Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Wednesday 31 December 2014

Another mirror ?

Another day, another Scottish refuse "recycle" truck death.

This time it's in Inverness, just outside the "Highland capital's main council's townhouse".

Police "locked down" the city centre. (BBC News)

The Glasgow incident, just last week, appeared to commence at their council's environmental offices in Royal Exchange. (Mirrors)

If one studies the image up top, one will note the sign "Columba" in the background, possibly referring to the Columba Hotel and Saint Columba, a "bringer" of "Christianity" to Scotland, and the man who first encountered the Loch Ness Monster, on the river rather than the loch, in a palindromic double 11, 565 AD.

We have noted before Aleister Crowley and his belief that Boleskine House on the shores of "monster ridden", Loch Ness, was some type of "energy" magnet for the Aeon of Horus, hence his acquisition, magickal experiments, and subsequent reincarnation of the alleged beast in 1933.

I wrote previously - Otter than July - on how TV animal-man, Terry Nutkins', daughter, Jennifer MacMillan, had cheated death after her vehicle plunged down an embankment at Loch Ness very close to Boleskine. Terry was mentored by Gavin Maxwell, a chap who was successfully cursed by Kathleen Raine OBE, a lady who, it would appear, was intimate with the works of Crowley.

The date of the "accident" was exactly two years ago, 31/01/12


Note that nurse, Pauline Cafferkey, is receiving an "experimental" drug for her Ebola, another pioneer - BBC News (see previous post).

Tuesday 30 December 2014

The "Kaffir-Key" ?

Ebola hit the UK yesterday, specifically Glasgow.

Apparently a nurse, Pauline Cafferkey, has contracted the virus after helping out in Sierra Leone.

She flew back to Scotland via Casablanca and London.

Originally she was, somehow, being treated at Gartnavel Royal Hospital before being moved in a military operation to London's Royal Free Hospital. I say "somehow" because Gartnavel is a "mental health facility", originally a lunatic asylum for the "batty",  with a fairly dubious recent track record in patient care. Maybe "loonies" are, theoretically,  more dispensable.

Pauline hails from Blantyre, as did the famous "explorer" and missionary, David Livingstone. It does not have much else going for it.

The masonic lodge in Blantyre is named after David. It was "Chartered" on 5/2/1877. I don't usually add up digits, but it possibly alludes to 777, given freemasons love their numbers. (Lodge Livingstone)

Today's newspapers are claiming that of the 70 passengers on the flight from London, 63 have been "contacted". That leaves 7 out of 70, a fair cop of 7's.
And another, from 31/1/14
The archives of David Livingston are maintained by the Archives of the University of Glasgow. Wikipedia notes how his field diary, together with other original works, were published online on 11th November 2011. That's a canny bag of 11's.

Bob Geldof announced his plans for an "Ebola band aid" on 11 11.

The image up top comes from the mail on line of this morning. I have my doubts it is the same  Pauline and it has since been removed. However it is, potentially,  reminiscent of someone else charitable.

That someone has hit the headlines this week. Firstly because of a play currently being staged in London which apparently alludes to the premise that Prince Charles is not Prince Harry's father, rather it is James Hewitt. The Telegraph

Whilst secondly, a BBC Panorama programme - Reinventing the Royals - concerning Prince Charles in the aftermath of his wife's death to be shown this weekend, has been shelved, apparently after "pressure". BBC News

Di's flowers - The Queen was in Balmoral when she got the result
It could be that "hero nurse" Pauline is a bit "batty", as allegedly she removed her PPE "alien" protective uniform on Christmas Day to attend a Christmas service, thus contracting the disease. (The Telegraph)

On Christmas Day, in her ritual speech, the Queen broached Ebola.

On Christmas Day, at their annual gathering, Prince Harry was pictured with an Oriental girl who clutched a "royal" and "military" related spoof Batman phone cover. (Natural Born Killers)

Today's BBC claims that Ebola was first contracted by a two year old boy called Emile, playing in a bat-ridden hollow tree. 

Please remember that the Glasgow refuse truck incident from last week began at Royal Exchange, ending at Queen Street train station. Note too that Glasgow Council's environmental department, who oversee waste collections, are based at the R.E. (Mirrors)


Note my post title is not intended to be racist.

Friday 26 December 2014

Natural Born Killers

Keep calm and call Batman, noted the little Oriental girl
Back on 20th July 2012, ginger James "Joker" Holmes, born 13/12, allegedly carried out his Aurora "Batman" rampage.

It rang bells here, given that the very same day Dame Kelly Holmes gratefully received the Olympic torch at the Tower of London from Royal Marine, Martin Williams. From Holmes is where the heart is :
Lord Coe, Chairman of the Games, noted that the Tower was a fitting point for the flame to enter London because "it is where the power and the significance of the Monarch resides".

The time of the "transaction" was 20.12 BST.

I touched on the numerals 2 and 1 in my last post related to the Glasgow refuse truck incident; albeit I do ponder over them often.

Yesterday, Christmas Day, saw the royals ritually attend Sandringham.

"Joker", Prince Harry, was in fine form according to the mail on line.

The "Batman" image up top is from their article.

It is 888 days between the twin Holmes events and yesterday (here)

Apparently, the number 888 carries some weight symbolically, with some claiming it relates to Jesus. Chinese people, in particular, are drawn to the digits, believing them to be lucky.

It is reported that the Queen's speech yesterday drew attention to the now dismantled  ceramic flower-poppy display in the moat of the Tower of London, the last poppy being planted on 11/11 (The jokes on).  The flowers, from date of first planting to the date of commencement of clearance, were in the moat for 119 days. James Holmes vehicle registration number was 119 ROC. Her Majesty also drew attention to the Ebola outbreak, something which Bob Geldof and his daughter Pixie have been deeply involved in. Bob notified us of his intention to  revamp Band Aid on 11/11.

mind blowing mushrooms
On 13th December I told how magic mushrooms had been found in the Queen's gardens, after a discovery by gardening expert, Alan Titchmarsh. The TV programme showing the events was on last night for the first time. The date of the media headlines advertising this was 13 days prior - 12/12.

In my related post - here - I noted some "coincidences" related to both the story and the "little people", concluding it with reference to the football club Glasgow Rangers, who play in red white and blue.

Yesterday's mail on line also tells how Harry "took a shining" to a terrier dog called named Pixie.

Harry and Pixie
The movie, The Shining, made an appearance in the comment section here earlier this month when it was noted that "Brother", Man Haron Moris, of  Lindt chocolate cafe seige fame, was earlier reported to have planned to send 237 baskets of flowers to British families who had lost "loved ones" in Afghanistan.

mind blowing movie


Tuesday 23 December 2014


Back on 19th August 2011, a "dramatic crash scene" for the movie World War Z was being filmed in Glasgow's city centre. It included a large refuse truck, as imaged above. (BBC News)

In August 2011, Paramount announced the movie would be released on 21/12/2012. (wiki)

That deadline came and went though; the film eventually being officially launched on 21st June 2013.

21st December 2012 was the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.

21st June 2013 was the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.

Prince William was born on the sun drenched solstice.

Often I go on about the numbers 1 and 2 and how they seem to appear in a specific, perhaps managed, pattern. Note the Hello magazine front page in the sidebar, for example.

From 19th August 2011 till yesterday, not including the end date is 1221 days. here

1221 is 11 x 111

Yesterday, 22/12, just after the solstice, tragically a refuse truck went out of control in Glasgow's City Centre, careering down Queen Street and killing six. I don't need, nor want to, write any more about it. (BBC News)


Marilyn Manson, Magick, Jodi-Jones and the Clutha  - More on 22.22

Thursday 18 December 2014

From Sydney to St. Andrews

I touched on some possible synchronicities surrounding the Sydney Cafe siege in That's Entertainment.

I recently noted Prince William and Kate's fund raising dinner for St. Andrew's University in the Egyptian Temple of Dendur here, weaving it in with the secretive freemasons and their alleged objective to create a "perfect" society.

Lindt Dragon, courtesy Twilight Language

Earlier this week the Daily Record reported that Katrina Dawson, who was tragically shot in the Sydney siege, is the daughter of Sandy Dawson who recently completed a year as captain of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrew's (R&A).

She is not related to Peter Dawson, the chief executive of the R&A.

The surname Dawson is interesting :

It has more than fifteen entries in the Dictionary of National Biography, and no less than twenty-two coats of arms, and is a patronymic form of the medieval male given name Daw. This is a nickname form of David, adopted from the Hebrew male given name Dodavehu meaning "beloved of Jehovah". This name was borne by the greatest of the early Kings of Israel, and led to its popularity, first among the Jews, and later among the Christians.

Royal Standard of Scotland

There is no doubt that the 'Speculative Freemasons' played a key role in the formation of the golf clubs. Until 1789, the Royal Blackheath GC was open only to Freemasons and for a generation afterwards there was a clique of Masons called the Knuckle Club who played out-of-season on Blackheath to avoid the non-mason members...
The main reason that the members of early golf clubs were Freemasons was because, in the century after 1717, virtually all middle class men of ability in Scotland were Freemasons from senior law officers to skilled artisans as well as poets and writers


In last week's post (here) I noted how Andrew Carnegie had the phrase "let there be light" inscribed above the doors of "his" libraries and that how some might be of the persuasion that this could refer to Lucifer.

My understanding of the gnostic philosophy behind Lucifer is that it is believed that he came to mankind to let them know that far from being the Gods' mates, rather  they were genetically created worker-slaves; caveman x alien. On hearing the news, the human mutants (Adam & Eve) rebelled, and left the Garden of Eden (Atlantis).

Allegedly, the creme de la creme of freemasonry covertly worship both the theory, and indeed the fallen angel himself. Often, attention is lured to a chap called Albert Pike as regards this matter.

13th December is St. Lucy's Day - a date chosen to sign the European Treaty of Lisbon, the one where Gordon Brown symbolically signed the goatskin document late, the other 26 participants marching in earlier, Noah's Ark style.

St. Lucy's Day was, at one time, considered to be the winter solstice, when light begins to "overtake" darkness again; the days getting longer. Some people have claimed that St. Lucy refers in some aspect to Lucifer, given a "light bringing" ritual.

13th December just past was the date chosen by Prince William and Kate to release a new batch of "Baby George" photographs, the first since 21st July. In them the adorable little chap is attired with a jumper emblazoned with thr military, formed in Scotland, Coldstream Guards.

Meanwhile, today's newspapers make the claim that the Queen is set to give notice of her abdication on Christmas Day. Apparently several large wagers have been made on this event, thus the canny bookmakers are refusing any more bets. We can but wait and see.


Monday 15 December 2014

That's Entertainment ?

There seems to be some synchronicities cropping up at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe, Martin Place, Sydney, where, allegedly, some members of the public have been taking selfies and quaffing beer as developments unfold.

We have the 11-9 B B Burger Bro sign. We are not sure if Bro refers to brother.

Open 11 till 9

We have the 7 7 "terrorist" image, we are told he wishes to be referred to as "The Brother".

We have the Matrix, produced by the Wachowski brothers, insofar as Martin Place is concerned. Some people believe that the movie trilogy alludes to the illuminati :

The Lloyd Rees fountain near the intersection of Martin Place and Pitt Street was featured in the film The Matrix, where Neo is distracted by the "Woman in the Red Dress". The fountain has been rebuilt since the film was made. Martin Place was also the location of the final fight between Neo and Agent Smith in The Matrix Revolutions. 

We have a "lady in a red dress", Linzi Stoppard, who previously modelled a Lindt "chocolate" outfit. Linzi is married to Will, who's parents are both knighted; Tom CBE, and medically minded Miriam OBE.

Linzi, apparently, worked on the filmscore for the movie KTD 2020 with a chap called Ben Lee who she also performs with under the explosive band name FUSE. They must have been quiet recently, little appears to have happened since 2011 as per their wiki entries.

In the near future, two contest winners join a cast of starts in a reality game show pandering to the public’s insatiable appetite for sensationalism and celebrity. With instant fame and fortune awaiting the winner, the contestants race through a maze determined to rack up the highest kill count.

Their targets are “regens”: regenerated criminal corpses implanted with deactivation chips for the safety of the players. But the chips fail, and as the players begin to fall, the ratings go through the roof.

From the BBC News timeline @11.52 :

No indications yet as to the hostage takers motives, but Anne Aly, head of the counter terrorism research programme at Australia's Curtin University, told the BBC's Outside Source programme he is likely to be working alone. "Certainly this appears to be the actions of a lone actor, perhaps not very well prepared, perhaps not very well planned, and the indications of the demands that he's making seem very odd for a hostage taking incident where you would expect materialistic or strategic demands to be made in connection with a particular group or cause."


Saturday 13 December 2014

Magic mushrooms, Kings, Queens, Carnegie, and Glasgow Rangers

I like patterns, whether coincidental or not. One could say that yesterday's date, 12/12, is in itself a pattern, certainly they are digits often referred to here.

Yesterday's front page of the tabloid Sun newspaper is imaged above. One hardly imagines that the fact there are "magic mushrooms", the fly agaric toadstool to be specific, in the Queen's garden merits such an appearance - maybe it was a slow news day ? It needs to be noted that this mushroom carries connotations with Christmas, apparently reindeer love them and at one time it was apparently commonplace for the urine of the mammal, or perhaps a human "shaman", to be consumed to provide an otherworld trip. (The Telegraph)

Often, creatures such as goblins, elves  and pixies are imaged with the red and white fungi.

Up in Scotland yesterday we saw some gnomes. No ordinary gnomes, these ones are based on the now defunct group, Oasis. They were unveiled at Glasgow's King Tuts by their creators. (Gnoasis)

I've touched on Oasis before, most memorably when Liam visited Jingling Geordies public house in Edinburgh and declared the city to be "f***ing Biblical, words can't explain it". I wrote about it last year - Magical Scotland - when I incorporated Harry Potter, Aleister Crowley,  Donald Trump, Greyfriars Bobby into the magick energy equation. Liam's new band is called Beady Eye, the image below is fairly revealing, symbolically.

In the very early hours of this morning the BBC reported on how Andrew Carnegie's "lost cabin"  has been discovered. It sits in woodland near Spinningdale beside Fairy Glen. From my post Half Way There :

Someone I know little of is Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish-American industrialist. The main thrust of my understanding comes from a 1970 book titled The Union Jack , with a subtitle of : The Hidden Hand behind the Kingdom of God deception
"The mongrel banner shown on the front cover originated in the mind of a demented tyrant who acquired his mammoth fortune in America  - one Andrew Carnegie. This half Union Jack and half Stars and Stripes mean more than a freak flag waving in the breeze. It represents a Satanic conspiracy to control the world."..

Carnegie loved libraries - although one doubts they carry the aforementioned text - he financed around 2,500 in Britain and Ireland. Apparently, all carry the motto "let there be light" over the entrance. Some contest that light oft refers to Lucifer, the "gnostic" light-bringer
Brand's ex Perry - dripping in MKUltra
Note too on the subject of Spinningdale, that back in 2008, a trawler with the same name crashed onto the rocks of St. Kilda. There was some media coverage concerning a rat problem. I did a bit "digging" back then, and discovered that Spinningdale was littered with stone burial cairns (pyramids) dating back some 5000 years. Futhermore, it was home of actor James Robertson Justice and his collection of hawks. Apparently the latter led to him forming a friendship with Princes Philip and Charles, who regularly visited. (Rateral Thinking)

Yesterday saw deep ramifications in the football club Glasgow Rangers, the ones loyal to King William of Orange and the ones who descended into administration under court reference P221/12 (A micrososm).  Their manager, Ally McCoist, had allegedly resigned. All eyes were on the club and their game last night against Queen of the South,  where, unusually, the Gers were playing in a red strip, QoS in blue.  Today, it is reported that McCoist - a "little people" resonator if ever I saw one - never in fact resigned. Nevertheless, the energies were stirred.
Ally McCoist as a player


Note - castrated dwarves in North Korea (on-synch) -here.


Wednesday 10 December 2014

Mysteries and Histories

I touched on the then forthcoming fundraising dinner for St. Andrews University in my posts here and here, tying in the alleged £64,000 with the chessboard and potential "masonic" symbolism.

Last night the dinner was held in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, specifically the Egyptian Temple of Dendur which pays homage to Isis and Osiris, relocated stone by stone in 1965. Wills waxed lyrical, under the watchful gaze of the dieties, over the Scottish learning centre :

'In particular, St Andrews exists at the pinnacle of a noble Scottish tradition of intellectual freedom and the nurturing – in fact, I would say, flourishing – of arts and science. It feels like a place where no truth goes unquestioned and where there is much more discovering to be done in the world.

In my post yesterday I noted the, potentially spurious, connection between the visit of Kate and Wills to the basketball on the birthdate of Mary Queen of Scots (MQOS), and their meeting with Cavaliers' LeBron James, dubbed King James, given that MQOS' alleged son, James, had a strong hand in the creation of what we know now as the United Kingdom as well as public propagation of the Bible. I also noted that "freemasonry appears to be rooted in Scotland". The assertion for the latter comment was based simply on the fact that Lodge Mother 0 is located here, at Kilwinning.

I perhaps should have been more specific, and noted that "current" freemasonry appears to be rooted in Scotland, although the rituals and suchlike employed by the craft go back much, much further. From History of Freemasonry one clearly sees that the riddle of it's true source is unlikely to ever be truly revealed, no matter how much "discovering" is undertaken :

Anderson's histories of 1723 and 1738, Ramsay's romanticisation, together with the internal allegory of masonic ritual, centred on King Solomon’s Temple and its architect, Hiram Abiff, have provided ample material for further speculation.

The earliest known ritual places the first masonic lodge in the porchway of King Solomon’s Temple. Following Anderson, it has also been possible to trace Freemasonry to Euclid, Pythagoras, Moses, the Essenes, and the Culdees. Preston started his history with the Druids, while Anderson's description of masons as "Noachides", extrapolated by Albert Mackey, put Noah into the equation.

The talk page on the linked wiki article carries probably the most pertinent statement :

"The difficulty is that prior to 1717 almost nothing is known about Freemasonry but an awful lot of rubbish is written based mainly on wishful thinking."

Whilst I'll just reiterate some potential "rubbish" insofar as the Stone of Destiny, allegedly Jacob's pillow stone, allegedly brought to Scotland by returning Egyptian princess Scota, now allegedly resides in Edinburgh Castle. 

What's not rubbish though, is that William, like his royal ancestors, one day will be crowned upon it, more than likely in Scotland. 

Whilst from there, the world it would appear, is his oyster.


Tuesday 9 December 2014

Neck and neck

The 8th December is Mary Queen of Scots' birthday. Mary, a catholic, got her head chopped off. It took a few attempts to do the deed.

Mary's alleged son, James 6th of Scotland, it could be said, was the original United Kingdom amalgamater. He also revised the Bible, issuing his own version. From wiki, (James) " sets out the divine right of kings, explaining that for Biblical reasons kings are higher beings than other men". Freemasonry also appears to be rooted in Scotland.

 Last night, Wills 'n Kate attended the basketball in New York, meeting Jay Z and Beyonce. They  also  met "basketball royalty: the Cavaliers' LeBron James, dubbed 'King James'." (mail on line)

King James
Jay Z


Thursday 4 December 2014

Monocles and manacles

John Walker, a grocer from Kilmarnock, was a "respected businessman, leader of the local trade association, and  freemason". (wiki)

Freemasons often use symbols to identify themselves, and their products, to others within the craft.

John had a son, Alexander, who created the Johnnie Walker blend of whisky.

Today, Johnnie Walker whisky have turned Edinburgh's Princes Street Gardens into a racetrack in which Formula 1 "stars", Jenson Button and Mika Hakkinen, will traverse around in order to promote an "anti drink drive" message which will be utilised globally.  (Edinburgh Evening News)

I touched on Princes Street and Edinburgh Castle in my last post, in particular in relation to the Stone of Destiny.

Johnnie Walker is now owned by Diageo, I wrote about their relationship with global eye-con, David Beckham, here.

All seeing eye resonator ?


Vigilant Citizen - Illuminati Commercials, Johnnie Walker Android

Wednesday 3 December 2014

Creme's Egg ?

There's a rumour, perhaps an urban myth, which does the rounds in Edinburgh, indeed even tour guides have been known to reiterate : if Hitler won the war, he intended to use Edinburgh Castle as his home base. Whether or not it is true it is doubtful we shall ever know.

However, he has made an appearance very close by this last week; at St. John's Church on the corner of Princes Street a mural has been painted, showing him waxing, via Oswald Mosley and Nick Griffin, into the UKIP leader, Nigel Farage. Daily Record

 There are claims that Hitler was deeply interested in the occult (wiki) :

Theosophist Alice A. Bailey stated during World War II that Adolf Hitler was possessed by what she called the Dark Forces. Her follower Benjamin Creme has stated that through Hitler (and a group of equally evil men around him in Nazi Germany, together with a group of militarists in Japan and a further group around Mussolini in Italy) was released the energies of the Antichrist which, according to theosophical teachings is not an individual person but forces of destruction.

I'll skip on Bailey, her masonic 32 degree husband who she married just prior to receiving messages from another dimension, and go straight to her "follower", Scottish Benjamin Creme.

Some people don't take him too seriously, other claim he is in cahoots with the forces of the antichrist, however what jumps out from his wiki entry is :

"In the spring of 1982, Creme placed advertisements in newspapers around the world saying, "The Christ is now here". According to Creme, the "Christ", whom he also called "Maitreya", would announce his existence on world wide television broadcasts. Creme stated in these newspaper advertisements that the Second Coming of Christ would occur on Monday, 21 June 1982"

Monday 21st June 1982 is Prince William's sun drenched birthday

There are claims made that occultist, Aleister Crowley,  was instrumental in the capture of Rudolph Hess given his alleged role as a "spy".  (Top 10 Crowley myths which are actually true)

Hess was captured in Scotland, allegedly en-route to see the Duke of Hamilton. wiki

Crowley believed that Scotland, in particular the Loch Ness area, was a focal point for energies, hence his purchase of Boleskine House to conduct magickal experiments.

There's probably an ice cream van at the Loch Ness visitor centre given the summer influx of tourists who, perhaps, affect these energies in some manner.

There's definitely an ice cream van at Edinburgh Castle where ten thousands ritually come to visit, perhaps catching a glimpse of the alleged Stone of Destiny which today sits within as they meander.

It's maybe coincidence, maybe synchronicity, maybe something else, but it's vintage vehicle registration number is WMS 666 T.


Tuesday 2 December 2014

Pure Minging

From the movie, Flash Gordon

Yesterday, 01/12/2014, Gordon Brown gave notice of his intention to quit his role as a Member of Parliament. Given that he was once Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, it's worth reiterating a couple of his more revealing comments.

Back in 2007, whilst visiting India in his role as UK chancellor he declared (BBC) :

"It is time to formally recognise on a more consistent and regular basis the reality of this emerging new world order"

Back in 2008, whilst addressing the Scottish Kirk he "told of his vision for "a global society governed by a shared moral sense". "Mr Brown argued that the joining together of the information revolution and the human urge to co-operate for justice made it possible for the first time in history for the dream of a truly global society to be realised." (BBC)

Gordon's father was a Scottish Kirk minister.

Gordon is a member of Labour Friends of Israel.

When the Treaty of Lisbon was signed, Gordon arrived after the ceremony, thus signed the goatskin bound document on his own, a surely symbolic gesture. (BBC)

In 2013 the Kirk compiled a document called  :The Inheritance of Abraham - A report on the promised land

Biblical promises about the land of Israel were never intended to be taken literally, or as applying to a defined geographical territory...
The 'promised land' in the Bible is not a place, so much as a metaphor of how things ought to be among the people of God. This 'promised land' can be found - or built - anywhere...

Some people like to believe that Gordon Brown saved the United Kingdom and helped stabilise the world in the last "financial crisis". Digressing into dates in that regard, what jumps out is May 6th.

It is Gordon Gekko's (from the movie Wall Street) birthday.

It was the date of the 2010 UK General Election, Gordon Brown being re-elected as a Member of Parliament.

It is the same date as the 2010 Dow Jones Flash Crash

In 2011, it was the date chosen by Rangers Chairman, Sir David Murray, to sell his shareholding to Craig Whyte and commence the "order from chaos", which is still to conclude (see my last post).

From 2009, @ the G20 Summit (The Telegraph) :

"Today’s decisions, of course, will not immediately solve the crisis. But we have begun the process by which it will be solved," Mr Brown said. "I think a new world order is emerging with the foundation of a new progressive era of international co-operation," 


Friday 28 November 2014

A microcosm ?

I've touched on the curious numerical and calendarical "coincidences" which revolve around the death and rebirth of Glasgow Rangers football club on more than a few instances. It's maybe my imagination...

What needs highlighting before reiteration and an addition to my masonic related theory is that Rangers are rooted in Protestant values, whilst their supporters pledge allegiance to both King Billy (William of Orange) and HM Queen in no small quantity, so much so that after the Scottish referendum, some gathered in Glasgow to taunt and mock the defeated "independents" whilst guzzling Buckfast tonic wine. 

The basic story is that Rangers, then controlled by Sir David Murray (in terms of shareholding),  were in deep financial trouble. Along came a knight, an hitherto unknown one, going by the name of  Craig Whyte. Now Craig lived in Castle Grant and talked the talk, whilst the red-top media added to the illusion he was a man of considerable means. He paid David a pound for the club, in the process taking on it's considerable liabilities. 

What was allegedly unknown at the time was that Whyte had allegedly done a deal with a company called Ticketus; in effect he had sold the rights for the next three years season ticket money for a lump sum now. He used part of the lump sum to clear Rangers' 18.2 million debt with Lloyds bank.

Slowly however, the truth came out. Craig was potless to all intents and purposes. Yes he had a castle, but the mortgage was massive, the property  half restored. The BBC told how he had been banned from being a company Director previously, this was confirmed on St. Andrews Day, 30/11/2011, when Rangers issued a statement to that effect to the PLUS Stock Exchange.

The tabloids were having a field day, their editors circumambulating  the finest Glasgow restaurants each evening, given the public's attention to ongoing developments . However, Mr. Whyte was, maybe still is, at the helm.

On 13th February 2012, Rangers filed papers at court, giving notice of their intention to enter Administration given Whyte  had neglected to make tax payments of some nine million pounds. It didn't take them long for it was the very next day; Valentines.

The court's reference number for the proceedings was P221/12.

Richard Branson

Whyte then, somehow, managed to appoint his own choice of Administrators - Duff and Phelps.

They agreed that he could allegedly offload his "controlling interest" for £2, to a chap called Charles Green. (Bear in mind, that Rangers' greatest rivals are Celtic, who play in green and white).

Let's just say that Charles has gone, probably with heavier pockets and, in the last few weeks, various members of the Administration team have been arrested and charged in respect of their alleged involvement in the scam. Later, a warrant was issued for Craig Whyte, whilst a few days later, another was issued in England for him in regarding the alleged Ticketus "scam" .

Yesterday, it was reported that Whyte had been "captured" in Bandit Country (Mexico).

He was brought up to Glasgow and appeared, sporting a "Branson" beard and hair, in court today. He was bailed and freed, despite the English warrant.

Whyte today .
On 13th February 1692, exactly 320 years prior to Orange, Loyal to King Billy and the Queen, Glasgow Rangers descent into administration, a massacre was taking place. The poor unfortunate MacDonalds were slaughted in their beds by the Campbells. It is known as the Glencoe massacre, however what is often missed in the tale is that the MacDs were murdered due to the fact they were too slow to swear allegiance to the new king and queen of Great Britain: William of Orange and Mary. See PROPERTY FOR SALE re the Jimmy Savile connection.

P221/12 is a number we should identify with. Simply because of the 22 11 aspect. JFK, Hutchence, Dirty Harry's name badge, Prince William to your right, on the sidebar; to name a few. 33s pop up a lot too, additionally.

Today, 28/11, is the 332nd day of the year. There are 33 days to go till the end of the year. 33 is apparently the top level in Scottish rite freemasonry.


The above image is from alleged Luciferian, definate architect, Albert Pike's : Morals and Dogmas. One needs to reserve it in the masonic libraries so frequently is out on loan. The front cover image is highly symbolic.

Rangers advised today they need 8.3 million just to stay afloat. 

It's pure chaos at the court. The police are taking control though - here. It's maybe all symbolic of future events; a trial run, an exercise ?

The Times - 01/11/12