Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Saturday 30 March 2013

A load of potatoes ?

I brought up the Edinburgh school's horsemeat-mince in yesterday's post, drawing attention to the supplier's - 3663 - name and logo.

Today it is being reported that McCoy's crisps are being recalled as pieces of plastic have been found in some of the bags. It appears that the offending items all have a best before date of 15th June 2013 and a production code of 3066. Whilst not wanting to make a fool of oneself here, as I don't really subscribe to some forms of "numerology", it seems quite uncanny that  the individual digits of the best before date, when added, give 666. Not only that, the 15th of June is the 166th day of the year, with 199 remaining.  (mail on line)

Again, not wanting to make a fool of oneself, it's maybe worth noting the band, Fields of the Nephilim, fronted by an Aleister Crowley inspired, Carl McCoy, and their 2013 UK tour named Revelations. (Fields of the Nephilim)


Note that 616 was the original number of the beast before the KJV. Or so I am led to believe.

Friday 29 March 2013

Horsemeat of the Apocalypse

Today it was revealed that horsemeat has presumably been given to children in six Edinburgh primary schools as part of their lunches. The sample was taken from the shared kitchen of Pirniehall and St. David's primary schools.

According to the BBC, the supplier of the "mince" was a company called 3663, their logo up top. Surely, only the pure conspiracy-minded, like myself, would consider that this alludes to 666 in some manner, and that the swoosh-like tick, reminiscent of Nike, somehow relates to the rings of the planet Saturn.

To close, bottom images are alleged Lockerbie bomber, Megrahi (allegedly born April Fool's Day), leaving Scotland on release from custody; the next him returning to Libya. Note "saltires" and plane logo. Note that the bombing was carried out in the middle of Saturnalia, link to foot.


wiki - Saturnalia

Saturday 23 March 2013

An alchemical romance

Alchemy some say, basically, is the transformation of lead into gold.

Newspaceman firmly believes that Scotland's "independence" from the United Kingdom is part of a strategic occult alchemical process, the product in this case a global United Kingdom, a fresh "golden age", and a new world order with solitary sun-god-king.

This week saw the announcement  by Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, of the referendum date to vote on the matter - 18th September 2014. It's sandwiched in neatly between  Glasgow's Commonwealth Games and golf's Ryder Cup.

Nostradamus :Poison hidden under the heads of salmon, their war chief hung with cord
To understand Scotland's importance to the "elite" master-plan, one must go back in time to James 1st and 6th. James, the Bible reviser, was king of Scotland from the tender age of 13 months until, in 1603, still Golden Age time, at the age of 37, he became king of England too, the joint reign lasting a further 22 years. James believed in the "divine right of kings" whilst in his time, colonisation of America began.

Effigy of Alex Salmond, see link at bottom.

Some say James was a proponent of British Israel : that God's "chosen ones", the "jews", are really the British. Some say though, that British Israelism is drivel, and does not add up when properly analysed. However, the same source also heavily criticises the King James Version of the Bible, stating that it is very badly translated, indeed appears to be the source of the British Israelism "nonsense".

Going back to alchemy, Scotland was the base for James, his unification of the "United Kingdom", and his Bible revisal. It worked. When one alchemises, one must take one's raw materials  "back to base" before embarking on solution attemption.  However, the solution is already here, and has worked, and will simply be super-sized this time round.


Link for Salmond, Melrose, effigy - President Arthur - no bones about it

wiki - alchemy

wiki - James

Friday 22 March 2013

Kate, in Wonderland ?

 I touched on the Morrissey, ferreting, Alice in Wonderland, double eleven enigma, connection last post.

Wednesday past saw the spring equinox. It also saw Her Majesty the Queen visit Baker Street tube station in the company of the Duke of Edinburgh and Kate Middleton. From the mail on line  : "Accompanied by a sprightly looking Duke of Edinburgh, the two senior royal women arrived at 11.10am to the astonishment of passers-by and commuters alike."


Saturday 16 March 2013


Animal lover, Morrissey, has appeared in this blog on a few occasions, the last being December 13th 2012 when he commented on the death of  Kate Middleton's Oz Radio "suicide nurse" (Only Fools and Horses).  As noted then, I cannot quite make up my mind on him, the link includes reference to his choice of William Blake's, Jerusalem, in his Introducing Cantona video, something I find quite interesting given the concept of British Israelism.

Today it is widely reported that, after a series of "medical mishaps", the former Smiths front man has pulled out of his US tour with 22 concerts remaining, despite him declaring himself in February to be "as fit as a ferret". His next performance was due in Kansas on Monday. (BBC News)

The regular reader of this blog will hopefully realise the potential significance of the 22 remaining concerts, 22 being double 11, digits apparently dear to the powers that be. For example there's Armistice Day, Uri Geller with his Egyptian treasure motivated purchase of Lamb Island, and of course Prince William's 1111 Hello magazine dark, front page.

Then there's the Kansas connection, Kansas being the home of Dorothy in Wizard of Oz. Some say the Wizard of Oz has deep occult undertones and is used in mind control, see here for example. In Oz being an anagram of Zion.

Let's not forget too the ferret aspect, ferrets traditionally being used to catch rabbits by flushing them from their warrens. Going down the rabbit hole so to speak. In that respect see Pseudo Occult Media in terms of Alice in Wonderland, Walt Disney; and more mind control. 

It may just be coincidence.


Also see aangirfan. topically, re Taylor Swift and 13th December. 

Thursday 14 March 2013

Palmistry ?

Recent posts have noted the coincidences between the Pope's visit to ritually meet the Queen at Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh (Auld Reekie*), back on 16th September 2010, and his lunching thereafter with Cardinal O'Brien, where they indulged themselves in food, then prayers over the secretly transported St. Andrew's bones in Morningside. As we know the Pope is now retired, a new Pontiff  elected yesterday - No Smoking Day in Scotland - whilst the Cardinal has gone too, after lurid "marmite motorway driving" allegations stretching back 33 years were publicised in the media (Cardinal sins). Meanwhile, the one gloved Queen is still ill, having missed her Rome trip.

On Tuesday, 12/3, revelations were announced re more bones and Holyrood. Well sort of. According to the mail on line, 30 sheets of Leonardo da Vinci's anatomical sketches are to be displayed at the Queen's Gallery at the Palace of  Holyroodhouse from 2nd August to 10th November. One wonders where they will be on 11/11, given ongoing thoughts re those digits here. Maybe on an overnight trip to Rosslyn Chapel -which allegedly took 40 years to construct - if one were to consider the apparently fictional musings of Dan Brown and his grail-code.

To close, details were released on Monday past re the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in 2014. The baton is due to leave Buckingham Palace on 9th October this year and head directly to Glasgow for 10/10 (that's XX in Roman terms). From there it will travel to India to begin it's 500 day journey which culminates in a 40 day tour of wild and windy Scotland, before the XX games begin on 23rd July 2014.

Note that the ballot for Scottish "independence" is due in Autumn 2014 and, as I have stated many times before, an independent Scotland is paramount in terms of ritual and the raising of Prince William, considering both the Stone of Destiny and (House of Stuart) James 1st and 6th, UK amalgamater and Bible reviser. Some say that the House of Stuart have links with the Merovingian Dynasty, Dan Brown's "bloodline" of Jesus (here).

Note G in logo-  nothing to do with freemasonry


Note - a medieval knight's grave was also reported as being discovered in Edinburgh yesterday - (here)

* Auld Reeekie was the nickname once given to Edinburgh due to the plumes of smoke which rose from the chimneys of the tenement buildings.

Sunday 10 March 2013

Hand in Glove

All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others

One gloved Queen leaves hospital last week

Tonight Prince Charles appears as guest editor on the BBC's Countryfile, urging "harmony with nature", and asking viewers to look to the future in terms of the "kind of world we hand on to our successors". (here)

Tomorrow being the second Monday of March, it is Commonwealth Day. I know that because my boy has a note from school asking him to wear training shoes as a "symbolic gesture of support for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014" and because H.M. Queen is scheduled to, in a live televised  broadcast, "back an historic pledge to promote gay rights and gender equality" in what is being termed a "21st century Commonwealth Magna Carta". (here)

Commonwealth flag - Note solar symbolism.

Meanwhile, last week, the BBC reported of how Google has offered a 20 million dollar bounty to the first private company to land a robot on the moon and thus progress "exploitation of new frontiers by mining their minerals". (here)

"Olympic" Glastonbury Tor - remember opening ceremony here
The equal animals quote at top comes from George Orwell's, Animal Farm. At school they told us the story of the farm animals overthrowing their cruel master before the pigs took an even more heavy handed approach was allegorical of the Russian revolution. I am not so sure now and see it as being more prophetic. Our governments and bankers are a waste of space but perhaps it was created to be that way, so we can have an orchestrated "revolution". Whilst the same characters who really run the show, will stay running the show from behind the scenes. The future appears clear, a New Eden with new "Gods" and an eco-minded human population, no doubt drastically reduced in number. The genetic and space technology we have developed will continue to be developed as equal-righted, exploited humans colonise outer space.

One needs to watch what the other hand is doing.


Sunday 3 March 2013

No bones about it

I mentioned the quasi-relationship between the Queen and Cardinal O'Brien last week : after the historic meeting between the Pope and Her Majesty in September 2010, in Edinburgh, the Pontiff met with the Cardinal for a 13.00 lunch and a spot of praying (preying?) over the bones of St. Andrew, which had been taken to Morningside in secret. (Cobblers)

Today, 3/3, Her Majesty has been allegedly taken to hospital suffering from gastroenteritis, her Rome visit scheduled for this week cancelled, whilst the now retired Cardinal has released a statement apologising for his previous sexual conduct whilst in office. Note the allegations against him cover a 33 year period.


Re 33, see (Birds of all feather...)

Image - Disney's 33 Gang, from  Disneyland's Club 33.

BBC - Cardinal story

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