Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Monday 31 December 2007

The Golden Lion

Still struggling with the televised news and theories of a resurrected Sun God, I came across this little nugget which seems to run in the same vein, certainly to my mind.

For the first time since 1883, Lyle's Syrup are to change the logo on their tin, the dark green being replaced by gold. This change will only last for a year and is to celebrate their 125th anniversary, the company being set up by a Scotsman called Abram Lyle.

Those interested can find the Daily Express story here.

This following quotation is from Lyle's own website.

"When it comes to foods that like to take their time, Lyle's Golden Syrup surely takes the biscuit; or should that be the flapjack? Deliciously thick and silky smooth, people have been coaxing it from its iconic tin to add its Midas touch to porridge and pancakes, puds and cookies, since Victorian times. Now (2008), this gooey golden elixir, which flows so slow and majestic from its green and gold casing, celebrates its 125th birthday; proving it's as much loved today as it ever was."

Eye spy

For more, some might say foresighted, work on the artistry of this very logo, please see here.


Friday 28 December 2007

Queen's Speech Christmas 2007

For anyone who has not seen it and is interested, the Queen's Speech is available here.

It begins in black and white and cuts back to the Queen 50 years ago at her first televised speech back in the olden days, 1957. You can tell it's the olden days because it is black and white. She is surrounded by photographs. Suddenly, as if by magic, the up to date Queen appears. You can tell she is the up to date one because she is in colour and she is walking away from her television set which is showing the old Queen. Look at the window to the right of the screen, it looks just like the crosshairs of a telescopic gun sight.

We then cut to her mingling at her Diamond wedding, chatting about a "photograph", "so nice". Here our attention is drawn to the younger members of H.M.'s family, Harry, Wills and Beatrice.

We go back though to hear the Queen talk of Mary and Joseph and a family shut off. She calls it a Christmas story then reminds us that we are all "one human family" of responsibility to one another. Look at the lighting on the Christmas tree as the video progresses, watch the stars brighten and, therefore night draws in.

It's time for some armed forces though 'cause the Royal's love their military might. Since it's Christmas we skip the Red Arrows and instead focus on remembering the war dead. Grannies at home glance tearfully at the mantelpiece and their own treasured memories whilst we watched troops and a giant Cenotaph.

Then the magical Queen again, reminding us of the vulnerable, and to have a blitz-ed Christmas, before the old black and white one to close.

Wrapped it up nicely - a gift for the mind.


ps back with news soon, have some difficulties at present.

Saturday 15 December 2007

BBC TV News - Friday 14th December

Climate change and Global warming were first on the agenda on the News at 10 last night, the story being a supposed disagreement between the New World Europe and fall guy America. We heard from reporter David Shukman and saw an I'm a celebrity get me out of here treetop canopy, this time from Bali. You can watch his video report here.

Next up was the Diana Dodi enquiry. We dont always have an update, only when something special happens - like last night when we heard firstly of love letters - "all the love in the world" and then of Kelly Fisher, the lady who Dodi dumped in order to woo Diana. She called Scottish Clan Chief and Harrods owner Mohammad Al Fayed a monster. You can watch the video report here if you wish, it is all part of the rapidly composing jigsaw. Watch Di heroically march through a land-mine area and hear how she found happiness with Dodi.

Basra next, a special undercover report. This is worth watching and shows the state of the place. Note the references to "a campaign of violence against women" and the Stepford Wives - Diana would have been up in arms.

Coming up - 40 million fake pound coins - Queens head and all that.

First though we heard the tragic story of a man who got his foot stuck down a land drain in the recent floods, and sadly died, despite heroic attempts to free him.

Back to Basra to hear of a soldiers death.

To South Africa for a report on the ANC and Jacob Zuma. You can watch it here

As promised, Marcus Glindon, the man who made the fake pound coins. We heard of his turnover and business operation, run from number 54. The report is called the Enfield "mint", and can be found here.

Home Information Packs, surveys which are carried out by the sellers of a property rather than the buyer, have now been extended to cover all properties, rather than just the larger abodes.

Fabio Capello, an Italian, has become England football manger and will begin his job on 7th January, 07/01/08. How they love those numbers. 4 squared.

Britain and Nasa are set to fly to the moon in order to ascertain it's potential for human colonies. The feature is linked, watch for the suspect handshake between two Nasa brothers at one minute 14 secs. here

To close, a strange, seemingly pointless feature on 999 emergency calls.


By the light of the silvery moon

Friday 14 December 2007


I tried to write about the news but got lost immediately in the Treaty of Lisbon. The dates , venue, and relationship to other current events require far more thorough investigation.

Basically, it is all huge symbol - the birth of a freemasonic new world, a new Atlantis dare I say it.

The date, the location, Gordon Brown's late signing, around three o clock in a gold coloured Monastery Just look at the logo shown above. ISBOA within the bottom of a square. IS BOA. The goddess and the snake meet - on a very important and ancient date.

I should be able to finish it later today but I want to get all my facts right.


Thursday 13 December 2007

BBC TV News - Wednesday 12/12

Economics first on the flagship BBC News at 10, the story being a cash injection of 50 billion pounds by 5 major central banks, in order to attempt to alleviate the growing global credit crunch; the intention being to make credit more available and thus cheaper. BBC reporter Robert Peston was on hand to remind us of America, "sub prime loans and other forms of foolish lending" before telling us that this additional finance could be metaphorically compared to "a bit of oil" being added to a piece of machinery. For some reason we heard of a company called AMD.

Squares on a chessboard

Our police force next, their representational body the Police Association are not happy with the pay offer of 1.9% and such intend to ballot their members on whether to lobby for the privilege of being allowed to strike. It seems that the average policeman is raging about this issue; although it amounts to a paltry £200 per year it is more a matter of principal. What needs to be remembered here is that if the police did strike, soldiers would be utilised to replace them. See Euro police later. Maybe that is the intention, even the threat of strikes is further ammunition for national service -` in a roundabout way. Anyhow, now I know why Det. Super. Tony Hutchison was pandering to the media.

Musa Qala, the "Taliban defeated", we saw images of the rag tag Afghan army, "leading the operation", shuffling up a river bank, some British soldiers, or "trainers", intermingled, and were circled in the televised images for identification purposes. It reminded me of a prison convict chain gang. Anyway, Gordon Brown has advised that it could be a "long haul" and has suggested that if the remaining insurgents give up violence then there could be a place for them in his reconstruction plans. This would allow them to send their children to school and also obtain television sets - both banned by the neo-facist Taliban. You will see how the Taliban deal with the infadel enemy TV about one minute into this video-clip - look at the top of the pole. I find laughter is the only medicine for brain poisoning - it is their country after all - and is the television a good thing for humanity ?

Russia has told the British Council to close down the offices over there by the beginning of next year, blaming the Litvinenko affair for this action. Talk was of Burma and Iraq but not of the looming third world war. "London, Britain, MI6 - damn you all", watch it here.

Coming up - Is Capello the new England Coach.

First though, the Diana Dodi death enquiry. Countess Spencer , "a close friend of Al-Fayed" gave evidence yesterday, stating that Diana was deeply in love with Dodi. You can read about it here, note the reference to a black and white chequerboard scarf, "reminiscent of police epaulettes".

Happening in front of you now, globally.

Ike Turner has died at aged 76, we heard of how Tina claimed he was "abusive" and that he may have had as many as fourteen wives.

The Treaty of Lisbon next, 26 European leaders are due to sign today, Gordon Brown will sign it later on. I will most interested to see the actual time that he signs the document because he will numerically and thus symbolically, be forming a perfect cube, Gordon being the 27th. Tellingly perhaps, in light of the "potential" police strike, we then saw the Euro police in Bosnia before hearing from Peter Mandelson and William Hague, both giving their opinions on the matter. To close we went back to Bosnia to see more Euro police.

Football - 5 Manchester United supporters stabbed in Rome. Some results then the promised Capello for England coach story. We heard some rumour and closed with images of the new Wembley, lit with a magical arch of light.

To close, a special feature on the rich poor divide in South Africa. We met with Brian, aged a freemasonic 33, a middle class coloured man, a coloquial "black diamond" of the country. Brian took us into his home and shot pool beside some display cabinets and a dartboard, until we went for a spin in his BMW, observing how one city is much like another, before stopping to meet with a lady who lives in squalor with a hole in her roof. This is paradoxically "one of the most unequal societies on earth" Watch it here. and weep.


Misunderstanding of teachings ?

Wednesday 12 December 2007

BBC TV News - Tuesday 11th December

An al-Quaeda attack on Algiers headlined the BBC News at 10 last night; images of the aftermath were in abundance as we heard of two bombings, one on a Nato building, the other on a Government office. It seems that native terrorists are to blame and that they have in fact just recently returned from Iraq after helping the insurgents there. Frank Gardner, security correspondent, told us more, "a secret corridor" through Africa and a global jihad with Europe being the "next central focus", "cafes, football grounds and internet cafes" the recruitment grounds for the terrorists. You can watch Frank's report here.

We plodded on to the police and their unhappiness at their recent pay offer, 1.9% disguised, perhaps bearded?, as 2.5%. Unfortunately, they are not allowed to strike or work to rule and so are manifesting their annoyance in other manners, lobbying MP's and suchlike; perhaps even being a bit heavy handed with the criminals, although no mention was made of the latter possibility.

The image of a large frightening man (not Det Sup Tony Hutchison) was displayed next as we were told of an individual, Andrew Mournian, who got out of jail early and then subsequently killed his girlfriend. It appears that his early release did not contribute to her untimely death though,
he would have killed her whenever he got out.

Schools and education followed, Ed Balls the government minister in charge of this, has unveiled new plans which he hopes will "transform" the current system; additionally he hopes to ban advertising thus "make England more child friendly" and "the best place in the world to grow up". This is really just nonsense.

US interest rate cut - stock market falls.

Staying with America, we turned to the CIA and their information extraction methods, in particular waterboarding. We saw a reconstructed demonstration of this technique and heard from John Kiriarks who debated torture versus quality of information received, he seemed to think it should be allowed. We, as viewers, were asked to consider firstly if waterboarding was torture, and, if so, should it be acceptable anyway. "Not everything is black or white". You can watch it, I find it a bit disturbing

Mrs Darwin next, she was up court yesterday for fraud charges in relation to her back from the dead husband John. She said she was sorry for the upset she had caused to her sons Mark and Anthony, and hoped they could be reconciled. Police have received over a dozen calls regarding the
photograph of the John Jones photograph released yesterday.

Our population is on the increase, mainly due to the amount of "migrant mothers" who are having children once they arrive in the UK. 21% of children born last year were to the aforementioned category, although no information was provided as to how what classified a migrant mother. This feature was called the Changing Face of Britain and was illustrated with a backdrop of ethnically diverse individuals.

"Thousands" lined the streets of Cardiff to welcome back the 2nd Battalion Welsh from their "tour of Iraq". Strong associations between sport and war were made in this feature, filmed from a sporting venue, it was almost like a winning football manager being interviewed for his view of a game. This can be seen again in the vocabulary used by any sport's reporter, "great battle", "attack", "historic victory". It is this constant subliminal reinforcement that helps condition us to the actual horrors of war. In some ways, it takes it down a level and makes it more acceptable. In my opinion. Watch it here though, judge for yourself.

Staying with Iraq, and moving back to America, we revisited the 2nd (again) Platoon, part of the surge, to see how matters had progressed in the past seven months. We saw how the relationship had changed, now the soldiers knock politely on doors rather than kicking them in. See how the nice soldiers have befriended the children at a kindergarten. It actually makes you sick to watch it. They are living in a war zone no matter how much it is tarted up. Funny how we see all the propaganda after another "terrorist outrage".

To close, America yet again, 23 die in an ice storm in the Mid West States.


Disguised world

Tuesday 11 December 2007

BBC TV News - Monday 10th December

Afghanistan was first up on the News at 10 last night as "allied troops" took the Taliban stronghold of Musa Qala after 4 days of heavy fighting. We heard more about the operation, including images of heavy machine gun fire and van loads of bearded terrorists, all brandishing assault rifles. It seems that the enemy have simple melted back into the mountains which seemed a sensible decision given the relentless bombing which has taken place - "the human cost will be high". Gordon Brown has visited close by, to meet some other soldiers, so we saw him grinning and MBWA. (Managing by Walking About). You can see the video link of the report here

Ann Darwin, the missing feared dead canoeist's wife, has been charged by police with two counts of deception. We heard from Detective Super. Tony Hutchison, who showed us a picture of a scruffy bearded gentleman - Mr Darwin or "John Jones" as he called himself during his period of forced exile - does anyone remember seeing him in the last five years ? You can see the top policeman's statement of what exactly has happened so far here . It is worth watching for amusement purposes - a sad reflection on the times we live in - when the police pander to the media - or just to see how much he looks like Kojac.

The Bakers followed, Lee and Rachel, a cook and a nurse who ran a care home in Somerset and are suspected of somehow contributing to the deaths of five of their elderly residents/customers. We saw images of the couple along with others of a police operation in a graveyard, exhuming bodies for analysis.

Media mogul Conrad Black, has been found guilty of defrauding his shareholders and sentenced to six and half years in jail. We saw him "maintaining his innocence", speaking in front of a bookcase - a common technique employed on television, the good, clever guys are often seen with this backdrop - before hearing of his "colossal hubris", a "Master of the Universe" and his plans to return to Canada to serve his time. To close we zoomed into his eyes, I am not sure why, I only have a portable television. I am assuming they have some qualities, whether good or bad, I am unsure. You can tell a lot by a person's eyes though and, more importantly perhaps, you cannot cover them with facial hair.

Coming up - the "Special One" rules himself out England job

First though,we went to the "uppermost branches" of a tree in Borneo for a special global warming report from David Shukman BBC science correspondent. Dawn was just breaking, when the forest awakes and draws a "big lungful of CO2", so we abseiled up a tree, admiring red leaf monkeys and avoiding leeches on the way. At the top we looked over the tree top canopy and discussed the climate change problem. It appears that the solution could be for "the developed world to pay (the natives) to keep the forest standing", the problem is "finding the right price". Any resemblance to the location of I'm a Celebrity get me out of Here!, or indeed the timing of this feature in relation to the popular series, is of course coincidental. Does everything in the world have a human financial value ? Watch this drivel at your own risk.

Russia next to hear of Putin's pocket protege, Mr. Medvesdev, just like President P. but seemingly friendlier. We saw some images of him smiling to illustrate this concept.

As promised, Jose Mourinho, the "special one" and sacked Chelsea manager, has advised that he does not want the England football job. We saw a long feature on who it might be - nothing much was really said. Lets see, why don't we highlight the football, and slip some mind conditioning celebrity forest linked global warming nonsense in, just before it comes on. Hypnotism.

To close, the Led Zeppelin concert, we saw them on the stage playing Black Dog and heard of a 20,000 strong "surge" of people to see the return of this "influential and significant" group.


And it makes you wonder

Monday 10 December 2007

BBC News - Sunday 9/12

Iraq was first on last night news at 10, our Prime Minister Gordon Brown has made a "surprise visit" to Basra, and has advised that control of the province will be handed over to the Iraqi authorities by Christmas, the remaining 4,500 UK troops being utilised in a role of "overwatch". This isn't really new news though, its been happening for 200o years.

Next up, still in Iraq with Gordon, the subject moving slightly to the five terrorists who have been held since May. Gordon can be seen here impersonating a school headmaster.

Afghanistan, another soldier killed, his image displayed for us.

Mrs Darwin, the wife of the "back from the dead" canoeist has flown back to the UK and was immediately arrested.

Mugabe - The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, has cut up his "dog collar" live on a BBC television show and advised that he will not wear it again until the President is removed from his position of office in Zimbabwe. He is of the opinion that Mugabe has "taken people's identity and cut it to pieces", this scissors exercise was an attempt to symbolically represent this which may well be true. I personally am of the position that Jesus Christ's identity and purpose has similarly been cut to pieces, this can easily be illustrated by "Christmas", a supposed religious festival, which has been turned into a nonsense of consumerism and materialism, the very opposite of Jesus' teachings. Perhaps the esteemed Doctor should concentrate on that first, after all it appears that our more "cultured" Western society feels obliged to lead the poor African nations into a New World and to dictate their behaviour and social structure. Watch it here.
It also strikes my mind that only last week, or the week before, we saw immigrants in European Italy being forced from their shanty town abodes and sent back to poverty and disease in Eastern Europe. Pot kettle black.

To close, two men fighting for other humans entertainment, Hatton vs Mayweather, we saw Hatton being pounded to the canvas at the end.


Rome if you want to,
Roam around the world

Saturday 8 December 2007

BBC TV News - Saturday 8th December

John Darwin, the "canoeist who came back from the dead" was first up on this short, late afternoon BBC programme, the news being that the police have charged him with obtaining cash by deception and some sort of passport offence. We saw the police giving a statement before turning our attention to Mrs Darwin, who is now in Miami and appears to have sold her story to the media. Will she return to the UK. Tune in tomorrow to find out.

Europe Africa New World Talks, we heard that Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, spoke at the conference - criticising President Mugabee and claiming Uganda is damaging the image of Africa.

Keiran Fallon, the jockey cleared only yesterday of race fixing has tested positive for cocaine. The horse involved, My Boy Charlie. We heard this could be the end of the line for him and await results of a second test.

Demonstrations have been held about climate change, images of protesters handing in a letter to No 10 were displayed.

Flooding in Wales coincidentally followed, with more bad weather expected. No mention was made of the run off of rainwater which now occurs due to new local housing developments, and how this is the actual cause of the floods in this instance. It is all left up to the imagination with a bit subliminal prompting.

Guantanamo Bay, just what is going to happen to these three British residents. Our Conservative party are requesting an explanation, given the Americans consider them "dangerous".

To close, the Hatton Mayweather boxing, we saw the weigh in from yesterday and heard more of the build up.







BBC TV News - Friday 7th December

Fiona Bruce was hostess on the news at 10 last night, Guantanamo Bay our first story. We heard how the kindly Americans are to release four out of the five "British residents" who are currently imprisoned there without legal conviction. We saw an American military lady advising that she considered the individuals still to be a threat to global order, however the USA do not wish to be the jailers of the world. We heard a wee bit about the captives and their terrorist links which seemed somewhat sketchy in one case at least. Surely anyone who is serious about being a jihad terrorist is not going to go to training camp, if indeed there are such things. The video report is here for those interested; or the written.

The horse racing fixing trial has been abandoned as,
jockey like, "it didn't stand up". Quite a long feature, presented by Indian gentleman, Mihir Bose, sports editor of the BBC, we heard of the lack of evidence and waste of money.

Police have been allowed another 36 hours to question Mr Darwin, the crafty canoeist. We saw images of him at court and heard of global media interest. "Most extraordinary", "the mystery deepens" etc., etc. A few years ago when I was at college, one of the lecturers was alone in a large workshop. A tractor somehow hit him on the side, causing some bruising, but worst of all, amnesia. He didn't even recognise his workmates as they helped him into the ambulance - "who are you", or his wife, nor could he remember the ailing public house he also owned, and its massive debts. The police also took an interest, students being interviewed if I recall correctly.

Price fixing next, major supermarkets and dairies have been artificially inflating the prices of the artificial cheese, butter and watermilk which they sell in place of traditional products, yet somehow call the same. Sometimes I have this terrible feeling that there is one basic substance which all supermarket cheese is formed from, different colouring and taste chemicals being applied, in whatever instance. For example, Red Leicester might be code 18/7, 18 being the taste chemical, 7 being the colour. This might sound like pie in the sky to readers, but when I worked in whisky it was in fact the case. Many many different blended whiskies were essentially the same.

President Mugabe at the Europe/Africa conference. We saw human rights hecklers as we were reminded of Gordon Brown's moral stance on this, hence his non attendance. Jose Manuel Barrosa hit the nail on the head though, when he advised, in so many words, that all countries are guilty of human rights abuse. You can see the clip here.

Coming up - Hatton's fixit man - cue image boxer Ricky Hatton with cut eye.

First though, quite a long feature on the tension in Kosovo. We were reminded of the Balkan Wars and saw the NATO new world peacekeeping force, in this instance the soldiers were French, how long till we reintroduce national service ? It seems from this report that matters are quite serious.

America - we saw images of Robert Hawkins "aiming at shoppers" in the recent Nebrasken mall incident.

Long feature next on the boxing, Hatton vs Mayweather. Hyped up to the maximum, over here anyway.

Politicians, corruption and sleaze, a part cartoon style feature, reflecting perhaps the Friday night ambiance of the viewing public. Basically it was saying our system of funding has to change because of the corruption. Change into what though.

To close, composer Karlheinz Stockhausen has passed away. We saw an old black and white clip of him and heard of his admirers, from the Beatles to Bjork. The clip is here for those interested, I must confess my ignorance of his music or indeed his existence. It's another end of an era though, time passing by, everything evolving.


Future Guantanamo ?

Friday 7 December 2007

BBC TV News - Thursday 6/12

We headlined the news at 10 last night with the Bank of England interest rate cut, actioned in order to attempt to avoid the UK economy falling into the same state as America's. We heard from Evan Davies, chief BBC economist, he told how the economy is "turning". A link is provided to the video report, note how at the very start we see people in Leeds looking at a giant TV screen in the street to find out the situation. Very Running Man. Also, look at the moniker of the fictitious family who are featured, the aptly named Turners. At the very end of the report, for those who can stand it, you will see the Bank of England building. In the foreground are three globe shaped lights, reminiscent of pawnbrokers balls perhaps in these impending times of financial disaster ? For those who prefer to read, the story is here although it obviously does not have the same impact on your mind. Are these giant public televisions commonplace ?

We stayed with economics and Evan, this time in the studio, discussing yesterdays strike by Benefits Agency staff and complaints by the police in England and Wales regarding their pay award. It seems that "everyone needs to adjust" and times are "pretty uncertain". Again we heard of the credit crunch.

We moved on to Mr Darwin, the long feared dead canoeist, who has returned from the dead. We heard more theories about what might have happened, might being the operative word. It seems that Mrs Darwin has advised that: "maybe I just chose the wrong husband".

Terror followed as we were again advised of plans to increase the limit on time that suspects can be held in imprisonment without charge, up to 42 days. Images of the 7/7 bombers arrest and armed police were used to illustrate this story, lest we forget.

Next up, the American madman in a Nebraskan shopping mall, we saw images of the aftermath, mobile 'phone footage of the event, and heard that the culprit, Robert Hawkins, had a "history of mental health problems", including attention deficit disorder. His image was displayed. It appears he was motivated by a desire for fame, although, being honest, these events are almost becoming monthly now, it is quite disturbing and a symptom of our times. Obviously the reporting has a fear factor over here, most of us know someone with "mental health problems" and the majority will partake in some type of Yuletide purchasing expedition. Watch here to see how scary shopping can be.

Coming up the "women who toiled for the country" -cue old black and white images.

First though, it seems that our local councils have been told that they should cut back the provision of translation services for our expanding migrant population. Images of dual language English Polish road signs were displayed to remind us of just how bad things were allowed to become, perhaps purposely. Mention was made of the military Ghurka presence at Sandhurst.

The lyrical terrorist, Samina Malik, was yesterday given a 9 month suspended sentence for owning some terrorist manuals and writing terrible al-Quaeda inspired poetry. There is a link to the story, although only scant details were provided on last nights news.

Iraq followed, we saw refugees from the country who have been sheltering in Syria returning to their homelands on a free bus service, now that it is "safe to go back". This was later amended to forced to return due to lack of employment and money. However, a family, the Majid's, were selected for closer scrutiny, shown embarking on the trip before our reporter then caught up with them five days later, once they had arrived back. He obviously took the plane. Unfortunately, once they returned, it was not really safe at all so they stayed with relatives. Our befriending journalist was invited into the home where he and the camera crew partook in a can of beer, served in the container on a tray, very 1950's - remember immigration. Worth watching for the nonsense factor.

Back to America for a report on Mitt Romney and Mormonism. Comparison were made with Roman Catholic JFK and we heard of "men becoming Gods", "unique doctrines" and a "test of tolerance". Watch the report here - it seemed almost like an advertisment - Do you dare to be different in 2008 ? At some point we heard reference to a woman, a black man and a Mormon all standing for consideration to be President and my mind flashed to Bernard Manning.

A RAF Chinook helicopter crash in the Mull of Kintyre from 1994 is to be reinvestigated.

The promised feature to close, The Land Girls of the Second World War. Like a HG Wells machine, the television transported us back in time, to witness young ladies harvesting food and timber from the land to sustain the UK population - all the menfolk all being abroad fighting the Nazis and Hitler, ensuring freedom for their sons and daughters. You know, if it was not for the Land Girls, the UK and in fact perhaps the global world, could be living under the totalitarian control of the 3rd Reich. For the ladies historic efforts, the Fourth Reich are awarding them badges. You can watch it here.


Best not to think about it ?

Thursday 6 December 2007

BBC TV News - Wednesday 5th December

The news at 10 said a lot about our future last night although perhaps I read too much into it.

Huw Edwards was host and we began with house prices which have fallen for the third month in succession, last month by 1.1% according to the Halifax, the first time this has happened since 1995. Evan Davies, BBC Economic Guru, told how this was "the end of an era" in respect of rising values and that basically the good days are over - this was verified by two "experts", one from a website called house price crash which has been forecasting a slump for a year or so, the other a gloomy economist. You can watch the clip here if you are interested.

We stayed on the same subject but went global, firstly to America, where we were reminded of the circumstances of the great depression in the 1930's, along with the prerequisite black and white footage of those bygone days; and then to China, where we met with a young chap who had forsaken the university degree he was studying for, and "stayed in the countryside" in order to pursue a career in the pork industry, farming pigs. It seemed that this was a shrewd move as we were told of rising prices , some cannot afford "meat on the table". This was verified with a tale of three deaths in a supermarket stampede to secure some cut price cooking oil. You can read the BBC article on Chinese inflation here.

John Darwin, "the man who returned from the dead" followed, this was the chap who's canoe was found washed up a number of years ago on the beach and was presumed to have passed away, his "widow" pocketing the insurance cash. Mr Darwin was arrested yesterday. however in the interim, a newspaper has published a photograph of himself and his wife puportedly taken only last year. We heard from the chief of Cleveland police, a formidable character it must be said, he told how Mr Darwin may have amnesia, or he may not, and that the police have questions for him. As regards the photograph, dated 14/07/2006 he told how "it is not difficult to doctor a photograph" nowadays. Ask Dr McCann.

The five soldiers being held hostage in Iraq have somehow been sent a message by their families, telling them that they are missed, and that "everything is being done" to secure their release. Again we saw images from the hostage video, including M16's.

Three new super-prisons are to be built, in order to cope with the growing demand for places, given our prisons are "full to bursting". We heard more of these "Titan" jails and reference was made to America again, where there is an abundance of secure facilities. We saw a pile of Bible's, ready to swear on, before we heard from our Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, who at one point told how he would be relying on "luck and prayer" in relation to the current situation, our intrepid reporter pouncing on the prayer aspect, - "not a great way to run a system"
You can watch it here.

Coming up - Gerry Springer Opera - no prosecutions for blasphemy.

First though, Meredydd Hughes, the chief constable of South Yorkshire police has been banned from driving for 42 days after pleading guilty to driving at 90mph in a 60 limit. This probably would not be too bad other than for the fact that Mr H was in fact the chairman of roads policing at the Association of Chief Police Officers and has spoken out previously about speeding drivers, and even produced a warning video which you can see, along with the feature, here.

A £20,000 reward has been offered for the return of the two missing HM Revenue and Customs child benefit data disks. We saw the acting head of HMRC, David Hartnett, answering questions to a panel of MP's and advising of 7 other serious breaches of security. Police are still hunting for the missing disks, including searching rubbish dumps.

Breaking news - Gunman on rampage in Nebraska, 8 dead, five injured.

As promised, the blasphemy story. This concerned the Gerry Springer opera which was broadcast by the BBC in 2005; subsequently they were taken to court by a group called Christian Voice who protested that the performance was blasphemous, given that it contains scenes of Jesus Christ as a fat man in a nappy. The Christian group lost, but plan to appeal. This feature also tells how "people are scared of Islam" but not of "the Church of England". Worth watching to see how traditional religion and faith is gradually being eroded - and being slowly replaced - although this was not mentioned. You can see the video report here or read about it here.

To close, an advert more that a feature, but what for. It seemed to be for Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld, but note the references to the celebrity endorsement Nicole Kidman and Karl stating that "only clever woman wear his clothes". You can see it here, - clever woman and Scientology perhaps ? Notwithstanding that, this is commercial advertising.


Celebrity endorsement - "new" religion

Wednesday 5 December 2007

BBC TV News - Tuesday 4th December

Fiona Bruce presented the BBC news at 10 last night where we began with a hostage situation in Iraq which has been ongoing since May 29th although our Foreign Office has kept the issue "low profile". It appears that 5 of our armed service personnel have been taken , we saw a newly released ransom demand video in which one, flanked by 2 rebels holding "standard American issue" M16 assault rifles, claimed he had been forgottten by our military authorities. We heard more about the hostage takers, the Islamic Shia Resistance, and that the Americans are claiming that they have "links to Iran and furthermore are "equipped by Iran". If this is the case, why the M16's ?
To close this report, Frank Gardner BBC security correspondent, told us of some "good news" in the situation, namely that it was not al-Quaeda who were involved.

An official warning was next, given to mortgage lenders yesterday by their regulatory body the Financial Services Authority (FSA), and advising them to "beware of significant consumer stress in respect of increased payments", to "smarten up their arrears handling" and to" stock up on cash", in preparation for the "real prospect that conditions will worsen in 2008". Furthermore, we heard that "some current busines models are no longer economically viable". Basically, the upshot is that house prices are on the way down,mortgages are becoming harder to obtain and those individuals whp have been funding their extravagent lifestyles on rising property values are in for a shock, to say the least. Schoolboy economics.

Mrs, and I must apologise for calling her Miss all week, Gibbons has returned from her 8 day stretch in Sudanese jail. We saw the lady along with the two peers who secured her early release, smiles all round.

Doctor Southall, the one who accuses parents of murdering their children, has been struck off by the GMC. His lawyer spoke on his behalf, saying that he had the childrens best interests at heart, however we heard of secret files and from a none too happy mother. A young man, Lawrence Alexander, told how the Doc had accused his own parents of suffocating him which was simply not true. The esteemed Dr has not had the courtesy to apologise to any of the victims and it seems that he still considers himself correct in his diagnosis'.

Coming up - catching illegal immigrants

First though we heard of calls for the RAF to ground the Nimrod fleet, given the result of a Ministry of Defence enquiry which has found that the plane which exploded last September, killing 14 personnel, was probably caused by a mid air fuel leak. We saw images of the dead along with a graphic reconstruction of the incident.

Another soldier killed and two more injured in Afghanistan,

As promised the feature on how Europe is strengthening it's borders. Here we travelled to the Slovakia/Ukrain border to see illegal refugees attempting to cross enroute for London. For those interested, the link is here. I read an article in a Sunday newspaper which suggested that this region is being emphasised by the BBC as it is extremely volatile in terms of our relationship with Russia. You can have a look at the video here,

This was followed by a report on a potentially huge child abuse case in Jersey. We heard of 70 victims, 21 suspects and of physical, mental and sexual abuse. It appears that the Sea Cadets and a local childrens home are heavily implicated.

Top anti terror policeman Andy Hayman has quit his role, blaming media intrusion and hurtful allegations, regarding his behaviour and expenses claims, amongst other things. You can watch the report here, it is becoming a case of give them enough rope as concerns the media. That is the intention - censorship down the line.

To close, an interesting feature on whether chimps, "creatures of the forest" were "brighter" than humans, in respect of "maths and memory". We saw the chimp pressing the numbers 1-9 in a sequence, seemingly faster than a human can, and were told that "scientists say we have lost abilities like this" due to our "sophisticated language". But letters and numbers are all symbols ?
You can read about it here
or watch the video here


Tuesday 4 December 2007

BBC TV News - Monday 3rd December

A pair of peers scoops all it seems as we heard the latest on Muslim offending educationalist Gillian Gibbons and her early release from Sudanese imprisonment last night on the BBC news at 10. Her son declared it "the best possible Christmas present" from his media beseiged abode, before we turned to the school in Liverpool she used to work at before her overseas expedition, the gates festooned with yellow ribbons - to be removed our reporter advised - given her release. But she was going to get out anyway - next week.

Some people are criticising the Sudanese for their behaviour in this matter, I strongly disagree. It is exactly what Morissey told of last week in relation to England. Diluting belief systems and traditions and as such, undermining long standing values and cultures. It is all the same goal at the end of the day - one world population - one big mass of hypnotised, non thinking humans. Why though?

Next up, a proposed ban on cigarette machines and sunbeds in order to attempt to alleviate the curse of cancer. We heard more about type of cancers and the UK survival rates which seemed abysmal when compared to other countries. Again though, this is doubletalk, there is no like for like comparison. If for example we take America where health is paid for, then we could say that the rich have more chance of finding cancer early, for the simple reason that they can afford regular check ups. By the time the financially poor people even realise they have the disease, it is not worth operating, even if they could afford it. Hence their recovery to operation rate is higher. Notwithstanding all of that, the only place I ever saw cigarette machines was in the pub, before the smoking ban. Horse bolted door. To close we were reminded of the importance of a healthy life and what that actually meant in terms of style choices. An Olympics destined monk seems the best summary.

Next, a report has been compiled which states that Iraq are not in fact constructing nuclear weapons. We saw some historic clips of George Bush warning of WW3 to remind us of the constant threat.

More on the Labour party funding disgrace. Anyone know if David Abrahams has a large shareholding in the Northern Rock ? He is from that neck of the woods.

Next up, "the best Christmas present any family could wish for" (except for the aforementioned Gibbons' one assumes) as we were told the story of the missing prison officer who walked into a police station after five years missing, his jacket and smashed canoe, found on a beach way back then, unlike his memory which is still missing. We heard from a psychologist who said he may have been suffering from stress and depression.

Coming up - American presidental campaign.

First though. a "special" report regarding the possibility that pregnant Indian ladies living in the UK are travelling back to India to obtain abortions if they are carrying a female child, as male is the preferred option it seems in their culture. During the feature, we were advised that it is in fact "impossible to say how many travel from the UK" to have this surgery performed and that statement really sums it up. Is this feature just time filling with obnoxious storytelling or does it in fact relate back to the erosion of cultures as previously discussed. It is difficult to argue about the content of the feature, killing unborn humans as they are the "wrong" sex", however we have seen similar storylines in the past on the news - clitoris removal in teenage girls if my memory serves me correctly. The feature is here for those interested.

Russia, an update on Putin, we saw his supporters, some brandishing teddy bears, marching through the streets and chasing away opponents. Mention was made of pamphlets warning followers to look out for extremists.
I have recently been reading the Soviet Art of Brain Washing and most enlightening it is. Part two is linked, I beg readers to have a glance.

Next, another Cli, this time Hilary Clinton, a lady with extremely thin lips. This was the promised feature on the battle between her and Barrak Obama in over the presidency in America, we saw both of them speaking and Hilary meeting prospective voters in a diner. Nort much real information was supplied in terms of policies etc, perhaps because there are none. It seems more like a battle of personalities now, on both sides of the water, certainly here they all seem to follow the path down the middle towards a one world government, despite the smoke and mirrors.

Last, up, the Turner Prize has been won by Mark Wallinger for his replica of Brian Haw's Iraq War protest in Parliament Square, State Britain. State run BBC said very little about the esteemed Mr Haw, or the work of art, and instead attemped to portray the Turner award as humerous, more attention being drawn to Mr Wallingers Berlin bear film.


Monday 3 December 2007

BBC TV News - Sunday 2nd December

We began again with financial funding to the Labour Party on the BBC News at tea time yesterday. It seems that their boss in Scotland, Wendy Alexander, is now accused of having received an "illegal donation", we heard more of this £950 and the possible repercussions, along with clips of various Sunday morning political televisual debating programmes; or perhaps programming would be more appropriate.

Miss Gibbons followed - a pair of Peers, Lord Ahmed and Baroness Warsi, are currently in Sudan, attemtping to secure an early release. We heard that they intend to meet the President tomorrow, in order to beg for clemancy. Being honest, her 14 days will be up shortly, if they include the time awaiting sentence. Nothing new said in this report and nothing for a pair it seems, not in this game.

Russia next, Putin's landslide victory. Our on-the-spot reporter, Rupert something-Hayes, who was attired in the manner of a cross between a poor man's Bond and a Russian gangster (MI5/6/7?), told us more of the result and the "political scene" over there.

A short update on the referendum in Venezuela, still being counted.

Italy's immigrant population are being turfed out the country according to the next, disturbing report. We heard how legislation has recently changed in and as such Romanian and Albanian "refugees" are being rounded up and put on a bus back home. We saw the bus and also a bulldozer. We were shown around one of their old homes, constructed with bits of cardboard and wood in the traditional shanty town style. Our reporter showed us more, batteries, clothes and saucepans all abandoned in the forced exodus. It seemed from the tone of the report that civilians are assisting with this ethnic cleansing process on a voluntary basis, forming vigilante type groups and driving the immigrants out. I hope this link works, I have had to swap browsers.

And that was that, apart from sport.


Sunday 2 December 2007

Marble Solitaire and Animal Farm

I watched the news last night but the two main stories were the same as the night before, Brother Abraham and his dodgy donations, Miss Gibbons and the misnamed soft toy. Additionally though, we had Nelson Mandella and his 46664 campaign along with match fixing in European football.

So rather than the news, I thought I would write about solitaire, a board game designed for one person, the object being to jump each marble over each other and leave only one marble on the board, in the centre spot. When I was young, I laboured for days over this game and could just not puzzle it out. Then one day, my Grandad, who I more or less lived with for a spell, gave me a clue on how to solve it. "Start at the end and work your way back" was the suggestion. And it worked. Simply put one marble in the middle of the empty board and then reverse the game - that way you find out the moves, albeit backwards.

Animal Farm I read at school and thoroughly enjoyed. I was not quite so sure about the Russian Revolution allegoretical theory, it did'nt really interest me, nor could I see the correlations, not having kicked about in those days. You just accepted what was told by the teacher and then regurgitated it in an exam situation, thus keeping everyone sweet at home.

And now, as I approach 40, it is all suddenly beginning to have a purpose. Orwell was a man of vision who knew what was coming; after all it was being plotted even back then, probably for centuries or even millenia before. His animal book was not about the Russian Revolution, it was a warning to mankind. I personally believe that Jesus was telling us the same thing, yet somehow his true intention and purpose has been manipulated, and he is instead seen as an icon t0 worship, rather than take notice of his warnings.

Use your brain as the last marble, put it in a world of collectiveness, where individuality is despised. Where a man has no real freedom,. he is born into a system, is educated by that system, and works for the system till he dies. He has no thoughts of any other lifestyle or social structure because his mind is unable to conceive anything different . He is unable to think for himself anymore. There are no alternatives in the New World other than death, re-education or conformance. Watch the moves being played. Now.


Losing my marbles ?

Saturday 1 December 2007

BBC TV News - Friday 30th November

Khartoum was our first destination on the News at 10 last night as we heard how thousands of irate Muslims had taken to the streets to protest about the "lenient" sentence handed to Gillian Gibbons, the teacher who allowed her class to call their teddy bear Mohammed. Some were pictured, brandishing knives and calling for the death sentence. One said he would personally behead her and another, somehwat prompted, told how she had "crossed the red line". We heard from BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner who told us very little, understandably perhaps, as I fail to understand what bearing this particular incident has on our security as a nation. Maybe it is a conditioning process - when you see Frank, you know we are in trouble. For those interested, the latest video release is available here

David Abrahams, the illuminated man behind the recent illegal donations to the Labour Party has spoken out, telling more of the arrangements and who exactly was aware of them. We heard of a money trail and Jon Mendelsohn before we saw the an image of the outside of the top of No10 Downing Street's door, backlit from within, looking like the rising sun. It seems that the resulting police investigation is to be called Operation Minerva, we were provided with no rationale for this choice of moniker although it should perhaps be pointed out that Minerva was the Roman Goddess of craft, amongst other things. Check this video link out and watch for the pro Israel backdrop just seconds in. This is all part of the process for a one world government and it is happening right now, in full view. We are being conned.

150 of the "biggest companies in the world" have ganged up together in an effot to secure a global agreement on climate change. No detail were given other than some of the companies involved, Shell was one. I have however found more of the story here, it appears that Prince Charles, The Man who won't be King, is somehow now involved.

Vicky Hamilton, the Scottish girl found murdered after 15 years was yesterday laid to rest. Images were shown of the funeral and within the church etc. I fail to understand how cameras are permitted in to these events.

Another funeral, that of firefighter John Avens, who perished in the recent warehouse inferno. Again we saw images of the event including the religious service. Again we saw images of grieving relatives etc., additionally, his brother told how he used to shout at the telly when the rugby was on - just to bring in right into your own living room. Trojan horse.

Coming up Evel Knievel dies - clip of Evel talking about God.

World Aids Day - we were treated images of suffering human infants, not all 1.5 milion of them obviously. As usual, it was harrowing and disturbing. All that was missing was Princess Diana.

Russia, President Putin and accusations of political blackmail, forcing government employees to vote for his party was the allegation proffered here.

Hilary Clinton, breaking news as we heard of a bomber holed up in her office with potential hostages. Arial images of the police operation were broadcast, before we some others showing Hilary and Bill amongst adoring voters. We were however told that Clinton has "polarised America" and that "America is hurtling into a highly charged situation", in respect of the forthcoming elections.

To close as promised, Evel Knievel's death. A long tribute type of feature, Mr Knievel talked of God and life, we saw images of him daredeviling on motorbikes and strapped to a rocket type device which looked pretty suspect to be honest. I remember his toys, the advert showed a motorbike and Evol hurtling through the air, fantastic. The product was not so good and not up to much. Bit like our real world. You can watch the feature here if you like,


Father David Abrahams ?