Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Friday 27 April 2012


Wednesday's BBC's, The Apprentice, presented a nod and  a wink to "our" future.

Money-mad Alan Sugar disturbed the 11 remaining contestants on their "day off", issuing them a task to set up a mobile restaurant although, unusually, this was not in London but rather up here, in Edinburgh.

The group, as usual, split into two different teams for the challenge, one named Phoenix, the other Sterling. Team Sterling won, with a £22 profit on their meatballs.

Curiously, Donald Trump, who act's out Sugar's role in the American version of the show was appearing himself on Wednesday, at the Scottish Parliament to discuss his grievances regarding wind farms - something Scotland is again a pioneer of; notwithstanding her "green-ness" in terms of the environment.

As I have noted before, and confess it may be nonsense, my philosophy is that once the global economy fails, somehow an independent Scotland and her new "sterling" (Royal Bank of Scotland ?) will be the backbone of a new, global currency. That's not forgetting the global-king, and the "Stone of Destiny".


Full story  @ Mail on line.

Thursday 26 April 2012

Wizards of Oz

Just to recap last post; Glasgow Rangers "owner", Craig Whyte, breaks cover last Friday and is spotted at the infamous Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, sipping Royal Blend  tea. Meanwhile, over in Glasgow, the "bouncy castle" Stonehenge (en route London's Zion [In Oz] Olympics) is inflated at the "birthplace" of Glasgow Rangers - Glasgow Green - to the delight of local children.

To Monday past, when all hell let loose with regard to Rangers, Mr. Whyte fined £160,000 under Scottish Football Association (SFA) rule 66 - bringing the game into disrepute. The club also fined, £200,000, a grand  total of £360,000.  The club are also barred from purchasing any players over the age of 18 for the next 12 months which has serious ramifications on the "potential purchasers" of the club. Thus the phoenix fire still smoulders under court reference P 221/12, whilst the administrators intend to appeal, calling the  penalties "draconian". The three individuals at the SFA who made the decision, also last Friday, have, it is reported today, received death threats and suchlike from irate supporters who fear this is the final nail in the coffin for their club.  Indeed, it is possible the three have received what is known as an "osman (Oz-man) warning" from the police - basically they are dead men walking.

Breivik, aged 33, surely mind-controlled, and the mass murder of 77 on 22/07/11. He alleges he is a member of the Knight's Templar. The prosecutors disagree there is such an organisation. He planted a bomb, in a VW Crafter, in Oslo (Oz-low), and moved on to Paradise Island. He stated in his evidence he was a freemason, citing their "Christian" appeal, yet his manifesto expresses his disillusionment with the brotherhood .

This week, the (uber media prominent) Rupert Murdoch affiliated Scottish Sun is publishing daily articles relating to self confessed member of the Knight's Templar, "HUNKY historian Ashley Cowie", as he gives his perspective on Scotland's history. From today's, Home to the Knights Templar...and birthplace of the freemasons :

 LOOKING through my binoculars I scanned the countryside for clues to the location of one of the most sacred mountains mentioned in the Bible. 

No, I wasn’t in Jerusalem — but the quaint Ayrshire town of Kilwinning....

As the youngest Knight Officer in the Templar’s long history, I hope one day these might lead me to my very own Heredom

It is now 27 (3x3x3) days since the conviction on 30/3/12 of two Rangers supporters, one from Kilwinning, in regard to a letter-bomb campaign against various individuals including Celtic manager Neil Lennon. (BBC News).

The numbers speak for themselves.


Note- Murdoch's News of the World "died" on 7/7/11 .
Top image - Craig Whyte

Sunday 22 April 2012

One flew over the phoenix nest

One flew East and one flew West
One flew over the phoenix nest

In my post (square roots) on 7th March, I noted the breakdown of the Balmoral Hotel clock at three minutes past nine, tying it in with the ongoing Glasgow Rangers scenario; a scenario in which it appears more and more likely that a phoenix club will rise from the ashes, something I see as a portent in terms of a global financial catalyst in the finishing touches of the New World Order. I noted in the process the connections of the hotel with Rowling of Potter fame, "our" monarchy and, indeed, the infamous wizard and alchemist, Michael Scot.

Today we read from the Sunday Mail (here) of how shamed pharmakos, Rangers director Craig Whyte, has apparently reappeared as if by magic and held secret meetings re the impending "takeover" at the Balmoral last Friday.  It is claimed in the article that he "drank two pots of Royal Scottish Balmoral Blend tea costing £4.25 as a harp player provided background music". Sounds divine.

On the same day, as I noted (here), the giant inflatable replica "Stonehenge" bouncy castle - Sacrilege - was launched in Glasgow Green, before it hits London and the Olympics. From (wiki) we note of how, in 1872, on Glasgow Green, a group of men from the Clydesdale Rowing Club " formed a team to play football against Callender FC on Flesher's Haugh, this team became Rangers F.C.".

Meanwhile, as regards the "takeover" of  Rangers, we are told that there appear to now be 3 main players again, with another D Day imminent. The three consist of Brian Kennedy, the Blue Knights and last, but probably not least,  an American going by the name of Bill Miller who last week told of how the rest should put up or shut up as he revealed his - double eleven resonating - £11.2 million bid to the media alongside his plans to remove the "heart" of the club and somehow incubate it (BBC). Remember, it was Valentine's Day that Rangers entered administration under court reference P 221/12.


Note, more on the double 11, freemasonry and Glasgow Rangers: Secrets and Lies .

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Menage a trois

Exactly one hundred days to go until the London Olympics, and today we are told of it's motto : "Inspire a generation". Meanwhile various tributes have been revealed, including a giant floral design at Kew Gardens (Royal Botanic) in London, unveiled by 2012 (Zion) chairman, Seb Coe.

Up here in Edinburgh, home of the alleged Stone of Destiny, matters too fell together today as approval was granted for a giant, nightime illuminated, 8 metre high set of Olympic Rings to be installed on the Mound (which links the Old and New town) along with a ferris wheel which will be situated in Princes Street Gardens. As noted last month (square roots), this then means that anyone voyeurising the situation from the uber-busy Princes Street will have the (phallic) Scott Monument on one side, the Ferris wheel on the other and, square in the middle on the man-made Mound: the Castle and the Olympic rings.

As also noted last month (cool for cats), the solitary Edinburgh Castle based ice cream van's registration number, WMS 666 T, tells more of the ongoing Biblical story being performed in these highly delicate times.


BBC - Kew Gardens/motto.

BBC- Edinburgh Castle.

Monday 16 April 2012


Stonehenge is coming to Glasgow, en-route the London Olympics, according to yesterday's Scotland on Sunday.

It appears that artist Jeremy Deller is to construct a plastic, interactive, replica of the monument, named Sacrilege, which will be initially displayed on Glasgow Green before being transported to London, where it will as based as a "cultural tourist attraction during the Olympic Games".

This, of course, ties in with the semi-obscured British Israel connotations of the forthcoming games and indeed with William Blake's Jerusalem, the latter inspired by the story that Jesus visited Stonehenge / Glastonbury with his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea.


Bottom image - Olympic lightbringing ceremony.

BBC- Merlin from Glasgow.

wiki - And did those feet in ancient time / Jerusalem.

Wednesday 11 April 2012

The Eden project

As I think I have noted before, the game plan seems to be to create a fresh, technological, Garden of Eden here on planet Earth, complete with "Gods" and (minimal) human-slaves to serve them, whilst colonising outer space and thus replicating the scenario, wherever possible.

To that end, it is likely - given history/ ritual/ Highland Clearances - that the Scottish will be heavily involved in the colonising program and that the workers will require mind-numbing refreshments for their arduous task. It seems that the powers that be agree with me on the latter as we read from the BBC of how the Islay based, Ardbeg distillery, has sent samples of the unmatured product to the International Space Station - to see just exactly what effect zero gravity has on the malt whisky manufacturing process.

One envisages a revamp of Whisky Galore 500 years from now on an unrecognisable Earth, with the hairy inhabitants scurrying from their dilapidated domes to inspect a giant, extraterrestial, fallen drum which is found to contain the water-of-life. They then face a battle to decant and recover the contents before a posse of (genetically engineered) space-based law enforcement agents reach them, and attempt to deprive them of the precious salvage.


BBC- Space Station used for Ardbeg distillery experiments.

Top image - Ardbeg product promotion
Bottom image - Eden project

Monday 9 April 2012

Eats, shoots, and leaves

Today, Easter Monday, 9/4, saw a spattering of Royal related stories.

First up Prince William, two stories about him. A giant piece of liquorice has been made by manufacturers Panda, slightly early, to commemorate his forthcoming 30th birthday on the sun drenched solstice. The other regards his skiing trip with the in-laws, apparently a belated Valentines gift given his recent military service in Argentina. Both of these dubiously connect to Scotland; given all the fuss last week about the Edinburgh Zoo pandas and their unsuccessful 2 day long mating event, plus Glasgow Rangers (Billy Boys/William of Orange) and their descent into administration on Valentines Day - the ramifications of which should be finalised early this week allowing a phoenix club to rise from the debt-strewn ashes.

The Queen also starred today, alongside Camilla, the latter being appointed a Dame Grand Cross by the former, in recognition of her many royal engagements at home and abroad over the last 7 years.

Last up is Prince Harry who apparently spent his Easter in Romania with
Transylvanian Count, Tibor Kalnoky. The mail-online takes the opportunity to remind us that "it has been claimed that Britain’s Royal Family can be traced to Vlad the Impaler, the real-life ruler who inspired Transylvania’s Count Dracula vampire legend", although it does not say who made the claim. The further reading box to the right contains a text, From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells, in which the author claims, amongst many other things, that the whole mythos of the vampire stems from the consumption of menstrual blood in order to gain "second sight". (There's allsorts in there). Which I suppose, scarily, takes us back to the Edinburgh Zoo pandas in a round-about sort of way.


BBC- Queen/Camilla story.

Mail on line - Harry story.

Mail on line - Pandas fail to mate.

Sunday 8 April 2012

Satan's waves

Yesterday saw a stramash at the annual Boat Race between elite universities Cambridge and Oxford, on the River Thames in London. A well educated, Oz-born protester-of-some-description, Trenton Oldfield, somehow managed to swim in the way of the boats, causing the contest to be restarted. Apparently, he writes a blog in which he advocates this type of behaviour for the London Olympics, although I am not too sure as to why.

This has led to BOA (British Olympic Association) chairman, Colin Moynihan, today noting of how this incident justifies the unprecedented - police state - security arrangements which are to put in place for the event :
"In many respects that is the biggest ask of the Games: you are not just talking about the competitions, you are talking about the pre-Games training camps, athletes will come well in advance based around the country, you've got the torch relay coming up, the public need to be protected".

Obviously though, once the public become accustomed to the constricted level of security - akin to something out of Orwell's 1984 - it will be duplicated elsewhere: from deviancy comes the norm. This is the pattern for the future.

Meanwhile, in Rome last night, we saw another cloaked, and fish hatted, individual, talking of light and of how "mankind is groping in the dark" and "unable to distinguish good from evil". He never mentioned the Olympics directly though.


Mail on line - Olympics/boat race.

Thursday 5 April 2012

Secrets and Lies

Glasgow Rangers were the hot topic here last month, parallels being noted with their financially destitute state and that of our global banking system - the inference being that as Rangers surely rise again, in phoenix form, so will our destined-to-fail world economy along with solitary currency and global-King. Yesterday, 4/4, was "D-Day" for the club, the administrators apparently receiving 4 bids from the corners of the globe (squaring the circle); today it was announced that their debts could top £134 million. According to the Daily Record from yesterday, the Scottish Government have a (potentially bound in lamb/goat skin) file on the affair marked "top-secret", a file which, if the contents were divulged, could wreck the relationship with the UK government.

As noted in my last post, Scottish independence is essential in terms of the finishing touches of the New World Order, for everything must go back to base before the grand alchemical solution of the global United Kingdom. For those with the nose for figures, the double 11, 22, "high ranking masonic signature" pops up yet again, the court administration reference, ongoing since Valentines Day, is P 221/12. The link to the BBC report is at the end, being honest you would be better reading the link on the right to James Shelby Downard and his remarkable KK/33 essay, based on the JFK assassination on 22/11. Or even try the ramblings of 11 11 infatuated Uri Geller, and his purchase of Lamb Island in the Firth of Forth, where he, allegedly, believes returning Egyptian princess, Scota, stashed her treasure.

Yesterday also saw more mention of the forthcoming Disney film, Brave, noting how it may help with the independence cause, but certainly destined to re-invigorate Scotland to a global audience. I touched on it, again last month.


BBC Rangers report.

Daily Record - Scottish Government talks over Rangers are marked top-secret.

BBC - Brave .

re Geller :my own post, Mutton dressed as lamb.

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Is it a bird, is it a plane....

Matters seem to be heating up somewhat; twigs being added to the phoenix fire on Sunday past, April Fools Day, when it was claimed that the Conservative party secretly wish Scotland to be independent - something they are denying. The information came from ex-treasurer, Peter Cruddas, who only last week lost his job after offering potential financial donors a private dinner with David Cameron and his wife for a couple of hundred thousand pounds. Meanwhile, the results of the governments consultation on Scottish independence were also unveiled, the majority of respondents wishing the date of ballot to be moved forward from the suggested autumn 2014. Given the current (hung) government's poor popularity, and the introduction (again released Fools Day) of some sort of total state surveillance into it's citizens telephone calls and internet visits, it could well be that a full election is held quite soon, with independence a major issue.

As I have noted before, the powers that be - and want to keep being - need Scotland's independence in order that a new, global, United Kingdom can be formed from the base parts. It is related to alchemy in terms of a new golden age and, most importantly, to James 6th and Ist, UK amalgamator and , more famously, Bible reviser and distributor of such to the masses. That's notwithstanding the Stone of Destiny (Jacob's pillow stone) and it's Edinburgh base at the Castle.

Following on, we read of how the first, of 9, of British Airways A319 aeroplanes has been repainted in the form of a dove in honour of the London Olympics; it's maiden flight today at 2.20 pm. It was designed by Pascal Anson, a student at
Kingston University. Apparently, he chose the design based on the dove being a "symbol of peace and social unity". He does not mention anything about the dove being the symbol of the House of David, one can find more on that topic in the Tsarion link to the right, top section.

Aye, Superman is on his way.


BBC- Cruddas/Scotland

BBC- Scottish Independence referendum.

BBC- Olympic dove plane.