Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Crocodile tears

Last week the Daily Record reported that Prince William has become more emotional on becoming a father and that he "can't bear the thought of animals being hurt". Furthermore, he has taken to listening to a recording of crickets and newts* on his phone to help him relax.

On Monday, the mail on line told of how Wills, Kate, and baby George flew by private jet to Scotland weekend past, to catch up with the Queen and Philip at Balmoral. According to the article, Wills is likely to "unwind by going deer stalking". 

A successful stalk, but not for the deer
Today's BBC tells of how Prince William's guard dogs, Brus and Blade, have been "put to sleep", shortly after he left his post at RAF Anglesey last week. The Sun carries an interesting front cover as imaged top, Rex being Latin for king. Personally, I would have chosen Rexterminate, something I believe will be carried out on the bulk of collective humanity in the not too distant future. After all the elite have the military firepower, space travel technology and genetic tampering techniques which they so obviously crave.

Who needs too many humans in the new Eden.


Note, my understanding is that newts are not exactly vocal.

Wednesday 11 September 2013

Dark Arts

In my last post I noted that some American voters were allegedly "brainwashed" via the Harry Potter series of novels into voting for Obama as president. Apparently the texts contain a moral message, which played a "small, but not insignificant role" in voters minds.

It was reported recently that Harry Potter fans are flocking to Edinburgh's Greyfriars Churchyard - home of the infamous Bobby dog - as they believe that the gravestone of a Thomas Riddell, who died in 1806, was the inspiration for Dark Lord Voltermort. Apparently, notes and suchlike are being left by the Potterites. Edinburgh Evening News

Riddell's grave
Meanwhile, three teenage American girls have arrived in London in order to exorcise "evil spirits" which they claim have been conjured up by Harry Potter devotees reciting the spells contained within the books which they allege come from "real" witchcraft. The young ladies maintain that Great Britain is a hotbed of occult activity which can be sourced back to pagan times, the Potter series being the icing on a centuries-long-baking cake. (mail on line)

Today's BBC questions Are we close to making human mind control a reality ? It seems that a pair of scientists have worked out a way to communicate almost telepathically when playing a computer game; one wearing a "cap with wires coming out of it" simply thinks when to fire a cannon, and this is somehow relayed via the Internet to the other who indeed does press the button. Rather than calling this "mind control" the scientists have adopted the moniker "human to human brain interface". The article notes of "parallels with the evil Voldemort's Imperius curse, used to manipulate people in the Harry Potter stories".

Voldemort - from Olympics
 It could perhaps be said that the top two stories referred to here, the vote brainwashing and the note leaving themselves point to some type of thought control, although it is surely not just Harry Potter who has the power to influence people and their behaviour.

Some people believe that many celebrities have undergone some type of mind conditioning.
Horned Miley
Back in the 1940's, a chap called Comyns Beaumont in a book called Britain, the Key to World History, claimed that Edinburgh was the Real Jerusalem and that Edinburgh Castle fits the Biblical description of Zion and the Citadel. here and, more in depth, here.

Edinburgh Castle is the current home of the alleged Stone of Destiny, which some claim is the Biblical Joseph's pillow stone. It is extremely likely that the next King will be crowned upon it, as is ritual.

The image below is from Beaumont's book, showing Edinburgh Castle from "Voldemort's"  Greyfriars Churchyard.