Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Monday 29 September 2014

Pussies Galore ?

Back in the 16th century, Niccolo Machiavelli wrote The Prince.

A couple of weeks ago Scotland held her independence referendum after Royal Assent was given on 7th August 2013, over a year prior to the event. We allegedly voted to stay as part of the Union, under the Crown. The ballot paper carried one question : Should Scotland be an independent country ?

Things were fairly quiet on the ground to begin with, some car stickers, some media coverage, but little much really up until Spring this year when we saw the action heat up. There were two camps, the YESers and the NOs - the Better Togethers - the latter fronted by a politician named Alistair Darling, himself once the United Kingdom's Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Here, I am afraid to admit, I made a mistake. The propaganda being proffered up by the BT group and  the UK government led me to believe that they covertly wished for independence. Given my "occult" leanings, I thought that they wished it as part of a grand alchemical and magickal ritual - to take "things" back to base before forming the gold. Then, Scotland would be the root of the forthcoming New World Order, the blueprint so to speak, for the other countries to follow.

Although, on reflection and forward thinking, maybe I was not too far off the mark.

As Scotland's temperature rose, so did the canvassing. Substantial donations were given to both sides. Advice from celebrities, many not Scottish, some not human, became ubiquitous.

Then we had all eyes on the Commonwealth Games, talk was of a truce on the matter in hand.

At the beginning of August, televised debates stirred and shook matters. Salmond lost the first but won the second. Tensions were rising. Opinion polls flowed one way, always setting their mark in the negative camp. On the streets, more flags and stickers appeared, more opinions were proffered.

Then, as if by magic, we saw a catalyst. A catalyst in the form of an YouGov (the clue is in the name) opinion poll. Somehow, the YESers were gaining momentum, the tide appeared to be turning. The heat beneath the cauldron became intense. The Goverment and other supporters of the Union sprung into action. The world's eyes  swung towards Scotland. Fear became a major influence, a fear of the unknown.

More signs, more stickers. The Government offered goodies,  a bag full, for the Scots, if they voted NO.

Battle commenced, both sides allegedly involved in dirty tricks, some more dirty than others. All the "top" politicians had converged here, allegedly due to the YESish swing in the poll...

Step into the fray, Gordon Brown; his credentials :

A confirmed New World Orderalist :

"It is time to formally recognise on a more consistent and regular basis the reality of this emerging new world order."....

A confirmed Luciferian ?:

his vision for a "global society governed by a shared moral sense" (BBC News):

And we find that from the timeless wisdom of all the great religions - from which billions across the world derive daily inspiration - there is a consistent ethical core that propels us to act: encapsulated in the golden rule that informs not just Christianity and Judaism but also Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Islam - showing that we are not moral strangers but there is a shared moral sense common to us all:

And from these common precepts of the world’s great religions, we can - perhaps for the first time - move from old battlegrounds where religions confronted often each other to a higher common ground where people of all religions can unite around what binds them together.

Flew the flag at the Beijing - London Olympic handover ceremony

Arrived late for the Treaty of Lisbon signing, a potentially symbolic gesture.

Referendum wise, Gordon appeared to taken the helm of Better Togther, apparently speaking with a passion that no one had witnessed before  (Gordon Brown's place in history rewritten after...) :

 Gordon Brown has been hailed as the man who saved the Union, after his late intervention in the referendum campaign halted a slide of Labour supporters who had been planning to vote for independence.

Gordon has stated that he personally will ensure that the pledges offered up by the UK government will be honoured.

Thus a new form of devolved government for Scotland is on the cards. 
We are left with the thought, including the allegations of vote tampering, that the whole process was an exercise in Machiavellian politics, that there was no chance Scotland would gain true independence and, bearing in mind Alex Salmond's desire to retain the monarchy in any event, it was always a "heads we win, tails you lose" scenario - perhaps to break one's spirit and the spirit of those watching.

That's not forgetting that the new "devo-max" Scotland may transpire to be a blueprint for the rest of the world under a global government. That's including routinely armed police and every child to have a state appointed "guardian".

Whilst, does anyone really believe that the Queen purred to Cameron down a 'phone line from Balmoral, indeed even that she had to rely on a call from him to break the referendum result. It seems doubtful.


Note -

Machiavellianism is, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, "the employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft or in general conduct".

Thursday 18 September 2014

IS in Oz (allegedly)

The above image is from today's mail on line.

Allegedly, it depicts an alleged Australian "Muslim" terrorist.

The number 33 on his shirt is interesting, perhaps symbolic. We see a lot of it.

The name on his shirt, Geronimo, is interesting too (Through the Looking Glass):

A man by the name of Walter Camp is considered the father of American football...In the 1880's he started to establish specific RULES that set the game apart from it's British cousin. In those days most organized games were played in the North Eastern United States at primarily Ivy League Universities. Walter Camp was from Yale, a member of the countries most elite fraternity Delta Kappa well as home to The Skull and Bones Society, and many say the skull of American Indian Geronimo. Anyone unfamiliar with Yale, Delta Kappa Epsilon or Skull & Bones, I suggest you take an hour or two and check into the histories, and members of these institutions.

The Original Coat of Arms of Delta Kappa Epsilon - Note "rampant lion" and "saltire"
A list of Collegiate Secret Societies 

 Both George H.W. Bush, and his son George W. Bush served as members of the DKE's, as well as Skull and Bones during their time at Yale. There are two other lesser known secret societies at Yale, The Scroll and Key and The Wolf's Head Society. Elder Bush's father Prescott Bush was a "Bonesman" as well as a senior partner with Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. who would become the single trustee of The Russell Trust AssoCIAtion the corporate entity of Skull and Bones. Even Prescott's father James Bush was a Grey Friar member of Yale's Wolf's Head Society back in 1844. Aside from Prescott Bush's documented financial dealings with the Nazis during WWII, he is said to have actually stolen the skull and bones of the legendary Chiricahua Apache Indian Geronimo. 

 From the comments :

"Wikipedia explains that Geronimo's name wasn't actually Geronimo - that is a name given to him by the Mexicans, after St. Jerome. Interestingly, illustrations of St. Jerome typically picture him with a skull. Maybe the Bonesmen are really interested in St. Jerome and not Geronimo."

St. Jerome is, of course, intimate with the Treaty of Lisbon and a lion. See my old post - Going back to our roots.


The Devil went up to Scotland

In a seemingly trivial scene, a slightly “altered on morphine” Sherlock plays violin notes to flies in a tube. He explains to Watson his discovery: when he plays atonal clusters to the flies, they synchronize and start flying in concentric circles. Thus, using musical theory, he has created order out of chaos.

 The occult symbolism of the movie Sherlock Holmes

 The deed is done. X marks the spot. 

My reservations still linger, gnawing inside my mind. However, I had to think of a bigger picture -  the children. Now my stomach churns too, with butterflies. I really, really, hope it's a YES.

Let's just hope that if it is, the Scottish people show as much passion into creating a fair and decent society as we have seen in this campaign. That they open their minds as to why things happen in this world, and to the "elite's" envisaged picture on their nefarious jigsaw puzzle box

Let's hope too that the image below from today's Daily Record is not indicative of forthcoming events, given the 666 registration number on the motorbike surely heading North, towards the Stone of Destiny.


Wednesday 10 September 2014

Democracy, progress and liberty - an alchemical illusion

Today, the three main political party leaders are in Scotland, allegedly promoting "better together".

The BBC report contains some interesting, high rated, comments :

"The UK party leaders will be campaigning in Scotland later for a referendum "No" vote, as Alex Salmond claims their visit would boost the "Yes" side."

Unfortunately for once I think Salmond is right. Three clueless clowns who are totally out of touch with the real world."..

"I reckon they are making such a pig's breakfast of this deliberately because they all actually want Scotland to vote Yes - why else would they be this bad ?"

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has taken the opportunity to write an article for today's mail on line : Our union is precious. Don't tear it apart :

When the world wanted representation, we gave them democracy. When they wanted progress, we had the Scottish enlightenment and the industrial revolution.

When slavery bound innocent people, we abolished it; when fascism threatened freedom, we defeated it. A hundred years ago, our boys went off to war together – and they did so as comrades, united by purpose and hope for a better world.
As individuals and as nations, we have done extraordinary things. This is the special alchemy of the UK – you mix together Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland and together we smash expectations.

Note how Dave credits the United Kingdom with the creation of the world as we know it now. Note too his reference to alchemy.

"Nazi" graffiti on pro-independence shop - here
I wrote about alchemy in respect of independence in my post earlier this month :Scottish Independence, Alchemy, Magick and the New World Order :

Alchemy to most means an attempt to turn base metals into gold, however this can be seen as symbolic. It's really about perfection. It ties in with magick and also with ritual-loving freemasonry; the purpose of the mason is to perfect himself, the purpose of freemasonry is to, allegedly, create a "perfect" society...

It will be interesting to note the financial markets in the run up to, and aftermath of, the independence vote - and whether it acts as a catalyst in some manner. 

Just to reiterate my long held belief.

The elite, monarchy, powers that be, all covertly desire independence. It is indeed to do with alchemy, the dissolution of what we have now, the taking of materials back to base, in order that the gold (the New World Order) can be formed.

What we see transpiring now, is a magickal alchemical ritual.

And just so there can be no doubt of the foreseeable future in respect of independence and the monarchy, Alex Salmond yesterday noted (BBC News):

 First Minister Alex Salmond has said the Queen "will be proud" to be the monarch of an independent Scotland.

The SNP leader dismissed press reports that Her Majesty was concerned about the prospect of Scottish independence.

He said he had an audience with the Queen at Balmoral Castle two weeks ago but would not say what was discussed.

"I want the Queen as head of state, as Queen of Scots of an independent Scotland, as her ancestors were," he said.

Mr Salmond was speaking at a photocall outside St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.

He said: "I think Her Majesty the Queen, who has seen so many events in the course of her long reign, will be proud to be Queen of Scots, and indeed we would be proud to have her as monarch of this land."

What also jumps out about this week's events is the year and a day effect I have written about before. It just so happens that the announcement of a second child for Prince William and Kate was made on 8th September, exactly a year and day before the Queen, on 9/9/15, will become the longest reigning British monarch ever. here

Note that even if we vote for independence, matters will not be completed until 2016.

Meanwhile, from the mail on line
Prince William today suggested the growing threat of Scottish independence was more important than the news his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, was expecting again.

The Duke said Catherine, who is suffering acute morning sickness, was ‘feeling okay’ after a ‘tricky few days’.
But he added: ‘It’s important that we all focus on the big news and the big international and domestic things that are going on at the moment. That’s what my thoughts are at the moment.


More on a year and a day - Legally minded

Saturday 6 September 2014

Obama @ Stonehenge

The Raffles, courtesy Sky News
I noted how Barack Obama began his NATO conference with a trip to Mount Pleasant primary school, to be photographed at the feet of a dragon with David Cameron and some adorable children in the post Tick Tock.

He closed his conference visit with a private tour of Stonehenge, a place steeped in mythology.

It was not entirely private though; a family called Raffle, who live close by, crossed the fields to meet him at a fence.One is surprised they were not encountered beforehand by some of the President's security team.

There is one James Raffle on the "professional network" Linkedin. He leads a Geophysical team in oil and energy. I am not sure if it is the same James, but his age would seem about right.

What seems curious about the mail on line article concerning the visit is that the entire Raffle family appear to have changed their clothes at some point, Mrs Raffle now wearing a "Queen Bee" top in a nod to her charity work.

Maybe they were just sweaty,  maybe it was the next day.


Friday 5 September 2014

Tick Tock

A "protestor" and policeman compare similar timepieces ?
Yesterday saw Barack Obama and David Cameron attend a Welsh primary school before their attendance at the 28 country Nato conference. They arrived in a convoy of 22 cars. I often note the 22, the double 11. 

Wales is known as the land of the dragon.

Prince Charles is Prince of Wales. When he was invested in the post, 3993 days after officially landing the role, he stood flanked by two dragons, above a plume with the motto "ich dien", meaning: I serve.

Prince Charles later hosted a reception for the Nato delegates. (BBC News)

Barack and Dave were photographed with the adorable schoolchildren in front of a Welsh dragon flag, albeit you could only see it's bare feet.

Some people think, given all that is going on the world, that we stand on the brink of WW3.

The Book of Revelation (13) has a bit to say about dragons :

[2] And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

[3] And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

[4] And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

Some people might consider that sentiments of the Book of Revelation are being followed, in the manner of a script.

The school that Obama and Cameron visited is called Mount Pleasant. It's "rising sun" logo is below. At my boy's Scottish primary school they sport an eagle. Logos and symbols are most interesting.


Thursday 4 September 2014

There can be only one

Quite a lot of people appear to think Bob Geldof is not entirely what he seems.

Today's Daily Record provides Bob's intriguing insight into Scottish independence. I'll return to it.

First though, it's worth recalling that I noted how "Bob's" twin Live Aid concerts were held on the birthday of occultist and friend of royalty, John Dee, in the post From Peaches to Pennsylvania, connecting dots within to Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and thus, Aleister Crowley, notwithstanding poor Peaches interest in the latter's "writings".

Earlier this week, I expressed my thoughts on the New World Order :
"..a global society with single-currency, a king to rule over "us", and a semi-mind-controlled, quasi-androgynous, worker slave citizenship, with compulsory euthanasia. The net product of the endeavours of these worker-slaves will consist of "advances" in genetic modification and DNA tampering, alongside the colonisation of outer-space."

From the Daily Record, quoting Bob :

"But it took the Scottish nation’s genius – and literally that is the word – to invent the modern world. That’s the truth of it."

 “Things are always bigger than we are. Therefore the bigger we are, the better it is...
Isn’t that what we learned from our labour struggles? Isn’t that what we learned from our wars? Isn’t that what we learned from football and families? That’s the way it just is. It’s not me just inventing it.”

“That’s the way we do these things here, because ultimately modern civilisation was invented between these two peoples (Scotland and England). That’s the f***ing truth. You don’t have the modern economy without Adam Smith. You don’t have the logic of liberty without David Hume and all those people. You just don’t.

“F***’s sake, you guys. You don’t have to listen to Darling and Salmond. Go back to the people you spawned, they wrote the text.

“They fully realised what they were doing when they sat in those coffee houses in Edinburgh. They were inventing the modern world.”

One concludes that the enlightened "coffee houses" Bob refers to do not include the more recent Elephant House, for example, where J K Rowling allegedly wrote "her" Harry Potter" series.

Although perhaps, given the "satanic" angle some attribute to the HP series, maybe it's a wee nod to the future, for those in the "know".



Tuesday 2 September 2014

Scottish Independence, Alchemy, Magick, and the New World Order

In Tolkien's Hobbit, the hero remarks: " Victory after all, I suppose! Well, it seems a very gloomy business".

And indeed, gloomy seems the business of Scottish independence. After much contemplation, I have decided to vote YES, yet there is a nagging doubt in the back of my mind, a bigger picture.

To explain such, it is necessary to define alchemy, magick, and the New World Order as I see them.

Beginning with the last, the NWO, my mental depiction of such is a global society with single-currency, a king to rule over "us", and a semi-mind-controlled, quasi-androgynous, worker slave citizenship, with compulsory euthanasia. The net product of the endeavours of these worker-slaves will consist of "advances" in genetic modification and DNA tampering, alongside the colonisation of outer-space.

Magick is trickier to explain. The word itself covers a huge variety of various techniques, for example sorcery and necromancy, however here I would stick to the familiar mind control/collective hypnotism, the use of media, and the use of celebrities and staged events to influence people and their behaviour. Bear in mind that all magick is based on ritual: if something has worked before and the same set of circumstances are followed, then it will work again.

Alchemy to most means an attempt to turn base metals into gold, however this can be seen as symbolic. It's really about perfection. It ties in with magick and also with ritual-loving freemasonry; the purpose of the mason is to perfect himself, the purpose of freemasonry is to, allegedly, create a "perfect" society.

So how does the above relate to "independence" ?

Freemasonry's "mother lodge", number 0, reputed to be the oldest in the world, is located in Kilwinning, Scotland. 

Infamous, and apparently well respected,  occultist, Aleister Crowley, purchased a property in Scotland as he believed it was the focal point of various energies.

All magick is based on ritual: if something has worked before and exactly the same set of circumstances are followed, then it will work again.

In alchemy, the materials must be taken back to base before the attempt to form the "gold" can begin.

Some history :

Centuries ago, Scotland and England were almost separate, meeting only at the border and thereabouts for the ubiquitous wars. That all changed with House of Stuart King James, 6th of Scotland and 1st of England, son of Mary Queen of Scots, Bible reviser and promoter to the masses.
James was a fairly popular King  who, to an extent, gained  that popularity due to the circumstances of his (alleged) mother's (alleged) execution. It was Jamesie who began the process of forming a "united king-dom".

Now, it must be pointed out here that I see the British monarchy and freemasonry as the backbone of world events, the ringleaders so to speak - and in that respect I may  be wrong. However, I have this deep gut feeling that the reason for "independence" is more to do with magickal rituals and alchemy than for the benefit of Scottish people.

It will be interesting to note the financial markets in the run up to, and aftermath of, the independence vote - and whether it acts as a catalyst in some manner.

That all said, my thought is that if  "we" vote YES, "we" will have  slightly more chance of overthrowing the tyranny which surrounds us; destroy the ring at source so to speak.


wiki - Lodge Mother Kilwinning