Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Friday 30 November 2012

Using one's loaf

Today in Scotland is top Christian, St. Andrew's Day; the above stained glass image of him comes from a church in Innerwick. From the Glen Lyon History Society, we note of how it was donated by the Wills family and of how, in 1681, Robert Campbell of  Glenlyon was granted Royal assent to hold a bi-annual fair in the glen in Innerwick.

A place called Fortingall also sits in Glen Lyon (once a hotbed of Druidism), and is home to what is alleged to be the oldest yew tree in Europe. "Local legend" claims that Pontius Pilate was born in it's shade.

The police operation into Jimmy Savile's dark practices is code-named operation Yew Tree.

11 years after Robert Campbell received Royal assent for his fairs, he led the Campbells against the MacDonalds in the infamous Glencoe massacre, on the orders of William (of Orange) and his (important) Stuart wife, Mary. 

Jimmy Savile had a cottage at Glencoe.

The 1320 Declaration of Arbroath (Scottish Independence - and the base for America's declaration) cites St. Andrew as instrumental in Scotland's conversion to Christianity. Note that the declaration was allegedly composed by Bernard of Kilwinning - Kilwinning being home of (freemasonic) Mother Lodge 0 and that, in 1951, the Stone of Destiny was left at Arbroath Abbey after repatriation from Westminster the previous Christmas Day. 

Today saw the Duchess of Cambridge visit her old school, St Andrew's in Pangbourne "for the first time in many years". (BBC news). Kate met Prince William at St. Andrew's University in Scotland, where they both studied.

Today, the Saltire (St. Andrew's Cross) will fly at 10 Downing Street from sunrise. Prime Minister, David Cameron, noted that:

"Scots have helped bring peace and security to nations, made some of the world's greatest inventions and been at the forefront of international trade in every continent. Scots and Scotland have done so much to shape our modern world. So, this is a day for everyone to celebrate our shared history and look forward to our future prosperity together."

Alex Salmond, Scottish First Minister, noted that:

"However, perhaps - actually certainly - our greatest invention of all, the one that made all of the others possible, was the invention of universal free education."

Some would allege that there is more to the St. Andrew's stained glass window than meets the eye, and that in fact it is Hermetic. They would suggest that the reason he carries the fishes is because Christianity was the "new" religion for the astrological Age of Pisces, an age very soon to be replaced by the Age of Aquarius. (see Mayan calendar).

Whilst, given the current location of the Stone of Destiny (Edinburgh Castle with it's franchised ice-cream van registration WMS 666 T), it looks to me like Scotland will again be at the forefront of matters.


wiki - Fortingall Yew

wiki - Robert Campbell

Declaration of Arbroath

Glencoe revisited

In my last post I dwelt heavily on the James Bond - James "Jimmy Savile" - Glencoe connections, including a map of London which shows Bond Street and Savile Row running parallel.

Unfortunately, in all the excitement, I forgot to check my own blog for any other Glencoe previous.

One has popped up, which may be relevant.

Back in 2009, I wrote a short post called Food for Thought. It detailed police preparations for the then  up and coming, G20 conference. The police operation was code-named Glencoe, my reasoning for that, at the time, was "it may be something to do with the fact that rioting anarchists almost invariably target MacDonalds eateries". 

Am not so sure now though. 

What also springs to mind is newspaper vendor, Ian Tomlinson, who was killed by a policeman during the protests. He was wearing a Millwall football club top (Millwall are Scottish rooted), the assault taking place at the end of Royal Exchange Passage. (Dog Damn Disturbing)

Another sacrifice ?


Note the 11 - 9 -9 G20 line up.

Saturday 24 November 2012

Chicken Licken

Aferrismoon, left this comment re child abuser James "Jimmy" Savile and a James Bond/Glencoe connection :

Concerning post about Savile's Glencoe house - Skyfall, Bond's childhood home was based in Glencoe.

The film came out around the same time the sky fell in on Savile's reputation.

Happened to be reading Michael Hoffman's thoughts on Unabomber Ted Kaczynski and he mentioned films coming out in the same time frame as 'group mind ritual ' events.

Remember that Glencoe is infamous for it's massacre - some sort of magical blood offering/sacrifice to new joint sovereigns of the United Kingdom : William of Orange and his House of Stuart wife, Mary.

Top image from said Bond Skyfall movie, note car registration digits 216. In the film, Bond has sexual relations with Severine, a female who he immediately recognises as "a victim of sex trafficking from a young age". (wiki)

Also from wiki re the magical, as noted by Plato, number, 216 :

 "In the film Pi, Max becomes obsessed with a 216-digit number in his quest to find the numeric equation behind existence, and is told by a group of Hasidic Jews that it represents the true name of God.".
"As six cubed (6x6x6), 216 is also symbolic of the Mark of the Beast in Christianity".  

The following images speak for themselves, as does the "masonic" Sun-God, Prince William, and his sun-drenched yet eclipsed midsummer birthdate, 21/6 :


Thursday 22 November 2012

Pie in the Sky

Tuesday 20th November saw a sprinkling of monarchical stories.

First was HM Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary, thus we were treated to some old black and white pictures of them, just so we remember how old they really are. (BBC).

Whilst, for further confirmation of their ageing process, apparently Monday night past saw the duo at the Royal Variety show where Prince Philip is alleged to have put his fingers in his ears, presumably to block out the noise. However, when asked on his favourite performer of the evening he replied "All of them [are] … but to be honest we’re both stone deaf". (here)

Meanwhile, dashing , young and uniformed, Prince William, also hit the headlines after pictures of him "working" in his helicopter rescue job were released. Apparently they showed some type of "confidential information" which led to some sort of "security crisis", forcing the Ministry of Defence to reset computer passwords. What interested me was his unusual armpatch which shows a Maltese style cross overlayed with a Pi symbol, along with his pig drinking mug - as imaged above.

One wonders if the pig is a subliminal nod to Animal Farm; Orwell's novel where the pigs take over the farm from the humans and the bulk of the other livestock find themselves out of the frying pan and into the fire, so to speak. 


Saturday 17 November 2012

Japs and Commandos

Note a "self-styled" nun, "Sister" Ruth Augustus. The mail on line reports of how she stuffed six letters with white powder and scrawled "bizarre slogans", before posting them to politicians. Newspaceman believes them not to be that bizarre :

"One envelope addressed to Mr Clegg had ‘devil worshipping’, ‘freemason’ and ‘your poor Catholic wife and children’ written on it."

"Another letter sent to former Labour Home Office minister Baroness Scotland was daubed with a swastika and two crosses and read ‘stop this evil devil worshipping"

"A third, sent to barrister and Labour peer Baroness Kennedy, also featured a swastika and the slogan: Stop these evil devil worshipping freemasons"

"The judge, Justice Saunders, sentenced her to a two year community order requiring her to be treated for mental health problems, including a persistent delusional disorder"

Poor Ruth, obviously still "deluded", remarked  after sentencing "My father fought Hitler but he shouldn’t have bothered. It’s run by devil-worshipping freemason Nazis already, who break the law at huge expense."

Quite; my Grandad "fought" Hitler, whilst he willingly let me trash his war medals as a boy, around the age of 7. They had no value for him, unlike the war-films which we watched on his television - a retirement gift from the then "State-owned" Post Office. That's what he chose out of the selection of gifts (but he kept the radio on to watch the cricket). When, The Bridge on the river Kwai, came on, often he would get animated. He was not too keen on the Japs given his posting - post office/telecommunication workers were at the front line -  thus he was not too keen on the Japanese lady we met in the museum once- often we went there, the cafe was good, and cheap - I remember it vividly. But he was a good man, who had met the devil but, unfortunately, stereotyped it.

In the same vein, from the potentially schizophrenic mail on line, we note a whole lot about the Leveson enquiry and the shady Common Purpose charity; basically a "conflict of interest".  What is interesting though, and why I am alleging mail on line schizophrenia, notwithstanding the masonic/nun story, is that the original headline was "Leveson Inquiry Mail dossier raises disturbing questions  influence quasi masonic nexus people know-best". This was changed quite rapidly, with no masonic angle, although it still appears in the "address bar"at top.


Tuesday 13 November 2012

Fallen Angels

Jimmy Savile's "lair" at Glencoe has been attacked again; over the 11.11 remembrance weekend vandals used orange paint to deface the property.

The BBC report mentions nothing about what the actual defacement was in terms of writing, although in it's article it mentions the previous incident which I covered here, whilst neglecting to mention the "masonic" all-seeing-eye which was previously sprayed, i.e. just covering the "Jimmy the beast" angle.

However, from the Press and Journal we glean that "A slogan was sprayed on the wall of Allt Na Reigh cottage alongside a symbol of an eye inside a triangle. A similar image was marked on the two-bedroom property in a previous attack."

Given the orange paint and the fact that the Glencoe massacre appears to have been some sort of blood sacrifice to William of Orange and his Stuart wife Mary, it is once again worth pointing out some of the Scottish rooted "coincidences" which surround the date 11th April, normally the 101'st day of the year:

1689 - William and Mary are crowned as joint sovereigns of Great Britain
1951 - The Stone of Destiny (Jacob's pillow stone) is left on the alter of Arbroath Abbey having been "stolen" from Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day the year prior
1996 - Lord Cullen receives an "anonymous" letter  re the Dunblane massacre which reads:  "It is in the public interest that Lord Cullen be asked if he is a Freemason, given the widely held view by the public that Thomas Hamilton's Masonic affiliation was probably the reason that the Ombudsman overturned an earlier decision by Central Regional Council in 1983 to prevent Hamilton from running youth clubs, and that his Masonic affiliation probably facilitated his application for a gun licence.". (Diverting a Discourse - a ruse)
1996 - The school gymnasium at Dunblane - scene of the carnage - is demolished.
2008 - Prince William receives his RAF "wings".

Let's not forget too, that back in 1904, "the beast", Aleister Crowley, finished his 3 day Book of the Law in Cairo. It was on the 10th of April, although it was a leap year, thus an extra day had been slotted in.

Whilst we can't really let 11.11 go by without mention of Uri Geller (who worships the digits) and his purchase of Lamb Island in the  Firth of Forth, where he believes returning Princess Scota of Egypt buried her loot. Nor indeed Prince William and his dark, front page appearance in Hello magazine, issue 1111 dated 22/2/2010.


Note too - that the investigation into Savile is code-named operation yew-tree. When the infamous Glencoe massacre took place, the Campells were under the command of Captain Robert Campbell of Glenlyon. Glenlyon is the site of Fortingall and it's ancient yew tree. Glenlyon was once a hotbed of Druid activity, some claim that Jesus himself visited the place.

Friday 9 November 2012

Crossed Wires ?

Don't really do MK ULTRA here at newspaceman, although I did cover the James "Batman" Holmes/ Olympic Dame Kelly Holmes connection here

Some say Anders Breivik was also possibly a victim of such.

Apparently, there are similarities between his manifesto and that of  Dmitry Vinogradov's - the Russian "office killer".

From the mail on line :

Vinogradov’s mother Elena Vinogradova revealed on Wednesday that the couple had rowed before breaking up over a romantic trip he had booked to take her to Scotland 

She said: ‘He quarreled with that girl Anya from the finance department. He is from the law department. 

'I understand it that his shooting was in the finance department. It is likely that they mocked him somehow.

‘Before they split up, he bought her a trip to Edinburgh, ordered everything, paid for it all, and some two days before it she said: “I'm not going." He was in a horrible depression after that.’

His sinister manifesto, posted at 4.56am yesterday, drew immediate comparisons with Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik, who shot dead 69 people at a camp last year. 

From his manifesto :

"Evolve! Become aware of your real meaning and place in this world! Understand that you are aliens here, you are the genetic rubbish which should not be here, rubbish which appeared accidentally, as a result of a mistake in evolution, rubbish which must be destroyed."

Edinburgh, Scotland's capital and Dmitry's holiday destination. Alternative historian, Comyns Beaumont, claimed in his 1947 book, Britain; The Key to World History, that it was the Biblical Jerusalem. (here) 

The (freemasonic) Grand Lodge of Scotland notes that Edinburgh's New Town is allegedly built on the same pi related esoteric principles as the Temple of Solomon and the Great Pyramid.

What we do know is that the alleged Stone of Destiny (Jacob's pillow stone) sits in Edinburgh Castle where, curiously, the solitary franchised ice-cream van carries the registration WMS 666 T. And that (current) freemasonry, has it's roots in Scotland.

On 2/11, the BBC reported of how "Scottish ministers have been urged to drop plans to keep any communication between the government and senior members of the Royal Family secret. Ministers want to give "absolute" exemption to information exchanged between the Scottish government and figures including the Queen". One imagines it will stay secret.

On 4/11, the Scotland on Sunday reported that unpopular ex Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, had noted that an independent Scotland would be "of a form of self-imposed colonialism more reminiscent of the old empire than of the modern world".

In January 2007 the BBC reported that Gordon Brown had remarked, whilst in India, that "it is time to formally recognise on a more consistent and regular basis the reality of this emerging new world order" 

Newspaceman does not believe all of Comyns Beaumont's theories, however he does believe that Scotland, and indeed Edinburgh, are most important to the elite. He believes that this is due to ritual, which in itself is the basis of magic. If something has been done before, in a particular method, then if the same method is followed exactly, it should work again.  He believes that the real reason Scotland is to be independent is in order that a global United Kingdom can be assembled; rather like the smallerUnited Kingdom we have now, formed by Bible reviser and promoter, James 6th and 1st.

We thus close with Glencoe loving Jimmy Savile and his ubiquitous magical smoking wand. Few were watching what the other hand was doing.