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Saturday 13 October 2007

BBC TV News Review - Friday 12th October

Fi Fi Bruce was again anchoring the 10 o clock BBC News; we were straight in as she announced that Al Gore had won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to highlight the problem of global warming via his film, An Inconvenient Truth. It seems that humanity is due to face the most dangerous problems it has ever faced in respect of mass migration and potential world wars if the situation continues to deteriorate and that Mr Gore is in fact a global hero.

It was a couple of minutes into the faux worship before another inconvenient truth was revealed, namely that Al had in fact shared the award with he United Nations Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change,We then heard of previous Nobel winners; Mandela and David Trimble were two I managed to scribble down before we were quickly on to talk of Darfur, a drought resulting in "a savage struggle over water", "food shortages" and "conflict over scarce resources", the latter two on a global basis it was suggested. A short clip with a critic of some description was aired, before we closed with more images of the inimitable Mr. Gore.

On the same subject it was time to catch up with chief scientific reporter, David Shukman, the chap from earlier in the week who is travelling through the North West Atlantic Passage in a boat, to highlight the glacial shifting. Tonight we saw him, apparently travelling through the Victoria Straights; to be honest, all you can see is him surrounded by water. He didnt say much about his incredible journey, but rather spoke of the Nobel Prize, and how Gore had received his half of the award basically for highlighting and publicising the problem, however it seems that some scientists feel that there is some "danger" in his theories.

Postal strike next, the high court has decreed that the further planned strikes are illegal. Talks to resolve the situation continue, we saw a brazier burning and heard that chairman Adam Crozier was "feeling the heat". To close we saw some strikers and heard that the dispute may in fact be over.

Nightclub bouncer in South London who stalked victims, images shown.

Richard Branson, fund raiser for the McCanns and general white knight has once again shown his charitable status, this time offering to purchase the, according to RB, "British Institution", the Northern Rock Bank which recently had to borrow 15 billion from the Bank of England to stay afloat. Images of the Virgin boss abseiling the day before were broadcase and then we saw him interviewed by economic editor, Robert Peston, he told how he was British and basically implied he was doing us, as in a collective people, a big favour. Furthermore, he talked of rivalling the "big four" other banks. We were reminded of the Virgin brands, planes, trains, space travel and mobile telephones ebfore Robert reminded us that Richard was representing himself as a "rescuer" however, in reality, was simply seeking to make further wealth. Here is the link for those interested

BBC Reporter Richard Bilton, who has been hanging rounf the Algrave all summer it appears, covering the McCann story and possibly playing golf. Anyway, he had secured an interview with initial suspect, Robert Murat, who told how he could not tell much but was skint. Mention was made of a new police chief on the case before Madeleine's image was displayed. We heard of a "new wave of allegations" against Gerry McCann, namely that he was not actually the biological father, Clarence Mitchell appeared and angrily denied these.

Coming up - Hollywood war on terror.

First though, a new War Memorial was finally opened yesterday, commemorating the deaths of 16,000 military personnel since the end of the 2nd World War. It has been constructed in Staffordshire, at a place of "solitude and beauty". We saw the Queen and some of "her family" and heard of "doing their duty" in respect of the dead. The cost of the project was 7 million pounds, a sizeable chunk was paid for by the millenium commission.

The ongoing Judge Chubb inquest has reached a verdict, we are "no further forward" in ascertaining the truth of his death, blown up in his lawnmower shed.

David Cameron is visting Los Angeles to see how they deal with their problems of "guns and gang crime". We saw a neon sign, LA welcomes Mr. Dave Cameron and then Dave chatted with some "criminals" and strolled with some LAPD. It seems that this is the "crime capital of the world" with a horrendous amount of gang related deaths, it seems though that "Britain has the same symptoms" although Dave says it is "not as bad, but getting worse" and "needs to be dealt with".We heard mention of Billy Cox and Reece Jones to close.

England rugby fans are arriving en masse in Paris for the final, "flooding in" to be precise, we heard of a "sacrifice (of) body and soul" before images of face painted fans were displayed.

To close, as promised, we heard of the film Rendition, which includes "procedures used by the CIA to interrogate suspects". Clips of the movie were shown, as we head more about it all. It seems though that "some question Hollywoods legitimacy " in producing war films such as these, however we were assured that "the vietnam war took time to perculate". Mention was made of Tom Cruise and Robert Redford, it seems they are making an Afghanistan blockbuster and we were told that "celebs are ready for debate".


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