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Friday 26 September 2008

Sally Sample and the enslaved offspring

This is the new UK identification card, initially being rolled out to foreign nationals and then, by 2011, our youth - to enable them to buy alcohol and cigarettes easily. Obviously.

Note the bull, and the stars of the EU, in the top left, one could perhaps be forgiven for being drawn towards the constellation of Taurus and from there, the Pleiades - as featured on the freemasonic tracing board.


Thursday 25 September 2008


Archibald has asked me for the night off and I really had to agree; in the interim another lovely numerical synchronicity regarding the meeting between Western govern-mental leaders George W Bush and Gordon Brown, this coming Friday.

Regular readers will know my suspicions of the ritualistic use of the number 27 by those who seek to enslave us further as humans, 27 being 3 cubed or 3x3x3 - three itself being the "mystical" number to those of a domineering occult persuasion and one that I myself fight an ongoing compulsive disorder with.

Returning to Friday though, note the beautiful sequence for this most important union:

26/09/2008, or sub totalling individual digits, 8 - 9 - 10 their sum 27.

We glean the time of the meeting too from the BBC report, 2120BST, or 9.20PM British Time. 20 minutes is a third of an hour and nine is three squared, not forgetting the possible 9-11 connotation.


please see my post on the Treaty of Lisbon for more on this subject
also, America's PAST time is very relevant from a sporting angle

Wednesday 24 September 2008

Archibald Pelago - The hot blood method

Now it may be that your Jack Russell terrier pup seems reluctant to kill a rat at first; perhaps seeing it more as a plaything. Here, courtesy Archibald Pelago, is a sure-fire method (named the hot blood) to encourage the killing mechanism within the dog.

Take out the puppy with a team of older, trained dogs. Tie up the puppy close to a rat burrow, no need for nets in this instance - live rats are not our target. Put the ferret down the hole, again as previously the rats will explode from holes and the dogs will delight in slaughtering them. In the meantime, the restrained pup will have worked itself up into a state of hysterics at which time it should be released and allowed to worry a rodent. It is likely that the pup will be severely bitten however, in it's frenzy, it will ignore the pain and simply savage the rat.

Job finnished (sic).


Sunday 21 September 2008

Bloodlines and Breeding - Part 2 (AP)

Konrad Lorenz - On Aggression, 1967 p/b - Chapter X, Rats:

There is a type of social organization characterised by a form of aggression that we have not yet encountered: the collective aggression of one community against another. I will try to show how the misfunctioning of this social form of intra-specific aggression constitutes evil in the real sense of the word, and how the kind of social order now to be discussed represents a model in which we can see some of the dangers threatening ourselves.

In their behaviour towards members of their own community the animals here to be described are models of social virtue; but they change into horrible brutes as soon as they encounter members of any other society of their own species...


Global Toy Story - Archibald Pelago

Hornby Railways
is the leading brand of model railway in the United Kingdom. Its roots date back to 1901, when founder Frank Hornby received a patent for his Meccano construction toy.

From James Shelby Downard - Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of JFK:

It is a prime tenet of Masonry that its assassins come in threes. Masonic assassins are known in the code of the lodge as the "unworthy craftsmen." Because Masonry is obsessed with earth-as-gameboard (tessellation) and the ancillary alignments necessary to facilitate the "game," it is inordinately concerned with railroads and railroad personnel to the extent that outside of lawyers and circus performers, no other vocation has a higher percentage of Masons than railroad workers.

This week, Halifax Bank of Scotland were "taken over" by Lloyds TSB - the chairman of HBOS (and the man getting the blame for the state they are in -excuse pun) is rat resonating and still extremely wealthy Andy Hornby.


Bloodlines and Breeding - Archibald Pelago

From David Brian Plummer's (born 11th September) - The Jack Russell Terrier:

Let the reader dismiss the the view that these bulldogs were the wheezing asthmatic travesties we see today, born of Caesarian sections and gasping for life and breath through deformed nostrils and nasal passages. The bull dog of which I speak was the real McCoy- a savage creature to man and beast alike, fast moving and with a spirit of endurance that has never been equalled. Around about 1209 William Earl Warren saw two bulls fight for a cow and the crowd urging a pack of cur dogs on to the antagonists. Such was the feeling of the Earl that he decided a mad bull should be provided for the dogs to bait every year, some six weeks before Christmas. The sport caught on. Dogs against bulls , with dogs being gored to death and bulls shaking tenacious dogs which held the bulls nostrils between their jaws, and the contest stopping only when the bull was so torn and maimed that it collapsed in its own gore and entrails. So popular was this carnage that there were many ready to breed a suitable dog for the combat - a very devil in canine form, fast furious and ferocious. The English Bulldog was created.

No dog was ever more the epitome of courage than this bulldog, and stories are legion and to their tenacity and dauntless disposition. They not only fought bulls, bears were also baited- though to even the contest the bears were blinded with hot irons. Even a lion was baited by these formidable creatures which hung on even though disemboweled. Even this pales beside the contest staged in the Midlands. A famous bulldog called Physic had killed many dogs and been in on many baits. This dog was matched against a most peculiar adversary- a man. A dwarf called Brummy was pitted against Physic- for had not Brummy qualified for such a contest by eating a cat alive. Droves attended the fight which ended when Brummy strangled Physic to death- after Physic had chewed off half of the dwarfs face.

London made full use of the bulldog against exotic quarry. During the 1800's Jack Eystropp whose pub must have echoed with the ghostly screams of bulls and bears became the owner of a 20lb Barbary Ape called Jacco Maccaco. This ape chained by the neck to a dolls house leaped in and out of its lodgings be-labouring the dogs baiting it, with club teeth and claws. It was inevitable that sooner of later a dog would disembowel poor Jacko, but many bulldogs bit the dust before the ape was slain. By 1800 the sport of bull baiting had become illegal not because of the brutal cruelty involved but because of the rowdy crowds it attracted. As I have stated it was this ancient bulldog blood that was used to give the necessary fire to the working terrier.

...Yet another dog had to enter into the ancestry of the working terrier to ameliorate the hardness of the bull and terrier blood...


Saturday 20 September 2008

Traversing the rats-gate with Archibald Pelago

The rats are in an awful stew
When Archibald Pelago comes into view

21st December 2012, the end of the Mayan calender, perhaps an opening of a stargate, a fresh era for mankind when he shall somehow manifest into a new, potentially spiritual and consciousness awoken age of Aquarius type of creature, although, unfortunately, no one seems to know for sure exactly but many make money (or attempt to do) from the very possibility of this event.

As a humble rodent catcher, I have little knowledge of these matters nor the inclination to further connect with my chakras, strange as that may seem to some. I am also sceptical of characters such as Ian Crane for example, who spoke on Red Ice radio last week, telling of his abilities as an otherworld medium, receiving messages to mankind from a mysterious shamanical entity - yet telling how he would soon be offering a handy pocket size book detailing the events to come in late 2012. Excuse the pun but I smell a rat, a brown one,
Rattus norvegicus seems very close.

Synchromystic, freemasonic chequerboard resonating ferret ?

And another coming perchance; but first, how to catch a live verminous beastie with your bare hands:

Nets are essential, made from ladies stockings and bent wire coat hangers, ensure no holes, rats have an ability to get out tight situations.

Find a suitable sized burrow, four or five entrances is best for novices. Tie up the Jack Russell terriers securely and net each hole. Put in a ferret in one of the holes and stand back. The rats should explode into the nets, you need to be fast. Use your feet to trap the creature and then snatch it up out the net by the tail. This requires some practice and you need to be lightening fast but don't worry, a rat cannot climb it's own tail like a mouse. Please worry about being bitten though, many rats carry
Weils disease like what killed my Grandad. Anyhow, you now have a live rat to do with as you wish.

Yesterday in the news we heard of JK Rowling, winning the prestigious Edinburgh award ( the same Edinburgh that Ian Crane mentioned in the context of a donkey ride from London) for her occult festooned Harry Potter series, a title she inherits from Rebus writing freemason Ian Rankin, a man discussed briefly in newspaceman's post from 10th August, all-very-mysterious, the post concerning Rankin's public meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the Edinburgh Book Festival

And today, Rowling again, this time giving a million pound donation to the Labour Party on the eve of their annual conference, we read from the BBC:

Her donation will boost Gordon Brown as he tries to calm unrest among party members at Labour's annual conference.

Archibald Pelago seriously suggests that readers begin quantifying realities - or you too may end up going backwards and resonating rats.


Coming up very soon - the esoteric possibility of Mr. Crane's suggestion of a donkey ride from London to Edinburgh - plus a lot more.

Rowling award win

Rowling gives million

Thursday 18 September 2008

Archibald Pelago - The Rat Catcher

Newspaceman is otherwise engaged at present and has asked me, Archibald Pelago, to take over the blog for a few weeks; in the process of which I shall tell you a little more of myself and my indulgences.

As you may have guessed by the title I am a rat catcher to trade and always have been; always had a love hate relationship with the rodent since my grandad died of Weils disease (he caught it up the allotments) and his skin went all yellow and taut. Thus, I hate rats and I love killing them; although this means that I have a reasonable knowledge of their lifestyle - one must know the habits of one's quarry to be a good hunter - and somehow your normal host feels that some of my rodent knowledge may be both enlightening and valid to his usual topic - the birthing processes of a televisually mind controlled slave race with Prince William as global figurehead.

This week my attention has been drawn to top BBC financial reporter Robert Peston, who is omnipresent on the television news at the moment; obviously really, given the seemingly precarious state of the global economy.

Yet, although Peston is a journalist and should be reporting the news, some say that he is in fact engineering it on a massive scale , certainly employees of the Northern Rock were of that opinion a year ago when his news-exclusive began the rush on the now state controlled bank, and this week once again he seems dogged with accusations of "insider knowledge" and market manipulation, the finger pointing this time regarding Halifax Bank of Scotland, or HBOS, who have just merged with another leading UK financial institution, Lloyds TSB.

Certainly he does seem to have high place contacts and one is somehow drawn to perhaps the highest placed of all - for Robert wrote a biography of now Prime Minister, then Chancellor, Gordon Brown, which was published in January 1995. We read further from his wikipedia entry:

The fly cover of the book describes how "Peston was given unprecedented access to Gordon Brown and his friends and colleagues". Telling Brown's side of the Blair/Brown power struggle, it is believed that Peston has used the relationship then built up with Brown for many of his later financial news story "scoops" at the BBC.


In 2007, Peston's scoop on Northern Rock seeking emergency financial help from the Bank of England won the Royal Television Society's Television Journalism Award for Scoop of the Year and the Wincott Award for Business News/Current Affairs Programme of the Year. He was Journalist of the Year in the Business Journalism of the Year Awards for 2007/8, and also won in the Scoop category.

Thu if Gordon Brown supplied the Northern Rock scoop, then surely it was him who set out to cause Northern Rock to collapse, using Robert Peston (whether known to him or not) as the catalyst.

The "state" is taking over, or as Peston himself has both noted and titled in one of his blog articles this week:

A New World Order is being created.

Peston's wikipedia photograph, resonating Bond, note the HMS - Her Majesty's Service - it tells all.


Monday 15 September 2008

Dollars to doughnuts

Just before I go, a beautiful numerical synchronicity concerning today's turmoil in the global financial markets.

America's Dow Jones index on Friday showed the following:

Value at close: 11421.99, a fall of 11.72, or o.1%

If we add all the digits of the dollars at close value , i.e 1+1+4+2+1, we obtain 9.

Thus, leaving the cents we have 999, the UK emergency telephone number

And the drop in value - 11.72

Add the cents and leave the dollars this time, the 7 and the 2 equals 9, i.e. 119, 911, the US emergency code, backwards.


Catch 22

I need to take a break from this - in the meantime fresh from today is the story that golden hearted Prince William is to train with the RAF Search and Rescue Force as a "full-time pilot", furthermore stating that he wishes to "serve operationally"within the service.

Search and Rescue is part of 22 Squadron, their badge as pictured a curious combination of a Maltese Cross with the symbol for pi fimbriated.

See also my post from April, pi in the sky.


BBC report here .

Friday 12 September 2008

Keeping an eye on the ball

Yesterday, 11/9 or 9/11, saw a trilogy of soccer football stories to keep us dribbling down the yellow brick road to Olympic XXX London 2012; dribbling along towards the birth of a new golden age for those who empower us - all under the guise of a collective pursuit of advancement for the human species - a new age state-controlled "oneness" which appears to disregard the individual in it's competitive, ultra-striving, Apprentice style agenda.

The first tale, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, sympathising with supporters of the United Kingdom's national teams after the World Cup qualifying games were only broadcast live on a pay-as-you-view channel called Setanta, no deal being agreed between it and our "free channels", BBC and ITN. The BBC story is here.

The second, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, who spoke of his fears that money has taken over the game, comments apparently prompted by the fact that Brazilian international Robinho, when giving a press conference after signing a multi million pound deal with Manchester City, appeared to be under the impression that he signed for another club, namely Chelsea. As we read from the BBC:

The Brazil international had appeared set to move to Stamford Bridge until City hijacked the deal at the last minute. And Robinho appeared to have been as confused as anyone when he mistakenly referred to his new club as Chelsea in a news conference shortly after signing for City. Wenger said: "What is worrying for me is that a player signs somewhere and then the next day he does not even know where he has signed. You cannot say that is a good trend.

The third, and therefore the hat trick in soccer football parlance, was basically pure nonsense, but still somehow made BBC headline news (make up your own minds as to why), the banner read - Royal mix-up over lager delivery - the story of how a brewery delivery lorry driver carrying 12 barrels of lager (1056 pints, 33 x 32 ) to a public house called the The Windsor Castle mistakenly attempted to deliver the cargo to the Queen's residence and was turned away, eventually reaching the correct destination some three hours later, but still (thankfully) in time for England's football match against Croatia.

2012, you smell it ?


Tuesday 9 September 2008

Heads we win, tails you lose (in the new world)

Whilst over in debt-ridden America mortgage providers Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have fallen under the umberella of the US "government", the UK seems little different as we too have a housing market crisis, although ours is blamed on the global credit crisis - thus banks and building societies are unwilling or unable to borrow funds from "global money markets" in order to lend to prospective homeowners.

Yesterday, the chief executive of the Nationwide Building Society, Graham Beale, told in an exclusive interview with the BBC's Robert Peston how he expects property values to fall 25% from their peak in around July last year.

This will lead to 2.5 million homeowners experiencing negative equity - when your debt is more than your house value - as Mr Beale told Mr. Peston:

"I think that next year we will see a similar pattern to this year...we will see further falls in house prices. And I think before we really get to the new world, whatever that is, I think we will be into 2010."

We can perhaps anticipate more of the "whatever that is - new world" that he speaks of , as we read of how how this whole caboodle may unwind:

He says that the US Treasury's colossal scheme to shore up the two great providers of housing finance, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, should help to restore confidence in financial markets.

But, he adds, it won't swiftly revitalise the UK housing market - even though Britain's prospects are inextricably linked to prospects for the US residential property market, because of its importance for the funding of the global financial system.

That said, the UK government is under pressure from banks and building societies to help them raise money so that they can lend a little more to us in the form of mortgages.

The two options being considered at the Treasury are to provide a taxpayer guarantee for mortgages packaged up as bonds for sale to investors, or to extend an existing Bank of England liquidity scheme so that it could help banks to refinance new mortgages.

Now the Treasury , or Her Majesty's Treasury more correctly, is "the UK's government department responsible for developing and executing the British government's public finance policy and economic policy" whilst the Bank of England, formed by a Scotsman, is a state owned institution and the central bank of the United Kingdom; Her Majesty the Queen of course being the the Head of State.

Either way, from wikipedia, New World Order (conspiracy):

This conspiracy theory claims that a small group of international elites controls and manipulates governments, industry and media organizations worldwide. The primary tool they use to dominate nations is the system of central banking. They are said to have funded and in some cases caused most of the major wars of the last 200 years, primarily through carrying out false flag attacks to manipulate populations into supporting them, and they have a grip on the world economy, deliberately causing inflation and depressions at will. Operatives working for the New World Order are said to be placed in high positions in government and industry. The people behind the New World Order are thought to be international bankers, in particular the owners of the private banks in the Federal Reserve System, Bank of England and other central banks..

£1,000 gold Prince William coin

Watch them in action.