Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Friday 30 April 2010

April Powers

Starting where we finished up last time, the "dragon" serving "British Royal" family and their love of war, from the BBC today we read of dashing Prince Harry and news released by St James' Palace that he has passed his pilot's course, qualifying him to fly Lynx and Apache helicopters with a possibility of another shift in the 'Stan. (Bay City Stroller)

As the reader may know, often I am drawn to the blue-bloods "connection" with and ambitions for Scotland (indeed Edinburgh), tying in with the above military theme and my previous post, Wednesday saw the return of the 3rd Batta-lion, The Rifles, to their base at Redford after a tour in Southern Afghanistan where they incurred heavy losses.

Today another Royal/Scotland story: apparently persons unknown have attempted to steal the replica Stone of Destiny from Scone, removing and replacing it on Wednesday - Thursday, before bizarrely leaving it in the palace grounds - although with the brass tourist plaque removed. The reader should be aware that the original - if it is indeed that - is held at Edinburgh Castle and that it is likely that Prince William will be crowned upon it.

Last but not least, Edinburgh again, the annual "Mayday" Beltane Fire Festival will be held at Calton Hill tonight. Whilst there are a myriad of tales that could be told regarding the "black hill", what is pertinent given the "new world order" agenda is that on top of the city centre mound - indeed where the procession begins - sits the Scottish National Monument - a replica Greek Parthenon (Acropolis). The only thing about it is that they ran out of money whilst building it in 1829, the project still unfinished. Topical, given the this week's shenanigans in the "money markets" and the future technological global enslavement of humanity.

Bear in mind given last month's posts that the highlight/purpose of the Beltane is the reincarnation of the Green Man.


Notes - please see comments section last post re some interconnected and relevant St. Columba/Loch Ness Monster material .(Bear in mind the Stone of Destiny, some say Columba brought it here)

The Rifles and comrades will march from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood next Saturday, 8th May. This is exactly the same route (down the Royal Mile) that the Pope will travel on 16th September , a palindromic 131 days later.

Top images, badges of The Rifles (hunting horn?)

Bottom image - Scottish National Monument - Note sphinx-like, volcanic Arthur's Seat and Holyrood to left

BBC - 3rd Rifles return.
BBC -Stone of Destiny.
wiki- Calton Hill
Scottish National Monument.
Beltane Fire Festival.
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Tuesday 27 April 2010

Enter the Dragon

"and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority."

H.M. the Queen visited Caernarfon in Wales today, reacquainting herself with the historic castle where eldest son Charles was investitured as Prince in 1969, her only other visit there since in 1975.

The BBC have a report on it
here which includes vintage footage of the '69 event - the "ich dien" banner above being gobbled up by two enormous dragons either side.

Today, 27/4 (thinking cubes/squares/ Pope due on 16/9), was the anniversary of another royal ceremony, apparently the date of the crowning of David 1st of Scotland on the Stone of Destiny in 1124, some 886 years ago.

David was the one who founded Pope destined
Holyrood Palace after an encounter with a large white stag whilst out hunting in the shadow of volcanic Arthur's Seat. The legend goes that as the beast charged him he called out to God and grabbed it's antlers which miraculously shapeshifted int0 a cross, the deer fleeing. Dave was so grateful he built an Abbey.

The King was also well into fighting and war in a similar vein to today's monarchy. For example he led troops at the Battle of the Standard in 1138 - where the dragon flag was first flown before it's metamorphisis into the Royal Standard of today: the Lion Rampant. We read more from

The actions of the army which invaded England in early 1138 shocked the English chroniclers, Richard of Hexham records

"an execrable army, more atrocious than the pagans, neither fearing God nor regarding man, spread desolation over the whole province and slaughtered everywhere people of either sex, of every age and rank, destroying, pillaging and burning towns, churches and houses".

"For the sick on their couches, women pregnant and in childbed, infants in the womb, innocents at the breast, or on the mother's knee, with the mothers themselves, decrepit old men and worn-out old women, and persons debilitated from whatever cause, wherever they met with them, they put to the edge of the sword, and transfixed with their spears; and by how much more horrible a death they could dispatch them, so much the more did they rejoice."


see Royals and Nobles believe in Dragon Genes for more & links.

Monday 26 April 2010

Project Monarch

Originally it was planned to be a 40 person snake; hat transpired in the London Marathon was a Noah's Ark style, 17 pairs of 2 strong (including Royalty), caterpillar - led by Papa Branson dressed as a butterfly.


also see -Snakers

Sunday 25 April 2010

X marks the spot

Following on from recent vulpine related postings in relation to the Pope/Queen "world-order building" meeting on September 16th, we note that the Government's Foreign Office has become embroiled in a Pope smearing issue, including condoms, and has issued relevant apologies.


F.O. X

Note too from today's Sunday Mail that global sensation, Susan Boyle, will indeed sing for the Pope when he arrives in Scotland. (see my last two posts)


Rubber eraser pictured was Lady Di's.

Friday 23 April 2010

Fantastic Mr. Fox

The fox hits London, "close to Tower Bridge" - we note from the BBC of how Scots born MP, Conservative shadow defence secretary, Dr. Liam Fox's house was broken into on Wednesday evening -the eve of his speech outlining his party's armed forces election manifesto.

Merely a coincidence, given in my last post we dallied with a painting theft and Tolkien's Bilbo who was indeed a burglar ? The tower too is prominent in this theory whilst the bridge aspect adds credence to the Pope/Queen religion merging meeting to be held on 16/9 at Holyrood.

Perhaps, but a quick glance at the honourable doctors
wikipedia entry shows his colours:

"Israel’s enemies are our enemies and this is a battle in which we all stand together or we will all fall divided"

He is a strong believer in the Special Relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States

He has very strong Atlanticist views. He believes that NATO is the cornerstone of the United Kingdom and Europe’s defence and that NATO must have primacy over the European Union including the right of first refusal for all matters relating to the defence of continental Europe.

Looks like a one world order/zion enthusiast to me, whilst the fact that a doctor is heavily involved in killing other humans surely indicates some underlying mental condition ?

However, notwithstanding that, we do find confirmation that we are on the correct trail by means of another wikipedia entrant, the only with the same name, another Scotsman; this Liam Fox born 2/2/1984, a footballer at Livingston FC - a club recently taken to the brink of bankruptcy by it's Italian owner. Now Livingston used to be called Meadowbank Thistle and prior to that Ferranti Thistle, both of whom played their home games in the purpose built stadium for the 1970 Commonwealth Games (in the shadow of Arthur's Seat).

Ferranti was "a major UK electrical engineering and equipment firm known primarily for defence electronics and power grid systems". It ceased trading in 1993, part of it bought by BAE and suchlike.

I leave you with Livingston town's whalebone resonating Norgate (North-gate) sculpture.


BBC - Fox robbed.

Wednesday 21 April 2010

From the Horse's Mouth

The verdict was announced today, Rome Day, in the ongoing trial of the 5 accused men in the Da Vinci Madonna of the Yarnwinder case, two not-guilty's and three not-proven's being the end result. The reader may remember of the journey home for the masterpiece in the safe hands of the "Silver Fox" (pictured above), including an overnight stay on 3rd October 2007 at the Lockerbie Manor Hotel - once the residence of the boxing rules famed Marquis of Queensberry - seemingly a keen horse rider and fox hunter. The date of the stay has just come to light and resonates with the first ever Papal visit to America, in 1965; closer to home it is the date that the Duke of Montrose issued an arrest warrant for outlaw Rob Roy McGregor - the Scottish Robin Hood. (see previous posts all last month)

Saturday past saw the equine Scottish Grand National, held at Ayr, won by a horse called Merigo at odds of twelve to one. This is the first Scottish winner of the event for 28 years, indeed the horse, owned by a couple named Green, was trained at Lockerbie by a chap named Parker.

As we have noted before at newspaceman, 28 years ago was seemingly the last Feast of the Beast - an Illuminati ceremony - and I have pondered whether this year's event is to be held in Scotland, given the forthcoming meeting at the capital's Holyrood (in the shadow of extinct sphinx-like volcano Arthur's Seat) between the head of the green, The Pope, and the head of the Orange, The Queen, X factor singer Susan Boyle to be the virginal sacrifice on the squarely Pythagorean 16/9. (
Come Dine with Me)

The horse Merigo resonates the Italian venturer, Amerigo Vespucci, apparently the namesake for America - that great freemasonically constructed, British controlled, modern day Babylon of the West. This appears to be a contentious issue however, with some claiming the explorer to be a charlatan and a fraud, in fact, almost fox like. Personally I don't even know if he existed, but the apparent date of his death is uncanny, 22nd February 1512. Or abbreviated (UK or US) 22/2/12. Uncanny bearing in mind Prince William's dark appearance in Hello, Issue 1111, on 22/2/10. (
Numbering days)

It appears to myself that perhaps the answer to all this lies within the Da Vinci masterpiece, given the inventor of the helicopters preoccupation with geometry - confirmed by the Pope/Queen visit date - itself confirmed by the historic Papal trip to the US. Within the artwork we see a woman with a boychild who is holding a cross. In the background are mountains. The boy is particularly plumped cheeked with curly hobbit-like hair. (Perhaps the source for Tolkien). Look though at the woman's left "knee", it is out of proportion - something the master would obviously have done deliberately. The hand too, outstretched from her cloak, does not hang comfortably with her body frame - for it is too large and the angles are wrong.

The answer is simple, there are three within the painting, a lady and two others. One, the aforementioned angelic cherub, the second, a beast so hideous it must be covered, it's outstretched hand grasping at the cross for it knows once it has it, the entire world will conquered and enslaved. (again see Tolkien, his Lord of the Rings and the Saturn heavy
astrological chart for the Lockerbie bombing)

The artwork shows the two sides of Prince William: his public side as the forthcoming media sponsored Messiah, here to save the world from environmental disaster, an amalgamation of worshippers from the Catholic and Protestant faiths lauding him as the chosen one for the Age of Aquarius. The Green Man.

Then there is the darker side, a global-society of mind-controlled, self medicating, soul-less humans born to work, collectively pooling their output into space travel, technology and genetic experiments all under the watchful all seeing eye of CCTV and their God-King. All bar-coded for simplicity.


BBC report.

Thursday 15 April 2010

Friends in High Places

As the ash from the one thousand 666 metre high volcano eruption at glacier Eyjafjallajoekull swooped down through the United Kingdom, curtailing all flights in and out of the country, news was broken by St. James's Palace detailing Prince William's forthcoming posting to 22 Squadron, RAF Anglesey - as a helicopter pilot.

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Tricky Times

Sticking with our last tale concerning the fox and Lockerbie, whilst recalling a recent meandering concerning Da Vinci's Madonna of the Yarnwinder, we note from the BBC last week (Da Vinci painting handed over in pub car park) of how lovable Liverpudlian publican, the Silver Fox - aka Robert Graham - after "recovering" the artwork and "returning" it to the Duke of Buccleugh at Drumlanrig Castle whilst gaining a sizeable reward, was forced to take overnight shelter from "rain and traffic problems" - choosing the historical Lockerbie Manor Hotel (Lockerbie House)as his place of overnight rest.

The reader should remember that Lockerbie is named in honour of Loki, Norse god of trickery; the fox's mythological status on a similar par.


Note: We touched previously on Mr Graham in my post Tally Ho, the one about Uri Geller, Lamb Island etc.
Lockerbie Manor and Drumlanrig Castle are both historically intertwined through the Queensberry family
I have some other "happenings" to post about but am struggling for time at moment. Needless to say they all point towards the Pope's visit to the UK -commencing at Royal Holyrood in Edinburgh - on Pythagoras resonating 16/9, and the ongoing rise of Prince William for his forthcoming role as bogus Messiah/Global King.