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Sunday 7 October 2007

BBC TV News Review - Saturday 6th October

I watched the BBC News at 10 last night, but, being honest, there was not too much to write about. We started with politics - it seems that Gordon Brown has decided against calling an early election, we saw him speaking, he told of his future vision - a police state, where individuality and thinking are discouraged, where citizens are encouraged to grass their neighbours for the sightest misdemeanor, where the elderly reside in fantastic looking new buildings, on a diet of carrot and temazepan soup and where microchipped children are educated in nothing really, other than to be a health conscious hard worker, bonded to employment through debt and the necessity to have a roof over one's head.

He didnt actually say it in these words though, he referred to the challenges he has already faced, namely foot and mouth, terrorism, floods and the financial crisis before telling of "stability and trust". Basically, he claimed that because of these aforementioned crisis' he has not had time to put his "future vision" into operation and so would wait until that had happened, before putting the voters to test. David Cameron and Menzies Campbell, the rival party leaders, were obviously scathing about this, we saw them both interviewed, dressed immaculately in their Saturday best like a mid eighties football casual; open necked shirts and flannel type trousers de rigeour. How shallow can a man become in the quest for power ?

We moved on to hear how Prince William's military officer chum from Sandringham has been killed in action in Afghansitan. Major Alexis Roberts, aged 32, was killed by a roadside bomb. Poor William, he has just had to deal with a swarm of paparazzi, his mother's inquest is all over the media and then now this. Its a right shame for that laddie, lets make him King of the New World.

Election day in Pakistan, no results as yet, but we saw an individual claiming the prize and heard of the war on terror.

Sport followed, we saw England win at the rugby with all the resulting emotions; face's muralled with the cross of St. George as they collectively sung "Sweet Chariots". Then motor racing; hyped up to the maximum as freemasonic pin up boy, Lewis Hamilton, claimed pole position for todays Chinese Grand Prix.

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication. Revelation 17


Michael said...

In Arthur C. Clarke's "2061: Oddyssey Three" he predicts:

Between 2010 and 2061, there have been several advancements, both technological and political. The USA, USSR, and China are now at peace with each other, all nuclear weapons are now under international control, and there is now a Planetary President (a former monarch).

No wonder they knighted him - his indiscretion with under-age boys notwithstanding. Or maybe under-age boys are part of the ritual?

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Michael, it seems to be all go now, all the pieces are coming together, quite rapidly really.