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Monday 8 October 2007

BBC TV News Review - Sunday 7th October

Aagin, not too much fresh news yesterday evening and very little time for what there was, given the weekend sport. The furore over the non existent election is still evident, we heard Tory leader David Cameron claim again that PM Gordon Brown is "treating people like fools" and that the main reason for the no show is that he thought he would lose. Menzies Campbell of the Liberal Democrats and Alex Salmond were both also highly critical of his decision; again all three leaders were immaculately dressed, in particular our Scottish leader has definately added to his wardrobe recently, it is rare to see him in the same outfit twice nowadays.To close the feature, we saw six demonstrators of some description, also in fancy dress, these characters appeared in the form of Newcastle Brown Ale bottles, wearing Gordon Brown cardboard cut out masks, and singing of 6 brown bottles - the inference being that our current leader has lost his bottle.

Some breaking news though - just in the last 5 minutes - reports of a multiple shooting in Wisconsin in America. Few details as yet.

The next feature was slightly disturbing, or should I say more disturbing than the norm, and concerns a fifteen year old girl called Katie, who suffers from cerebal palsy. Her mother wishes her to have a hysterectomy in order to avoid "the pain and distress caused by periods (menstral)." We saw the poor girl, in a wheelchair, obviously terribly disabled, watching go cart motor racing as her mother told of her rationale behind the decision. Reference was made to a girl from America, Ashley X, who's parents have already had this medical procedure, plus others, carried out in order to keep their child from growing into a woman. It seems that this case is likely to start a "debate over sexuality and disability" and we saw a man speaking of the rights of children - fearing where all this may lead to, presumably.

The weather in South East Asia followed, details of mass evacuation in China were supplied along with images of the storm conditions, we saw an Oriental reporter standing Endurance style, as howling wind and rain battered into her.

28 people killed in Cuba after a train accident at a level crossing

An oil rig platform has collapsed off the Welsh coast, investigations are being carried out, images of the collapsed platform were shown.

Sub prime mortgages, repossessions, America and the credit crunch followed - not much was said but we were reminded of the uncertain times we live in.

A painting by Claude Monet, the Le Pont d'Argenteuil has been vandalised by intruders in a museum in Paris.

Sport to close, a "bad day" for motor racing driver Lewis Hamilton, who committed a schoolboy error at the Chinese Grand Prix, after leaving the track and basically digging a hole for himself and his vehicle. Football followed.

For those interested, here is Lewis on Blue Peter, many years ago when it was, and I quote from yesterdays news "all set up for him".


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