Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Saturday 20 February 2016

Divide and Conquer

Today, David Cameron announced the date for the forthcoming United Kingdom referendum as to whether the voters wish to remain part of the European Union, or go it alone. It's to be held on 23rd June, the 702nd anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn, 3 days after the Summer solstice.

The Battle is drummed into Scottish children as part of their education. Teachers, however, often fail to disclose that no-one actually knows exactly where the action took place. No real artifacts have been uncovered.  A couple of years ago, the BBC supported a "Quest for Bannockburn", to eventually establish where exactly the alleged conflict transpired in 1314 (Past Horizons):

There is very little on the ground to mark where the battle apparently took place‘, said Warren Bailie, who led GUARD Archaeology’s team. ‘The Bore Stone at the summit of Brock’s Brae, was according to tradition where Robert the Bruce’s standard was set during the battle, but this doesn’t actually appear in written accounts before 1723 and even then only one fragment of the original bore stone still survives at the Bannockburn Visitor Centre.‘ 

Not much was discovered in the "quest".

There's a myth, a legend, that the Knights Templar helped the Scottish at the battle. Proper historians, the same characters who can't find very much evidence of the event, scoff at such a possibility.

Ex Scottish top-dog, Alex Salmond, noted, back in 2014 when opening the new visitor centre, that Bannockburn was the "birthplace of modern Scotland". BBC News

Some people consider that the Knights Templar spawned freemasonry from Scotland. One wonders whether that was what Salmond was alluding to. If so, then Bannockburn was surely the "birthplace of modern, democratic, society", given freemasonry's colonisation of the globe.

In the excellent Mythomorph , the author posits that furthermore, one can draw inference from the astrological situation above, quoting the Hermetic dictum "as above, so below" :

As I continued to study the “accepted” reasons given for the Scottish victory at Bannockburn, they seemed less and less credible. Moreover, the existence of an underground brotherhood of Scots and English, united in a cause that transcended national loyalty, seemed likely, and confirmation that a secret tale, written deep between the lines of the official tale, began to emerge out of the mists of time.

When the Scottish independence referendum was carried out, I called it wrong. My thoughts revolved around magickal ritual and alchemy and the forging of a global society. After all, it was a Scots King who historically formed the United Kingdom alongside his bringing of the Bible to the masses. Whilst the alchemist uses base products to attempt to form the gold. Maybe that's why the symbolic, yet probably fake, Stone of Destiny sits within Edinburgh Castle.
Salmond - see Half way there

I don't normally do politics, but it requires note that the Scottish National Party, whilst not independent, carry some clout down at Westminster with their almost clean sweep at the last UK elections. The Scottish National Party are keen to remain part of Europe. Who knows what may happen if the rest of the UK vote to leave the European Union. Perhaps I didn't call it wrong. Perhaps the plan was already devised.


Sunday 7 February 2016

"Arthur's" Stone

The Walter Scott Monument, situated in Princes Street Gardens beside Edinburgh Castle. The stone was quarried from Binny Quarry, the lands of Binny gifted to a peasant called William Binning by Robert the Bruce for his help in taking Linlithgow Palace from the English. Today the Stone of Destiny sits very close by, within Edinburgh Castle, which itself sits on the capstone/plug of  Arthur's Seat

 "It is certain that onomatology, or the science of names, forms a very interesting part of the investigations of the higher Masonry, and it is only in this way that any connection can be created between the two sciences". (Encyclopedia of Freemasonry)

 The "Stone of Destiny" hit the headlines last week, the report containing some material worth further investigation.

That's the Stone which was repatriated from England's Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day 1950 by a brazen gang of law students, to then re-appear at the alter within Scotland's Arbroath Abbey some 108 days later. It's the same stone some claim is Jacob's Pillow Stone. Others would say it's a Dr. Jekyll - a Jekyll and Hyde - a snide - a fake passed off to the English way back.

Friday's BBC News tells of reporter, Arthur Binnie, passing away, at the age of 89. Arthur's claim to fame, his "big scoop" which he did very well from financially, was to be the first reporter on the scene at Arbroath on the 101st day of the year, April 11th 1950, after receiving an (presumably) anonymous telephone call at his desk in the Arbroath Herald office. All he was told was that if he went to the Abbey, "he might find something of interest". Arthur grabbed a camera and cycled so hard en-route, the chain came off his bike. Yes, cycled, it was almost 66 years ago.

When Arthur arrived at the doors, the "uniformed custodian" led him "silently" to the high alter. Arthur, well aware of the missing stone, saw a Saltire draped over a stonemason's barrow. Arthur didn't need to employ rocket science to deduce what exactly it was, thus when the custodian pulled back a corner of the flag, "there it was....The Stone of Destiny". Arthur's oily hands received an envelope from the custodian containing a message from the four students which he took back to the office along with some snaps he had taken of the scene. Arthur was sure it was the real McCoy.

"Later he learned there'd been a mix up. A local councillor who'd been supposed to alert journalists had decided to let the police know first but the officer in charge in Arbroath that day took a while to establish the story wasn't a hoax.

Arthur Binnie had the discovery of the Stone of Destiny to himself

The news went worldwide. " -Global...... indeed.

I enjoy greatly James Shelby Downard's KK/33, regarding the masonic fingerprints all over the JFK assassination, the quote up top is from there.  Wikipedia carries a text, abbreviated: a fuller, yet alas not complete version is here

Let's look at Arthur (wiki):

Arthur is a common masculine given name. Its etymology is disputed, but its popularity derives from its being the name of the legendary hero King Arthur.

Binnie : "Surnames regarded as septs (sub-branch) of the MacBain/MacBean clan include Bain, Bean, Beattie, Binnie, Macbeath, Macbeth, Macbheath, Macilvain and MacVean." Rampant Scotland

I would recommend the reader peruses the KK/33 text, although it is somewhat hard going. Downard within connects the dots :

Before pointing to the mystical associations between the murder of the president and Shakespeare's tragedy of Macbeth I wish to call attention to the appearance of the witches in Act I, Scene 1 and to the line in which they chant "Fair is foul, and foul is fair". This is reminiscent of Hermetic Art (alchemy) as well as the "individuation" or "shaping" of an integrated personality in the psychology of C. G. Jung in which the "archetype of unity" (self-head, auto-cephalous), the Yetzer Ha-Ra and Yetzer ha Tov of the Jews, and the "Mingling of All with All" is manifested.
Thus, just perhaps, it was more than "good luck" that Arthur received his unique "scoop".