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Wednesday 17 October 2007

BBC TV News Review - Tuesday 17th October 2007

The BBC news at 10 began with the ongoing Northern Rock saga as "top executives" of the failing bank were asked to explain their conduct in respect of the recent crisis to the governmental Treasury Select Comittee. We saw images of this grilling and heard of today's revelations - that a Lloyds Bank takeover had "floundered" at the very begining. It seems some have levied criticism towards the BBC themselves for revealing details of the Northern's "cap in hand" approach to the Bank of England and thus creating the panic driven run on the bank.. Business editor Robert Peston denied it was wrong to "run the scoop" or that the subject was "sensationalised" and claimed it was "up to viewers and listeners" to make up their own minds.

Menzies Campbell's resignation followed, it appears that age and role played a significant part in his decision to leave; it seems that articles written on what type of socks he wore both "irritated and frustrated" him, we heard of 7 days and 7 consecutive reports and were shown cartoons mocking Ming, showing him on a zimmer frame for example. BBC reporter Nick Robinson attemped to delve further into the behind the scenes activities which may have helped Ming make his decision, however he was unsuccessful in this, and very little was revealed. We closed by hearing of a possible book.

The death of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes next,; court proceedings continue, it seems that a specialist police officer broke down yesterday whilst giving evidence behind a screen. Images of the body of Mr Menezes, dead on a tube carriage floor were displayed as we heard that traces of cocaine were found in his urine, but not his bloodstream. Further CCTV footage showed other tube passengers in blind mass panic.

Migrant workers, again we were advised that 1 in 8 workers is in fact a migrant.

Health, the Royal Blackburn hospital has closed its neonatal unit due to an outbreak of MRSA. It appears that this is not a common strain of the flesh eating virus and that 7 or 8 babies had positive traces on their skin, one in their blood.

The murderer of a vicar was yesterday detained indefinately after pleading guilty - due to diminshed responsibility. We heard how Mr Geraint Evans stabbed Father Paul Bennet on his doorstep, then sat on a gravestone to await the police. It seems that Mr Evans considered himself to be Jesus, God and the Antichrist all rolled into one and this, together with a quantity of alcohol, cannabis and butane gas, had led him to carry out his actions. It seems that he used the name Jack Blades whilst corresponding on the internet, although very little was revealed on this matter.

Coming up - Booker Prize

First though, our loyal hero soldiers return from Afghanistan to their base in Pirbright. We saw 108 members of the Royal Anglian Regiment returning to meet their loved ones who have been "waiting and worrying for six months" We saw a soldier interviewed, he appeared slightly shellshocked and found it difficult to communicate his feelings to the camera. Black and white photographs of the "ones who didnt make it" were shown to viewers as their names were read out, like a roll call.

More restructuring, this time the obese (OBC) BBC themselves are to be thinned, 150 "top managers" were yesterday given a preview of the proposals which should save 2 billion pounds. 500 jobs will go in the BBC news, however viewers will now be subjected to more repeats and less factual and childrens programmes.

2 planes were involved in a minor collision at Heathrow airport.

Countdown to the rugby final - 4 days to go - we heard about England opponents, South Africa, in particular Bryan Habana, a man with "superhuman speed". To verify this, we saw Mr Habana racing a cheetah. Not an athlete on amphetamine, an animal. Coincidentally, it may be worth reminding readers here that the aformementioned Menzies Campbell was once known as "the fastest white man on earth", back in the 1960's.

Last up and to close, the Booker Prize. We saw the winner announced live - Anne Enright for her book, the Gathering.


Who's gathering ?


Anonymous said...

Hey NPM,

Have you made anything of the Peruvian asteroid, which crashed down on the same day as the Northern Rock story first broke?

Newspaceman said...

Mark, sorry, dont know much about it, read a wee bit about after effects etc.

Branson looks set to buy the NR - that will just be the beginning. He "lost" the lottery bid - may he maybe one day win a contract for a non profit making new citizens bank ?, after the world economic crash.

cheers, sorry I dont know more.