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Friday 12 October 2007

BBC TV News Review - Thursday 11th October

Imminent retiree and Queen of Newscasters, Fiona Bruce,hosted the BBC News at 10 where our first report concerned the health service, in particular Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust where a "damning report" has been prepared in the light of 90 deaths due to filth loving superbug, Clostridium difficile. Images were shown of a "commode stained with faeces" as we heard of "patients left in excrement". We heard from relatives of some of the dead, or perhaps murdered would be a better description, they told of their bitterness. It appears that Chief executive Rose Gibb resigned from her position last Friday although the generous severence payment she received has been suspended; notwithstanding this she may face prosecution for criminal negligence.

Next up was a brief report on civilian deaths at the hands of US Forces in Iraq. Seemingly, an air strike was launched at al-Quaeda, and then another, resulting in a body count of 6 women and 9 children. It was revealed that "the terrorists placed them in danger" although details of this were not provided.

Our Armed Forces are to increase compensation levels for military employees if they are injured in duty. The sum has been raised to £285,000, we saw a wheelchair bound, crippled for life, former soldier together with his family who seemed most grateful about this.

The Princess Di and Dodi inquest followed. Nicholas Witchell, Royal correspondent, told again of the paparazzi involvement, including the photographing of the crash scene in the aftermath. Again, we saw images of the Ritz Hotel CCTV recordings and again specifc, almost hostile, reference was made to the numerous media presence which constantly followed Diana.

Education was next up as we heard the shock news that our primary school children and their parents face deep anxieties about life. Specific mention was made of gang culture, crime, and family breakdown. We travelled to a primary school to see youngsters, it seems that they in fact "seem safest and happiest at school" and are "worried about the world outside" because "life in increasingly dangerous". A teacher was shown, emptying a heap of agony aunt letters from an indoor box style letterbox, all composed by concerned kiddies we were assured. To close, we saw a gathering of children, non white skinned, filing in after their lunchbreak. It seems that a full review of our primary school educational system has not taken place since the sixties, the Plowden Review.* Old black and white images of mainly white schoolchildren in class,were used to illustrate the final part of this , frankly illuminating, report.

Coming up - housing market

First though, human migration was back, it seems that 515 people arrive at our shores each day, all seeking employment and a better standard of life. To this end we saw some engaged in legal employment, harvesting potatoes. We heard that locals avoid this type of labour before turning to rural backward Boston, in Lincolnshire, where 1 in 8 is a migrant. Talk was then of the need for new services and challenges faced, in, just like the proceeding two features, schools and health.

Postal Strike, talks are continuing to resolve this, we heard of wildcat strikes.

As promised, the housing market, it appears that some believe they are falling, given a recent survey of surveyors. We saw a man from Cardiff, he has been trying unsuccessfuly to sell his property since May. Talk was of the American and Irish market falls - we were then told a collapse was like "day turning to night, rather than a light switch being flicked". Symbolic perchance, given current monarchial manueoverings.

We moved on slightly to the stock market, it seems the footsie is on an upwards trend at present. Economic editor, Robert Peston, told how he feared ramifications from the previously discussed housing issue and that it may well fall. Mention was made of 11th September, it seems that the market had it's last significant reduction then.

A short feature on genocide, Armenia and Turkey.

To close, the Nobel prize was awarded to writer Doris Nettings, an older, perhaps slightly eccentric lady, who scoffed off the attribute. Mention was made of a Delta Royal Flush,We heard she had been writing for 25 years, was a "writer's writer" and "had shaped the way that women are treated". Again we flashed back to the early sixties and heard of more of her once considered feminist, now the norm, views.


Perceived Fear is our Piper ?


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