Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Saturday 31 March 2012

Cool for Cats

It's unseasonally hot here in Edinburgh, thus sweaty tourists visiting the Castle will be delighted to note it has it's own on-site ice-cream van, decorated with rampant lion head and a remarkable (given this blog's sentiments) registration number: WMS 666 T.


Thursday 22 March 2012

Out of the red

The official kit for the Olympics Team Great Britain was unveiled today, designed by Stella McCartney for Adidas, apparently the predominance of blue, and lack of red, "sparking outrage" according to the mail on line.

The image below is from the same source, one could thus perhaps be justified in thinking that overall, it indeed appears more "Scottish". That's notwithstanding the giant X which appears on the men's athletic team waistband, similar to Scotland's flag, the St. Andrew's Cross.


Top image, again from same source - Dunblane massacre survivor, Andy Murray, poses in new kit.

Monday 19 March 2012

Lambs to the Slaughter

Further details have today been released re the Olympic torch relay; a 70 day journey with each torchbearer carrying the flame "for about 300m and about 110 people will take part each day". (Try some multiplication). "It will pass through 1,018 places as well as visiting Dublin on its journey to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on 27 July." (And some addition perhaps too, thinking backwards and ignoring zeros)."

Day 22 (the double eleven) - on 9/6 - of the event features a journey through Scotland from Glasgow to Inverness, the lucky media-highlighted carrier in this instance a young schoolgirl , Lorna Linfield, "
from near Fort William" pictured below with the lamb. Lorna apparently plays in a music group and helps out with a charity called "Mary's Meals".

The oldest carrier of the torch is to be a "Diana Gould", currently aged 99, who will carry the torch through Barnet, historically a high vantage stopping point on the main Edinburgh - York - London road.


BBC report - All quotes and bottom image.

Note - Link to Tsarion Irish OriginsAppendixes on right gives more detailed info on the lamb and it's importance to "freemasonry"; notwithstanding their lambskin aprons, York rites, Scottish rites etc.

Saturday 17 March 2012


Thirteenth March as well as being the date of the Dunblane massacre is also the date that Rangers ex top-boy, Sir David Murray, lost his legs in an accident. He chose to utilise the date, and remind us of his his misfortune, when he eventually apologised this week for selling the football club to Mr. Whyte: "I was duped". "It's 36 years ago today — March 13 — that I had my accident. I have had quite a few obstacles put in my life".(here)

Meanwhile, as Rangers deal with the ramifications of such, it appears that they are in fact not legally in administration as no-one bothered to tell the regulatory body, The Financial Services Authority. As such there was another court case held on 9th March (see my previous posts re the abundance of 3's and 33's in this scenario) and yet another is to be held this Monday, 19th March (BBC news). That's in addition to another case ongoing and due to be heard again on Monday re the Ticketus funds. Meanwhile three bidders have expressed an interest in purchasing the club, given Friday past's (16/3) closing date, the most media-conspicuous being the Blue Knights.

Given that Rangers debatably entered administration on 14th February, and may well find themselves not to be this coming Monday , then according to my calculations they will have spent some 33 full days in bogus administration, Monday being the 34th.

As I have noted before in previous posts, the front cover of freemasonic icon, Albert Pike's, Morals and Dogma, tells all; my understanding being that the situation as Glasgow Rangers is simply a microcosm alluding to the impending, financially bound, phoenix-styled, New World Order.


ordo ab chao - order from chaos.

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Horses for Courses

I touched on the Scottish based Disney Pixar film, Brave, some ten days ago in my post, Bear King Mad, noting the physical resemblance between the heroine, Merida, and former News International boss, Rebekah Brooks. In the film, Merida "defies an age old custom" thus "unleashing chaos", whilst Rebekah herself has to a certain extent it appears defied an age old custom - privacy - and to all extents and purposes unleashed chaos, certainly in terms of future censorship of the media. That's notwithstanding the Rupert Murdoch/Scottish Independence malarkey.

Yesterday showed up another correlation, admittedly potentially coincidental, as we read of how the Disney film is to hold it's European premier on 30th June, in Edinburgh at the Film Festival, some eight days after the sun-drenched solstice timed US release. Meanwhile also yesterday, Rebekah Brooks was arrested re the phone hacking after a dawn raid by police.

The Stone of Destiny too made it into the news just the day before, the Daily Record noting how the Covenaters Inn in Aberfoyle is to be refurbished; the connection being that the stone was allegedly hidden there in between being repatriated from Westminster on Christmas Day 1950 and being left on the steps of Arbroath Abbey on 11th April 1951, the 101st day of the year and another - if Christmas was not enough - most symbolic day in terms of Prince William, given he received his "wings" from his father on this day in 2008.

Curiously yesterday, the 13th of March, is the anniversary of the Dunblane massacre, something which also ties in with the 11th April via a letter send just after the atrocity to Lord Cullen alleging freemasonic persuasion in regards to the perpetrator, Thomas Hamilton. Notwithstanding that, the school gymnasium - scene of the carnage - was demolished on 11th April the following year. (Diverting a discourse - a ruse)


Top image Brooks on a police horse.

BBC- Brooks arrest.

BBC- Brave - Edinburgh premier.

Daily Record - Stone of Destiny.

Friday 9 March 2012

Iron Lion Zion (ILZ)

Wednesday past saw Prince Harry visit Bob Marley's homeland of Jamaica. According to the Daily Telegraph, Harry met up with Bob's widow who told him that he would "see his mother again" whilst quoting her late husband's "most famous hit", One Love. The Prince also used lyrics from Marley's, Three Little Birds" - "cos every liddle ting gonna be aright!" - as part of his speech at the official welcoming banquet held in his honour.

On Thursday past, a fire destroyed the Christ Apostolic Church in King's Cross, London, the fire brigade alerted at "about 9.30 pm". Back in 1978, whilst known as Keskidee, it gained fame as the setting for Bob Marley's, Is this Love, music video which starred a young Niomi Campbell, then just aged 7. (BBC report)

Marley has a recent link with Scotland, only last October the Daily Record published an article stating that according to ex player and legend, Dixie Deans, Bob Marley was a closet Celtic supporter, could recite their famous Lisbon Lions team, and would "have loved to kick a ball at their home ground", Parkhead. (here)

Which takes us nicely to Glasgow Rangers, today apparently D Day for them since their administration on Valentines Day, they will sort of survive somehow, their players sacrificing the bulk of their salaries to allow for some sort of short-term continuity. There is though a huge (£49 million) tax case looming, plus another court case was held this week over a disputed £3.6 million, so it looks like the phoenix still beckons, it has just been stalled for a short time to collect more twigs for the nest burning. The date for the next court case (bear in mind previous posts re 3 and 33) is 30th March. The administrators commented as follows :

The considerable sacrifice the players at Rangers have made has saved the jobs of other people at the Club and we fully recognise the football staff are paying a very heavy price for the greater good"

Over in lubricating Greece we saw a parallel style agreement today: government bond holders allegedly sacrificing the bulk of their investment in order to continue the global financial facade which, let's face it, is due to evaporate shortly - and we will all be asked to pay a heavy price for the greater good.

Meanwhile back in Scotland, today was also important in terms of Independence, the BBC headline self explanatory : Scottish independence: D-day for UK government's referendum consultation. Independence is essential as part of the grand "Golden Age" alchemical New World Order plan, everything must go back to base parts before the Global United Kingdom (Zion) is ritually assembled.

Then there's Falkirk's Labour MP, Eric Joyce, who today pled guilty to assaulting four other Members of Parliament in the Strangers Bar in the House of Commons on 22nd February - the anniversary of Prince Williams infamous, strange, and dark appearance in issue 1111 (double eleven) of Hello Magazine. He blamed the drink (maybe been on the doubles) and was fined £3,000 and banned from public houses for the next 3 months.


Note - One of the other mob trying to get some of the 3.6 mil is a pension fund called Jerome. I wrote about St. Jerome, his lion's bleeding paw, and the Treaty of Lisbon- here.

This old post from 2008 is also worth a gander in respect of 3s, 1122, plod, and Arsenal.

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Square roots

The Glasgow Rangers performance continues, their directors now in conflict, Dave King claiming liquidation is imminent, others claiming the opposite. No matter what, it appears that this Friday, 9/3, is D Day certainly as far as the playing staff go. 9/3 tickles my imagination (see previous post) given that 9 is 3 squared.

Meantime, over in Edinburgh, it appears that the giant Ferris wheel which I wrote about (Sex in the City), is now to be positioned at the opposite end of Princes Street Gardens to the Walter Scott Monument. Approximately half way between the two, on the man-made Mound, will see the giant Olympic Ring logo positioned. As noted in the link, surely some sort of symbolic fertility ritual given the proximity of Edinburgh Castle and the Stone of Destiny.

Close to the Walter Scott Monument at the very East end of Princes Street sits the Balmoral Hotel and it's infamous clock - traditionally set 2 minutes ahead of time to assist would-be train travellers to reach Waverley Station timeously. Today the clock broke down due to an electrical fault - blamed on a "third party" - and stuck at 9.05 am. Do the arithmetic whilst remembering that the hotel is where Rowling completed the (occult) Harry Potter series, signing a bust to Hermes in the process. And don't forget the associations with Shoebox Zoo, a BBC/Canadian TV programme featuring a quest to find the occultist/wizard/alchemist, Michael Scot's, Book of Forbidden Knowledge; notwithstanding the Royal Family's Balmoral retreat.

Lastly, something I have not dwelt upon since last April
(Suspect Device) is the letter bomb campaign against prominent Celtic supporters: MP Trish Godman, infamous solicitor, Paul McBride, and the club's manager, Neil Lennon. McBride's bomb was allegedly discovered in Kilwinning (location of freemason's Mother Lodge 0), indeed two men - McKenzie and Muirhead - are standing trial for it at the moment. Paul McBride was found dead in a hotel room in Pakistan on 4th March, apparently passing away during the night.

I look forward to Friday, it could well be Black.


wiki - Michael Scot (Note Walter Scott connection)

BBC - Balmoral Clock story.

Saturday 3 March 2012

Bear King Mad

In my last post, Order from Chaos, I again noted the spiralling financial downfall of Glasgow Rangers whilst stressing the potential masonic global hoodwink given the involvement of the all important number 33.

Today, 3rd March, saw Rangers play Heart of Midlothian, Edinburgh's "Protestant" team. Rangers got beaten, 1-2. The media has been full of speculation about the future for the Bears, but what appears to be definite is that the club is running at a £1million loss per month and, as such, the administrators are imminently due to offload players and staff in order that the club is a more viable concern for it's sale - closing date the 16th. Rangers have no game next week thus potentially today's 3/3 game could have been the last ever for the "Billy (King William of Orange) Boys"as we know them; they will of course, as previously noted here, reincarnate from the ashes in phoenix format.

Something else touched on here recently is Rupert Murdoch's support of Scottish Independence. Rupert's - his son James resigned his chairmanship last week - News International is at the core of the ongoing phone hacking enquiry, an enquiry which will no doubt end with some form of press censorship. Rupert is pictured above with fiery, flame haired, Rebekah Brooks, ex Sun editor, again heavily implicated in the phone hacking conspiracy.

Image below is from the new Disney/Pixar movie, Brave, set in Scotland, due to be released in August : "
Formerly called The Bear and the Bow, the film follows Merida, an impetuous girl who defies an age-old custom and inadvertently unleashes chaos". (from BBC - Disney - The Brave). Note the movie is due to be released in the USA on 22nd June, the day after Prince William's thirtieth birthday and the sun drenched summer solstice (no coincidences there then).

Meanwhile, it appears that a set of giant Olympic rings are to be located in Edinburgh, on the man-made Mound in the shadow of Stone of Destiny (the one Prince William will be crowned on) containing Edinburgh Castle as I mentioned last month. (here).

Last but not least, the new offensive behaviour laws have been launched in Scotland, basically one has to watch what one writes on the internet especially in regard to religion and suchlike. I suppose it depends on the definition of offensive; which remains to be seen. You have been warned, as seems usual Scotland is a pioneer.


Top image - a bear about to be savaged by a police dog in Manchester after the infamous 2008 riot.
Bottom image - a bear being savaged. (german-shepherd)