Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Thursday 31 December 2009

Bright Sparks ?

Maybe getting a bit carried away with my last post's comments but connecting further with the Scottish/aircraft/Pope line is the above image of bungling bollock bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, attired in a Glasgow Celtic football club away strip. For the unaware, Celtic are the "Catholic" team whilst their bitter rivals, Rangers, are Protestant (Orange). See my April post, G20 - Food for thought for more on Rangers.

Just so that no one can accuse me of any religious bigotry, the regular reader will know of my preoccupation with Prince William and his forthcoming Luciferian lightbringing role, all roped in with the Stone of Destiny and Edinburgh. Tying in well with Umar's underpants, last night we saw further confirmation of the forthcoming tragedy for humanity as an event branded as "Light-night", conducted by French artists Compagnie Carabosse in the historic Royal Mile, went wrong, with sparks flying from burning braziers into the crowd forcing the fire brigade to intervene and evacuate proceedings. Luckily there was no combustion.


(Carabosse relates to the "wicked fairy godmother" as featured in Sleeping Beauty)

wiki - Sleeping Beauty.

Edinburgh Evening News re Light-night.

Aferrismoon - El NWO.

Wednesday 23 December 2009

Devil in Sports Casual

Picking up on another brace of King related stories:

The first appeared in the media on Monday afternoon, just prior to the solstice, but concerns the birth of a King Penguin chick at (Royal) Edinburgh Zoo back in late October. No reason is given in the
BBC report for the delay in reporting, however given my ongoing thoughts about Prince William and his androgyny, at least in terms of "our" unconscious perception, this quote (from link) seems apt:

"It is too young to tell if the chick is a boy or girl so it has not been named."

The second regards an incident today at Prestwick airport, Ayrshire, where a plane failed to stop whilst taxiing on the runway on arrival from Dublin, Ireland and skidded onto the grass - thankfully with no injuries. (
BBC report). Prestwick airport was the location of Elvis - the King - Presley's only visit to Scotland (indeed the UK), on a top freemason level resonating, 3/3, in 1960 (adding all the digits gives 22, double 11 etc) It maybe needs reminding that Ayrshire could be considered the birthplace of the current wave of "masonry", the Lodge Mother Number 0, located in Kilwinning, is only 13 miles or so away. The etymology re Ryan (see pic below & here):

From an Irish surname which was derived from Ó Riain meaning "descendent of Rían". The given name Rían probably means "little king" (from Irish rí "king" combined with a diminutive suffix).

Note - there was another incident today at Kingston airport Jamaica, where a plane overshot the runway.

Tuesday 22 December 2009

Like mother, like son

A pair of future, one and only, King stories have risen in the media today; maybe no surprise given that it was the solstice at 17.47GMT, Monday.

The first concerns his mother, Princess Di, and the sale of some (more) of her personal letters. In a seasonal report, regarding one of her musings written to personal beautician, Jane Filderman, she admitted to opening her Christmas presents early and feared that Prince William had "acquired her habit" - given the discovery of discarded wrapping paper "scattered around the home". (

The next directly concerns the Prince himself as he shares in another endearing family trait - charity. We note that Wills spent an entire night last week bedding down in the manner of a homeless person before rising at 6 to "tour" other street-sleeper haunts close to his Blackfriars Bridge dossing-spot. Afterwards the entourage went to Centrepoint centre where our hero "cooked breakfast" for a group of unfortunates before chatting with them and staff. (here)


Friday 18 December 2009

Urinating on the lamp-posts ?

This is not really my territory, however it involves a countryman, so technically...

At Copenhagen, (where he ended his speech with the ritualistic: "I'll be back") , Arnold Schwarzeneger received a bottle of - Stop Climate Chaos - whisky from unbeknowing, sleigh pulling, red-nosed Rudolph resonating, MSP Stewart (Stuart) Stevenson; as pictured below. The spirit was 42 proof, apparently in recognition of Scotland's target for reducing carbon emissions by that percentage, pre 2020; we note Arnie's comments from the
BBC report:

The California governor has praised Scotland's carbon-cutting targets, saying they had sent a message to the rest of the world that swift action was needed.

As I noted a couple of posts ago, Scotland leads the way - it is ritual.

Talking of rituals, what struck me was the body-building Governor's visual resemblance - or is it just me ? - to dead President Ronald Reagan. I recalled reading an article about his funeral and it's occult undertones. I did a google, and from
, Goro Adachi, in 1994 (although I do not think that was my original reading source, no disrespect intended) :

I had detected the presence of Arnold in the line moving toward the coffin and almost instinctively I began to anticipate what was coming next: the 'death' of the Sun precisely coinciding with Arnie standing in front of the dead 'king'...


Wiki re 42.

Sunday 13 December 2009


Whole load of headlines today, 13th December, regarding an article in the Mail on Sunday which declares that, according to secret information the newspaper has received, Prince William is to take over a substantial part of the Queen's duties and is in effect being "groomed" as a "Shadow King".

The timing of this "exclusive" could not be more appropriate, today being the anniversary of the signing of the European Treaty of Lisbon which, in my post
Going back to our roots, I noted falls on St. Lucy's Day, the Scandinavian commencement of the Christmas season:

Lets go back to the beginning, the date, the 13th of December, Saint Lucy's, or Lucia's Day, still celebrated mainly in Scandinavia as a Church feast day, and the beginning of the Christmas season, given before the reformation of the Gregorian calendar in the 16th century it fell on the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

and of St. Lucy, herself:

"here are traces of the legends of Saint Lucia even in the Nordic countries in the middle ages, and her day of remembrance is also December 13th (just like the Lussi). However, yet another name is relevant here, namely Lucifer. His name has the same etymological background (lux is– latin for ‘light’). Once he was an angel of light, then he was dethroned and became the Prince of Darkness. "

Prince of Darkness; Shadow King ?


Whilst on the subject of the 13th December, readers may be interested in my notes from last year,
One for the pot on a Glorious 12th, (remember it was a leap year and the position of the Sun) which ties in well with my last post regarding the Lloyds takeover of Bank of Scotland and the birthing of the New World Order

Sunday 6 December 2009

Scotland the Grave

The Bible, revised by Catholic born, Protestant raised, King James Charles Stuart, 6th of Scotland (1567-1625) and 1st of England (1603 - 1625), contains many numerical references in it's construction, for example: 40 days in the wilderness, 12 disciples of Jesus, and probably the most infamous of all, the number of the beast, six hundred, three score and six as found in the Book of Revelations.

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man;

In the same manner our current Western society relied heavily on the Scots in it's architecture, America being built on the trades of tobacco, slaves and alcohol - many Scots adopting a freemasonic angle to their lifestyle when travelling abroad to oversee this. Numerous sources have pointed out the curious symbols and suchlike which are engineered into American buildings and indeed even their banknotes, with the dollar bill showing pyramids and all-seeing eyes.

Banking, and it's global replication, began with the Bank of England, founded by a Scotsman in 1694 and originally located in Walbrook, London, on the site of a Roman temple dedicated to Mithras, their God of Contracts. Next year, in 1695, the Jacobean (House of Stuart) Catholic sympathising Bank of Scotland was formed, the Hanoverian Royal Bank of Scotland following some 32 years later with full British governmental/state approval.

Back this time last year we saw the ramifications of the global financial crisis when the two main aforementioned Scottish banks appeared to be in major financial difficulties, the Bank of Scotland being bought out by another financial institution - Lloyds - on Government orders, whilst the Royal was very shortly afterwards bailed out by the ever accommodating State itself, using taxpayers monies, obviously. Shortly after the Loyds acquisition of their rival it became clear that they had in fact bought a dead duck and also required State intervention in the way of funds.

Two weeks ago a stushie (row) broke out after the Government revealed that they additionally lent £61.6 billion to the two financial organisations, yet kept the fact secret in the manner of a freemason. Obviously the shareholders of black horse Lloyds are a bit upset as they voted to acquire Halifax Bank of Scotland in ignorance of this vast cash injection and thus confirmation that in fact their purchase was bankrupt. As noted, after the takeover had taken place the State "injected" monies into Lloyds, again using taxpayers money, and in effect, just like in the case of the Royal Bank of Scotland, we became our own bankers to a certain extent, in this instance 65%.

This week, 70.3%, soon to be 84%, state owned Royal Bank of Scotland has seen another media circus, this time in respect of bonuses to be paid to staff. It appears that the Government have advised the directors of RBOS that they are not happy with their proposal to pay £1.5 billion in bonuses to top investment banking staff, in response the directors have advised that they need to pay high performers/earners top money in order to retain their services. Furthermore, the board have threatened to resign, en masse, if their recommendations are blocked. This would, if it happens, leave the Bank with no clear leadership, business strategy, mission statement etc. - prerequisites for any organisation competing in the cut-throat world of capitalist banking.

In some of my older posts I pointed out that this global money meltdown was a scam, part of a conspiracy to create a New World Order - a new "Golden Age" - and we have heard many top politicians, including Scots born Gordon Brown, use this phrase in the last year or so, always in regard to the financial doom which pervades the so called "global community"; indeed as it stands today, I believe that every man woman and child in Great Britain is "indebted" to the UK state by the sum of approximately £30,000, the majority of this liability due to the "Scottish bank" bail out.

Turning back to the Book of Revelations, it seems transparent that the time is coming for implementation of the infamous mark of the beast and indeed the appearance of the antichrist, a one world order "leader/King", in my humble opinion. Yet it appears that good old James whilst editing his version of the Bible made a mistake in the translation of the number 666, as from wikipedia we note :

Different early versions of the Book of Revelation gave different numbers, and
666 had been widely accepted as the original number. In 2005, however, a fragment of papyrus 115 was revealed, containing the earliest known version of that part of the Book of Revelation discussing the Number of the Beast. It gave the number as 616, suggesting that this may have been the original.

This numerically pans in extremely well with the secret 61.6 billion loan, as indeed does the secrecy angle when considering the freemasons and "their" manipulation of today's global economic situation, however I realise that to offer that potential "coincidence" in any prophetical sense could be regarded as amusing.

However bear in mind, for example, that Scotland domiciled, self confessed black magician Aleister Crowley stated: “Every intentional act is a Magical Act” and indeed if we consider this line of reasoning then surely the construction of this New World Order is both magical and furthermore occult - given that it is hidden, or certainly obscured, from the average punter's eyes.

Continuing down that line we must give credence to the importance of ritual in magical acts and indeed ritual as part of our unconscious, manifesting itself in diseases such as OCD. I believe that the basic theory is that if something has worked before, it will work again as long as exactly the same conditions are in force and exactly the same technique is applied.

Working back from that and tying in to Scotland, we again stress the importance of Scotland to the building of the current society we inhabit, Scotland is indeed the root. Yet we are moving forward to a different type of society - a global village - seemingly driven together by the ongoing and as yet incomplete global financial meltdown.

What you have and will see with the two Scottish banks, in particular the Royal, is a blueprint for the future economic system of the New World Order. Basically, one will be paying mortgage interest and suchlike to the State, who in effect are your bankers, indeed they will own you and your children will be born into what is, lets face it, fictitious debt and slavery without the chains. This is laughingly called, as previously noted, a golden age and as all good alchemists will know, in order to create gold, one must reduce one's materials to their pure base state.


Tuesday 1 December 2009


Working on a post about £61.6 billion "secret loans" involving the Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland in relation to their ritual importance in the occult alchemical creation of a New World Order (Global Village). Am struggling, may have to attempt reverse engineering. In the meantime the Treaty of Lisbon was implemented today, 01/12/2009, thats 11 22 9.