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Wednesday 30 September 2009

Going back to our Roots

I have reposted this given the referendum in Ireland on 2nd October. The above image comes from the The Southern Star, an Irish newspaper, which advises it's readership not to vote No if they don't understand the full issues involved in the Lisbon Treaty which, frankly, is highly unlikely given the depth of the goatskin binded document. The symbols speak for themselves...

It was the 13th day of the 12th month, 2007. The venue was the historic Hieronymites or Jeronimos Monastery in Santa Maria de Belem, a parish of Lisbon in Portugal.

It was here that an important treaty was to be signed, the Treaty of Lisbon, a treaty so significant that European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso commented that:"From this old continent, a new
Europe is born"

At around 12 o clock, the European Leaders marched in two by two, Noah's Ark style,thirteen pairs of them as the choir sang Beethoven's Ode to Joy.By quarter to one the ink on the signatures from the specially engraved silver fountain pens was dry, yet the Treaty of Lisbon still not complete, awaiting the signature of the crucial 27th member - a certain Mr. Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom - a signature which would not be forthcoming until three, or so, hours later. Did this late signature symbolise something more, something more sinister.

Lets go back to the beginning, the date, the 13th of December, Saint Lucy's, or Lucia's Day, still celebrated mainly in Scandinavia as a Church feast day, and the beginning of the Christmas season, given before the reformation of the Gregorian calendar in the 16th century it fell on the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. St Lucy is often depicted nowadays holding her gouged out eyes on a golden plate.
Wikipedia entry for St Lucia is here.
And for St Lucy here

"here are traces of the legends of Saint Lucia even in the Nordic countries in the middle ages, and her day of remembrance is also December 13th (just like the Lussi). However, yet another name is relevant here, namely Lucifer. His name has the same etymological background (lux is– latin for ‘light’). Once he was an angel of light, then he was dethroned and became the Prince of Darkness. "

The venue itself is also worthy of consideration, Jerominos Monastery, located in the Belem District of Lisbon in Portugal. Constructed on the site of a monks hermitage using local gold coloured limestone, building began in 1502 and took half a century to complete, several different sculptors being involved in the project. Within the building are two statues, one of Henry the Navigator, the other of Saint Jerome, after whom the Monastery is named, a seemingly solitary and somewhat controversial character.

St Jerome is depicted as a hermetical individual, who roamed far and wide. He is probably best known for the tale of removing a thorn from a lions paw, the beast staying with him as a friend and protector. It is in fact this deed which is portrayed in sculpture in the Monastery. It should however also be noted that St Jerome is credited by some as the individual who translated the Bible into Latin, although there would be some religious contention over that issue - as there may well be over whether the tale of the lion is true - especially as a previous version is attributed to Aesop.

For purposes which will become evident later, it should be noted that Saint Jerome is, according to the British Optical Association (BOA) , the patron saint of spectacle makers.

One also cannot touch on the subject of Jeronimo without reference to its connection with "American" secret societies such as the 322. Much very valuable information on this subject can be gleaned by clicking here.
Wkipedia entry on Jeronimos Monastery is here.
Wiki entry on St Jerome, click here.

An easy to read and quick resume of Jerome and the lions paw is here.

The location of this historic event - Lisbon, an important ancient seafaring port with a municipal holiday date of June 13th, St. Anthony's day. Founded by Ulysses after he left Troy, according to Greek mythology
Wiki entry is here.

Santa Maria de Belem, the suberb in Lisbon where the Monastery is located, "famous as the place from which many of the Portuguese explorers set off on their voyages of discovery", its name itself derived from the Portuguese for Bethlehem.
Wiki entry is here.

Moving back to recent events, can we glean anything from the logo used to promote the birth of this new Europe. You can see how it has been craftily designed, the L and the N of Lisbon forming what looks like the two bottom corners of a square, leaving the word ISBOA. I would suggest that this is in fact two different words, a combination, a marriage of IS and BOA, IS referring to Isis, the Egyptian mythological queen Goddess and Boa, a word with its base in serpent lore as the Oxford English Dictionary says :

"Adoption of Latin boa (Pliny Natural History VIII. xiv), of unknown origin: Pliny and St. Jerome derived it from bos an ox, for different reasons."

Unfortunately, no further reference can be found for St Jerome, although Pliny, a Roman of the first century commented further :

"In India, serpents grow to such an immense size, as to swallow stags and bulls…about the river Rhyndacus [modern Turkey] they seize and swallow the birds that are flying above them, however high and however rapid their flight"

Lets go back to the Gordon's 27th signature. 27 is 3x3x3, 3 to the power of 3, or three cubed, as such the cube root of 27 is 3.
It must be remembered that numbers are symbols first and foremost. The number three itself is an important religious symbol, examples being the Holy Trinity; Father Son and Holy Ghost, or, turning back to Egyptian mythology again, we have Is, Ra and El or Israel.

There is perhaps an easy way to describe the numberic symbolism of 27 though, something most will be familiar with, the Rubik's cube. Forget the maddening puzzle of attempting to get the sides all the same colour and concentrate on its construction, a matrix of 3 sections of 3 rows and 3 columns. Have a look, turn it about, how many cubes can you actually see. 26. The middle cube, the cube which holds together the others in a geometric pattern and thus structure - and indeed the whole power of the cube - cannot be seen. An hidden, yet visible power, rather like that behind Gordon.

So what can we surmise from events last Thursday. It could to be said to be an anciently revered and significant festival date, that of the winter solstice. It's location, famous for birthing in terms of maritime adventures and named after the biblical Bethlehem, birthplace of Jesus Christ. The European President himself called it a birthing event.

The answer to the riddle of St Jerome and the Boa lies within the centre of the cube. If we work backwards, we can find the solution. The story of the lion and his paw is a metaphor for a bloodline. When the thorn is removed and the lion follows Jerome on his global travels, he is leaving a drop of blood in each spot. Hence Je-rome represents the the bloodline of Rome, surely the bloodline of the Boa, or Serpent.
St. Jerome, the patron saint of librarians and spectacle wearers !
And St Lucy's gouged out eyes reinforce that if we look, we shall see.

And as such we can perhaps ascertain that at the centre of the cube is a bloodline all the way back from Rome, and perhaps before. A bloodline of power. A bloodline of Kings. A bloodline marked by the spots from Jerome's lions paw.

On the 12th day of Christmas....

The Lion King - The Biblical anti-christ


Thursday 24 September 2009

A sandwich full of nonsense ?

Recently, Scotland has been under the global spotlight regarding Lockerbie and the release of April Fools Day born Libyan, Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, after governmental intervention.

Top American tycoon, Donald Trump, this week sent his son, Junior, to negotiate with the purchase of properties and land he requires in the North East of Scotland for his golf course/village project , approved after lengthy planning battles and governmental intervention, as reported on Monday's BBC :
"Generous" offers for Trump homes.

On Thursday, we read of how Libyan leader Gaddafi was stalled in his attempts to pitch a Bedouin tent on land rented from Donald Trump in Bedford, close to New York, as it violates local planning regulations.
Gaddafi tent on Trump land:

Meanwhile, Mr Trump said in a statement that part of the estate "was leased on a short-term basis to Middle Eastern partners, who may or may not have a relationship to Mr Gaddafi".

On Wednesday, the equinox, Libyan leader Gaddafi spoke at the UN, directly after Obama and directly followed by Scotsman, Gordon Brown (
BBC clip here).

Again on Wednesday, under darkness, a previously unknown group calling themselves The Menie Liberation Front struck at four Scottish locations, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling, adding Trump images and golf clubs to various historic statues. (
Anti Trump group targets statues). Some say that statues, monuments etc. are not placed haphazardly, but rather more cleverly orientated.

Also on the same day it appears that Col Gaddafi met in the US with some of the relatives of the winter solstice timed, Lockerbie "bombing", victims. (Gadaffi in Lockerbie family talks).

Now this may be sheer coincidence, but drawing a straight line between the village of Balmedie - the site of Trump's development - and the town of Lockerbie, intersects very closely* with the the Lamb, an Scottish island recently purchased by Uri Geller on which he believes the holy grail may be buried. (see All 2 Geller now). I have taken the liberty of reproducing the map below from Jeff Nisbet's must read article, The Pyramids of Scotland, a larger version can be found at the link :

"This island has links not only to the pyramids, but to King Arthur, King Robert the Bruce and to the ancient Kings of Ireland too," Geller added.

"It might seem forbidding, and it is certainly uninhabitable, but it is one of the keystones to British mythology, and I am thrilled to be its owner.


* As a layman I unfortunately do not have the resources (or ability) to display this on-line, however it is extremely close when utilising an atlas and ruler, indeed perhaps bang on.

The town of Bedford in NY is worth a look up on wiki, a three square mile tract of land founded by 22 puritans on December 23rd 1680. Bedford has been noted by Ray in Da Black Whole , including links to Henry the Navigator, sponsor of the Lisbon Treaty signing.

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Altered Images

Today is the equinox, a time when light and dark balance equally in the day, the modern indoor cannabis grower's reason for coordinating the timers to a 12 12 hour frequency, mimicking natural environmental conditions and thus tricking the plants into entering their flowering cycle.

We read from the BBC today of Prince William (who was taken from his mothers womb on the longest day of the year during an eclipse, thus personifying the sun on Earth at it's maximum power) and his, alongwith brother Harry, ongoing good deeds under the headline:
Princes extend charitable links.

We read again about his climbing of Helvellyn as noted in my post
Top Kat, a new charities forum and, perhaps most importantly:

Julia Samuel, founder patron of the Child Bereavement Charity, says working with William's other charities is "much more than a gimmick".

"It gives us a feeling of being united as a group, which is strengthening. You know particularly in a recession you can feel quite isolated," she said.

A friend of Diana, Princess of Wales, Ms Samuel believes William and Harry have inherited some of their mother's characteristics.

"She had that extraordinary ability to communicate just with the way she looked at someone," Ms Samuel said.


Bottom images -Eye of Horus/Teletubbies

Top, horned and bearded image from Christmas Day last year, see One for the horn Baphomet !.

Monday 21 September 2009

Lord of the Rings

Most readers will recall Bilbo's early attempt at burglary: pickpocketing trolls; the pictured advertisment came just prior to Lockerbie and the "bomb" in the Samsonite suitcase, bear in mind the sign of the goat together with, astrologically speaking, the ringed plant Saturn being the ruler of the sign Capricorn.


Sunday 20 September 2009

All Hail the 4th Reich

Following on from my last post, we note from the BBC today (here) that Arnold Schwarzenegger has been invited to attend the Olympics as a civic guest, by the major of Newham, Sir Robin Wales:

Sir Robin wrote: "The reason why I would like you to be in our company is that the vast majority of the Games, some 60%, will be held within Newham - much of it within walking distance of your former training ground in Forest Gate."

Wales, no relation of Diana, William, or Harry, is a Scotsman, born in Kilmarnock, home of Johnnie Walker whisky. See my post


Beckham photo from: Things are not always as they seem, re Beijing Olymic handover.

Wednesday 16 September 2009

(R) evolution

We have highlighted Edinburgh's own extinct volcano, Arthur's Seat, (see here) in previous posts , and read today from the Scottish capital's Evening News of how plans are afoot to illuminate the sphinx-like hill to coincide with the the 2012 London Olympics.

On Monday just past a pair of royal stories were played by the BBC, the first concerning that old- fashioned meddling buffoon, Prince Charles, and his architecture charity, The Prince's Foundation, which he is apparently using in order to prevent modern type buildings being constructed. (
here). The second regarded his older son: dynamic, handsome, forward thinking, uber-celebrity, Prince William, and the opening of a new facility at the Natural History Museum in London - The Darwin Centre - which features a breathtaking catalogue of plants and insects stored within an eight level "cocoon" as well as a, now almost ubiquitous, global warming/climate change educational centre.

Evening News - "Arthur's Seat Olympic Torch"

Prince opens Darwin Centre - BBC

Friday 11 September 2009

Rubbing Noses with 2 2

Art is art, or maybe tar, or rat for that matter. Today, 11th Sept, we saw a pair of stories rise from the BBC, both curiously intertwined.

The first regards a forthcoming BBC televised "talent show" in the manner of previous similar ones; this time: to find a girl to play Dorothy in Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber's forthcoming West End production of the infamous, The Wizard of Oz, c2010.

The second regards an artist, Nicolas Ruston (his "work" as above), I shall quote direct
from the BBC:

An artist has denied his latest installation, which was inspired by Austrian Josef Fritzl, was created for "shock value".

Euphoria is a combination of a surreal, vacant pornography film-set and the basement where Fritzl imprisoned his daughter for 24 years.

"But the thing I was really engaged by was the fact that the children of Elisabeth had been born into an environment where their only window to the world was through the TV, through the mass media."

Ruston said he wanted to "try and imagine what it was like to be in that environment if your only interpretation of the outside world was through the TV".


Respect to aferrismoon and his recent post, And They Call It Puppy Love.

New BBC "talent" show here. - Note Webber's cats and dogs comments.

2012 Olympic handover ceremony/WOO parody here.

Tuesday 8 September 2009

Novo Rich ?

T'was only back in early July, although it seems so long ago, when I noted the military aeroplane crash in the shadow of Ben Arthur, the Cobbler - the mountain top which resembles either a shoemaker bending over his anvil or, perhaps, a man awaiting sodomisation. It maybe the esoteric quality is a mix of the three, most humans almost always working and thus being shafted in the name of war funding and space exploration, soon all to be overseen on a global basis by the budding reincarnated Arthur, Prince William. If you wonder who we will fight in their future, after globalisation and the one-ness of humanity plus seemingly shooting through the stargate c2012, it is simple. "We" will will seek in the heavens to find would-be enemies, they must be somewhere, lets fucking do them. (here)

Today the road which runs close by the Cobbler, the A83 - the main vehicular access road to the Western Highlands - was closed by a landslide caused by recent torrential rain which has engulfed Scotland. (

On 7/7, or thereabouts, was a media-heavy story I did not post about. It concerned an outbreak of norovirus on the explorer christened cruise ship, Marco Polo, which was berthed in Invergordon. One passenger died. (here).

Today another cruise liner, the royalty's Scottish residence christened, Balmoral, has been hit by the same illness after docking in the same port.


BBC re Balmoral outbreak.

newspaceman - baal morals and dogmess.