atlantis; well Atlantis anyway.

These quotes are from The Lost Continent , written by Aleister Crowley, depicting his vision of Atlantean society.

"Honour thy father and thy mother." On the contrary, they worshipped their children, as if to say: "This is the God whom I have made in my own likeness."

"The whole population was put to perpetual hard labour. The young and active tended the amphibians, grew the corn, collected the shell-fish, gathered the "bread from heaven" for their elders, and were compelled to reproduce their kind. At twenty they were considered strong enough for the factory, where they worked in gangs on a machine combining the features of our pump and treadmill for sixteen hours of the twentyfour."

"The language of the plains was simple but profuse. They had few nouns and fewer verbs. "To work again" (there was no word for "to work" simply), "to eat again," "to break the law" (no word for "to break the law again"), "to come from without," "to find light" ("i.e. "to go to the phosphorus factory) were almost the only verbs used by adults. The young men and women had a verb-language yet simpler, and of degraded coarseness. All had, however, an extraordinary wealth of adjectives, most of them meaningless, as attached to no noun ideas, and a great quantity of abstract nouns such as "Liberty," "Progress," without which no refined inhabitant could consider a sentence complete."

And from from Queen Victoria as regards Scotland:

"This most beautiful country, which I am proud to call my own, where there was such devoted loyalty to the family of my ancestors"

This week, Trevor McDonald, returns to the ITN news programme which is also being rescheduled to go "head to head" with the BBC's at 10 each evening. Ever wondered how so many black people have got Scottish surnames ? See Kunta/Toby/Roots again and remember who actually founded the United States of America as it is today. This post I wrote last year might help clarify your thinking, if indeed it needs clarified.

I took this picture today in Livingston New Town, West Lothian, Scotland.

This sculpture is known as the NORgate (North gate?) and sits on the Deer Park roundabout, just off junction four on the M8 motorway. To the right is a hill called Dechmont Law. It was there that a famous UFO/abduction case took place, involving a Mr Bob Taylor. Check the date it happened, 9/11 (UK). You can read about it here.

Maybe 5 miles further on (as the Craft flies) in the same direction, vaguely north west, you will come across Torphichen Preceptory, a place that those of you who are interested in Rosslyn Chapel and the Knights of the Templar will find worthy of investigation. I believe it has a starring role in a forthcoming film.

Close by is Cairnpapple Hill an ancient burial ground; it is said that the graves contained therein were those of giants.

cheers M8s ("
They had few nouns and fewer verbs.")

For those interested in the true history of our "human" world, please see here.

And the West Lothian Question ? - Enoch Powell can be credited with this.

Prince William visits Faslane, Scotland

Saturday 12 January 2008

Order in the New World

Some say that a shadowy organisation hell bent on global domination are working behind the scenes, intent on creating a totalitarian global metropolis that our microchipped children will inherit.

This organisation is referred to as the New World Order.

I disagree entirely.

A New World Order, or NWO, is not an organisation. It is more a state of being.

First definition of order in my Little Oxford Dictionary is "state of regular arrangement and normal functioning".

Of course, we could all keep hunting and, if we do so, I will guarantee that eventually we will be successful.

But by then dear friends it will be too late


Chips on the table ?

Thursday 10 January 2008

Root Causes

Most of us will remember the 70's TV show called Roots. It was the story of a black man called Kunta who was taken from his birthplace in Africa in chains, destination America, to be a slave for the white man. Kunta got half his foot chopped off for trying to escape. It was harsh.

Similarly, most will have watched the early eighties Omen film, about a young chap called Damien who was apparently the antichrist from the Bible. Damien had the number 666 as a birthmark on his head, animals and birds were scared of him and wherever he went, death and misfortune followed.

So, when we think of slavery, we think of Kunta, his chopped foot and men chained together. When mention is made of an antichrist we think of Damien, his triple six birthmark and terrifying (for the animals) visit to the Zoological Park

These are perceptions which have been instilled within us, simply by watching programmes or films and perhaps not thinking about it too deeply.

The antichrist is, according to Biblical prophecy, a likeable popular chap at first, bringing peace and harmony to a fragile and miserable war ravaged global world. He is initially seen as the saviour of mankind but, after a few years, he becomes a tyrant. There is no mention of him scaring animals or having a birthmark.

Slavery does not need physical chains, like Roots, to be slavery. Our bonds are mental and were cleverly designed. Fear, greed and envy are but three of the devices employed in our own collective growing entrapment. In essence, we are creating our own living hell - although the equipment is being provided for us.

We live in a highly advanced nuclear technological age. Surely with just a little foresight we can see what is ahead. A microchipped, slave, soul-less population, unable to think for themselves and ruled by a tyrannical and harsh antichrist figurehead.

A new Atlantis, this one minus Patrick Duffy and his webbed fingers.


Tuesday 8 January 2008

Happy New Year

"To our human mind, personal friendship represents one of the most cherished values and any social organisation not built upon its basis inspires us with a chilling sense of the inhuman. However, even the simple and innocuous mechanisms of anonymous flocking can turn into
something not only inhuman but truly terrible. In human society these mechanisms remain more or less hidden, being superseded by non-anonymous well-organised relationships between individuals, but there is contingency in which they erupt with the uncontrollable power of a volcano and gain complete mastery over man, causing behaviour that can no longer be called human. This horrible recrudescence of the ancient mechanisms of flocking behaviour occurs in mass panic. I was once an unwilling witness of the sudden emergence and rapidly snowballing effect of this process of dehumanization, and if I was not drawn into its vortex it was only because, thanks to my knowledge of flocking behaviour, I had seen the approaching danger sooner than the others and had time to guard against my own reactions. To me there is small pride in the memory ; on the contrary, no one can put much trust in his own self mastery who has ever seen men more courageous than himself, men fundamentally disciplined and self controlled, rushing blindly along, closely huddled, all in the same direction, with eyes protruding, chests heaving, and trampling underfoot everything that comes in their way, exactly like stampeding ungulates, and no more accessible to reason than them."

Konrad Lorenz, On Aggression.

Squeezing out human principles