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Friday 30 May 2014

The Children who stare at Goat

I noted the then up and coming Oak Apple Day visit of Prince William and Kate to the Famous Grouse Experience in the post Game plans earlier this month,  noting  previous "coincidences" on the same date in 2009 in connection with Edinburgh's Arthur Seat and Prince Harry's visit to Ground 0.

Oak Apple Day, also known as Royal Oak Day, was a holiday celebrated to commemorate the restoration of the Scottish founded, UK monarchy in 1660,  albeit with a "pre-Christian", "Druidic", twist.

All eyes were on Kate's clothes, given her recent revealing-rear experience, and for this occasion she wore a blood red dress by Goat which appeared to protect her modesty. There was no sign in the media coverage of her pie either, the bespoke steak and onion as previously promised.

Crowds gathered both at the whisky experience and a later fete visit, one can't help but notice the bulk appeared to consist of  local school-children, and their mandatory adult "supervisors".


wiki - The Men Who Stare at Goats

Tuesday 27 May 2014

The lion goes from strength to strength ?

If one looks closely at this image, one will note the lion with "solar rays" to top of "tribute". The symbolism is seen elsewhere, in many other logos.

For a topical example, the movie Hunger Games was produced by a company called Lionsgate. They have branches in television too.


Friday 23 May 2014




When I was a boy, aged about seven, I would often attend the Kirk with my Grandad. I always wore shorts in those days, thus I recall vividly the horsehair pews. I recall too, most vividly, the collection plates being passed round, then their amalgamation into one heavy, jingling, sack.

After Church, we would go back to my Grandad's. Often the doorbell would go, and I would be ordered to hide behind the settee. Once though, we were caught by the Church elder. It appeared that he wished my Grandad to both alter his will and make a monthly covenant of monies (tax deductible) in the Kirk's benefit.

Even at such a young age, I realised there was something afoot and that the teachings of Jesus appeared, perhaps, to have been somewhat modified.

Today, times have changed. No longer do Sunday's have the same eleven o' clock bustle. Churches are fairly quiet nowadays.

The Kirk is no doubt concerned at the dwindling attendances and the lack of funds.

Although the Bible apparently is not too keen on homosexuality, yesterday it was reported that the Church of Scotland is becoming closer to ordaining gay ministers. I have nothing against homosexuals but wonder how an organisation which is based on teachings, can somehow forget or ignore those teachings.

It is fair to say that a lot of global "Christianity" was sourced in Scotland. It is fair too, to say, that the King James Bible has it's roots firmly in Scotland. Apparently, given the diversity of ancient texts, there was some debate as to whether to include the Book of Revelation within the KJV, some seeing it as the work of a madman. However, it is indeed there.

When Prince Charles was christened, at the age of 30 days, his mother the Queen chose the first hymn - Holy, Holy, Holy - to reflect the "sacred significance of the event". Prince Charles embraces all faiths, rather like another Scots-born, globally exported, institution: the freemasons.

The hymn, Holy Holy, Holy, paraphrases part of the Book of Revelation.

The Book of Revelation talks of a mark to be created in the hand or forehead to allow one to buy or sell. 

Alex Salmond, Scotland's First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party, recently courted controversy by praising Russia's Putin. Alex Salmond wants every child in Scotland to have a state appointed "guardian".

Prince Charles, whilst in Nova Scotia (New Scotland) this week, compared Putin's policies to those of Hitler. The image used for the story in the BBC showed a bagpiper.

When Gordon Brown - who's father was a Kirk minster - preached to the Kirk's Assembly, he spoke of "higher common grounds and united religions"

This week it was revealed that Scotland is to be the first place in the UK to issue plastic banknotes. They will depict the Forth Rail Bridge and an image of it's "designer", William Arroll, who also oversaw London's Tower Bridge. One of Arroll's proudest honours was "being raised a Third Degree Master Mason at Houstoun St Johnstone Masonic Lodge No 242 on April 15, 1869". (Daily Record) From the same link:

FREEMASONRY is a system of morality whose purpose is to make good men better and inspire them to build a nobler world. 

It’s open to men of all religions, denominations, creeds, colours and races who believe in a Supreme Being called the Great Architect of the Universe.

Freemasonry proclaims all men are architects of their own universes.

Prince Philip's funeral arrangements are codenamed Forth Bridge (here)

We don't see much of a future for plastic banknotes.

We envisage a future where a young boy, sat in an all welcoming, multi-faith Kirk, watches the electronic device being passed through the crowded pews, each adult member of the congregation scanning their hand against it, monies duly deducted directly.

The boy can't wait to become an adult and get his chip, just like the celebrities he so admires.


Wednesday 21 May 2014

Golden Wonders

See, topically - Bearded Ladies

Just following on from my earlier post today concerning Scotland, colonisation and the church, a most interesting titbit has appeared in the Edinburgh Evening News which appears to tally with previous sentiments. here

Apparently, none other than music mogul, tycoon and space explorer, Richard Branson, has previously unknown further family ties to both Edinburgh (particularly Goldenacre), and the Kirk, given that his great-great grandfather was Reverend Charles Jenkins, who's historical achievements within the church are described as "legendary" in a 1988 book.

Branson, perhaps in the spirit of Scotland- loving Aleister Crowley, has described the news as magical (sic).

Whilst on that note, it's worth pointing out another coincidence which has transpired today.

The reader may remember the case of April Jones, a Mark Bridger later convicted of her murder, her body was never found. Apparently, Bridger kept "indecent images" on his computer which he stored in a file called Zo. I wrote about it in a post called, A Bridge too Far, when I highlighted the connection to Crowley, The Wizard of Oz (allegedly used in mind control programming), "Zoso" Jimmy Page (who purchased Crowley's Scottish  Boleskin ), and Golden Hill cottage in Wales, where Zepplin wrote much material. Golden Hill cottage is very close to Machynlleth - where April lived.

"Butterfly" Branson, runs a marathon. Some people believe the buttterfly is a symbol utilised in mind-control. I shall skip on the 22 numerology.
Today's BBC notes of how April Jones' mother, together with Kate McCann of Madeline infamy, unveiled a digital billboard at London's King Cross Station, in respect of the national Child Rescue Alert Scheme. (here)

Today's BBC notes of how Led Zeppelin are being sued over copyright in regards to their track Stairway to Heaven, which was allegedly written in Golden Hill cottage. (here)

Policewoman holds up the dedicated Child Rescue Alert Scheme telephone number. Are zeros numbers ?
America's secretive Skull 'n Bones society insignia. Some people believe they run the CIA. It would be interesting to know who "runs" them.  wiki,

Captain Kirk

He who pays the piper....

 It's the Scottish Kirk's General Assembly this week. The Queen has written to them, hoping that "people of faith" will "work together for the social good of Scotland whatever the outcome of the independence referendum". You see, some people in Scotland are taking the "independence" question rather seriously and, given one side must lose, there is likely to be some bitterness. Some people seem have forgotten, or perhaps don't even realise, that a global society beckons and "independence" will be fairly irrelevant in the grand scheme of matters.

Fighting on the Royal Mile, close to the Assembly.
Indeed, some of the Kirk's assembly surely remember then Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, speak  in 2008 at the same venue, when he told of his vision for a "global society governed by a shared moral sense" (BBC News):

And we find that from the timeless wisdom of all the great religions - from which billions across the world derive daily inspiration - there is a consistent ethical core that propels us to act: encapsulated in the golden rule that informs not just Christianity and Judaism but also Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Islam - showing that we are not moral strangers but there is a shared moral sense common to us all:

And from these common precepts of the world’s great religions, we can - perhaps for the first time - move from old battlegrounds where religions confronted often each other to a higher common ground where people of all religions can unite around what binds them together

His sentiments were nothing new though, given the year before, whilst Chancellor and in India, he stated (Light Bringers):

"It is time to formally recognise on a more consistent and regular basis the reality of this emerging new world order."

Last year, the Scottish Kirk told how, in the event of independence, they would like Prince Charles to have a separate coronation in Scotland, and be crowned King of Scots. (Pennies from Heaven)

They followed that up a couple of weeks later with a report - which outraged Jews - stating :

 Biblical promises about the land of Israel were never intended to be taken literally, or as applying to a defined geographical territory...

 The 'promised land' in the Bible is not a place, so much as a metaphor of how things ought to be among the people of God. This 'promised land' can be found - or built - anywhere...

From this examination of the various views in the Bible about the relation of land to the people of God, itcan be concluded that Christians should not be supporting any claims by Jewish or any other people, to an exclusive or even privileged divine right to possess particular territory. It is a misuse of the Bible to use it as a topographic guide to settle contemporary conflicts over land.

The Inheritance of Abraham- A report on the promised land

The same Church report noted a post 1840  "widely held attitude that European colonialism meant that a land was ‘empty’ if western power and culture was not present."

The British did a lot of colonising and spreading of "Christianity"

It is reported today that Prince Charles is in hot water after comparing some of the recent actions of Russian president Putin to that of the Nazis (BBC News) :

 As they discussed Hitler's takeover of countries, the prince "said something to the effect of 'it's not unlike... what Putin is doing,'" she recalled.
The Prince made his remarks whilst in Canada's Nova Scotia - New Scotland. 

There was a lot of fighting went on when Canada was "colonised".

Here @newspaceman, we are of the belief that the  "united religions", that Gordon Brown spoke of, may well be found in tolerant, all welcoming Scotland first, before exportation globally.

Rather like UK amalgamater,  King of Scots James, and his revised Bible.
Salmond visits a Mosque


Friday 16 May 2014

Game plans

Given the sentiments of the this week's posts it should come as little surprise that today it was announced that Prince William and Kate are to visit Glenturret distillery on 29th May, where they will officially open the renovated Famous Grouse Experience, bottle some Glenturret whisky, and indulge in a bespoke beef and onion pie.  (Daily Express)

It's worth noting that 29th May is Oak Apple Day.

Pure bursting
Oak Apple Day, also known as Royal Oak Day, was a holiday celebrated in England to commemorate the restoration of the monarchy in 1660. It was House of Stuart, Charles 2nd, who took the throne. Allegedly, oak apple refers to Charles previously hiding from his enemies in the trunk of an oak tree, although it is suggested that many of the ceremonies conducted on the date are "continuations of pre-Christian nature worship". 

From Oak Apple Day - Echoes of our Druid Past :

For the Druids, whose name may mean ‘wisdom of the oak’, the oak is never more sacred than when mistletoe grew upon its branches. Drawing an analogy between the sticky substance extruded from mistletoe berries and human sperm, the Druids believed that mistletoe enhanced fertility in animals and people alike. In effect, the plant produced the sperm of the oak. We remember something of these beliefs when we kiss under garlands of mistletoe at Christmas.

Charles II was clearly no Druid and yet his Oak Apple Day began to take on saucy overtones. Anyone not wearing an oak apple or a sprig of oak leaves had their bottoms pinched in what became colloquially known as ‘Pinch Bum Day’. Harmless fun. But perhaps also a conflation with the Druid’s mistletoe ceremony and its overtones of fertility. Even the oak apples people wore looked slightly rude.

A bearded Druid greets tartan clad Ben Hur, on their way to hear Jesus - From the movie ((here)

It's not the first time we have noticed correlations between Oak Apple Day and the current monarchy:

Back in 2009, Prince Harry laid a wreath at Ground Zero in respect of those who lost their lives in 911. (BBC News). (Note that the oak tree is officially America's "National Tree")

A ginger Jesus
Taking the piss ?
Whilst in Scotland's capital city of Edinburgh, on the same day, 28 members of the band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland assembled at the top of Salisbury Crags to pose for photographs being taken by a Sea King helicopter. At the time, Prince William, was training to be a Sea King pilot (Arthur's Treat):

What needs to be considered here, for those not acquainted with the geography of Edinburgh, is that Salisbury Crags is contained within Her Majesty the Queen's, Holyrood Park, directly next to sphinx-like, extinct volcano, Arthur's Seat.  Holyrood was founded by King David, allegedly after an encounter with a stag whilst out hunting.

In Aleister Crowley's, Tables of Correspondences under the Orders of  Qliphoth, 28 is noted as "the number of the Beast, that is Bahimiron which is Bestial...In his book Gematria, about the numerology of mystic numbers, we are told that in the static universe 28 means power (Netzach, also spelled netsach), and in the world the magician makes it means 'My victory, my power.'. (Holy Hexes quoting Springmeirer)

Crowley considered Scotland to be of great occult importance.
The Royal Regiment of Scotland's motto is Nemo Me Impune Lacessit (No One Assails Me With Impunity) which is the motto of the Order of the Thistle. It was the aforementioned Charles 2nd's brother, James 2nd and 7th, who on gaining the throne after Charles's demise,  re founded the Order on Oak Apple Day 1687. He claimed he was re founding an earlier order, although there is much controversy over this. (wiki)
 Prince William became  a Knight of the Order of the Thistle on 5th July 2012. It was the Aphelion, when the Sun is at it's furthest from the Earth. Usually it falls on 4th July; 2012 being leap.

Modern Druids delight in the solstice - Prince William's birthday - and it's winter mirror.

It was a Druid who married William and Kate


Thursday 15 May 2014

Kate and the beanstalk

57 genetically modified varieties
We covered the bearded "lady", Conchita Wurst, on Tuesday past, linking "her" phoenix with that of the Rolling Stones at Glastonbury, whilst managing to somehow incorporate a bit of "independent" Scotland and freak shows into the magickal mix. 

Yesterday, Wednesday, we covered metrosexual, pseudo-androgynous, David Beckham, in bondage with Prince William, Ralph Lauren, and Kate Moss.

Today it's time for Dr. Kate Stone.

Kate, a fourty four year old who was born a man, hit the dizzy heights of newspaceman back on Hogmany 2013. She was the Cambridge University graduate who, in a "chance in a million", was gored in an alley by a manic stag close to Fort William. (An Alle-gory)

We read the circumstances in an esoteric manner, given Scotland, William, the Cambridge University angle, and that stags are known as monarchs; not forgetting Kate's scientific role and our thoughts on genetic tampering and space colonisation in respect of humanity's nefarious intended future. 

Kate is on the advisory board of The Lifeboat Foundation, who appear to be seeking funds to build a "NanoShield" amongst other things :

The Lifeboat Foundation is a nonprofit nongovernmental organization dedicated to encouraging scientific advancements while helping humanity survive existential risks and possible misuse of increasingly powerful technologies, including genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and robotics/AI, as we move towards the Singularity.

Lifeboat Foundation is pursuing a variety of options, including helping to accelerate the development of technologies to defend humanity, including new methods to combat viruses (such as RNA interference and new vaccine methods), effective nanotechnological defensive strategies, and even self-sustaining space colonies in case the other defensive strategies fail.

Kate was back in the BBC News just yesterday, and she is not happy. She says the press (media) have trampled over her private life in respect of her "transgender status". Apparently, 6 on-line newspapers have now agreed to change their content by removing any reference to "irrelevant" details.  BBC News 

Note though, that an earlier BBC article (here) still carries a fairly unflattering caption beneath her image. We have copied both below.

Kate Stone was the victim of a "freakish accident" said a witness
Here at newspaceman, we trust in allegories.


Wednesday 14 May 2014

Last Orders

Statue of Liberty - a masonic icon
 I have noted David Beckham at least a couple of times this year already, firstly in Metrosexual Quarterly, when I noted his "purchase" of Damien Hirst's butterfly Daddy's Girl artwork, and the corresponding GQ front page featuring a reptile-eyed Rihanna, photographed by Hirst, with reference to "ALL HAIL THE NEW "NEW MAN !", and the "luminati".

The second post, from the day before the above - Eye-cons - featured Beckham's visit on 10/1 to twin Diago whisky plants in Scotland with his agent, whilst highlighting the designer Ralph Lauren's niece, Jenny, her out-of-order behaviour on a plane and subsequent court appearance in Ireland. The court was held in a public house, named Brian Boru after a ancient High King of Ireland.

Yesterday, 123 days later, saw Beckham revisit Scotland, this time Bar 99 in Edinburgh, where he was allegedly filming an advert for Haig Club Whisky. Bar 99 is located in Hanover Street in the New Town, the street named after the Hanoverian "royal family", the New Town built as part of the Scottish Enlightenment. Crowds gathered to watch the global mega-star. Edinburgh Evening News. Beckham was apparently staying in the Balmoral Hotel, a place with magickal connections given J.K. Rowling completed her Harry Potter series there, signing a bust of Hermes in Room 652, on 11/1/2007.

Yesterday, in Windsor Castle, Prince William was attending a "glittering gala dinner" in respect of The Royal Marsden Hospital. Wills met a Harry Potter star as well as dimpled Kate Moss, who we noted re "her" David Bowie - Brit Awards -  "anti- Scottish-independence" speech in The Starman and Scottish independence. The event was attended by 222 individuals according to the mail on line, and was sponsored by Ralph Lauren. Note that Kate's body language would appear to indicate she is going through a distressful moment. Which is understandable.

Fantastic beast
Also yesterday it was announced that the first instalment of Rowling's, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, is to be released on 18th November 2016. 


Tuesday 13 May 2014

Bearded Ladies

Wurst wears The Stones
Conchita Wurst, winner of Eurovision 2014, is not the first "bearded lady" to titilate the public.

Back in Victorian times they were often paraded as part of travelling circuses, in the freak show section.

Back in 1307, when many  Templar Knights were arrested and tortured by King Philip 1V of France, they allegedly confessed to occultly worshipping a diety by the name of Baphomet. Allegedly, the diety - as imaged below - was androgynous.

Some believe that other Knights Templar fled to Scotland and helped propagate freemasonry - the backbone of our current, modern, global society.

Infamous occultist, Aleister Crowley, believed that Scotland was an important focal point for, let's say, dark energies. So much so, he purchased Boleskin House to conduct Enochian experiments - talking to demons and suchlike.

In his writing,  Magick (Book 4), he commented :

that Baphomet was a divine androgyne and "the hieroglyph of arcane perfection": 

 The Devil does not exist. It is a false name invented by the Black Brothers to imply a Unity in their ignorant muddle of dispersions. A devil who had unity would be a God... 'The Devil' is, historically, the God of any people that one personally dislikes... This serpent, SATAN, is not the enemy of Man, but He who made Gods of our race, knowing Good and Evil; He bade 'Know Thyself!' and taught Initiation. He is 'The Devil' of the Book of Thoth, and His emblem is BAPHOMET, the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection... He is therefore Life, and Love. But moreover his letter is ayin, the Eye, so that he is Light; and his Zodiacal image is Capricornus, that leaping goat whose attribute is Liberty

Winged Wurst
Horned Wurst
Crowley took the name Baphomet as his "motto" in the O.T.O. 

Peaches Geldof was well into Crowley and had an O.T.O. tattoo.
Peaches' needle marks
Conchita Wurst sang, Rise like a Phoenix, for Eurovision.

We saw the phoenix at the closing of the London Olympics and at last years Glastonbury, where it flew over the main stage as the Rolling Stones broke into their track, Sympathy for the Devil. (Satan's Slaves)

Some suggest that the mythical long lived phoenix, which reincarnates cyclically, also symbolises renewal and new beginnings. We will skip on the Scottish "independence" angle, and it's ritual importance to the "all welcoming" New World Order, for now.

Note phoenix to Alex Salmond's mate Putin's right shoulder.

Orwell's  Snowball and Napoleon ?


Note, just referring to last post re Molly Smitten Downes, it appears she wore a "Queen of Egypt" mini dress for the event.

Friday 9 May 2014

Molly, Children of the Universe, and Stanley Kubrik's Shining.

Last week, by chance, I happened to watch the video for the new British Eurovision song - Children of the Universe. For some reason, although I am unsure exactly why, it instantaneously reminded me of Stanley Kubrik's movie, The Shining, a movie which had a European running length of 119 minutes and a movie I have not seen since the age of 13; although I have seen images. The film was based on a book by Stephen King. 

Children of the Universe is song written and performed by a lady called Molly Smitten-Downes, who appears to have been fairly unknown until 3/3 this year, when the BBC announced that she would be representing the United Kingdom in this year's competition.  According to wiki, Molly want's to "write music that breaks down political barriers".

The lyrics of the track include a fairly  hypnotic "Power to the People" chorus, along with the inevitable "Children of the Universe", which apparently we all are, whilst similtaneously "dancing on the edge of time" which is "ours to own". (here)

Her philosophies appear to coincide with those of  Russell Brand, and his "emerging consciousness revolution", something I am deeply unsure about

After a couple of lines of "Power to the People", Molly begins the song by being  "tired of thinking", thus "drowns it out by drinking" (alcohol one presumes). She concludes the short opening verse with the lines "And this is a madness", "I'm not giving in".

Much has been written, and even a movie-documentary produced, on the hidden meanings encoded within Kubrik's, The Shining. I will touch on them shortly, before that, a short description of the movie, courtesy wiki  :

In the film, Jack Torrance, a writer and recovering alcoholic, takes a job as an off-season caretaker at an isolated hotel called the Overlook Hotel. His young son (Danny) possesses psychic abilities and is able to see things from the past and future, such as the ghosts who inhabit the hotel. Soon after settling in, the family is trapped in the hotel by a snowstorm, and Jack gradually becomes influenced by a supernatural presence; he descends into madness and attempts to murder his wife and son

Note the alcoholic and madness references in conjunction with Molly's song lyrics. Note too, that Jack goes back on the drink in the movie.

Note  top left headlines - soul/incest

"Frustrated, Jack goes to the bar located in the Gold Room. Obviously stressed, Jack whispers to no one that he would sell his soul for a drink. It is then that Jack meets the real manager of the Overlook Hotel. A mysterious man suddenly appears behind the bar."

His name is Lloyd and he is the bartender of the Overlook Hotel. (here)

Jack has a drink.

Some of the theories regarding the occult (hidden) symbolism of The Shining are :

That it alludes to America, and the genocide of the original natives by settlers.

An allegory of American imperialism

That it alludes to Kubrik's involvement on the (hoax) Apollo 11 moon landing, incorporating many clues/symbols within the film to this effect.

That it refers to the Labyrinth and the Minotaur

Craziest Theories on "The Shining"

The one I liked most came from the forum of an American "conspiracy theorist", Alex Jones. He was on the BBC last year, 9/6, ranting and raving. It was embarrassing to watch, and did "alternative theories" no favours. We will skip on turquoise clad David Icke, and his charade, whilst promoting his first book on the Wogan Show, also BBC, many, many, moons ago.

The theory though, has proof. Of the theory, that is. From The Dean 001's, only ever forum post in 2010 (here):

 My first post on Prison Planet.

I watched this movie last night due to my interest in the Apollo 11 theme.

What struck me was actually something expressed here that I didn't realize before...the references to the children as victims of Monarch Mind Control.

When the twin girls first enter the game room there is poster above them to the upper left featuring a shadowy figure pointing a flashlight down upon the two girls.

Underneath the shadowy figure in the poster clearly read "MONARCH".

I don't know how well known this supposed program was in 1980...but I'm guessing very few people would have known anything about it.

And the chances that the scene would appeared by coincidence in Kubrick film have to be about slim and none. 

riddled with symbols
Operation Monarch was/is, allegedly, a "scientific" project involving mind control of the human. Twins were used to conduct experiments; they would be separated as children, one brought up in one manner, the other in another, then their behaviour analysed when as adults.

Many people believe many celebrities are under some form of mind control and pass it on to their "fans".

I think it was this image from Molly's video, that initially conjured up The Shining to me; it's better to watch the full thing.
If anyone can take still-images of the video, please let me know.

Note protruding symbolic solar/druidic rays. Often seen elsewhere. Note that it is at this pont in the video, where Molly sings "shining" like diamonds, that she first appears in this attire.

Molly from video

Note sweater