Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Thursday 31 May 2012

The Billy Boys

I've written a fair few posts about the ongoing  demise, and doubtless rebirth, of Glasgow Rangers - Ger-kill and hide, Wizards of Oz, for example - tying it in with the imminent collapse of "our" (Scottish rooted) global banking system, a new order of doing things, and resultant one world king.

Matters are still ongoing with a potential new "Green" knight at the helm of the club, whilst today we read of how pharmakos and  legal owner of the stricken club, Craig Whyte, arranged a deal with the administrators, Duff  and Phelps, to cap their fees at £500,000. From today's BBC  it is revealed that on 11th February (double 11), an e mail was sent by Whyte to David Grier stating "all costs pinned down and no unpleasant surprises later on".

The e mail subject heading was Project William.


Wednesday 30 May 2012

one to one

Just following on from my last post, it appears that Prince William will receive his Thistle-Knighthood during the week 2nd - 6th July, the Queen's official Holyrood Week.

Meanwhile, today it was revealed that Disney film Brave, the one about the girl with the striking resemblance to News of the World ex-editor and alleged criminal, Rebekah Brooks, unwittingly unleashing chaos and the forces of darkness in Scotland, is to have it's European premier at the 66th Edinburgh Film Festival, something which  I have touched on before. What is new news is that it is to be the closing Gala out of 121 new films - 121 being 11 squared  - and will premier on the 30th of June.

For those unaware of the double-eleven enigma, especially in relation to Scotland, I would direct you to Uri Geller - who is apparently infatuated with the numerals - and his purchase of Lamb Island in the Firth of Forth where he believes that returning Egyptian princess Scota stashed her loot. Not forgetting Prince Wills and his dark front page appearance on Hello magazine issue 1111, again something often touched on here.


bbc report - Brave premier

wiki - Scota


 Our anti-hero, Prince William, popped up in the press yesterday, after appearing on US television lamenting the loss of his mother, Diana, in respect of the wedding of Kate and himself: "It's the one time since she's died, where I've… thought to myself it would be fantastic if she was here," he said.

Also included in the BBC report was the matter of Wills receiving another honour from his Grandmother, this time the Order of the Thistle, which he is due to receive in the first week of July at Holyrood in Edinburgh - the place where the Queen met the Pope a couple of years back in the shadow of Arthur's Seat and not too far from the "Stone of Destiny".

What's not mentioned in the  report is that the Order of the Thistle was apparently "revived" by James 7th of Scotland (son of James 6th and 1st  - United Kingdom amalgamater, Bible reviser and promoter) on the same date, 29th May, back in 1687, exactly 325 years to the day of yesterday's announcement. No one seems to know for sure where it was "revived" from; some say it was to do with the Battle of Athelstanesford, where the St. Andrew's Cross appeared, miraculously, in the heavens; others that it marked an alliance between Scotland and  the Emperor Charlemagne and, others still, that it relates to Bannockburn and Robert the Bruce.

In the latter regard, perhaps note should be taken of Jeff Nisbet's, The Mystery of Bannockburn, where he notes the astronomical formation in the  heavens at the time, the hermetic dictum "as above, so below" and indeed the possibility that Bruce received handers from the infamous Knights Templar.

And, whilst on that topic, it is worth again highlighting that Lord Cullen, overseer of both the public enquiry into the  Dunblane massacre and the appeal of the alleged Lockerbie bomber, al-Megrahi, is a fully fledged Knight of  the Thistle. The astronomical/astrological planetary line-up for the  Lockerbie bombing is shown below, note the abundance of planets in the sign of Capricorn - the Goat - and the  planet Mars (war) at mid heaven. Remember too that Lockerbie is named after the mythological  Norse "trickster-God" Loki, and that Megrahi was allegedly born on April's Fools Day.


wiki - Order of the Thistle

Wednesday 23 May 2012


Monday evening apparently saw a big surprise, the Olympic torch carried by "celebrity" Will i. am, aged 37, through the town of  Taunton as he "moonwalked" and twittered.

Taunton was the location of a horrific 37 vehicle motorway pile-up 199 days prior, last November 4th, witnesses speaking of an "impenetrable blackness" which suddenly descended. Perhaps more pertinently in the grand scheme of things it's very close to Glastonbury and it's alleged associations with Jesus and King Arthur.


Re the motorway pile up, plus fireworks at Oban - see my post Rocket science

Saturday 12 May 2012


Prince Charles went global on Thursday due to his appearance on BBC Scotland, forecasting the weather as part of his annual "Holyrood week". I recall his birthday a couple of years ago when he was interviewed by Channel 4 and asked his views on religions. He told how there was a element of truth in them all and promised that, shortly, humanity would enter a time of great revelation.

Anyhow, it was really miserable weather-wise up here on Thursday and Charles, after  speaking of the gales and rain, thanked God that it wasn't a Bank holiday. That was after he mentioned Balmoral and Hell - not the recently oft-mentioned here Balmoral Hotel, but rather another of his family's Scottish holiday homes. No doubt he then returned "home" to Holyrood, and watched the rain fall on Arthur's Seat - one of  Edinburgh's "seven hills".


 Top image - Scottish Sun ((here) .

BBC- Prince Charles weather forecast sweeps the globe.

Sunday 6 May 2012

Ger-kill and hide

I'll begin by going over old ground : Glasgow Rangers (The 'Gers) are taken over by a Craig Whyte last year, who promises them the Earth. Unfortunately, he does not deliver and expedites the club's financial woes by not paying any tax bills to Her Majesty. Given that Rangers had an ongoing problem with the taxman ( the "big one"), this "wee one" - 9 million - is the catalyst for the club to be forced into administration on Valentines Day. Since then the media have been full of this might happen, that might happen, until last Thursday something did happen. Another Bill, an American with the surname Miller, was announced as "preferred bidder" his offer of £11.2 million outclassing the others. It is not really cut and dried yet  though, as Miller's bid comes with Frankensteinish strings attached, namely somehow removing the heart of the club, incubating it, and attempting to rebuild a healthy body to which the heart can be re-inserted at some point in the future.

Me personally, well I see it as a microcosm for our imminent global financial meltdown, with another Bill, or William, as saviour; winning hearts and minds before no doubt grinding us all down, miller-style. I have written various posts regarding this and what, given the numerical alignments, looks like high level masonic involvement in the affair.

Here's something else to add to the mix.

Also last Thursday a high profile criminal trial was brought to conclusion. The accused, Ross Monaghan, was acquitted, on the basis of there being no relevant evidence against him, of assassinating Kevin "Gerbil" Carroll in a supermarket car park in Robroyston, Glasgow, on 13th January 2011, exactly one year, one month and one day before the Ger's bills sent them into admin - surely a St. Valentine's Day massacre. Robroyston is where "Braveheart" - William Wallace - was allegedly turned over  to the English in 1305.

Carroll was apparently a bit of a bad egg and was stepping on various toes, so much so that at the trial it was revealed that the police had compiled a list of 99 potential suspects, although the accused did not feature. He arranged to meet a drug dealer in the car park to tell him that he was working for "him" now, and arrived in the back seat of a Audi with two front seat occupants. A Volkswagon Golf  bearing false registration plates YF55 EZZ screamed up at 1.23pm, blocked in the Audi, and two masked hitmen jumped out. The driver and front seat passenger of Gerbil's vehicle also jumped out and ran, however, mysteriously, the back doors appear to have locked, leaving Gerbil trapped and the two highly professional assassins able to pump 13 bullets into him. Obviously he was dead, one wonders if someone with the  relevant expertise could remotely jam a locking system.

Somehow then, his friend from an alleged notorious criminal family - the Daniels - swiftly travelled some 9 miles to the scene in his red Audi, whereupon he managed to enter the car twice and was seen removing items from the corpse's pockets. In the interim, before the police eventually arrived, he ate some sim cards to prevent them being analysed.

Also during the trial, it  was alleged that Monaghan was the owner of a phone number/sim, the digits of which, according to the  bbc report were 121 : "Mr Bennett told DC Sloan that he was called twice by the number ending 1210, which he believed was Mr Monaghan's number.". Bear in mind that 121 is 11 squared, the double eleven cropping up in this ongoing malarkey- eg Bill Miller - with astonishing regularity and that no other digits of the alleged number were disclosed.

Then there's Paul McBride, a top Scottish lawyer imminently due to represent the accused. He was  found dead in his hotel room in Pakistan just before the proposed date of this trial. Curiously, he was also shortly due to represent another media-alleged Glaswegian gangster, Barry "Braveheart" Hughes - his nickname taken from Gibson's William Wallace movie. See  (The Braveheart Enigma)

On Saturday it was reported that forensic scientist, Alison Colley, of the Scottish Police Service Authority  had been pressurised by Strathclyde Police to "form her conclusion using the (gunpowder) particle at the request of a detective superintendent involved in the investigation." (BBC News)

On Sunday it was reported that a serving  Lothian and Borders police officer, Derek McLeod, had passed secret information regarding Carroll's surveillance to one of the suspects in his murder. He was also found with 85 kilos of cannabis under his stairs and a cannabis "factory", allegedly worth £35,000, in his garage. He received a paltry 2 years and 3 month sentence.


Top - image - Celtic fans fly a four horsemen of the Apocalypse flag at the derby match last week. More apt than they realise.

Middle image - Prince William, front cover Hello magazine issue 1111, issued 22/2/10

last image - the  elusive Craig Whyte just last Friday, captured by reporters hiding behind his Kindle, resonating the kindling of the  phoenix fire.  (Daily Record)

 Scottish Sun - Gerbil's unlucky 13

BBC -Scottish Police Service Service Authority to investigate 'Gerbil' case forensics

BBC News - Ross Monaghan acquitted.

Note - Not much is really known about William Wallace

Hot air ?

Last night saw a super-moon along with another nocturnal Olympic opening ceremony.

The lucky girl chosen to press the  magic button and release a barrage of balloons is aged 9 and named Niamh Clarke-Willis

Which is a great choice, given the sentiments expressed here. 


BBC report .

Brave New World

I touched on the forthcoming Disney film Brave last month, linking it in with Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks, Scottish Independence, the New World Order and it's forthcoming global king.(Horses for Courses)

Today's  Scotland on Sunday reveals of how Scotland has been chosen for a "media junket" to promote the movie which, I suppose, is hardly surprising. What jumps out in the article though, is that the guests will lodge at the Balmoral Hotel; the "magical" latter popping up here only a couple of posts ago (Wizards of Oz) in respect of the ongoing Glasgow Rangers shenanigans, and indeed Craig Whyte.


Note - I  will return to Glasgow Rangers (The 'Gers), their bills, and indeed the assassination of "gangster" Kevin "Gerbil" Carroll, very shortly.