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Tuesday 17 November 2015

From Paris to Rosslyn

The image above is from last Friday, the 13th, just prior to the commencement of the Eagles of Death gig in Paris. Some of the crowd are making a "horned hand gesture", allegedly in "respect" of the devil.

When the gunmen struck, the band, who lead singer is nicknamed the Devil, were playing "Kiss the Devil". (here)

Their song prior was a cover of Duran Duran's, Save a Prayer. Apparently there's a notion doing the rounds to get the Eagles of Death version to the top of the charts this week.

Princess Diana dug Duran Duran, allegedly they were her favourite group, perhaps due to phonetic pronunciation. On 1st  December, 18 (3x6) days after the Paris attacks, it will be 6666 days since her demise. (here)

Back in 1969, when  the Rolling Stones played the Altamont music festival, Hells Angels provided security. Some scuffles had broken out in the crowd before the band's appearance. As they commenced their set, with the track Sympathy for the Devil, the fighting became more intense. By the time they complete their next song, Under My Thumb, a man had been murdered. At the time, American media referred to the band as "an intimidating brooding coven".

Back in 2013, when the Stones played Glastonbury, they performed Sympathy for the Devil. No one died but a large fire breathing phoenix rose from the Pyramid Stage. (here)

Last Friday's news carried the story of a Scottish Nationalist politician who found herself in soapy bubble after retweeting an image of a cartoon depicting "six piglets, representing Britain, the US, Israel and terror groups Isis, Al Qaeda and Boko Haram, suckling from a large sow with the word "Rothschild" on it." (The Independent).

Friday 13th is considered unlucky allegedly due to a massacre of the Knights Templar on the same day and date, many moons ago.

Some people believe that there are links between Paris and Rosslyn Chapel. Allegedly they are connected via the Knights Templar, the "roseline", and "bloodlines of Jesus", amongst other matters. This theory went viral with Dan Brown's fictional Da Vinci Code.

Yesterday, three days after the 13th, it was reported that three skeletons which were discovered during renovation works at Rosslyn Chapel had been reburied within it's grounds. (BBC)

Back at the start of the year, the Economist magazine front cover allegedly contained a Da Vinci "portent" to the events of last Friday. The images are below, for consideration.

Close up


Note, since I posted it has been revealed that Duran Duran were in fact in Paris last Friday whilst there last album, Paper Gods, was released just a couple of months ago, on September 11th.I did a quick google and it seems that they were performing as part of some sort of  "24 Hours of Reality and Live Earth: The World Is Watching global broadcast event". I'll try to look into Duran Duran in more depth later in the week, there is a further connection with Paris via their splinter group, Arcadia.

 BBC News .

Tuesday 3 November 2015


Yesterday, 2/11, a pair of botanically themed reports propagated within the news.

The first concerns a yew tree, not exactly to do with the code name of the police investigation into Glencoe-loving Jimmy Savile, but rather one situated at Fortingall in Glen Lyon. The two actually tenuously relate, given it was a Robert Campbell of Fortingall who led the clan when they massacred the unfortunate MacDonalds for being late in pledging their allegiance to William of Orange and House of Stuart Mary in a potential magickal blood sacrifice, but I digress.

Dr. Max Coleman, a "science communicator" at Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Garden, has discovered female berries upon the hitherto male 2,000 - 5,000 year old  plant (BBC). It appears that the tree is waxing hermaphrodite, the small cluster of fruits appearing only on one small branch in the outer crown. I am not exactly sure what a science communicator is, but wonder whether it relates to the work of Robert Ogilvie Crombie, the chap who helped form the Findhorn Foundation and who met with mythical creatures including Pan in the aforementioned Garden. (The centaur spot)

Baphomet, the androgynous diety allegedly worshipped by the freemasons' prequel, the  Knights Templar
What one has to perhaps bear in mind is that the tree is allegedly the oldest in Britain and was apparently a hotbed of Druid activity many moons ago; whilst local legend claims that Pontius Pilate was born in it's shade and played under it as a child. A local man, Barry Dunford, wrote a book - The Holy Land of Scotland - in which he theorised that Jesus himself visited the tree. (wiki)

I've written before about the nefarious agenda of androgyny, the unisex human worker-slave of the future and perhaps, just perhaps, the sex-change yew alludes to that in a mystical manner. Certainly the Druids, who kept their beady eyes on nature, would have considered it some sort of portent.

Note the wording to the right concerning David Beckham :"ALL HAIL THE NEW "NEW MAN !" Meet the Child Rearing, Therapy loving, Overachieving, Super-breed of British Men. (Metrosexual Quarterly)

Second up was indie-band, the Stone Roses. The Daily Record told yesterday morning of a forthcoming huge announcement concerning the band, apparently promoted by lemon decorated posters, at 7pm it was made, they are resurrecting again to play, in 2016, two concerts in Manchester and a third at Scotland's T in the Park festival which now is sited at Strathallan Castle after it's move last year. It's only some 39 miles by road between Fortingall and Strathallan, the Roses last record release being Second Coming in 1994. 
James Bond @ Glencoe - Car Registration BMT 216 A


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