Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Monday 29 October 2012


I touched on Jimmy Savile in my reposted Digging Jimmy Savile, just at the start of the month.

Yesterday we saw "vandals" attack his old property in Glencoe, daubing BEAST  on the walls and, pertinently, a "masonic" "Eye of Providence" (mail on line)

It is worth noting that Glencoe has seen other dark deeds historically - which is maybe why Jimmy chose it - with the infamous massacre of the MacDonalds by the Campbells in some sort of magical blood sacrifice to William of Orange and his "Stuart" wife Mary. William and Mary's coronation took place on 11th April 1689, whilst also on 11th April, in 1951, the Stone of Destiny was left at Arbroath Abbey after being "repatriated" from England on Christmas Day the year before.


wiki - Glencoe Massacre.

Sunday 21 October 2012

Pipe Dreams

Whilst the chap above may look like he has been blowing on the bagpipes rather too much, actually he was part of the Earth Mars Glenelg twinning party from yesterday, as noted in my post, Speed bonny boat.

From the BBC report on the celebration, we glean that the director of Nasa's Mars exploration programme, Doug McCuistion (wonder where his ancestors came from?), was unable to make the journey as planned and instead answered questions via a satellite link. He was asked if there were any aliens, and replied that, "Well, that's what we hope to find out: that Mars was once able to support life". He also noted that by 2030, or 2040, humans should have landed on the red planet and taken Curiosity back to an Earth museum. 

The star appearance was former Nasa astronaut, Bonnie Dunbar, who again has a Scottish seed. Bonnie told of her childhood and how she was motivated by a book called  The Angry Planet, written by another Scot, John Keir Cross. During her performance, she discussed how she hopes to debunk suggestions that the 1969 Moon Landing was faked, and of her hopes that youngsters in the audience would become the engineers and scientists of the future, helping humans to get to Mars. 

Now, whether or not the landings were faked, or whether Neil Armstrong (another with Scottish roots here) did indeed plant a masonic flag on the alleged surface of the Moon, Bonnie's surname highlights another cosmic coincidence, or perhaps synchronicity. For just under 13 miles from the place Dunbar, sits North Berwick. Jeff Nisbet, in his Pyramids of Scotland revisited, centres his theories around this very place, in the process throwing up some symbolic masonic numerology/cosmology and connections to Sirius, whilst not forgetting Uri Geller and his purchase of Lamb Island, where he believes returning Egyptian princess, Scota, stashed her loot:

"I had demonstrated how Orion’s stars, acting with Sirius, an important star in Egyptian cosmology, dictated the locations of several sacred sites connected to the Knights Templar, the order of warrior monks exterminated in 1307 for reasons that still spark controversy. One of those sites, Rosslyn Chapel, would later capture worldwide attention in Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code.”

It's all about colonisation and seed sowing, both futuristically and historically.


Nasa - masonic conspiracy

Saturday 20 October 2012

Speed bonny boat

There's a big party up in Scotland's palindromic Glenelg today. Reason is that it is to be twinned with another Glenelg, the one on Mars. From the BBC we learn that the Glenelg in space "takes it's name from a particular rock found in the Northwest Territories" in Canada, although it's roots are indeed to be found up in the Scottish Highlands.

Back in the 1700's an (English) redcoat barracks was constructed there shortly after the Jacobite rising, whilst a century later the bulk of the population were burned out their homes during the Highland Clearances and then sailed off to colonise British territories elsewhere on planet Earth.

During the week, again from the BBC, we learned that the the pyramidical rock imaged above, which was discovered on Mars and named Jake, has been analysed by top boffins in Nasa and discovered to be a classification of the Earth type mugearite. It is apparently a "cosmic coincidence" that this rock type was originally "discovered" only 25 miles west of Scottish Glenelg, on Mugeary, Isle of Skye.

As I have noted many times before, the game plan appears to be to create a unified global slave-based civilisation here on Earth, whilst colonising outer space over the future. One wonders if yet again the Scots will be uprooted to facilitate the exodus and, just maybe, if there is more to the palindrome than meets the eye.


wiki - Skye Boat Song

wiki - Jacobitism

Saturday 6 October 2012


The above image is from today's mail on line and shows a mural which has been painted in the Brick Lane area of East London. Unfortunately for the artist, Mear One, various individuals have taken umbrage to the contents and claim it is anti-Semitic given the hook-nosed bankers who play the money-orientated board game Monopoly. Apparently it is reminiscent of  propaganda from the Nazi Germany era and thus the owner of the property on which it has been painted has been given 28 days to remove it, or the council will "take further action".

One can perhaps see that the portrayal of these "Jews" could be considered offensive to a few, but surely the inclusion of the large pyramid with all-seeing-eye capstone, along with the placard which reads "THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS THE ENEMY OF HUMANITY" is surely bang on in terms of the construction of our modern society and the imminent collective enslavement of mankind. It maybe needs pointed out here to some that the one-eyed pyramid is hardly a"Jewish" symbol and has more to do with freemasonry which, as I point out often, has it's current roots firmly set in Scotland, home of the Stone of Destiny. Disturbingly, the mail on line don't mention any of that.

Neither to they broach the concept of British Israel, a concept which suggests that it is the British Royal Family who believe themselves God's "chosen ones", the natural leaders of the planet. Nor that if indeed that is the case then potentially the Book of Revelation(s) is being acted out - "all the worlds a stage" - and especially if we think, like Mear One, of a shady cabal acting behind the scenes, co-ordinating matters to their amusement, a one world order and a one world currency going hand in hand.

I suppose it does not really matter who the Jews are, or if indeed the concept of British Israel and Prince William as "Antichrist" is true, the reality is that a one-world society is imminent, and Hitler's dream is coming true.


Wednesday 3 October 2012

Digging Jimmy Savile

This is my post from January this year - Concrete Jungles - reposted given the current Jimmy Savile media storm:

Urban myths are something rarely paid much attention to here at newspaceman. For example there's the Jimmy Saville one from ten or so years ago, where rumour had it that super-celebrity Jimmy, now deceased, was a necrophiliac, and indulged in some form of cadaver tampering. It went in one ear and out the other, at the time.

Then there's Stephen Hawking, the genius physicist, crippled with motor-neuron disease from age 21. Some say his disease stemmed from an ill advised attempt at time travelling. Now, as he approaches his 70th birthday, he has told how in order for the human race to survive, outer space must be colonised, and predicts that this will happen, although not in the next 100 years. Furthermore, he predicts that Earth will become uninhabitable within the next 1000 years, either through nuclear war or global warming.

This is music to my ears to a certain extent, given my own thoughts on how a one-world society is being created and indeed how colonisation (from Scotland and Ireland) could be seen to be the backbone of this world order and indeed a nod to the future.

And Jimmy Saville ? Well he passed away last November and was buried, after a three day celebration of his life, in a Tutankhamun-style golden coffin. Curiously it was tilted at a 45 degree angle "
to enable him to see the sea". It was then encased in concrete "so that the grave couldn't and wouldn't be opened again". That should fix it.


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