Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Saturday 30 June 2007

Orange Walks

Today, I had the misfortune to witness the beginnings of an Orange Lodge march.

Before I receive bogus death threats, let me first confirm to my readership that my birth certificate states my religion as presbyterian. My grandfather had a number of vinyl recordings of orange and protestant bands although I do not recall ever hearing them played.

Today though, for a brief few minutes, I was somehow part of a Tolkien novel, as a procession of the ugliest humans I have ever seen assembled, marched by. Their faces were gnarled and twisted with a curious combination of loyalty, hatred, and, dare I say it, reptilianism.

Loyal to Our Majesty the Queen, songs of 1690 and the Battle of the Boyne.

These people, admirable as their misplaced loyalty may be, have no concept of the truth of this world. They believe a falsified history and, as such, believe catholics to be their enemy. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are their own worst enemies. They have no real knowledge nor any inclination to learn any. They are happy to hate as this makes them feel better for a short time.

Waken up and understand reality; please

Friday 29 June 2007

TV News Review - Thursday 28th June

Just the BBC News at 10 last night, it was enough to think about.

We kicked off with Gordon Brown and his new cabinet, the images shown were of smiling, happy politicians and it was a new Dr. Feelgood for a brief second. Mr Brown has had a tooth-job done recently, a professionally whitened and dazzled up smile, for the purpose of enhancing his public image. With the current state of the global economy and Mr Brown's financial acumen, I am surprised he did not plump for the perennial gypsies favorite; the golden tooth. Maybe they are gold and capped just like Mr Brown's spending.

We got a run-down of the fresh faces, Jacqui Smith was shown at the door of number 10, with Gordon, and we were reminded of her importance in the PM's plans. Images of the rest of the newcomers were shown and then we saw images of the omnipresent paparazzi on the pavement outside No 10. Well, along the pavement a bit. This part of the feature ended by showing us a brightly dressed individual handing in a parcel for the new PM. This was apparently a bottle of champagne which had been sent round by Princess Di's pal, Elton John.

Brown has maybe kept it on ice though because our next story was regarding Iraq. Yesterday, tragically, another three soldiers were killed, two of them came from Fife, home of Mr. Brown. We saw photgraphic images of the two Fife boys (for that is what they were) and then, so we knew how they had died, the BBC had created an animated graphic reconstruction, where we zoomed in from above, firstly on a world map, then into Iraq, then Basra, then the actual spot of the incident, by which time we were looking through a cross at simulated vehicles and a replay of events. Whoever created this obviously used to work at Rockstar North, the "distasteful" computer game designers; coincidentally, another Fife based company. (alright Chink?)

After that, we saw some images of real troops in action, in armoured vehicles, firing machine guns. We were told of the plans to reduce our forces in Iraq and consideration was given to the fact that Mr Brown may try to expedite matters. However we were then told that there was no word from Mr Brown as to that possibility yet. Brown though "may have critical influence over America like some say his predecessor did not have"

Time for Old Nick Robinson though and he ran through the new cabinet again, War Health and the Home secretary were his chosen appointments for discussion. Overall though, Nick reckons that this is a cabinet which shows a "change of tone" and appears to be more mellow, more ambient, more age of aquarius. All we needed was Tony and his new guitar.

More War, this time the one your Grandad told you about, the 2nd World War. We were told that our emergency services have never been so stretched since then; this is due to the flooding in England where we are stretched to breaking point. (as always) Over to Upton on Severn where an outside reporter stood beside some water and told us how it was still causing damage and taking lives.

In Doncaster there are still people being rescued and we saw people in a boat to reinforce this. Then we were told of people still living in shelters. To reinforce this, we saw an elderly, unshaven man, who seemed rather bewildered and, openly crying, told us he had lost his food. Newspaceman wondered if perhaps the BBC crew had mistakenly entered a different type of shelter, perhaps a homeless shelter and that maybe the old man was in the habit of claiming to have "lost his food".

A mobile phone image next of a house falling down due to the floods. The BBC had located the owners and saw we saw them "live" returning to their home. They were obviously quite distraught and they were asked by the reporter "How are you feeling." "Not brilliant" was the reply as they looked at their feet. The camera flashed over to their destroyed home and belongings, as it did we saw a large microphone in front of the couple. How do these "journalists" sleep or do they just not care ?

More flood fear next, this time food prices. We have been warned before recently on the news that farmers were turning to "energy" crops rather than food crops but this does not seem to be the case in the flood zones shown here. Up in the heliopter we went to see herons, "feeding on fish, where crops should be sown." No mention was made of the fact that there will be literally tons of worms at the new "rivers" edge because this used to be a field. This will attract fish and therefore their predator, the herons, not Tony's new green chum. Soon, the waters will subside and the natural cycle begin again.

Anyway, we saw a farmer down in his waterlogged fields and he pulled out a barley plant and showed us the root system which we were assured was pretty bad. We were told that our peas have gone mushy, pre tin and that strawberries were in a bad way too. Better nip down to the scaremongers and stock up before the "price goes up."

Madeleine McCann next and the global search has resulted in the arrest of a global couple, an Italian man and his Portuguese partner. It is some type of extortion that they are being questioned over. It was advised that the man had in fact seen his lawyer as he had some information about Madeleine's disappearance but wished to claim some of the substantial reward monies. We were told that this was exploiting the McCanns anguish.

Coming up - Buckingham Palace is falling down. A rooftop report.

First though, the posties are due to strike today. We saw a reporter outside a delivery depot and were told the background. 130,000 CWU members are expected to strike, their Union believes that 40,000 jobs may go. As the reporter spoke a mail lorry took a corner at breakneck speed; as they do. They drive it every day.

Lockerbie next - Looks like another stitch up job

An American mistake next. They have mistaken some peasants for well equipped and trained al-Quaeda operatives and as such, annihilated them. We saw one survivor interviewed, basically they were slaughtered trying to protect their village from "insurgents". Bandit country, thats for sure.

Time for the Queen next and we were warmed up by seeing millions of flag waving royalists, all crammed in London, whilst the Queen and family sat on the balcony; smiling. Buckingham Palace is falling down though, the roof specifically, and we cut over to BP, where our reporter held a small chunk of mason-ary. (They are everywhere). He told us that "chunks ranging in this size up to the size of a shoebox" have fallen down. Shoebox bomber anyone ?

The "palace is crumbing" we were told and we were told of problems with the Central Arch, through which the Queen travels. However, it appears the Queen does not actually stay in BP and only uses it for entertaining. For example we were told that today it was used for a meeting of "first aiders" from some conflict somewhere. Basically, the Queen wants the money from the Government and they are "reluctant to come to her assistance."

Can we read more into the timing of this. Has perhaps the Queen being trying to obtain the funding from Tony whilst he has simply blamed Gordon, as chancellor, for refusal of funds. Alternatively, maybe Tony has just simply stalled the issue and said to speak to Gordon once he gets the job. Strange how it has been made public the day after Gordon got the PM job. The Queen goes cap in hand to Gordon to get a new cap for her palace? Is maybe all just a big smoke and mirrors operation.

Rio next, a shanty town (self -build urban area, similar to the abode of Stig of the Dump x 10,000) in which an urban war is taking place between drug dealers and the police. It has been ongoing for a number of weeks. We saw urban warfare and the victims of such then we interviewed a lady victim who told us of the ongoing conflict. A gun was heard going off during the interview and we saw the lady, jumping about a foot in the air. Surely, if you live in an area of urban warfare, you would become immune to the sound, to a certain extent. An oscar for the lady and a "long way to go in this drugs war."

Wimbledon, and "despite the usual vocal support" Henman is out. Somebody analyse the effect of that statement on our unconscious please?

Spice girls next, a reunion and a long feature. We were reminded of them all, Sporty, Posh etc and, furthermore, that they "ushered in the Blair years". We saw a bit of an early video. Then we saw them at a press conference; wafer thin Posh said that it "was not for the money." We saw photographic images of them with Nelson Mandela and Prince Charles, both of these seperate images were shown together, side by side, and we were told of the "great and the good". And the effect of this "linking" please?

The last comment on the comeback was that it may be "little more than old spice". The only old spice I remember is the aftershave and its nautical connections. I think it was a 2nd WW thing. Certainly, my grandad had it, I remember the bottle and the advert on TV, the crashing waves and the Galleon.

Do you think we might have to build shanty towns, in the manner of a Brazilian Stig, if the floods get worse? Huts, like those seen on allotments, built with bits and pieces, an old door here,a bit kitchen worktop there and a lovely, perfectly round, deep, porthole window; made out the front of a washing machine?

Oh for the life of an urban hermit.


Thursday 28 June 2007

TV News Review - Wednesday 27th June

I could only stomach part of the BBC News at 10 last night. That was more than enough. It really all just revolved around Blair and Brown. Very dour. Very smooth, orchestrated by the media it seems to me. Last nights news avoided war stories and stuck to positives. Tony is Dr. Feelgood and we are all dazed on a diet of milk and alcohol.

Thsi game has been played by a Grandmaster. Tony was on his last legs after Iraq, it was all too suspect and his arrangement with George Bush was questionable. Yet now, we have Tony accepting a new job, this one global. Cherie advised the media in an ambigous statement that she did not think she would miss them. Did this not mean that she intends Tony to remain in the spotlight and therefore they will not be missing from her life rather than the opposite meaning offered by the BBC. In thunder, lightning, or in rain ?

Another evaluation of Brown and his capabilties for the job. Then a final resume of the Blair years, house prices have rised by a huge percentage and personal debt is in the trillions. Read between the lines and think here. Are you really better off ? Think about your actual life. Is it better ?

In between, we saw Cameron, at one point in a corner shop. The next image shown was a veiled muslim lady just to reinforce some stereotypes.

This whole pantomime went on for a while but eventually we had time for some other news. Flooding first, the usual cleaning up images. The BBC had managed to find a "flood victim" with an extremely large nose. He told us the smell of sewage was "getting a bit ripe". We saw new build houses, flooded. They had similar window panels to that of number 10 Downing Street. The ones that look like the rays of the sun in the panels directly over the front door.

"More heartbreak" though. We saw beer barrels being rolled back up out a cellar. "Contaminated", we were told, our reporter sounded heartbroken.

Time for another story on abortions, fourth in two weeks on the BBC.

Last but not least. The mother of a fourteen year old boy who was stabbed to death was shown, in her grief. "Why" was the question she most wanted to know.

The answer, if you were watching, was staring you in the face. The most effective tool in the box. The box itself is the paradoxical viral carrier of today's social and spiritual malaise.

We have forgotten where we came from and our reasons for being here. The television is almost in control of our society. We have one move to avoid checkmate, better make sure its the right square.


Wednesday 27 June 2007

ITN News Review - Tuesday 26th June

At ITN we are "Facing a Catastrophe" or so we are told, in words and big letters, set on the backdrop. We went over to Tom in Sheffield who was "wading through the floodwaters". Tom navigated us through all the goings on, complete with the usual images. Somewhere in the background I swear I heard hymns being sung.

There are billions of litres of water potentially waiting to surge through Sheffield though and we drifted over to Emma at the Dam. Hoping to see a prostitute in a shop window in Holland, I raised my weary eyes to see a waterproof wearing reporter telling us virtually nothing. More helicopter views though and images of "foul water". Chicken soup anyone? More emergency supplies were shown being handed out and a group of indviduals loitered at a street corner, idling away time, drinking beer. These characters lived further up the hill. Bagginses.

Inflatable rescue craft like the ones the african migrants use were shown and even more helicopter views, our reporter said it "was heartbreaking to fly over houses and think of all the damage". What's your shadow saying though, mate. Anyway, ITN like their witchhunts and so we require a scapegoat. In this case it is the council and ITN highlighted this by showing a reporter leafing through three reports which were written, warning the council this may happen.

Two of the reports were written in the last fortnight, the other some ten years ago. The reporter angrily slapped down the reports on the desk in the manner of Alan Sugar at an Apprentice interview and we cut to the author of the oldest report, a Billy Bragg look and sound-a-like. Billy told us of his frustrations at being ignored. It was time for a discussion on whether climate change was to blame and we saw Milliband and heard some "scientific opinions"

Gordon Brown and Quentin again next. Tom Brady, the ITN chief political editor, can smell a rat and as such, grilled Quentin, again in the manner of Alan Sugar. "Did you write this", he almost roared as he waved a bit paper furiously. And "what about the timing". He asked his questions from a comfy "headmasters" type chair, I didnt think to look at Quentins but will endeavor to to this in future. I hadnt thought of it.

We had time for Tony and Arnie again. This time again in a clear "double cover" type shennanigan. Tony was speaking and advised that "my press officer said to me this morning, what ever you say, dont say, I'll be back". No Tony, your press officer told you to say - "he said dont say". No sign of the Hoff yet but...

Gaza next, Alan Johnston, we are told that further death threats have been made to him after two arrests.

Prince of Wales again, this time inspecting vegetables.

Last but not least, s Paris Hilton is freed and we saw countless paparazzi following and photographing her. We were told that the Paparazzi were her constant companions on the way home. We saw some helicopter images of her returning to her house and her beloved dog, Tinkerbell. Finally, we were asked "Is she just shallowness in high heels".

Is it just me - Paris, Diana, Paparazzi. Floods, Helicopter views, shallowness.


BBC News Review - Tuesday 26th June

The flooding in England was again the lead story on the BBC News at 10 and as such we went "straight to sheffield" where we were again invited to view countless images of flooding, torrents of water, submerged cars, helicopter rescues, eye witness accounts etc etc. Mobile phone footage was shown, including that of a school bus, full of water with all the children screaming and panic stricken.

We were told that the floodwater comprised a "stinking carpet of mud and raw sewage". Furthermore, it is "forcing families to dry ground". Helicopter views of flooded fields and industrial areas were shown, the M1 was closed and therefore empty of traffic. We waded over to an area of Sheffield called Catcliffe, which has been very badly hit. A pub called the Plough was shown yesterday morning, with sandbags at the door, at the ready. Later in the afternoon, it was "shown" again, this time fully submerged.

Time for more helicopter views and we were told that more bad weather is to come. Then, the Whingarden estate, images of residents sweeping water from their homes and suchlike. An old man said it "was like looking at the river Amazon". Reassuringly, emergency food supplies have been transported into the area and we saw residents being offered Golden Wonder crisps. We were told that cheese butties had also been available but they all seemed to have gone. Flood victims complained of being unable to bathe or wash. This could take years to recover from we were advised.

South Yorkshire now and an interview was shown with an old man who is one a number of people who are staying at a local school after being evacuated from their homes in case Ulley dam bursts. The old man spoke of a community spirit like that of the war days. We were told of Tony Blair meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger about global warming (more later). We saw a weather expert stating that one of the main problems was that the "rain lingered".

One of the main problems here is apparently that a lot of houses are built on flood plains. Furthermore, a lady representitive from the Association of British Insurers advised that "we are looking at quite a lot of further cataclysmic events happening". She didnt specify what these events would be or when they would happen. Overall though; you better be scared, it could be your house and your belongings that are covered in mud and sewage shortly and there is nothing you can do about it. What are the insurers using for their Nostradamus like predictions - astrology and its relationship with the Mayan Calender ?

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown followed the floodwater, perhaps washed up? and Nick Robinson told us of Tony turning the lights out for the last time in Downing Street whilst Gordon would wake with the dawn light. So we understood fully what was happening, the BBC showed us another television set which was showing some written information, scrolling down. Very subtle.

A conservative MP, Quentin Davies, has jumped camp to Brown's Labour. He claims that he has often disagreed with the Conservative parties policies recently and prefers that of the Labour party. Also, Cameron is all image. The thing is though, the conservatives dont seem to have any policies and seem to agree with labour on most points anyway. This character is actually perpetuating a myth, that being there is a difference between them. There may be in small, subtle ways but not in a way that actually makes any difference to you or I.

Arnold Swartzenneger was next, meeting Tony Blair. Images of them surrounded by gangs of screaming adorable-ish children were shown. Remember the film Twins. When Arnie shed his "hard-man" image and became the jolly giant. Just like the toy store. And the protector of our Sweetcorn. And the Hulk. The Big Daddy- O Protector. He flew over to discuss the issue of climate change with Tony and no doubt they engaged in some constructive manner although whether it was climate change related remains to be seen.

We saw a clip of the Queen next, not the real Queen but an actress. It might have been Helen Mirren, I am not sure. Anyway, the scene was Tony, kneeling in front of her Majesty, who touched him with a sword on the shoulder. Never heard of the knife amnesty? Anyway, Nick told us that it will be Gordon's turn tomorrow. Tony will probably resign completely from the UK political scene which means a by-election. Tony knows his alchemy, he needs to go back to his pure base in order to be reconstructed as part of something bigger.

And on the subject of occult matters, Prince Charles next. Charles, as part of his investigations into the supernatural, is investigating biodynamic gardening which, despite sounding like a new management theory, is in fact magic in the garden, using natural methods, including the transit of the moon and other planets. Charles may well have known about the rain coming for example.
This wasnt about this though, it was about Charles taking less flights and hence reducing his carbon footprint. No mention was made of the five spare boiled eggs every morning though. In the manner of a hobbit ?

B.A.A., The Saudis, Tony Blair, George Bush and another potential scandal. It speaks for itself, we saw George chuckling when Tony was asked a question about it and that itself should tell us all we need to know. Newspaceman himself now attempts to live his life in the manner of Brown and Blair but anti-authority. Then, simply cite our leaders behaviour as justification. It is a clear breach of our human rights not to be able to lie, cheat and destroy countless lives, then live in abject wealth in a power hungry ego-fest; in reality this is a mental disorder or disease.

We saw some grinning Saudi's meeting Bush and some others meeting Maggie Thatcher back in 1985. According to urban myth, Thatcher may have been sourcing ecstacy tablets which she later unleashed on a growingly violent youth, the majority of whom were taken with the romantic life and dress of a football casual. In the manner of Soma; Orwell's chemical cosh.However, it appeared she was just over there to break the ice; certainly I didnt see any white doves, although I could'nt see all imagery on the state flags fluttering on the gas guzzling limousines.

Time for an update on Manchester City. They intend to appoint Eriksson as manager, if their potential new owner, Thanskin Shiniwatra, is allowed to go ahead with his purchase of the club.
He used to be a Prime Minister too.

Tennis next, Harry Potter lookalike, Tim Henman wins 13-11. We saw a long clip with strawberries and cream.

A big thanks to Tony next from the BBC and we got to see some classic public relations by Tony. At the start of the Iraq War, Tony agreed to be photographed by a photo-journalist, over a 30 day period. The resulting black and white images are now on display and the BBC showed us a selection, along with a running commentary by the journalist chap. We saw Tony strained, Tony anguished, Tony contemplating, Tony miserable, etc etc. We were told that Tony was "haunted by his decisions" We saw an image of Tony and George Bush staring closely in each others eyes. This was "symbolic of the closeness of their relationship"

Furthemore, many international leaders "now regret him leaving." and "he will be missed on an international stage." We saw another image of Tony playing his guitar (obviously not the ones he got yesterday) and in the background, oriental, ambient, age of aquarius guitar music was heard as the feature ended.

The most telling thing about this was that the photographer stated that in most of the photographs he took, Tony was with Alistair Campbell, his press officer. Surely only the very cynical would conclude that he was planning this, back then. When was Twins released ?


Tuesday 26 June 2007

ITN News Review - Monday 25th June

ITN began like the BBC with flood scenes, we saw countless images from throughout England. In one particular live report, the reporter appeared soaking wet, as did the camera screen. He spoke of torrents of water and waved his hand to indicate the severity. Yet the background water seemed remarkably calm for a torrent and their appeared no sign of any rain falling to explain the saturated, hair dripping-wet reporter. Another mystery.

And so it continued, more and more images of flooding.

But - coming up, the story of two twin soldiers, one killed in Iraq

First was Alan Johnston. ITN are still adamant that the Dogmoosh clan are the individuals behind this outrage and tonight they proved their case further. A Hamas official has sent the Dogmoosh family a letter about the kidnapping and they have not responded. This somehow proves they have him captive, I am not sure how this does but ITN are not sure how the stalemate will be broken anyway.

Tony Blair next, he had his leaving night and was presented with an expensive acoustic guitar by his loyal staff.

The tragedy of the twins next and we saw an interview with the head of the college he once attended. We were told of his merits etc. Additionally, when one twin hurts, the other feels it.

Madeleine McCann next, 8 sightings on Malta. No one said anything at the time though.

Challenge to the NHS now over allocation of new drugs which may help patients. Sometimes these are costly and so the NHS refuse to prescribe them free. Why do we spend so much money on new drugs and medicines when we cant afford to distribute the ones we have already created? Why cant we accept that we all die at some point, physically anyway ?

Next up was Wimbledon and that was about it.


TV News Review - Monday 25th June

We began our journey through last nights news at the BBC News at ten; the leading feature being the flood chaos in England. We were told that a month's rainfall fell in a matter of hours and that roads turned into rivers. We saw various images of torrential rivers and flooding to illustrate the seriousness of the problem.

"England - underwater", we went to Leeds where we saw flooded houses, people interviewed, a flooded basement garage and were told two of the partly submerged cars we could see were a Jaguar and an Aston martin. Why did they decide to feature these two cars. Is the Jaguar still fresh in our minds after it's recent offloading by Ford. Do they maybe represent Britain in a symbolic manner, like the red double decker bus. Britain is sinking ?

From there, we saw images of cattle, wading through flooded fields. This imagery is used in several features, migrants, Africa etc. Over to Sheffield where staff from an office block have had to be airlifted by helicopter due to flooding. We saw images of people being winched up. Then, Tenbury Wells, where we saw a bridge, the water running extremely high, almost to the top of the arches. The reporter indicated a water level gauge and told us that "all over England, people are watching the water rising."

Alan Johnston and Gaza next. A video has been posted on the internet which shows Mr Johnston asking that no rescue attempt is attempted as, if it is, he will be blown up. To verify this, he wore what appeared to be belt of explosives round his waist. The BBC showed the video along with some images of Hamas supporters celebrating in the streets and then some burning buildings. We finished by recalling the balloon release of last week, marking 100 days in captivity.

The Commons - Have we "sold out to Europe" or is this "the best deal for Britain." "Is it a simple treaty?" These appeared to be the questions being asked yesterday and as such we saw a "heated debate" between Tony Blair and David Cameron in front of a half empty commons. Reference was made to the forthcoming appointment of Gordon as PM and the camera cut to him. How chuffed can a man look. Anyway, Cameron wants a referendum over this entire issue. Tony however, does not feel that is warranted. We were told that "Britain is giving up its rights to veto" but this would result in some positives. The example given was a "swifter delivery of emergency aid in a humanitarian crisis." No evidence or tangible example was provided for this however, and it was left to our imaginations.

Just in time for holiday season, the BBC decided to show a feature on an investigation that they have made regarding airline pilots in Birmingham being too "fatigued" to fly properly. We saw a blacked out pilot called Andy telling us of some potential horror stories. We a simulation of one such incident where a lever marked flaps was pushed up. A voice shouted out "Oh, youve raised the flaps instead" . It should have been the wheels lever that was pushed up apparently. 32 pilots say that they have flown whilst fatigued, no figure was given as to how many were asked in total. Furthermore - "air travel is expanding fast" and pilots "barely have a chance to leave the cockpit" between flights. One captain said his co-piot fell asleep but he didnt report it as it was gross misconduct. So is not reporting it, surely ?

Social mobility, the ability to rise from one social class to another. Children born in the 70's have less chance of escaping poverty than those born in the 50's we were advised. We saw black and white photographic images of adorable children and babies from both generations. A bar graph using various countries flags was shown. The UK had the smallest bar flag, a tiny Union Jack, dwarfed by the others. We are the "worst in the world" at this mobility caper and this could be blamed on our education system. Apparently, "private school" gives an advantage plus the "well off get their children into good state schools". We saw the Harry Enfield character, Tim Nice but Dim and were told that his "well paid job in the city" should go to somebody more capable.

Things wont get any better though because "there is an outcry from the privileged if something is done for the non-privileged" and there is a "sizeable gap between intentions and outcomes". I dont know what the point of this report is other than to create a division. What social class is what. Is our class only based on money and not behaviour to others ? Thats what this suggests and its one of the major problems with our society. This feature just perpetuates this order of things which is fundamentally, insane.

Hamas again, another short story.

Then another special, Nick Robinson chatting to Gordon Brown in Kirkcaldy, where Brown spent his schooldays. We were told of Brown's strong religious upbringing, his father was a Minister. Not prime though. The cameras got into the church and so we got the usual stained glass window images; one in particular which the camera lingered on; declared - God is Light. This was set within an almost sun shaped symbol in pale yellow glass. We strolled round the manse and church with Gordon and Nick, where we were advised by Nick that "Gordon Brown does do God" and that Gordon does not think that people want to be lectured.

Nick gave us a run down of Gordons boyhood, being the son of a preacher, he had to be pretty well behaved and we saw some black and white photographic images of Gordon, as a child, back in the 50's. Gordon produced a magazine and sold it, giving the money to African orphans. Often, when younger, the doorbell would ring and the door be opened by one of the Browns, revealing beggars, begging. One wonders if perhaps a secret mark was placed on the door in the manner of Gandalf and Bilbo ?

In Kirkcaldy, Brown would be known as thrawn, a colloquialism, meaning stubborn. At school, "it was not just the sportsfield he excelled on" and he was moved up two years, meaning he attended University at the tender age of 16. At some point he received a severe sporting injury and chose politics instead for a career. He became rector of Edinburgh University. What concerned him was the way his classmates "fell away" during their education. Obviously they had no aspirations for social class climbing then. Strangely, for a man who does not believe that people want to be lectured, he yearns for a return to the values of a century ago.

I will write ITN up shortly, did Billy Connolly not do a joke about Kirkcaldy ?


Monday 25 June 2007

BBC News Review - Sunday 24th June

I only caught the BBC news programme at around half five yesterday evening; the leading feature being the handover of power to Gordon Brown by Tony Blair and the election of Harriet Harman.

Old Nick Robinson, the BBC chief political editor was reporting on this, it appeared to me that he was none too happy with the result and as such resorted to pulling faces to show his personal opinons. We saw images of Gordon, Tony, Harriet and were reminded that Harriet is "to the left" and "opposed the war in Iraq." What concerns me is that all this happened on the Sabbath yet both Tony and Gordon are both happy to advertise their faith in their respective religions.

Chemical Ali next, one of Saddam Hussain's top boys, who was yesterday sentenced to death by a court in Iraq. The BBC showed an Iraqi bar room setting with locals gathered round the ubiquitous television screen. The death sentence appeared to be announced on the television as the locals raised their full glasses in the air in mock celebration. We went outside to see some cars driving along a road. The reporter advised that the streets had been quiet over this verdict, there was no repetition of the scenes when Saddam was sentenced; for example, guns being fired in the air in celebration.

Another soldier dies in Iraq, a corporal.

200 die in storms in Pakistan.

Time for a tear jerker and today the BBC had located an eighteen month old girl who requires a new heart. We got to see the parents interviewed, obviously they are both distraught and desperate. Then we got to see the tube festooned baby in the hospital with all the equipment, a mechanical heart etc. We were asked "Why can't a heart be found". Reasons given included that we are so child safety conscious in this country. They didnt go so far as to say that basically they need another child to die to obtain a heart but that is the reality. Anyway, the mother, Zoe, hopes that her child eventually has two birthdays - like the Queen. We are off to see the wizard...

Glastonbury next and the lightweights leaving early. We saw people interviewed, obviously filthy and soaking wet, given the weather conditions. Festivals have almost become summer football for the masses, something to look forward to, and, as such, the media have pumped them up over the last few years. Therefore, they are no longer what they used to be, they have lost their spirit and soul a wee bit.

Newspaceman fondly remembers an early "rave" club in Edinburgh. It was called the tattoo and was originally within a former art studio I think. There was only a table and two massive fridges which only stocked Red Stripe, in terms of bar fittings. Everyone was always mashed and I think that maybe, collectively, we had all become conscious of the reality of the fake world we inhabited. It was the time to forget it all and it was like you had escaped, on several levels at once, from reality. Reality had become transparently, obviously fake. Just like the house prices.

A crash next, but not an economic one, rather Jose Luis Castillo hitting the canvas after an awesome body punch by Ricky Hatton. We saw images of the fight and knockout punch and were told that Ricky will probably be having a few fry ups and a few pints. Ricky doesnt seem to subscribe to the norm in terms of training, eating etc and does this not tell us something. That you dont always have to follow the specifications to succeed. Perhaps deviancy is a good thing but it does not seem to be desired any longer in our new, global world.

It was time for some more sport, this time motorbike racing and that was it.


Saturday 23 June 2007

TV News Review - Friday 22nd June

I only covered the ITN late news at 10.30pm yesterday where the leading feature was a paedophile sex case in Edinburgh.

This story has been running locally for a few weeks, the position being that a young lady has come forward and told how she was raped by several of her parents friends as her parents watched. This abuse took place over a number of years. Her father has since died, however yesterday her mother and one of the abusers received lengthy prison sentences. Another is expected to receive a similar jail term when he appears.

Images of the abusers were shown, they are not the prettiest individuals in the world, it must be said. One could imagine them appearing as some sort of extra in the hobbit, perhaps living under a bridge. The victim her waved her anonymity in this instance and as such we were treated to a lengthy interview.

Next up was the European summit and ongoing negotiations.

Guantanamo Bay is to be closed, we saw a lengthy feature on this, including images of inside the detention centre.

The last feature was regarding a curious case of missing children in China. We were told how boys had been stolen from their mothers and now worked gruelling shifts in brick factories, similar to the conditions we had in this country only 100 years ago. This story told how Chinese television has broken through its government censorship and as such is now able to report on stories such as these.

There are at least two underlying points being made in this report -

The first is that we in (the UK) have moved on from slavery and are above that.

The second is that television news is a good thing for humanity in the long run (Look how it has exposed and helped those poor, skinny, overworked, Chinese, child-slaves.)

Both these points are actually wrong and condition our thinking. That is all I have to say today, sorry this is so short.


A long story on chinese slavery.

Friday 22 June 2007

TV News Review - Thursday 21st June

The BBC News at 10 started with Afghanistan as part of a special report on the country.

Images of war, battles etc were shown and we were told that the Taliban ruled Afghansitan from 1996 - 2001. We moved over to the Afghan/Pakistan border where we linked with the American 82nd Airbourne who are stationed in this area.

Rather than show any more battle scenes, the BBC told us how the Americans were involved in the "rescue of a pregnant woman, injured in a family duel" in this, a "lawless country." Basically we are being asked to accept that "our" forces are doing a "good thing" in terms of humanity and so we saw the lady's baby being born in the safety of a hospital. Babies and toddlers are fantastic propaganda. We were told that there is no way the baby would have lived if the americans had not helped and we saw "concerned" male american soldiers, trying to act normal and caring, gushing over the baby, in the manner of a woman and revelling in their perceived status of saviours.

These troops come from the "mightiest army in the world" and are over there to "end the culture of the gun". Furthermore, these lands in the mountains are full of "violence and cruelty." . They are now anyway.

Now over to the studio for "the rest of the news" (which implies the Afghan report was news, which in fact it was not)

Tony Blair is in Brussels and we are arguing about "giving our power away." Tony has four key issues that he is not happy about. We saw a man interviewed who say we "require a referendum." An angry, ranting, foreign man was shown as was a large Bob the Builder. Mention was made of "sour cherry soup" , "Hitler killed too many Poles" and "dont mention the war". I still am having difficulty with this story, we dont seem to get any actual facts, just nonsense.

Old Nick Robinson next and he was at the palace of intrigue, this being the House of Commons. The story is to do with Gordon Brown offering Paddy Ashdown a job and in doing so, upsetting the Liberal Democrat leader - Ming Campbell. Nick is obviously well in the know, he told us that a "pink message slip" was handed to Paddy which read "phone Gordon Brown, he wants to see you". Yep.
Anti-terror laws next; they are simply not working. The conservative party are not happy because 7 people have now vanished, despite being on control orders. The reason for this is obvious although was not stated. The control measures are designed to be flimsy to allow the suspects to "escape". This means that there can be an outcry and therefore more stringent control orders can be imposed to stop this happening.

Posties next and 100,000 CWU workers are ready to strike. It is likely to be next Thursday. We saw a small business which will be badly affected. The union are not happy as many job losses are forecast. Management have advised there is "no option but to change". Your author will write an article on the post office later today, he has personal experience of it.

You better watch out though posties - Jessops, the photgraphic shop, is closing with major job losses. They are simply not competitive now we were told. Coincidentally, the Post Office has the Jessops account, or did a few years ago anyway.

Next was Bocastle, flash flooding up to 3 feet deep.

Football and Manchester City are to be bought over by Thanskin Shinawatra, the former Thai prime minister. This was quite a long feature and told us of the potential purchaser's "murky past". We saw a supporter interviewed and he cheerfully advised us that "everything is bent in football anyway". Perhaps young man but you have been hypnotised by a triviality. It is the whole world which is "bent" and that is nothing to be cheerful about. This feature was presented by the new Indian sports reporter who's name I have forgotten although I have mentioned him quite recently in the newspaceman. The whole upshot being that our world is now "global".

Time to go back to Afghanistan for some "night fighting" and adorable children. "Education is the key". So we are told and this frightens me. When does education turn into conditioning. Surely the edges are blurred. Yet we believe that our schools and teachers are doing a good thing. Who decides what is being taught ? What is really being said here is that we (the western world) will educate these children our way. That way we can all be the same. And we will believe that this "sameness" is a good thing. And we will have forgotten, collectively, that there was once an alternative.

A global slave race. Anyone with an interest in this, please read the following , it is enlightening.

Thursday 21 June 2007

The Antichrist

Is the antichrist not just an anti-humanity type figurehead of a global totalitarian state, similar to that of the Roman Empire, rather than the child portrayed in the Omen trilogy.

If we said that Christ was within all of us in the concept of truth, honesty and freedom and that our individuality and thinking are to be taken, never to be returned and denied to humanity, for evermore. A hell of our own making.

Is that the future you want for your children ?

TV News Review - Wednesday 20th June

Last night, the BBC News programme at 10 was a "special" on Afghanistan.

The first report was from Helmand province and our reporter, Alistair Leafhead, was shadowing some UK forces. This feature showed many images of war and fighting. We saw a situation develop where two Taliban fighters had been spotted, say 700 metres from the British position. Bombs and rockets were fired and countless machine gun rounds were discharged in a two minute blitz. Yet the Taliban appeared to escape, no bodies were found.

We moved further north where the US army were stationed. Here, tactics like that of Iraq are being employed, suicide bombings and roadside bombs in this "changing, vicious war". Images were shown of American army vehicles being blown up with these roadside bombs. A suicide bomber was shown who advised that "in heaven, we can get anything we want". We saw an American soldier with a bomb damaged foot

Kabul was "liberated" from the Taliban in 2001 but they have returned and operate their in tandem with al-Quaeda. So said our next report which showed old clips of Osama Bin Laden; who is now "probably hiding over the border in Pakistan". Images of cave networks were shown.

230 innocent Afghan civilians have been killed by Nato forces so far we were told but also that locals were "worried about the British leaving as they dont want the Taliban back".

Now - the rest of the news

A new vaccine has been developed which can reduce the risk of cervical cancer by combating the virus which causes it in 70% of cases. Human papillomavirus, or HPV. This disease kills 1000 women per year in the UK. The plan is to vaccinate schoolgirls aged 12 against this and therefore reduce the cancer in the long term. The reason that girls so young are being vaccinated against a sexually transmitted disease is that 10% of 14 year olds, 25% of 15 year olds and 50% of 16 year olds have had sexual intercourse.

We saw images of a mother with an adorable toddler stating that "this can only be a good thing" and a cancer victim was also of that opinion. I will discuss this further on when I review ITN.

Next up, private equity companies and tax "discounts". Basically, private equity firms were called up to explain themselves and their operations in front of a government panel. This took the form of an Alan Sugar's Apprentice style question and answer session. It was almost like the MP's were in fact "imitating" Alan's "style", whether consciously or not.

Tony Blair is apparently in the running for some type of "leadership" job in an independent Palestinian state. So says the Washington Post anyway and so we were told about this possibility and the potential consequences of it. It is only speculation though, so far

Gordon Brown next giving his last speech to the City in London. We need 5 million more people to gain some sort of skills in order that Britain remains competitive within the Global world. Gordon says that we have a "culture of second best" and, furthermore, "low aspirations". We have a lot of talent, sitting idle, not being used. Being used for what Gordon - a future in your new world order.
Perhaps some potentially talented people can see exactly what your aspirations are on a global basis and perhaps they dont subscribe to them.

Another British soldier killed in Iraq.

Joseph Corre, a co-founder of lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, has rejected his MBE due to the war in Iraq. He advised that Blair is "morally corrupt". His wife has accepted her's though and is delighted. Oh for more men like Mr Corre. What a good name for an owner of a lingerie company - Corre, you dont get many of them to the pound!

Jill Dando next and Barry "George's" appeal. I received a comment about this yesterday and will reply shortly. Last night though, this feature was illustrated using an image of Barry dressed in a Hannibal Lecter style straightjacket.

Alan Johnson next, still hostage, 100 days now. Vigils were held ("went global") and we saw images of them, posters being held up etc. Further images were shown of Hamas fighters, veiled women etc.

Back to Afghanistan, this time to see how we are improving the quality of life for the locals. Afghanistan "needs billions, just to get the basics right." We flew low with the reporter, avoiding attack and landed in a "typical rural village" in "the depths of poverty" where people live on 50p a day. A "lot of British taxpayers money has been spent" installing a water system and we saw a local asked - "How has this changed your life ?" His reply (translated) "Before, we had dirty water and now we have clean drinking water". A man was shown growing mint, which earns him 3 times as much as if he grew opium poppy. You dont get a hit off mint though; so how big is the potential "global market ?"

ITN started with a long feature on Alan Johnston. Their reporter seems to think that Alan has been kidnapped by a local clan family with the surname Dogmoosh. As do Hamas officials, the reporter's personal Hamas bodyguard and a human rights worker. We got to see a big pool of fresh blood with people standing around and then our reporter met the Dogmooshes who were at the morgue, burying one of their own. The reporter asked one of them if it was the Dogmooshes who had kidnapped Mr Johnston but the man seemed to deny it. That was really about it.

Coming up - China and the demand by the West for cheap goods.

Next was Barry "George". We saw images of Jill Dando, dressed in scarlet. We saw a gun being shot, close up, a number of times and saw a "gun expert" discuss the seemingly flimsy foresnsic evidence. There was talk at the end of a "smoking gun" but I couldnt quite catch why.

HPP next as with the BBC. This time we saw a cancer victim saying it could only be a good thing and then we saw a lady called Mrs Musgrove (Brookside), advising that she would be getting her son immunised as well;" as he can, as a male, simply carry and transmit the virus. We are going to "eradicate the virus from our society" we were told.

Does anyone smell a rat here? It looks like it may well end up all twelve year olds to be immunised and this is to save 700 lives a year. How many people are dying just now because of flesh eating disease which is caused by dirty, poorly cleaned hospitals. Why not sort out the rot first before taking on a new "life saving" project. If I was 11 and looking at a compulsory injection , I would be heading for a cave in the Highlands; which, incidentally, could well end up our own "Afghanistan" where social undesirables may be forced. I believe this may have in fact happened during Roman times, yet I digress. The Taliclan. Hopefully we will be able to grow cannabis and opium as well with all the global warming.

Red Hot news next - A boy was seen being bundled into the back of a van in Worcester, his mouth taped up. No more details as yet (nothing this morning either).

Soldier killed in Iraq -image shown

Iraq have now also criticised the giving of honours to Salman Rushdie.

Joseph Corre, bras and pants again.

Chinese now and their industries. I covered an extremely similar feature a couple of months ago when we were shown a factory which produced spiked rubber balls for tumble dryers. A long feature with images including steel production and the associated molten metals; the purpose of which seemed to be to worry us about global warming.

The recent storms and flash floods "may or may not be part of global warming"

Stuart Pearce, England under 21's manager, gutted after team go out 13 -12 to Holland, on penalties. An important number 13/12. 13th December, your author's birthday.

The American election next and the use of the internet to promote politics. We saw a spoof Sopranos which shows Hilary and Bill (Clinton) indulging in some "carefree nonsense". We then saw another American political "internet video", this time a bit more raunchy but I didnt follow who it was about, sorry. We were reminded though that the internet can be "fickle" and we saw another man doing his hair up, no idea who, sorry.

Headlines Tomorrow (today)

The Sun - Madeleine McCann's father mugged at a cashline and three irreplaceable photographs of Madeleine were stolen along with his wallet whilst on a very short visit to the UK. I find this incredible, where were the media ?

As a footnote, I head this morning on Radio 2 that Mr McCann helped to save a life on his flight in to the UK.


Wednesday 20 June 2007

TV News Review - Tuesday 19th June 2007

Starting with the BBC News at 10, the lead story revolved around the fact that "thousands and thousands" of prisoners are to be released from their stay at Her Majesty's Pleasure before they have completed their sentence.

We were advised that this is embarrasing for the government because it was "obvious this would happen". We are not building enough new prisons for the volume of criminals who are being sent there by our courts. 25,000 prisoners will be released up to 18 days early and this in turn will allow 1200 extra places with our jails. No mention was made of the fact that the majority of prisoners are released early after serving half their sentence anyway because of good behaviour.

This story again was designed to instill fear amongst viewers and almost gave the impression that gangs of prisoners will be released en masse to cause more trouble within our "society".

Next, China, not the Queens teacup's but the country. They dont seem to have any problem with building. In fact, they are managing to construct "not one but two" coal burning power stations per week. This has come as a shock to us as apparently we thought that they were only building one a week. This though, is a problem in respect of global warming - "Great Britian strives to combat the workshop of the world". Images were shown of rural chinese people, cycling and in their paddy fields. They dont appear to value this lifestyle we were told and in fact "they desire to live like we live".

One wonders how exactly these chinese peasants know how we live. It would appear that they have not been here to visit and so one can only assume that they have gathered information on our "lifestyle" via the television. This may have given a slightly distorted view, lets hope they dont watch all of it or China may turn into a land of Graham Nortons for example. Maybe that is the intention, newspaceman covered a report on the problem of China's increasing population only a few weeks ago. Avid readers may recall that rural chinese people were claiming to have had different sized and aged twins in order to get round the one child rule.

Iraq next and their is no case to answer for any military personnel involved in the Iraq hostage situation which you should remember. In case you didnt though, the BBC ran the highlights of the story again. We saw the "prisoners" in their Iraq supplied "gangster suits", rummaging through their "goodie bags" and serving tea to each other on trays. This feature contained a reworded sea-shanty which had been cleverly composed by the BBC.

What shall we do with the captured sailor...... early in the morning,
Take away his i-pod and make him blubber (repeat) etc etc.

Anyway, we saw images of up to date military operations in the Gulf and were told that"lessons have been learned from this debacle" and, furthermore "Navy and Nation will be better prepared next time".

Same report as yesterday on abortions, minus the foetal images.

Next up was the appeal against the conviction for murder of Jill Dando by Barry George.

I will update this further this evening, sorry time is pressing today.

Tuesday 19 June 2007

Channel 4 - The Dangerous School For Boys

For those who dont know, Channel 4 runs a series of real life documentaries called Cutting Edge. These are often disturbing.

Our documentary last night revolved around a privately run Catholic boys boarding school which was situated in France although the "owner" (O) and students were English. (O) had a very hand on role within the school and was helped by a Headmaster (H) and a chaplain or priest (C).

The basic story appeared to be that O felt there was no boys boarding school in the UK which placed enough emphasis on the Catholic faith together with a "public school" type education and as such had opened his own, inside a large, crumbling, ruined castle type structure, complete with chapel. O had no actual experience of education other than that as sunday school teacher. However he had thoroughly enjoyed his own schooldays and wished to recreate a similar environment for "his boys". H, the principal, also had no experience of teaching but like O he had deep faith and belief that this role was his God sent destiny. C again believed that this was his destiny but more on that later.

There were other teachers at the school although none had a professional teaching qualification. We did not see too much of the teachers during the programme although a brief interview was held with some. They too appeared to do the job for love and faith in God and as such accepted meagre wages for their endeavors as did H and C.

We saw some of the pupils preparing for school, packing etc, one in particular was called Martin and was aged 11. Martin had been mugged in the park at home recently and so his dad had decided to pack him off to school along with his older brother who had attended for the previous year.

O arranged a variety of unusual educational tasks for his pupils throughout the show. We saw them chopping and pulling down a huge tree with an axe, no sign of any health and safety or helmets etc. They also trained in morris dancing, gregorian chanting, latin etc.

Soon though, O decided to move on to the art of cookery. He had purchased two long eared rabbits in the market and intended to show the boys how to slaughter, butcher and cook the unfortunates. We retired to a concrete room along with the rabbits, O, a dozen or so schoolboys and an axe plus buckets etc.

He put the bunnies down on the floor and they hopped about. One pupil advised he wished no further part in this matter and retired from the killing room. O also retired outside to speak to him and the pupil offered to buy the rabbits from him to avoid their slaughter. O seemed to find this rather amusing and gave a lecture on how the rabbits had no souls and so it did not seem to matter, rather the rabbits had been provided by God for us to eat.

We went back into the room for some horrific scenes. One boy held the rabbit by it's ears and
another boy held it's feet. Yet another swung the back of the axe into its head. This appeared to stun the rabbit slightly; after several attempts so O decided this was the time to cut its throat. He instructed the pupil with the axe to decapitate it, however the pupil did not seem too keen and as such made a half hearted slash at which point the rabbit recovered consciousness and began screaming. O eventually grabbed the axe and chopped the head off. The second rabbit which seemed to have been watching and listening was then executed although this was a speedier process and not as messy.

Quickly we moved on; O and H decided to organise an actual rabbit hunt so the boys could participate. As such, they visited a local huntsman? who showed them round his house, his collection of stuffed trophies, and agreed to go out for the day with the boys and his dogs.

On the day of the hunt, the man showed up as promised with his pack. This consisted of two scruffy terrier type pups and a beagle. Curiously, for a man who believes animals have no souls, O decided to have the hunting pack blessed by Father C . As such, we saw C sprinking holy water on the dogs in the back of the van whilst gregorian chanting. No reference was made as to the purpose of this annointing.

The hunt began although pupil numbers seemed to have deminshed for this outing. The huntsman strolled ahead with the dogs whilst the rest of the party ambled behind, dressed in tee-shirts and talking loudly. Unfortunately, the beagle got whiff of some prey and raced off. The other two pups rolled on top of each other and play fought. O was asked by the reporter if he thought there was any chance of catching anything - he didnt. Eventually the beagle was found, wounded from a bramble thorn and bleeding. The pups were still fighting each other so it seemed time to call it a day and it was all abandoned.

Whether the rabbit slaughter had affected Martin was not said, however he was expelled for attacking a teacher with a ballpoint pen plus various other violent outbursts. His dad took him home but he came back later.

Other bizarre moments from this programme involved our reporter asking O if he thought the boys masturbated. O said he hoped not and was then asked if he, himself masturbated. No, he replied, as his eyes hit the roof.

Father C expained his robes to a pupil. His dog collar showed he was subservient to God and his chastity belt. Well one can only wonder.

As to the true purpose of this documentary ?


TV News Review - Monday 18th June

Before the News last night, I watched a programme on Channel 4 - The Dangerous School for Boys. This documentary on a Catholic seconday boarding school in France merits more attention and I shall write further about it today.

The BBC kicked off proceedings with a feature on a global paedophile ring which has been smashed by the authorities. Martin Cox, a weasly faced individual from England was found guilty of possessing and distributing 11,000 images of children to child abusers throughout the world.

This feature told us that children would be "raped by appointment" and the resulting images sold. Cox used the name Son of God in his business enterprise and was given an indeterminate sentence which conceivably means he could die in jail. We were told of "chat rooms" and babies.

Over to Pakistan next for a feature on a graduation ceremony for suicide bombers. A video has been released which showed say 80 characters, all with faces covered, "graduating" from terrorist training school. One of them spoke in English and declared he was ready to begin his suicide bomb career. The headmasters of the school included the new Taliban leader and we were told of an al-Quaeda/Taliban pact in the Border Country of Pakistan and Afghanistan. They carried hand held missile launchers and a fleet of cars sat nearby.

Pakistan again next as it appears that their parliament is none to happy with the decision of our Queen to honour Salman Rushdie, probably the most hated man in the Islamic world. We saw images of the protests 20 years ago when Rushdie published his book, "The Satanic Verses". A fatwa or death sentence was imposed on him at the time by the Islamic religion so great was the perceived disrespect. The Queen has honoured him in respect of his literary work though so that is okay. Talk about stirring it.

Tony Blair next and the European Treaty. Tony says we wont be signing up for it, again the report on this issue seemed rather blurred and I will await judgement until matters are explained in full. It seems to be all part of the new order of global government.

David Cameron, the Conservative leader appeared next and we saw images of him speeching at the Unite conference. He blames the current state of "social breakdown" on the lack of family units and believes that "every child needs a secure start from a safe and loving home". Mr Cameron may be well intentioned but he has no concept of the real problem in todays world. Surely, if one watches say Eastenders and sees countless family break ups (plus the rest) then one's opinion of correct social values becomes somewhat distorted. This logic can be applied to murder, rape, anything really. The very fact we have seen something terrible (albeit on the TV) has allowed its very concepts into our minds.

Gordon Brown next, again speeching at the Unite conference. He was heckled after claiming that our nurses were getting a fair pay rise and a good overall deal for their job. The problem is I think that maybe most nurses actually want to be nurses. In todays finance driven world this is a weakness and as such will naturally result in exploitation.

Our political presenter, Nick Robinson then narrated a tale from outside Wembley Stadium and talked of the "match ahead" and "the team that scores the first goal". You author apologies but has no idea as to what the esteemed Mr Robinson was referring to. It just seemed to be an excuse to use football as a metaphor for politics. We all like football.

Coming up - Flashback to the 80's - Smoking Ban.

Next though, the rise in ladies obtaining abortions is astronomical. We were told that in 1968, 22,000 abortions were carried out in the UK. In 2005, that number had risen to 186,000. This feature was illustrated by means of a foetus in the womb which moved about. We then saw Lord David Steel, the MP who proposed this legislation 40 years ago. He spoke of the fact that it appears abortion is almost being used as a form of contraception. We were told that 32% of ladies who have an abortion have already had one.

I do not wish to discuss the ethics. Bear in mind though that firstly the 32% gives a false impression. There may be some ladies who have had say 4 or 5 and this would increase the supposed 32% figure. This is how figures and statistics can be manipulated and distorted. Notwithstanding this, are there maybe not a lot of "back street" abortions, involving bottles of gin. Furthermore, not too many years ago the art of midwifery also included logical, natural contraceptive methods such as the moon and the menstrual cycle. However, as humans, we have more or less lost our "bond" to mother earth and nature and as such, these practices have been forgotten.

We had time for a report on Gaza - "to see how the people are faring. " Not too well it seems and things will get worse. Usual war, death imagery.

Then a small clip of a US forces helicopter crashing into the sea.

Smoking ban next "prepare to be cast out onto the streets". Images were shown from the 1980's of people smoking on planes, in offices etc. With the new smoking ban in England there will be no smoking in any contained public area. This seems fairly obvious but the BBC showed images of taxis, cinemas and the symbolic red London double decker bus just to let us know.

Dont worry though, we are still allowed to smoke in our own homes. But only just. In Liverpool, the local council has written to its tenants asking them to refrain from smoking for half an hour before any of their representatives visit.

We saw a wheezing scouser in his 50's advising that this will become a police thing.

Bernard Manning next. He has passed away aged 76. Images were shown of Bernard in smokey, working mens clubs, croaking out jokes which we were reminded, by an Asian reporter, are no longer acceptable. This included a joke about Black people claiming to be English because they were born here. Bernard advised that if a dog was born in a stable then it would not be a horse. Other "offensive jokes" were also told. The key to Bernard's success is in fact that "a particular audience never tires of him". Cue images of white, "working class" men expressing their love of him.

I wrote an article on "racism" just on Saturday where I expressed the opinion that we are all racist although may care to deny it. Surely, Bernard was doing a good thing with race relations. Making us laugh at it all. We are not laughing at the black people, only the humour and to me this is a good way of ridding ourselves of predjudice.

That was it for BBC although our regional news carried a feature on Alex Salmond, the SNP leader, meeting the Irish leaders, Paisley and Adams in Stormont for a chat. These are part of the forthcoming new order. Why do think Paisley is so cheery.

Sunday 17 June 2007

ITN News Review - Friday 15th June

If I was a black man I could easily feel insulted by the ITN News at 10.30 on Friday night.

We started with a feature on bribes etc in football as with the BBC.

Moved on to the weather in the UK, the storms, flooding etc.

Then, coming up, the KKK

First, over to Gaza for the usual images

Then, a long feature on Gangster Rap and whether it influences its listeners to indulge in a life of criminality, drug dealing and murder. We saw various black youths rapping, obviously dressed in the correct manner, hoodies and huge jeans are de rigour. Reference was made to the extreme violence which is glorified in the lyrics, describing AK47's, disposing of bodies etc., etc.

We saw different opinions offered as to the influence of these lyrics, some saying that they did indeed influence behaviour, others nonsensing these claims. The rapper 50cents was shown and reference made to his lyrics. We were told of Elvis and the Sex Pistols and how they were considered "subversive" at the time. In the future we were told we may look back and think of gangsta rap as "quaint".

Then, unless I fell asleep for a short feature, it was time for the KKK. This was a special report and as such, the backdrop of the newsreader was completely filled with images of burning crosses and hooded Klansmen. We went over to America where a reporter had taken the trip to the headquarters of the current Klan and we saw their leader who was interviewed and advised that the Klan were not in fact a violent institution. Many other images were shown throughout this feature and reference was made to outrages which were carried out by Klan members in the past.

So, lets look at this. We are tempted by the initial mention of the Klan and a glimpse of their imagery. Then we see a feature on Gaza, all the fighting etc and gun shooting into the air etc. Then, gangster rap. Your author has a liking for this type of music, he is not an avid listener but has his moments. He does see that perhaps, in an already fragile mind, it may have some influence.

But what about the images of the KKK. Would they not disturb ones mind more? Is not true that images and words have a far greater impact on the mind than simply words and music. I would also say that often, Gangsta Rap draws on its backing music by way of sampling "love songs" and ballads. This gives a curious appeal to the music in newspacemans mind.

Are humans not "naturally" "racist" in that they have an inbuilt fear and therefore aggression to anyone seen as "different". In the social structure of the rat, which is not disimilar to that of humans, we see large colonies or communities of rats being created. All of these rats will in fact be related to the orginal, founding pair of rats. Rats recognise each other by smell, any different smelling rat, and therefore stranger, found in the territory, will be set upon in a frenzy and slaughtered.

As humans we need to accept this "inbuilt" racism in order to destroy it. By hiding these deep thoughts within ourselves, in effect lying to ourselves, we do not ever face them and so cannot grow as humans. There are many things that we must accept about ourselves before we can rise above them and this is not an easy thing to do.

However, this ITN feature is nothing but a raising of these hidden emotions, deep within us. They are so deep that we do not even consider them. This is one of our problems, really, hiding away from the real truth behind our "achievements" in terms of cars and houses, clothes and phones.

Why did the BBC feature the same night contain an image where a camera zoomed in on a bracelet and tag being worn by a coloured man ? Is this coincidence ?


Saturday 16 June 2007

TV News Review - 15th June 2007

BBC at 10 first with the flooding in England. Images of flooded streets and houses; children, dancing in the water, a boy pulled from a raging stream and a 4WD stranded in a flooded river.

4WD=bandit country. Or so we would believe. If it cant make it, nothing will. A Weeping Lady was interviewed - "all lost in 40 minutes" she sobbed. An Old Man stated it was - "frightening". So was he. Foolish children danced in the floodwater, the paedophiles seemed to be away. Algarve maybe, heard of easy pickings? Either that or paedos dont like rain. Neither it seems do the "always watchful mothers", they seemed to have disappeared, perhaps secure that the TV camera crews presence would negate the omipresent child abuser. Maybe it was happy hour ?

We had time for helicopter views and tornados in Dudley. We saw bag ridden black migrants wading through flood-rivers: they were later interviewed : the camera focused into the wrist of our coloured brother; on which a chain and tag sat. The good news was that it has stopped raining in Sheffield.

Next, African migrants. Rather than us having to catch them in the manner of Roots; the 70's drama, these fools are delusional enough to believe that Europe is the promised land. As such, they are forking out a fortune ($1200) to be "people carried" to Italy via Malta. I will say no more other than they were pictured in a large inflatable craft similar to that used in the UK by the emergency services.

Michael Barrymore - released no charge in gay murder charge(as reported in the newspaceman yesterday). Images of Bazza at the Queens Variety Show were shown.

Paedophiles next, five of 'em. Dont worry though, 4 of the "major" ones have been caught through some sort of initiative by the Goverment. New orders are on the way to protect "us". Sorry but these were not even proper paedos; none looked creepy and at least one, when recaptured, had been released.

Next, a patronising feature which yet again claimed that we dont know how much we can drink and still be under the limit. We saw a bogus couple and tv doctor discussing the issue. This comprised the couple asking nonsense questions such as "how many units are in a glass of wine". Answer - How big is the glass, how big are you and how much can you quaff? Answer given was one unit. Real answer - If you drink and drive, you know the score. We all do. Therefore, there are no odds to gamble. Anyway, we might have random testing. Another excuse for Plod to stop you; willy nilly.

That was it on BBC and I need to update this on Sunday.

In the meantime, on the regional news, on a feature which claimed our toddlers knew nothing of sectarianism, we saw a reporter ask a two year old if she knew what a protestant was. She shook her head.

She will now though.