Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Tuesday 31 December 2013

An alle-gory ?

Top of the class
We will just re-iterate the game plan. The creation of a one world society and currency, the human being relegated to the role of androgynous worker slave (cattle) in the elite's new Eden, a reincarnated Atlantis, where colonisation of outer space and genetic tampering are high priority.

Luminous pigs, created with jellyfish DNA - here
The King of this New World Order will be Prince William, his global ascent beginning on the Stone of Destiny contained within a  freshly "independent" Scotland, in a similar manner to his fore bearer James, the Bible reviser, UK amalgamater, and believer in the "divine right of Kings".

Bearing that in mind and taking inspiration from, shall we say, esoterica....

Yesterday, it was announced that Prince William is to take a 10 week course at Cambridge University, studying agricultural management as a foundation for his future role. It should be a piece of cake for Wills, given his previous experience as a student at St. Andrew's University in Scotland, where he met Kate. (BBC News)

Today it was reported that early yesterday a Dr. Kate Stone, a 30 year old Cambridge University academic who was born a man, is in a serious condition in hospital after being gored in the neck by a stag in Lochailort, Fort William, en route to a party at a Jim Hunter's house. A gamekeeper described the incident as a "chance in a million".  Stags are known both as beasts and indeed as the Monarch of the Glen. (mail on line)

The gorey alley where the attack transpired

Bear in mind that Holyrood in Edinburgh, which sits in the shadow of Arthur's Seat, was reputedly founded by King David back in 1128, after he encountered a stag whilst hunting and, in fear for his life, cried out for God's help, the stag's antlers then miraculously forming the shape of a cross, causing the beast to flee. Holyrood today contains both the Royal Palace and the Scottish Parliament, whilst the Stone of Destiny lies not far away, just up the Royal Mile in Edinburgh Castle.

In the future, some humans could be luminous from birth


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