Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Week 33

Kate, inspired by the hermetic 14th century Madonna and Child , to be displayed in London in September. Created by street artist, Pegasus. (mail on line)

 Last week was week 33 of the year.

Monday saw Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, "resurrect" in Edinburgh after his alleged medical-induced hiatus. He was handing out medals on behalf of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, a scientific establishment founded during the "Enlightenment" by  Colin MacLaurin, a respected mathematician, who made inroads within the fields of geometry and algebra. Afterwards he was due to head for Balmoral, to catch up with the Queen. (BBC)

On Tuesday it was reported that Americans have been "brainwashed", en masse,  into voting for Obama by the Edinburgh "born", Harry Potter series of novels. So says a "political science professor", Anthony Gierzynski, of Vermont University. (here)

Wild-eyed, brain fried ?, Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, with water. Note that J.K.  Rowling signed a bust of Hermes, located in Edinburgh's Balmoral Hotel, to commemorate finishing the series of books.
On Friday we learned that the "secretive" 33 loving freemasons intend to hire a "youth ambassador to dispel the myth that they are white haired old gentlemen in tweed jackets". The mail on line article also references "conspiracy theorists", who apparently blame the organisation for major world events although it does not state any specifics, in terms of both conspiracy theories and major world events.

On Sunday we learned that military-minded Prince Harry is irritated that his "mother's" landmine, Halo Charity, is not receiving the assistance he believes it deserves from some of the (again unspecified) nations which provided/sold the limb maiming booby traps. The charity is Scottish - Dumfriesshire-based, rather like the freemason's Mother Lodge O, in Kilwinning. Halo was founded on 9/3/88 (BBC)

On Sunday too, we read that Commonwealth Games secretary general, Kamalesh Sharma, is impressed by Glasgow's preparations for the 11 day event. The torch design, which includes the Queen's secret message, was revealed on Friday past.  (BBC)

Subliminal square. G for Glasgow.  God, Geometry, Gnosis have been suggested as the reason for the "masonic" G.? Masonic Lodge of Education
Also on Sunday we read of how allegations have been made that Princess Diana was assassinated by the SAS. It made front page in most tabloids that day, although the story broke on Saturday evening.

When Diana died, the Royals were at Balmoral, and it is maybe coincidental that again on Sunday we saw images of a tweed attired, white haired Prince Philip, at Balmoral, in the company of the Queen.


Thursday 8 August 2013

Trip trap, Trip trap, went the hooves....

My last couple of posts noted Aleister Crowley, Gavin Maxwell, Kathleen Raine, Loch Ness, Fort Augustus Abbey, Cardinal O' Brien, Jimmy Savile, child abuse, and a potential black magic connection between them.

On Monday we read that Oz-born entertainer, Rolf Harris, had been re-arrested on suspicion of historic sexual abuse.. Although it is not directly linked to Jimmy Savile, it falls under the auspices of the police's Operation Yewtree, which was specifically instigated to weed out undesirables in the wake of the Savile affair(s). (mail on line) One can maybe glean something from the way the yew tree propagates, in terms of layering.

Today we read that, given the allegations,  Rolf has been dropped from his channel 5 vet series, Animal Clinic, and is to be replaced by another well known presenter, Ben Fogle. (BBC News)

Ben, born 3/11/73, is the son of a British born actress, Julia Foster, and  Bruce Fogle OBE, a Canadian veterinary who moved to the UK some forty years ago.

Ben got his big break back in 2000, when he hosted a BBC TV programme called Castaway, produced by Lion, in which 36 men, woman, and children, were tasked with building a community on the uninhabited Scottish island of Taransay in the Outer Hebrides. It was "billed as a bold experiment for the new millennium". (wiki)

Ben has his fingers in a few pies, so to speak, and appears to be uber-popular on the celebrity circuit. He was at Prince William's wedding. Last year he was chosen to be one of the Olympic torchbearers for the first day of the relay, the location being the Eden Project (here). Ben did a documentary based on Princes William and Harry's trip to Africa in 2010.

Earlier this year, Ben claimed his drink had been spiked with LSD in a pub in  Gloucestershire, causing him to "hit walls, attempt to jump out a window", and, overall, act like a madman. His wife managed to lock him in a room until an ambulance arrived. Ben, allegedly, thought he was going to die. ( BBC

Chirpy Ben
In the 50's, 60's, and 70's, the US goverment ran a mind control project called MKUltra, which experimented in the "behavioral engineering of humans". LSD appears to have been a majpr component in these experiments. From 1957 to 1964, a Scottish psychiatrist, Donald Ewen Cameron, travelled to Canada's Montreal every week, allegedly in an effort to cure schizophrenia by erasing existing memories and re-programming the psyche, although some have claimed he was investigating "psychological torture". Again he used LSD in abundance.

Some people consider that a lot, if not all, celebrities are victims of MKUltra, and that the techniques discovered during the experiments are still in use. It is contested that these celebrities are mind controlled in order that some follow their behaviour, and suggestions, for a deeper and occult  nefarious purpose. If one looks into the alleged programming, it appears that often the parents are the administrators of the "torture", which is utilised in early childhood and revolves around creating multiple personalities in the human, thus allowing "handlers" to then control their puppet creations.

Rolf Harris painted a portrait of the Queen some years ago.

Rolf has appeared at Glastonbury, on the Pyramid Stage - where we saw the Rolling Stones, this year, perform Sympathy for the Devil as an enormous phoenix rose from the capstone. It was rather like the phoenix from the Olympic closing ceremony.

Rolf has previously covered and released the Led Zeppelin track, Stairway to Heaven. 

Some claim that if you play Stairway to Heaven backwards, one obtains an audible incantation (wiki):

"Oh here's to my sweet Satan.
The one whose little path would make me sad, whose power is Satan.
He'll give those with him 666.
There was a little tool shed where he made us suffer, sad Satan

Jimmy Page, of Led Zeppelin, in a long term fit of infatuation, purchased "Crowley's" Loch Ness Boleskin House.

Crowley believed that Boleskin was the focal point of (black) magickal energies :

 "The Gnostic Mass and Liber Reguli both identify the principal orientation (sometimes known as "Magical East") as being towards Boleskine. It is considered to be the focal point of the magical energies (also called the "93 Current") of the Aeon of Horus. In this way it is similar to Jerusalem in Judaism and Mecca in Islam"

Jimmy Page starred in Beijing, at the Olympic "handover" ceremony, with Leona Lewis. Leona seems to allude to lions, or perhaps the astrological sign of  Leo. Led Zeppelin were keen on astrology. A lewis stone, in freemasonry, is a stone used to move a larger stone into situation.

The Beatles included Crowley on the artwork of their Sgt. Peppers album cover. They wrote it on LSD.

Timothy Leary, the godfather of popular LSD use, believed he was carrying on the work of Crowley.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, at Lauder's annual, equine - allegedly religiously based - ritual Common Riding last week, a float parodied Jimmy Savile, causing great outrage and media debate. It came 3rd in the competition. Lauder's historic Common Riding was originally carried out on Ascension Day, although this was later changed to the King's Birthday, when the health of the monarch was toasted. (BBC )
Common Riders, acting in the manner of little boys, inbibe Oz Fosters lager - nothing to do with Fogle's mother

Terry Nutkins, who inherited Gavin Maxwell's entire and cursed estate, originally went to live with Gavin on his remote Scottish island, at the age of twelve.  


Sunday 4 August 2013

Animal magick

Nutkinsnote background
In my last post, just yesterday,  I noted the abuse at Loch Ness based Catholic boarding school, Fort Augustus Abbey; tying it in with occultist Aleister Crowley, Boleskin House, disgraced Cardinal O'Brien, and ubiquitous deviant, Jimmy Savile OBE.

Today, the Catholic Church have apologised for the goings-on via the medium of the Bishop of Aberdeen, Hugh Gilbert. Hugh is, himself, an alumnus of Fort Augustus Abbey. (BBC News)

Back in January this year I noted that a mum and kids had "cheated death" after their car plunged down an embankment into Loch Ness. The mum was later revealed to be Jennifer McMillan, daughter of deceased BBC TV presenter, Terry Nutkins. (Otter than July)

Nutkins lived from age 11 with a homosexual man called Gavin Maxwell who, shall we say, had an alleged interest in young boys. Maxwell was cursed by a Kathleen Raine after spurning her sexual advances. Maxwell's house subsequently burned down. Maxwell left his entire estate - warts and all - to Nutkins. 

Kathleen Raine CBE was half Scottish and had a keen interest in spirituality. She blamed herself for Maxwell's misfortune based on her "Let Gavin suffer in this place as I am suffering now", aforementioned curse. Raine was intimate with W.B. Yeats, the Golden Dawn, and indeed Crowley. (From Otter than July):

In Kathleen Raine's, Yeats the Initiate: Essays on Certain Themes in the Work of W.B. Yeats, she notes of how infamous occultist, Aleister Crowley, and Yeats shared a common philosophy that the time of a "second coming" was imminent, and that Crowley  "placed himself in the services of Antichrist, the savage God of the new cycle" whilst for Yeats, "fidelity was to the old king", the "workman, noble and saint of Christian civilisation".  In the chapter, Yeats, the tarot and the Golden Dawn (a magical, Hermetic order and a main influence on 20th century Occultism), she again quotes Crowley and indeed references his Book of Thoth.

Nutkins purchased Fort Augustus Abbey and it's 22 acres from the monks around 1998 with big development plans in mind. Apparently Disney were interested. However, he subsequently sold it on in 2003. (BBC News)


Saturday 3 August 2013


BBC apologise for offensive Prince William doodle ???

First things first, there's another 22nd July - Royal baby George - coincidence that I missed, aside from the Breivik and Boston bombing couplet.

It was on 22nd July 1933 that George Spicer allegedly spotted the Loch Ness Monster - the catalyst for the 20th century sightings of the alleged beast. The incident made the Inverness Courier on 4th August that year, the Queen mother's 33rd birthday.

Another "beast" who frequented Loch Ness, in an attempt to invoke demons, was occultist, Aleister Crowley, who considered it's Boleskin House which he "owned" from 1899 to 1913 to be " the Thelemic Kiblah. This is an Arabic word which refers to the direction of Mecca, the holiest shrine of Islam. It has a slightly different meaning in Thelema, as it is mentioned in several rituals written by Crowley where it is identified with the East. The Gnostic Mass and Liber Reguli  both identify the principal orientation (sometimes known as "Magical East") as being towards Boleskine. It is considered to be the focal point of the magical energies (also called the "93 Current") of the Aeon of Horus. In this way it is similar to Jerusalem in Judaism and Mecca in Islam.

Meanwhile, last week, the Daily Record, amongst others*, reported that Jimmy Savile was a "regular visitor" to the Loch Ness shored, Catholic boarding school, Fort Augustus Abbey. where, allegedly, pupils were tortured and beaten by the monks in charge. He used to arrive in his Rolls Royce, registration JS 247, a registration which  perhaps alludes to his alleged constant desire towards deviant sexual behaviour. According to the article, the pharmakos Cardinal, O' Brien, was also a "regular". It was the Cardinal who lunched with the Pope on 16/09/10, after praying over St. Andrew's bones, once the Pontiff had, unprecedentedly, met with HM Queen at Royal Holyrood in Edinburgh. Later, the Catholic top-gun would travel to Glasgow, no doubt passing the flumes of smoke expelled by the huge factory fire in West Calder. (BBC News)

Jimmy in Hermetic pose
Someone else with clear psychological problems, perhaps created by "Crowley's" magickal energies, is Dolly the sheep manufacturer, Sir Ian Wilmut. Ian, who looks like a boffin so he must be, is tickled with the concept of re-creating a mammoth. (Edinburgh Evening News) According to the story, all one needs to do is source some Mammuthus bone cells from the Siberian deep-freeze and put them in a container with some elephant eggs which one has previously grown, after transplantation via a mouse, because, as Ian points out, "it is not appropriate to try and obtain 500 eggs from a mammal that is becoming extinct". Not much else is explained.

* Note the Record covered the same story back in May, the BBC showing a proramme about it this week.