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Thursday 11 October 2007

BBC TV News Review - Wednesday 10th October

We commenced with Huw Edwards as host on the BBC News at 10, first report regarded the High Court decision on the nationwide distribution of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth to ourlchildren via their educational resource centre, or school, as it used to be known . Judge Justice Burton heavily criticised the film, describing it as alarmist, and provided nine points, which the movie claims as facts, but which are either not so, or have not been proved so. Guidance notes will now be given to all schools and we are dependent on teachers reading these to pupils once they have viewed the film. We heard that this will be an embarrasment for Gore, he takes his work seriously apparently and furthermore, may affect his running in the annual Nobel peace prize competition.

Reporter Gavin Hewitt followed with a special report on obtaining property insurance in areas flood damaged by the storms in July. He flew by helicopter over Tukesbury again, "the town that became an island" before landing and speaking to a couple of locals. First was Mr Socker, (perhaps Sucker) who has had the misfortune to purchase a property in a known flood area. It seems that he will be struggling to obtain insurance cover. Second was Mr Clemence (show some clemency), who had also been flooded but claimed it was not really fair about changes in insurance underwriting, as he had not made a claim for 40 years. We saw many images of the past flooding to illustrate this feature.

Politics was next - images of Gordon Brown and David Cameron having a heated debate or argument were shown as we heard yet again that "the past makes way for the future" and of a "changing balance of power at Westminster".

The trial has begun of five Muslims accused of organising terrorist training camps in the UK. Images of turban coloured individuals partaking in paintballing were displayed, it appears that this was in fact part of their education, we saw them clambering over logs etc. with their paint loaded assault rifles before moving on to their street preaching and links with the 7/7 bombers. One apparently boasted that the 52 dead in the 7/7 bombings "would not do him for breakfast".

Judge Chubb, the man blown up his shed whilst his wife gathered the washing, followed, as today his bird on the side, or mistress, Kerry Sparrow, gave evidence at the inquest into his death. She claimed that there is no way he would have committed suicide however at one point stormed out of the courthouse during questioning.

Posties strike, we saw covert pictures of cages full of mail, the backlog we were assured. Talk was of "Spanish practices" and to this end we saw a post office informant, his face obscured and voice disguised, he told he works three hours and gets paid for eight. To close we saw the strikers, gathered round the ubiquitous fire-in-the-oil-drum, a right gang of ner-do-wells and bad eggs, or we so are led to believe.

Another school shootinhg in America, 2 adults and two children shot before a suicide, the culprit is said to have had a "history of violent and erratic behaviour.

Our health service is improving, 3000 psychotherapists are to be recruited to help with the growing problem of anxiety and depression. We heard that these are the most common mental illnesses and that the majority of counselling will be carried out via the telephone, which I find astounding. It seems that sufferers are "locked into negative ways of thinking" (some might say logical, although they would be depressed - catch 22), and that cognitive behaviour therapy may be of assistance, indeed "transform the lives of millions." Yesterday was in fact "a significant day in the history of psychotherapy".

To close, another report on progression, this one pop art including Warhol c1967 - particularly Marilyn Munroe. We heard details of an exhibition of works at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Particular reference was made to Munroe, in particular we heard of a "secular chapel devoted to her", and that she was an "icon", made from "a kind of magic" and of "art of the ordinary person". Almost a people's princess, remind you of anyone ? Make up your own mind, the link is here. It's all in a similar vein.


Terrorists at training camp ?



aferrismoon said...

Great shot of we Lachlann, are u predicting a carrot-top, or some animistic magic by dear father that he'll be a big lad when he's full grown.
Noted the stuff about Prince William and his pre-monarch birth pains.
Are we subtly being preprogrammed for a new, wait for it, King Billy.
Make mine a double, preferably a White Horse

Newspaceman said...

Hiya afferismoon, He could have a carrot top, his cousin does so maybe, who knows. I was not feeling too great yesterday morning due to lack of sleep, then when I pulled that carrot out, it made me feel a lot better about life and a decent future for him.

Following on from that, you are spot on with the King Billy/Arthur - its all go now, we just need the Diana enquiry result and either the existing royalty/establishment, or media, getting the blame - it seems unlikely anyone else will. I keep thinking of chess, sacrifices and the final outcome.

The Omen trilogy did not do our collective thinking too much good, everyone expects the antichrist to be an evil, nasty bit of work, the Bible says otherwise, although i am not a basher by any stretch of the imagination.

Maybe Di and Wills will be worshipped, like Gods. The 108th level at Wembley and the relationship in size between the earth and sun. The Sun God reincarnates for another age.

There is a White Horse Tavern in the Royal Mile, been there since 1600 or so I think, never been in. Funnily enough, I dug a bit/fragment of a white horse promotional bar item last week, a matchstriker I think. It was a "by appointment" brand at one time, 1930's & 40's I think.