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Sunday 21 October 2007

Armilustrium - Martial War

On 19th October Prince William visited Faslane Military Base, home of the UK's Trident nuclear defence missile - the UK's only active nuclear weapon system.

Per wikipedia, 19th October is a Roman festival, in honour of the planet of war, Mars. It is named Armilustrium, a day when the weapons of the soldiers were "ritually purified and stored for winter".

Here is a video only BBC news report about the visit, it is sound only though.

Now, additionally, interestingly, and to my mind disturbingly, the Queen was visiting the new £300 million Diamond Light Source synchrotron science research facility at Didcot in South Oxfordshire, also on Armilustrium.

A short news video about the basics

HM's visit, where she saw the work being carried out on viruses.

The attributes of the new unit seem very impressive, the technology appears to offer the ability of atomical alchemy - breaking matter down into its component atoms.

It all seems quite worrying really.


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