Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Thursday 25 February 2010

President Arthur - no bones about it

Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest

Further black magic matters are at large in Scotland it appears as we read from the BBC on Thursday of how an effigy of Scottish First Minister and Scottish National Party leader, Alex Salmond (pictured below), was hung from a tree in the shadow of which lay a horse's skull mounted on a wooden cross, three dressed dolls in a makeshift grave and what appeared to be the draped figure of a human skeleton. (Alex Salmond effigy hung in crematorium protest)

The macabre scene greeted Sunday visitors to Wairds Cemetery, historic Melrose, in the shadow of the Eilden Hills - reputed to be the burial place of King Arthur and indeed some say the location for the whereabouts of Thomas the Rhymer during his period of hostage in the fairy Kingdom. Wizard and philosopher Michael Scot is said to have cleved the volcanic rock into three.

Given my last posts regarding Prince William and his inaugural presidential duty at the Obafta's, followed next day by the blind archery, this appears to be some sort of related ritual. For it could be said that Salmond is acting "King" of Scotland (see King Conn re Stone of Destiny/Sean Connery) in his political capacity, and indeed I have theorised often that Scotland is of high importance in terms of occult ritual and alchemy in the creation of the "masonic" New World Order and related global "Golden Age".

Salmond obviously is dead in the scene, hanging from a noose, reminiscent of the penalty of breaking the masonic oath; the horse's skull and Williams archery surely resonating Sagittarius and the centaur - home of galactic centre, whilst the cross perhaps similar, given the almost imminent Mayan calendar end date, commencement of the astrological Age of Aquarius and related notable planetary positions. The identity of the three "dolls" in a grave have me slightly baffled, more information on clothing, gender etc. would be beneficial, although we know from James Shelby Downard of the three masonic assassins/unworthy craftsmen. (King-Kill:33)

The skeleton here is represental of Prince William - potentially the "reincarnation" of King Arthur - rising to become King of Scotland first, before the rest of the globe. The controversial issue of the "crematorium" - alleged to be the reason for the satanic display - reinforces the concept of death, whilst the inferno involved in this type of cadaver disposal brings to mind the phoenix and it's mythical rebirth.

The location of Melrose is worthy of more speculation. The "rose" in the name resonates the infamous ley-line, whilst in Melrose itself, a casket containing the shrivelled heart of warrior King, Robert the Bruce, is buried - the heart the organ used for pumping blood round the body, blood highlighting the Orange bafta vampire star, Kristen Stewart, noted earlier this week in
Old habits die hard. Note too, the town on a map copied from Jeff Nisbet's spectacular Pyramids of Scotland article where he theorises that Scotland was part of Atlantis and indeed the "Scots" emigrated to Egypt, establishing civilisation there after some type of homeland global disaster:

" Interestingly, I later discovered that if the line is continued far to the south of Melrose it arrives, unerringly, at Glastonbury."

Glastonbury, amongst many other things, being heavily connected with St. Dunstan who studied there under monks as a boy, before becoming Abbot.

Could it be the case that this elaborate, dark, voodoo-like ritual has nothing to do with a crematorium protest, instead is a symbolic portent of Salmond gaining full democratic "independence" for the Scottish nation, yet to be "assassinated", perhaps politically, perhaps economically, perhaps revolutionary, perhaps all three - his Holyrood (in the shadow of sphinx-like Arthur's Seat) "crown" landing squarely on one day World President William's head - a necessity in terms of ritual given the Scottish root of our current Western civilisation and economy although, if Jeff is correct, a far more ancient precedent was set.


Note from the comments below that Amy Williams, who won a gold medal in the skeleton event at the Olympics last weekend, rode on a sled called Arthur.

St. Dunstan

Wednesday 24 February 2010

The blind leading the blind ?

Recapping on my last entry - Prince William was "blooded" on Sunday into his role as President of the Orange baftas, a US vampire movie star got "rising star", whilst we touched on an obscure "relationship" between that event and the kick-in Glasgow Rangers goalkeeper, Allan McGregor, received in Glasgow city centre.

On Monday 22nd, the day after the award ceremony: President's Day in the USA together with the official release date of Hello magazine issue number eleven eleven, 1111 (numbering days) , the Dark One made a personal appearance at St. Dunstan's charity establishment catering for disabled military personnel. Here he watched a blind archer shoot at a target before donning a blindfold and attempting the same feat.(BBC story) .

Then, this morning, the Scottish Sun tabloid ran another story regarding Allan McGregor, saying very little but including a snapshot of the player leaving the Rangers ground after training - being driven in an Audi. Unfortunately, I am unable to duplicate the picture (protected), however the headline snip below carries a smaller version. The reader should click here to obtain the article and, as such, a larger photograph which shows the Rangers goalie attired in a white hooded top with a five pointed star logo. Inside the star, an eye is depicted. Notwithstanding that potential nudge towards occult influences at work, enormous sunglasses were also sported by the football wild-man, apparently to mask his alleged blackened eyes, though bringing to mind Orange -sponsor of the baftas and their slogan - the future's bright.

The five pointed star points us towards the pentagram together with related symbology, it's wikipedia entry lists many, including the seemingly ubiquitous freemasonry, whilst the eye seems similar to the Eye of Horus: the Sun God - perhaps the "all seeing eye" as pictured on the American dollar bill, perched on top of the pyramid.

That of course resonates with the aforementioned America's President's Day, a day which reflected the true birthday of George Washington, also pictured on the dollar bill, and a man who was initiated into freemasonry on 4th November 1752. In my last post, I noted various happenings surrounding the date 11th April (UK) in connection with various topics including the coronation of King William of Orange, it should be clear Washington's joining date "matches up" when written in the American manner, month before day.


Monday 22 February 2010

Old habits die hard ?

It was the Baftas last night, or to give their full title, Orange British Academy Film Awards, where we saw future world king Prince William make his first appearance as president, taking over from Lord Attenborough who retired after receiving a head injury last year.

As part of his commitment to the charity, William presented a British Academy fellowship to "avowed republican", Vanessa Redgrave, who seemingly bowed at his feet whilst receiving the award (see
My Prince Charming...). Curiously Redgrave already has a CBE which sort of negates the linked-article-quoted "avowed" segment, in my eyes anyway, and makes me think that in this instance the media are propagating a myth that "even confirmed anti-Royalist's bow to William, so ok is he" but that's maybe my cynicism.

The "Orange Rising Star" award was won by American, Kristen Stewart, for her roles as Bella Swan in the "vampire" films (movies) Twilight, New Moon and forthcoming Eclipse. Notwithstanding the fact that Prince William is the "real" rising star, we also have swans - being royal birds, twilight - being the daily period between light and darkness (ideal for a lightbringer) and eclipses - as I have noted before the Dark Prince was born during an eclipse on the longest day of the year, thus replacing the sun on earth. Also Stewart, or Steward, apparently the keepers of the secret(s) of the holy grail and last but not least vampires; all ideal subjects for the bogus messiah.

About Orange we have written before of the "coincidences" between the current Prince William and historical William of Orange, for example he received a set of RAF wings on 11th April last year, 11th April being the the same date as the crowning of William of Orange and Queen Mary 2nd as joint Sovereigns of the United Kingdom, the date also tying in with an anonymous letter, alleging freemasonic involvement, sent to Dunblane massacre enquiry judge and Order of the Thistle holder, Lord Cullen (nothing to do with Twilight's vampire Cullen/Olympic Coven family?), the same day as the school gymnasium and scene of the child slaughter carnage was demolished. Also on an 11/4, we saw the return of the "Stone of Destiny" to Arbroath Abbey. ( see diverting a discourse - a ruse for more)

There is however another tie-in if we resurrect my recent
Daniels and the Lyons post where I noted that "orange team" Glasgow Rangers bad-boy footballer, Allan McGregor, had been blackmailed by Glaswegian gangsters over an alleged sexual assault involving himself, Big Brother contestant Kenneth Tong and a young lady. In that post I made reference to McGregor's previous "April fool" escapades after the Scottish National football team were beaten by Orange team Holland 3-0, noting my post G20 -food for thought, which concerned along with the footballer, Jacobites (Stewarts), the G20, Clockwork Orange famed Stanley Kubrick, and goat cheese famed Childwickbury, the latter where the talented director lived from 1978 -1999. Note America has it's own "obafta", the Britannia Awards, which include the Stanley Kubrick Britannia award for Excellence in Film, renamed in 2000 after the director's death.

Going back to McGregor though, the front page story in today's Scottish tabloids tell how he, in a manner reminiscent of Biblical Daniel, was assaulted at the weekend after foolishly attending a (rival) Celtic footballers birthday party in a city centre club, again the Karbon establishment (see gang-stars); this latest incident negating his chance to throw off his pharmakos status and rejoin the national football team. See
catastrophe for more on celtic/rangers and indeed Tiger Woods - rumour has it that he may return to golf at the Open in St. Andrews. We shall see.


Daily Record - Allan McGregor found in pool of blood.

Thursday 18 February 2010

Helping to remember

Royal Princes William and Harry are again in the press - firstly Harry with his "video-link" to the Brit Awards, closely followed by the news that the pair will be heading for Africa do some "charity work", whilst catching the football World Cup which happens to coincide with their proposed visit.

From the
mail on line we read more:

Harry, 25, hopes to accompany his brother on part of the visit before taking him onto Lesotho, where his own charity, Sentebale, is based.

Lesotho is one of the world's poorest nations and has been devastated by an HIV pandemic.

One third of its 1.8 million population is infected with HIV or Aids and 40 per cent of children are orphans as a result. Average life expectancy is just 40 years.

Harry visited the country during his gap year and was so moved by its plight that he set up Sentebale - which means forget me not - in memory of his late mother, Princess Diana and her work with African Aids orphans.

Interesting indeed is the charity name Sentebale and it's meaning of forget me not, given that we are told that in the 1930's German freemasons took to wearing the pretty little blue flower as a "secret symbol" in their button hole, the traditional square and compass being deemed too dangerous at the time (
see here).

We have touched on this particular poor performing charity before, back on monarchial Oak Apple Day in May, when Harry visited America and laid a wreath at Ground Zero
(Sham 69); the very same day as 28 members of the Royal Regiment of Scotland climbed up Salisbury Crags in the shadow of Edinburgh's sphinx-like Arthur's Seat, to be photographed by a hovering Royal Navy Sea King search and rescue helicopter (Arthur's treat). Brother William is of course training to be a search and rescue pilot.


Tuesday 16 February 2010

Numbering Days

The above image is from a "charity photograph" taken of dark Prince William just before his official visit to Australia. This snap, along with some others, was purchased by Hello magazine.

What is most interesting is the issue number, 1111, or eleven eleven, and the date (in the English manner of notation), 22/2/2010.

I will leave you to ponder over the opening paragraph of the
mail online article, along with the interesting noted numerical coincidences, indeed, just what are the odds ?:

Could it be a trick of the light? Or is Prince William the first member of the Royal Family to dabble in, dare one say it, a touch of Grecian 2000?


Sunday 14 February 2010

A wolf in sheep's clothing

When I first started writing this blog it concerned the previous late evening television news, a daily ritual programme which, to my thinking, has far more influence on the general "public" than they would care to imagine. However, things changed and I no longer could devote the necessary time on a regular basis; indeed I rarely even watch TV nowadays.

On Thursday past though, I watched a particular report regarding the forthcoming, now ongoing, "Operation Moshtarak", in which we saw preparations being made by both British and Afghan troops for the military offensive to capture hearts and minds. The Brits were shown with their high-tech equipment before our reporter moved to the rag-tag natives to see how they were doing with their blueprint: they were practicing carrying each other on stretchers. The inference being that it was their army which would suffer the majority casualties, no need for the UK viewer to get too emotional. You might think that far fetched, I, perhaps with the benefit of experience, don't.

Moshtarak, translates as "together" in the Dali language; whilst coincidentally coinciding with this operation we also saw Valentine's Day, which was created to replace the Roman Empire founding festival of
Lupercalia :

The Lupercalia by name was believed in antiquity to have some connection with the Ancient Greek festival of the Arcadian Lykaia (from Ancient Greek: λύκος — lykos, "wolf", Latin lupus) and the worship of Lycaean Pan, the Greek equivalent to Faunus, as instituted by Evander

In Roman mythology, Lupercus is a god sometimes identified with the Roman god Faunus, who is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Pan.[2] Lupercus is the god of shepherds.

Last, but not least, we saw another reference to love, from poet Douglas Dunn OBE, - one line from his Disenchantment was illuminated on Edinburgh Castle last night, the "event" to be repeated tonight. I suppose, given the context of this post, the words simply speak for themselves although, given the Roman preoccupation with Scotland's capital, I wonder at the possibility of a deeper, perhaps sacrificial, New World Order related, correlation.

also see here re Operation Panther's Claw
Notes: Roma, as in Rome, is amor backwards, amor being love
The wikipedia entry for Lykaia notes an Olympian "shapeshifting" boxer, Damarchus, which ties in nicely with my previous post concerning Rangers players Damarcus Beasley.

Sunday 7 February 2010


Hot news from the BBC today: "Dinner lady" Queen serves up sausages to children, links well with my post of yesterday regarding infidelity and Glaswegian gangsters, as we read of how the Queen visited St. Peter and St. Paul church near her Norfolk estate; handing out good attendance certificates together with a hot meal of sausage and mash to children.

What jumps out, considering yesterday's reference to crime families the Daniels and the Lyons, is that :

Charlie Adams, a helper at the Sunday school for the parish of Sandringham and West Newton, said: "The Queen and the Duke spent a lot of time talking to the children and their parents.
"About 20 of them performed a version of Daniel and the Lion's Den for her. They practised so hard."

Sausage speaks for itself in the context of previous posts, whilst in slang a sausage is a banger and in cockney rhyme, bangers and mash = cash; collecting the latter a favourite hobby of gangsters, including the monarchy.

Moving back up home, both the main Scottish tabloids today ran a gangster story regarding a threat made to Celtic footballer Darren O'Dea, who seemingly was threatened with having his kneecaps shot off by a "feared drug baron", David Hough, the incident taking place at Karbon nightclub. It appears from the report that Mr. Hough used to be pals with the Lyons before taking up with the Daniels; his main gangland friend now being Robert "Birdman" O'Hara. The cause of the trouble is said to be related to a dispute over a young lady.

This incident is again well starred, Karbon with a C being the future unit of "cash" in these "climate changing" times, yet again Celtic - tying in with the green, and finally the birdman, surely resonating Baphomet and thus Prince William, the Templar's Rex Mundi.


Saturday 6 February 2010

The Grooming of the Black Sheep ?

Around the turn of the year I became engrossed in underwear and football, partially due to Christmas Day "bomber" Umar and his appearance in a Glasgow Celtic football strip - somehow managing to bag this all up with Tiger Woods, partly due to the balls and cat connection. (Catastrophe, Bright sparks)

We have this week seen a reincarnation of this theme with the ongoing media saga of England football captain, John Terry, who has been caught with his pants down, so to speak, after being exposed as another ladies man; his main conquest being Vanessa Perroncel, a French lingerie model and ex partner of his friend and former team mate Wayne Bridge. Terry is currently captain of Chelsea, a team with strong "connections" to (Protestant/Orange) Glasgow Rangers, not least their "lion" emblazoned emblem. Yesterday he was stripped of his captain's role with the national side.

"Chelsea were founded on 14 March 1905 at The Rising Sun pub"

Matters have also been hot up here in Scotland with Rangers, as their American import, DaMarcus Beasley, had his car firebombed outside his home in Queen's Gardens, the culprits fleeing in an Audi. Speculation has been rife as to the motive with some saying it was Celtic supporters with a grudge, however today it is reported in the
Daily Record that Marcus was "playing away from home" with a young lady who's boyfriend " is connected with leading underworld figures in the city". (This links in well with my post Daniels and the Lyons where I noted both a "gangster hit" -the victim in an Audi - and the blackmail of another Rangers football player, Allan McGregor, who again had played away from home and was being threatened with exposure.)

Marcus was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana and briefly signed for Los Angeles Galaxy before making his mark with Chicago Fire

Looking at these two stories with an esoterical eye, and always bearing in mind "my" Prince William "Sun God" theory then again we have the lion, this time on the club crest of both Rangers and Chelsea. The underwear aspect again seems prominent and also from Terry we are led to chocolate (especially given the current Kraft Cadburys take-over), perhaps football or globe shaped, perhaps the orange.

DaMarcus too resonates our ghastly intended future - the firebombing of his BMW in Queens Gardens and his first main club Chicago Fire surely resonating flames and thus the pheonix, reincarnating. Most of all though his birthplace, Indiana, surely indicative of Lady Spencer. The twin Audi vehicles in Glasgow - well, William's Windsor bloodline is German, whilst the four-circles logo says Olympics all over, and the London Olympics is surely the springboard for "greater" things.

What about the infidelity though, where are we headed ?

Well today we see Prince Harry at Twickenham for the Six Nations rugby tournament where England will play Wales, the game marking 100 years since the first international at that venue. In addition, he will become vice-patron of England's Rugby Football Union, coincidentally the day after John Terry was stripped of his national captainship of the football team. Almost like a yin-yang, good guy -bad guy balancing effect.

Perhaps, looking forward in time and given Harry has a girlfriend, coincidentally named Chelsy, we should be prepared for Dirty Harry:

and thus his brother placed in even better light.


BBC rugby event

Bring on the Bransons

Following on from Snakers, today's mail on line has an interesting article on the connections between Virgin mogul Richard Branson's children and their "royal connections". (Click snap to enlarge)

I am attempting to write a post revolving round John Terry (the English Tiger Woods) and DaMarcus Beasley - an American soccer player in Glasgow who's car was firebombed last week, apparently by gangsters in revenge for an alleged tryst with a young lady. Hopefully it will be sorted soon.


Monday 1 February 2010

Number crunch

Today's date, 01/02/2010 is quite fascinating numerically, given that if we ignore the nothings (zeros) it breaks down to 1221 - digits that ring a bell. Also, there are 333 days left till the end of the year and it is in fact an ancient Celtic festival day, Imbolc, or St, Brigid's Day, "marking the very first stirrings of Spring and the lengthening of the days" .(wiki)

Bearing that in mind, we note that today top tycoon Donald Trump revealed the contract for his North East Scottish golf course - the one to be built on a nature reserve, to be the "best in the world" and the one where normal planning guidelines were extraordinarily over-ruled by the Scottish Government - has been awarded t0 an Irish (apt) based company, SOL Golf Course Construction Ltd.

Sol of course resonates the Sun and perhaps even Sol Invinctus, the Roman "state supported sun god" who's festival was held on 25th December, our Christmas Day.


Note -Just to add to that, exactly two years ago to the day, a trawler called the Spinningdale ran aground on the archipelago, St. Kilda. It was at the same time that the undersea water cables belonging to FLAG'S FALCON were mysteriously damaged and there was also another shipping casualty that day, the Riverdance, just off the coast of Blackpool where, curiously, The Spinningdale was first registered.

Anyway, at the time I wrote about the potential connection to a small, ancient burial cairn festooned North East Scottish village called Spinningdale, and the actor James Robertson Justice, who owned a secluded property called the Bungalow built by a mysterious Mr. Chance in the 1920's. Mr. Justice was a keen falconer and apparently due to this hobby he built up a keen friendship with none other than Princes Phillip and Charles who stayed at his home when the Royal train was stationed at Ardgay.

See -Rateral Thinking (Valley of the Kings) for more on this; apologies in advance for post layout.


From yesterday's mail on line we note that Princess Beatrice will become the first Royal to run a marathon. Apparantly she is joining Sam and Holly Branson's now 40 strong team for the London event - a team which intends to collectively form the image of a snake.

Some say that the snake resonates with the serpent in the Garden of Eden, that's the character who, in Gnostic philosophy, enlightened Eve and Adam to the fact that they were worker slaves created by alien God(s) to mine gold and precious metals from the Earth. The serpent resonates with Lucifer, the fallen angel, the lightbringer.

This is why it is "claimed" that the ruling elite of our planet occultly worship the serpent although, to my eyes if the Gnostic proposals are accurate, it appears a similar situation to that in Orwell's novel, Animal Farm, has occurred -where the animals take over from their human master, but actually living conditions became far worse in the longer term.