Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Sunday 30 May 2010

The Fresh Prince of Gelled Hair

It began for me two Junes ago in 2008 when we saw Prince Harry march up Edinburgh's Royal Mile, the BBC reporting that:

They were met by crowds of supporters, who lined the streets of Scotland's capital.
The group of schoolgirls chattered as they walked down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. As they came to the barriers, the broadcast trucks and the waiting crowds, they stopped and stared.

"What's all that about?", one wondered. Then they remembered. "Harry's here," her friend declared.

That came from my post
Bay City Stroller, whilst also from June 2008 and my post Ginger-bred:

Youngsters from Cathays High School in Cardiff screamed, cheered and some even broke down in tears when the 23-year-old prince arrived.

When he arrived dozens of schoolchildren from years seven and eight strained against crash barriers chanting "Wales, Wales" then screamed "Harry, Harry" as he got closer.

One youngster Hollie White, 12, from nearby Gabalfa, sobbed uncontrollably as Harry approached and stopped in front of her.

Today we read that Harry has been voted King of Cool 2010 by GQ magazine.

Wait for his brother.


The Caine Gang

Resonating radiantly with the recent "Man who would be King"/Egypt theme, yesterday's mail on-line tells of how top actor, Sir Michael Caine, has stepped into the row over our current government's alleged plans to redistribute wealth, by means of taxes on share and second home sales. The actual details will be announced on 22nd June in the budget, in the meantime "Peachy" has warned of an "exodus if there are crippling hikes".

The media are reporting that already many properties are being offered in the volatile economic climate of today, in an attempt to mitigate the expected tax rises - the same applying to vast swathes of shares, held by the "better off". Whether this is true or just scaremongering I obviously do not know, however what can be said as fact is that should these events happen we will see the market value of said asset types drop accordingly. This is one of the basic rules of our capitalist economy: supply and demand - when there is too much of a product available, the price falls & vice-versa. Thus, if this does happen, the economy will indeed "collapse" (which is my belief to be the intention) in order we can be "saved" so to speak.

The top photo shows Caine from Friday night, again see above link, the readers may need refreshed as to the other two characters: Mayor of London, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, star of my lengthy Oz Zion Beijing-London Olympic handover post
(here); the lady actress Barbara Windsor - although renouned for her role as "Queen of the Vic." in long running BBC soap Eastenders, not to be confused as being part of "our" Royal Family.


Friday 28 May 2010

On Her Majesty's "Secret" Service

Don't want to sound like I am blowing my own bagpipes, however following on from Wednesday's Donald Trump/Sean Connery related post, today's Daily Record tells how the top American apprentice tycoon wants big Tam - as the movie superstar is known colloquially - to team up with Colin Montgomerie and play the first ever round at "The Great Dunes of Scotland", the course to be completed by "June-July 2012", (just in time for the Olympic Prince William King-raising ceremony):

Trump said Connery and Monty had both backed his vision for the Dunes of Scotland course.

He added: "Sean was in New York recently and I was with him. He came out of the blue and endorsed this strongly.

"First of all, I loved him as James Bond, my all-time favourite James Bond. But when Sean Connery was strongly in favour of this course, that actually had a big impact."

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Duped ?

I don't want to do the good people of Menie a bad turn here, after all they are probably of the opinion that Donald Trump is just a big, fat, money hungry... in his desire to build the "best golf course in the world" (along with housing) in their locality, and thus they would probably prefer that I joined the Trump protest group rather than continue with my potentially preposterous and flimsy fancy that there is more to the project than meets the eye.

The matter has indeed been discussed in some depth here at newspaceman, most recently on 01/02/2010 when I noted the announcement of the tycoon's approved contractor, SOL Golf Construction, tying it in with solar worship and the ancient Celtic St. Brigid's "light-bringing" festival. Last year, in a
A sandwich full of nonsense, I noted some parallels between Jeff Nisbet's Pyramids of Scotland, the release of Lockerbie "bomber" Al Megrahi, Gaddafi's speech to the UN whilst "camped" on land belonging to Donald and the "defacing" of statues by means of adding Trump masks the same night - the light/dark levelling equinox - here in Scotland.

Basically, could it be that Trump's golf course has an angle to it, notwithstanding the unprecedented intervention by the Scottish government to allow the development. The slant I see is some sort of "returning-king" ritual by Trump, a sign that he has made it to "the top". It was the year of Homecoming last year and as the regular reader will know - I see Scotland as fundamental to the construction of of the "masonic" New World Order/Zion, and their forthcoming living god-king. Thus, going on that basis and that Scotland is in fact their Israel, is it not curious, perhaps thinking phonetically, to note that the new golf course is to be named the "Great Dunes of Scotland". Mr. T. himself noted that: "I really feel the name, most people don't understand it."

Thinking laterally from there, somehow I have the feeling that next month will be most important. On 21st June, the longest day, we have Prince William's 28th birthday, before on the 22nd, the government announce their "budget" which seemingly contains significant changes to the constitution and indeed the Scottish government's powers. We can only wait and see what transpires although things seem to be stepping up pace somewhat. Forthcoming matters are perhaps best clarified by the appearance of staunch "Scottish Nationalist", Sir Sean Connery, on Sunday 20th, in Edinburgh, at a special "gala screening" of The Man who Would be King.


Note - On 23th June 2008, , Connery and Scottish Prime Minister, Alex Salmond, sliced up a Stone of Destiny replica cake in Edinburgh Castle. See my King Conn and Jeff's Mystery of Bannockburn , the latter in-depth research on Orion,Templars etc., the "battle" occurring 696 years ago on 23/6.

Trump story here.

Sean Connery at Festival

Sunday 23 May 2010

Wheels of Steal

The morning after the Olympic steel mascot blooding I happened to chance upon BBC 2's radio news which included a topical Prince Charles "story, that he was to be the "front-man" for a forthcoming documentary on classical composer Hubert Parry - the dude who put the tune to William Blake's "stirring anthem" Jerusalem (And did Those Feet in Ancient Times). Bizarrely perhaps, the story never reached either their own website or many others, thus the link from Yahoo News is below. It is worth noting too that the same radio show, Ken Bruce, then played three different version's of "Over the Rainbow"; all to do with an ongoing popular BBC "talent" competition show you understand.

It was not the only media story concerning the grandfatherly-like Prince this week, as noted from Monday's BBC News':
Prince Charles blamed in £81m court claim over barracks plans. This concerned the old fashioned, fuddy-duddy - currently seen pushing crocked Camilla - being blamed for the rejection of a "steel and glass" architectural planning application by developers Candy Brothers, after writing a letter of complaint. Like many monarchical media stories it is not the content of the report that interest me, rather the gist (people still write letters? I like candy):

"The court heard the prince wrote a letter saying his "heart sank" when he saw architect Lord Rogers' designs."


Then on Friday we turned our eyes to a different kind of "chosen one", David Beckham, the man who you will remember kick-started the countdown to the London Olympics with a rainbow resonating arc and resulting "potential ebay" crock of gold. This week the hunky, beefcaked, six packed superstar visited demoralised troops in Afghanistan, signing autographs and playing with steel as he drifted through the barracks

Yesterday was the turn of another one, this the one: funky, cakebeefed, son of an isis, sorry icon, Prince William carrying a six pack or three (poetic license) as he floated through BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend music festival in his Dragon kingdom of Wales. The BBC report headlined, Prince William and Kate Middleton turn up at Big Weekend, utilises the below image of Florence from Florence and the Machine, dressed angelically in a crucified position, read the report - hopefully you get the connections.

It's your children they want to steal from.


Prince Charles - Jerusalem.

Friday 21 May 2010

Bye George

I managed to watch the short animated Olympic "mascot" "Out of a Rainbow" movie again yesterday and a couple of points jumped out - although it needs to be remembered that this was only the introductory part of the story.

Basically, the plot goes that an old chap is retiring from his job at a steelworks in Bolton. As the "last" girder - marked 2012, London Olympics, 070605 - is completed, kindly George gets to sign it, then hands his gaffer his protective clothing before collecting two "scrap" droplets of metal and cycling home to his wife, dog, and two grandchildren. Here, overnight in the bright light of a full moon, George works like an alchemist, eventually producing two little metallic creatures which he and his wife present to the children in the morning - carefully wrapped in a pair of shoe boxes, size 11.

They place their gifts on the window sill before a rainbow shoots through the window and brings the toys to life; they cavort and dance with the dog (whilst we see it's name tag, Unity) then shimmy along a bookshelf where we spy a book "Much Wenlock" and a picture "Stoke Mandeville Games", hence their names. However the "fun" is short lived, the rainbow returns and the cylops-like creatures have to go and fly out the window; although we are reassured by the narrator, Michael Morpugo, that they will return.

Notwithstanding the ongoing Wizard of Oz theory subscribed to here, do we not see a reincarnation of "occult" Pinocchio at work- now space age, although maybe it is too early to know for sure. See
Vigilant Citizen - The Esoteric Interpretation of Pinnocchio:

“There are two ways to read “The Adventures of Pinocchio”. The first is what I would call “profane” where the reader, most probably a child, learns about the mishaps of the wooden puppet. The second is a reading from a Masonic point of view, where heavy symbolism will complete, without replacing, the simple and lineary narration of events”.
- Giovanni Malevolti, Pinocchio, mio Fratello (free translation)


Note: 07/06/05 was the date that the London Olympics won the bid to host the games - make of that what you will, given the "last pipe required for the construction" was marked in this manner.

Olympic mascot film.

wikipedia - "by george"/"by jove".

Wednesday 19 May 2010

1 I

We have touched on the importance of the London Olympic Games in 2012 to Prince William's "global-king" ascension many times here at newspaceman: the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and rare transit of Venus falling shortly before the commencement of the sporting extravaganza (here); whilst not to mention the work of Rik Clay who studied the event in great detail (here) would be an insult to his memory.

Today saw the unveiling of the official "mascots" - Wenlock and Mandeville - by organising committee, Locog, the chosen vehicle for revelation speaking for itself: BBC television's 7pm "the one show". The story of how the alien like, one-eyed, cyclops resonating characters were created can be found here in the official short animated film called "Out of a Rainbow"; the reader may enjoy my Beijing handover- Wizard of Oz parody theory post (Zion=In Oz) from last year.

Whilst on the subject of theories, it is interesting that Wenlock is an old English town (with an old Olympic history), the name derived from Celtic and meaning "White Place". Thus we have the White place of the man-devil.


wiki - Wenlock, note 1850 Olympic history.
wiki - the one.

Sunday 16 May 2010

Mr. Muscle

Two "coincidental" stories from today's newspapers: first from the News of the World, Wills puts boot into football cheats, we note of how Prince William yesterday attended the "Respect and Fair Play Awards" in his capacity as President of the Football Association (which first met in 1863 at the Freemasons' Tavern), where he pledged to encourage good sportsmanship and "stamp out the deplorable scenes that have blighted our game in the past".

An indication of what William was perhaps referring to is the story that England's 2018 World Cup bid is in doubt after Football Association chief, Lord Triesman, accused the Spanish and Russian FAs' of some sort of referee bribery scam. The report from the BBC is
here; being honest it is more the timeous "connection" that interests me, given the ongoing political situation, kingmaker stories, and all the MP's expenses malarkey from last year.
It's a funny old game.


Friday 14 May 2010

Union City Blues

David Cameron takes his first jaunt outside of London as Prime Minister and heads to Edinburgh's Holyrood to meet Scottish top-dog, Alex Salmond, specifically in Queensberry House, which has strong links with the creation of the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707 via the Treaty of Union. Note that in my opinion, Scotland will gain it's independence as part of an "alchemical" ritual (everything must go back to base parts/think cooking) in the creation of the new global "Golden Age". It is also worth stating (given freemasonry's 33) that Cameron's visit came almost exactly 303 years to the day after the "union" implementation if we include the Gregorian calendar reformation in 1752.

He then navigates north, close to Inverness; Arersier and the military function of Fort George, home to the Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Wikipedia records the early name of the Scottish village: Blacktown, together with it's Jacobite rebellion and infamous Knights Templar histories ; the "Christian military order" owning lands which were later sold to Cawdor. (MacBeth - James Shelby Downard KK/33)

Must read (also known as Union Jack)

British Israel: The Hidden Hand Behind the "Kingdom of God" Deception
"In our frequent references to Masonry in this text we have accused Masonry of not only complicity in the political aspects of the British Israel conspiracy but that it is the work of the Masonic Order to build the spiritual state of World Brotherhood, which is only the Masonic term for the kingdom of God on earth. If, then, we can recognize the subversive and pernicious spirit of World Brotherhood, then we can identify Masonry and British Israelism as one "

Thursday 13 May 2010

Bloodline (the cat has got the cream)

The Stone of Destiny reappears in the media again after we noted the attempted theft of the "replica" stone on 29/4 in my April Powers post, it appears from yesterday's BBC report that the police suspect it may have been removed for "politically motivated" reasons, although no explanation for that theory is offered.

Basically, what happened is that seemingly the burglars arrived with a bogus ("imposter") stone, removed and replaced what is a "replica" stone (the "original" - though it too might be snide - is at Edinburgh Castle) before leaving the very heavy "replica" in the grounds of Scone Abbey. The brass "tourist-info" plaque is still missing.

I take the opportunity to remind the reader that it is almost certain Prince William will be crowned upon the historic rock, my thoughts being at Edinburgh Castle. It's 1950 theft on Christmas Day, and subsequent "return" on 11th April at Arbroath Abbey also tie in well with the bogus Messiah theory proffered here, 11/4 being the date William 3rd (King Billy/William of Orange) and Mary 2nd were crowned joint sovereigns of the UK and also the date Prince William received his "wings" from his father. (see "fallen angel" snap to left, remember the one at bottom with the Omen-like "horn" shadow was taken on Christmas Day 2008)

As regards the police's "political motivation" theory, perhaps they should be looking back in time to 24th June 2008. when we saw Scottish PM Alex Salmond and top celebrity Sean - on her Majesty's service - Connery slicing into a "replica" cake at Edinburgh Castle. Then again, maybe their top brass already know that. (see
King Conn)


Wednesday 12 May 2010

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Our new "democratically elected" Prime Minister, David Cameron, yesterday took occupancy of 10 Downing Street. Before this happened, old PM, Gordon Brown, had to check with the Queen that she would accept his resignation. She then had to "invite" Cameron to form a new Government on her behalf.

So who really holds the power. Is it not glaringly obvious ?

Recently I have focused on Arthur's Seat, dragons and the "mythological" Green Man. Last week I noticed an advert for McDonalds - part of a current UK "Taste of America" campaign - which showed an American pedestrian crossing signal with the red hand illuminated, then a British pedestrian crossing with the green man illuminated.

Perhaps this resonates the coming Green Man (Prince William), the "saviour" of the planet amongst many other titles, together with the "pagan" red hand - an ancient symbol with "Irish" sun god associations, amongst others. Given that the current (ultra-recent) McDonalds happy meal promotion featured flying dragons.

Sunday 9 May 2010

The Lion King

We have written before on how the forthcoming London Olympics in 2012 could well be the launchpad for Prince William Arthur Wales' global kingship, given that it comes just after the Queen's diamond jubilee (6/6) and indeed a transit of the planet Venus, the latter known in esoteric circles as the "lightbringer" and the "fallen angel". More importantly however, the sporting event falls just before the commencement of the astrological Age of Aquarius which, according to Carl Jung for example, should have an unconscious effect on the collective mentality of humans in terms of receptiveness to change. In other words, the time will ripe for a new, bogus, Messiah.

Here at newspaceman we focus on real events that, in our opinion, confirm the validity of the monarchical based Luciferian doctrine and transhuman agenda which is being unleashed on mankind with, I am afraid to say, what seems like "our" full blessings.

Thus, tying in well with previous recent posts, we note from the Edinburgh Evening News that city-centre extinct volcano, Arthur's Seat, is to be the home for a "spectacular light show" every night for 3 weeks during the London Olympics, in a project known as "Speed of Light".


Evening News - Speed of Light.
Diamond Light
Arthur's Treat - from last May.
Rik Clay (RIP) - London/Zion 2012 - must read.

Saturday 8 May 2010

Noughts. And Crosses

As we wait to see the final outcome of the 650 seat "hung parliament", 650 soldiers paraded down Edinburgh's Royal Mile, en route the Royal Palace of Holyrood. The event kicked off at 10.30 am, ETA 11.00.

In London, again at 11 another military event was taking place, the 65th anniversary of the end of World War 2, the war where "we" were stopping Hitler creating a global state, rather like the ongoing "new world order". Prince Charles was there at the Cenotaph, accompanied by wheelchair bound Camilla, her injury the result of a walking accident rather than a booby trap - unlike some of the press ganged ex-dole-queue, front line teenage Scottish squaddies up the A1:

The troops involved in the Holyrood march came from 2 regiments, 3rd Battalion, The Rifles and 1st Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland. As with previous related posts, images of some their badges are included, the reader is hopefully aware of the connection between the dragon and the Rampant Lion, the Egyptian sphinx and volcanic Arthur's Seat, Prince William and world domination.

Friday 7 May 2010

Return of the Dragon

Maybe the BBC had a premonition on Wednesday night or maybe they have watched Derren Brown's The Heist, certainly their flagship News at 10 programme seemed apt given the "hung" general election result as we returned to Caernarfon with reporter Richard Bilton and lingering televisual images of the omnipresent dragon flags. Curiously the show ended with Coldplay, Viva La Vida:

I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing
Roman cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror my sword and shield
Missionaries in a foreign field

Which takes us nicely to Prince Harry who received his "provisional" military wings today from Prince Charles, qualifying him to fly Lynx and Apache helicopters and the possible green light for a return to Afghanistan, which he wishes.

Whilst his brother William, if not specifically in the news today, was certainly esoterically starred if we recall last week's post regarding the Beltane Fire Festival at Edinburgh's Calton Hill together with ongoing sun god reincarnation theme highlighted here. For in the shadows of the unfinished Acropolis topped city centre hill - Broughton Street - sits a "spit and sawdust", Trainspotting style public house; currently under renovation rather like our "government". Today it burnt down.


Monarch's power in a hung parliament (

BBC News - Phoenix burns down.

Sunday 2 May 2010

Mayed in Scotland

Tying in well with the Prince William/Green man etc. theories expressed here, and perhaps especially relevant to the last two posts, we note from the News of the World of how the Dark One was indeed present in Scotland yesterday, May Day, attending a friend's wedding at St. Salvator's Chapel in St. Andrews.

Obviously it would be speculative on my part to suggest that he stayed in Edinburgh the previous night - perhaps at Holyrood where, on the stroke of midnight, he crept, perhaps disguised, from the Royal Palace; shimmying over the wall before strolling round part of "his" Royal Park and joining the pagan Beltane Fire Festival on Calton Hill.

Or indeed, that he was participating in some type of Babylonian/Egyptian, Crowley style sex-magik ritual in an unknown underground cavern beneath the volcanic Arthur's Seat - potentially the Atlantean sphinx, reincarnated in Egypt by the original global colonisers.
Whatever the case, he was here.


bottom image from the Melrose effigy, see President Arthur - no bones about it.