Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Friday 31 January 2014

Shades of Machiavelli

Machiavellianism is, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, "the employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft or in general conduct"

Someone we go on about a lot here is King James 6th (of Scotland) and 1st (of England). He began the process of amalgamating the United Kingdom as it is now, not forgetting his Bible revision and promotion prowess. There's an interesting article from the Daily Record - Leading historian claims both sides of the independence debate could learn from Scots King James V1 and his talent for PR which is worth noting:

James was a wonderful wordsmith and brilliant propagandist.

“He engaged in a massive public relations exercise using emotive, almost carnal rhetoric.

“He presented his views with a rhetoric of inevitability. He knew how to compromise. He took his message out beyond parliament and attempted to sell his plans to his subjects directly.

“He made sure they literally carried the message around with them with the idea of unity on all his coins.

“He was so keen to present his view as part of God’s divine plan that he targeted his subjects’ spiritual world, commissioning a new translation of the Bible and even boldly used its front page to promote the idea of himself as king of a new country.

King James was a King from infancy. Allegedly, his mother was Mary Queen of Scots, his father Lord Darnley.  Darnley was later murdered. Mary quickly remarried, to a Lord Bothwell on 15th May 1567. Mary was shortly thereafter imprisoned at Carlisle Castle before being beheaded.

On 15th May 2011, exactly 444 years later, Lady Gaga played Carlisle, at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend. She arrived on stage via a coffin, and wore a black PVC prosthetic pregnancy stomach. She dedicated the jazz track, Orange Colored Sky, to Kate and William. 

Her show ended with a song called Judas.

When Baby George was born, it didn't take Kate long to recover. Baby George seems to have vanished in the interim.

This year's BBC'S Big Weekend is to be held in Glasgow on 24th May, the anniversary date of the founding of Jamestown , the first English colony in America, named after King James 6th and 1st.

This year's Commonwealth Games are to be held in Glasgow, it was reported just yesterday that the military are to help with security, something Machiavelli would have no doubt advocated if he was around now.


Thursday 30 January 2014

Aesop's Stables

Scottish First Minister and leader of the Scottish Parliament gets on well with H.M. Queen. Reportedly, they bonded over a mutual love of horses, specifically horse racing.

Nostradamus : "poison, hidden under the heads of salmon"
Yesterday, the bulk of the media carried a story about an advert produced by Scottish Cycling promoting safe driving which has been banned by the regulators. The image is at top, the reason it has been banned is because the flame haired vixen on the bicycle has neglected to wear a helmet. (BBC)

Rolf Harris @ work
Advertisers know how to prey on our "dark side". When we see this advert, does it perhaps effect one's unconscious in a dubious manner, after all when one "thinks horse" what does one actually "think". I thought about it last night, and I could only come up with ride it, put a wager on it, or feed it with a flat palm; apart from the keep your distance angle as the advert allegedly implies. I only asked myself in the spirit of "equality", the same spirt alluded to by Madonna @ the Grammys and Miley commenting on same-sex relationships on the Disney channel, as noted in yesterday's post.

On perusing today's on-line media articles though, another "horse thought" has reared up most relevantly. Believe it or not, one can twerk it. Miley did it just last night, in the presence of Madonna @ an MTV Unplugged performance. (here)

There's a horse within the walls of Edinburgh Castle, where the Stone of Destiny resides. It's formed in stained glass on the windows of the National War Memorial which was constructed mid-wars. It's not just any old horse, but rather a depiction of Faithful and True from the Biblical Book of Revelation. The rider wears a cloak, adorned with a swastika. He is obviously out to "smite the nations and rule over them with a rod of iron", or words to that effect. (here)

 Hitler later utilised the swastika. If Hitler had completed his plans, then we would be a world at peace, simply because there would be no-one left for "him" to fight.


Wednesday 29 January 2014

Naked Agendas

Disney's "exclusive" Club 33
The Disney Channel is to navigate new waters over in America next week. The family show, Good Luck Charlie, is to feature a lesbian parent-couple in an storyline which attempts to "be relevant to kids and families around the world and to reflect themes of diversity and inclusiveness". Although the story made the mail on line yesterday, it is not altogether new news, the plotline having been revealed last summer. It ties in timeously though, with Madonna and the 33 "same sex and hetrosexual marriages" on stage at the Grammys earlier this week.

When the news of the plot was broken,  Miley Cyrus responded via Twitter : "I commend Disney for making this step into the light of this generation. They control…so much of what kids think! Life isn't bright sets & wardrobe & kids becoming superstars! This is INSPIRING"

Miley has it bang on in terms of the "controlling" what kids think - she should know given her track record within Disney and thereafter. We used an image of Miley just a couple of posts ago, which appeared to reinforce our perceptions. It's below. Remember that "kids" grow into adults. 

As regards her "light of this generation", one can perhaps assume, given that Miley is obviously under some form of nefarious hypnosis and is thus a puppet, that this is reference to the elite's ideal world, because same-sex couples cannot reproduce naturally which helps to control the human population. The use of the word light may refer to the illuminati, the alleged manipulators close the top of the pyramid. Then again it could refer to Lucifer, humankind's "light-bringer" according to "gnostics", who interpret the Biblical Garden of Eden story in an allegorical manner.

In their take, the God, or Gods, of the Old Testament were evil, and had genetically created mankind as their worker slaves. Lucifer came into the world to waken humankind up, to enlighten them. From Primordial Gnosis : The Forbidden Religion :

Gnostics consider that the biblical myth of creation can be explained as follows: the creator satan of the world trapped Adam and Eve in his miserable world, and Lucifer, in the form of a serpent, offered them the forbidden fruit of saving Gnosis, and showed them that the creator was deceiving them. In other words, the creator said to man “but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.” On the other hand, the Serpent said “You will not surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.

It seems clear that the "illuminati" follow a Gnostic philosophy themselves, for example the ongoing preoccupation with genetics, whilst in their new-Eden they will be the Gods, as a genetically modified, perhaps even test-tube created, quasi-androgynous humankind remains "naked" to the truth; indeed potentially even naked.


Also see my post re Lady Gaga's Applause, in which she appears to allude to the same philosophies - here

Tuesday 28 January 2014

When lightning strikes twice...

It was the Kate Stone incident which roused me from a brief period of hibernation last December.

Kate, a Cambridge University academic and a woman who used to be a man, was gored by a stag near Fort William, in a "one in a million" incident. Kate is on the board of an organisation called the Lifeboat Foundation, which is "dedicated to encouraging scientific advancements whilst helping humanity survive existential risks and possible misuse of increasingly powerful technologies, including genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and Robotics/ Al as we move towards the singularity". They seem to be interested in space colonisation and the creation of a Nanoshield too, and are actively seeking donations. (An alle-gory). My allegoric thought process in the post revolved around stags being known both as "monarchs" and as "beasts".

As noted therein, Prince William is currently studying a short, bespoke course in "agriculture" at Cambridge University, of which few details have been released for public consumption. 

Yesterday we dissected another unfortunate incident concerning a  Cambridge "academic" - a Dr. Peter Lawrence. Apparently the poor doctor fell over a roadworks "safety" sign in  Downing Street (not the famous one), hurting his legs and blackening his eye in the process. "Mindless cattle excrement" was allegedly his choice of phrase on review of the matter. One can only imagine that the story made the mail on line because of Dr. Lawrence's fame as a writer, he produced a book called The Making of a Fly, which appears to break down the construction and genetics of the Drosophila genus, commonly known as "fruit flies". wiki

The term Drosophila means dew-loving.

Another matter regarding the book worth noting, and reflecting on deeply given global financial markets, is the Amazon algorithmic incident. Apparently, on line booksellers use algorithms to calculate prices, and at one point two out of control software packages became embroiled in a war, the price of a new copy of the book rising to an astonishing $23,698,655.93. here



Monday 27 January 2014

For Queen; then country

Today's BBC reports on how in the event of Scottish independence, "two academics" have stated that a separate coronation will be required in the country for the future monarch (here). Basically, if we do vote for independence our parliament will be independent, however the Queen (and her successor) will remain as Head of State. The Scottish church, the Kirk, have already called for separate Scottish and English ceremonies in the event of a "yes" vote, whilst the Scottish government say that "any future decision would be made alongside the royal household".

Here at newspaceman, whilst we would welcome independence and a return to the days pre Highland Clearances - where the average Scotsman allegedly just loafed about in the heather, feasting on baked potatoes and homemade cheese, or perhaps salmon and venison all washed down with a generous drop of whisky - we feel it's a hoodwink.
Spellbinding Masonic ritual
Basically, whilst appreciating it may sound bizarre, Scotland is the base ingredient of the elite's grand alchemical plan to create a global "golden age" with quasi-androgynous workers slaves and them as Gods. It's just basically magickal ritual, following on from the export of James 6th and Ist and his revised Bible, along with export of the ritual-loving freemasons and their Mother Lodge 0 in Kilwinnning.

In short, Prince William, the masonic "sun god", will be crowned in Edinburgh on the Stone of Destiny (Jacob's pillow stone) first, before the rest of the current UK swiftly followed by the entire planet.

Bearing that in mind, and looking at last nights Grammy Awards, we saw the show being opened by Jay Z and Beyonce, whilst Madonna joined Macklemore and Lewis as 33 "same sex and hetrosexual couples" got married on stage (equality, liberty, progress, blah blah blah). 33 appears to be an important number in freeemasonry, and Jay Z can hardly be said to keep his allegiances discreet which, in fact, is part of the blueprint. (BBC)

Note Jay Z's fingers, some claim this is a "satanic" signal
Paul McCartney was there too, with Ringo, playing Queenie Eye. We remember "Paul" from the Olympics, belting out Hey Jude to end the performance, resplendent in red-lined jacket.

Someone else with an eye is Liam Gallacher, previously of Oasis and now fronting  Beady Eye. When Liam visited Edinburgh, he paused for reflection at a bar named after a Royal goldsmith before declaring the city to be "beautiful, amazing, f**king Biblical". (Royal Rituals)

Liam meets Jimmy
Just to close, it's worth reiterating the Church of Scotland's comments on "Israel" :

"The 'promised land' in the Bible is not a place, so much as a metaphor of how things ought to be among the people of God. This 'promised land' can be found - or built - anywhere."


Sunday 26 January 2014

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king...

The above is Nigel Farage, leader of the UKIP political party giving a brotherly handshake to a fox hunter on Boxing Day.

We touched on Nigel last May - window dressing - when he visited Scotland to promote an election campaign and in the process was involved in an altercation with protesters. What caught my attention was that he held his "press conference" in the Canons's Gait public house on the Royal Mile - a public house which promotes it's historic connections to Mary Queen of Scots :

House of Stuart, Mary Queen of Scots (MQOS), was the alleged mother of James 6th and 1st, the Bible reviser and promoter, UK amalgamater, and propagator of the "divine right of Kings". Mary was executed, creating heaps of public sympathy thus James - a protestant Stuart - was fairly popular with the masses. One can perhaps see modern parallels. 

Nigel was in the news on Friday, when he stated that the election manifesto his party produced in 2010 was "drivel", and that they in fact had no plans to scrap the (nuclear) Trident programme, which is located in Scotland.

Nigel was in the news on Saturday, as apparently he has called for the laws banning handguns - which were introduced after the Dunblane massacre - to be repealed as he claims they are "ludicrous". This has caused some outrage amongst politicians and the likes in the Dunblane area.

From my post Destiny's Child :

 The Stone of Destiny, after it's return to Scotland, was missing for a few months before, on the 101st day of the year 1951, being left at Arbroath Abbey. The 101st day of the year is the 11th of April. The Stone was returned to Westminster, however it was officially returned to Scotland on St Andrew's Day 1996, the handover at Edinburgh Castle performed by Prince Andrew.

Lord of the Thistle holder ( the announcement of his "honour" made on St. Andrew's Day), Lord Cullen, presided over the Dunblane enquiry (sic). He allegedly received a letter, from an un-named person, dated 11th April 1996 which stated : 
"It is in the public interest that Lord Cullen be asked if he is a Freemason, given the widely held view by the public that Thomas Hamilton's Masonic affiliation was probably the reason that the Ombudsman overturned an earlier decision by Central Regional Council in 1983 to prevent Hamilton from running youth clubs, and that his Masonic affiliation probably facilitated his application for a gun licence." The letter-writer said anyone involved in the inquiry who turned out to be a Freemason should be forced to resign - and that included Lord Cullen. The letter went on: "It is far too important to allow the Masonic implication to be whitewashed by furtive operations in the Freemasons, intent only in 'diverting a discourse' - a Masonic ruse - from the involvement of Freemasons and Freemasonry."

Lord Cullen apparently responded to this verbally, stating ""taken aback by the letter" and "not a Freemason, never has been". The Scotsman (Ref 1-1099013)

From the Independent dated 12th April 1996: "The Dunblane primary school gym where Thomas Hamilton massacred 16 children and their teacher was demolished yesterday. No more than a pile of rubble remains on the spot"

On 11th April 1689, William of Orange and his House of Stuart wife, Mary, had their coronation. A couple of years later saw the Glencoe massacre, the MacDonalds being executed on the grounds that they had not been quick enough in pledging allegiance to the new "joint monarchs". Jimmy Savile dug Glencoe.

To close, the "horned"  UKIP logo on it's side, and some other "one-eyes".


Thursday 23 January 2014

Hocus Pocus ?

First things first, I am not that clued up on the "Da Vinci code" or Rosslyn Chapel, nor do I really have too much interest, however I do believe that the Knight's Templar came to Scotland, that they  doubt possessed some form of secret arcane knowledge, and that they did spawn "freemasonry", which appears to form the backbone of our current global society. Thus the following has caught my imagination, especially given the Jungian concept of synchronicity:

Infamous occultist and mountaineer, Aleister Crowley, advocated the use of "a male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence" as the "most satisfactory and suitable victim" for his magick, which involved blood sacrifice and the containment of "energies". (here)

Aleister specifically purchased Boleskin House on the banks of Loch Ness to conjure up demons. He believed the locality to be the focal point of the "energies" of of the Aeon of Horus. In this way it is similar to Jerusalem in Judaism. "Modern" occultists still utilise Boleskin as their reference point, their "Kiblah". here

Something Crowley probably never encountered was floral shrines which now pop-up with regularity whenever a child is "taken", or a celebrity dies. We saw this first, on an enormous scale, with Princess Diana. We saw it just last week, in West Pilton, Edinburgh.

Princess Diana with Jimmy Savile - some say Diana was ritually murdered
Many people believe in ley-lines, alleged invisible "energy lines" which cross the Earth. Dowsers believe they can locate them. At one time I was employed working in the grounds of a mansion house. It was a 16th century building. The dining table allegedly sat below the intersection of two such lines, indeed the whole property and grounds were, and continued to be, aligned in a "ley-line" manner, including when the multi-millionaire owners carried out extensions and renovations.

Rudolph Steiner believed that quartz was instrumental in terms of energy "storing". Steiner seeded the way for what is known as "biodynamic agriculture". Prince Charles is a great advocate of biodynamics which, to all intents and purposes, seems to be a form of "magic".
Nazi-druidology @ ley-lined Stonehenge, note symbols
Some people believe that if an act of evil is carried out, evil energy lingers in the area; which might explain Jimmy Savile's preoccupation with Glencoe, given the massacre. For example, I have a non fiction fishing book, The Sporting Gentleman's Gentleman, by Bruce Sandison. The author recounts a tale of visiting a lonely moor with his wife Ann, a moor in which heinous atrocities were carried out many moons ago against the Gregor Clan : "The sun shone brightly as we climbed through the trees and out on to the hill. It was a steep, tiring climb, and after an hour or so we stopped for a rest above a small corrie. Carefully making our down to the valley floor, we started to cross. Ann was behind me, but half-way across I was startled to see her running at full speed. As she went she callled to me: "Quick, quick, run, get out of here". She was ashen faced and obviously in distress, so I ran after her, calling her to stop to tell me what was wrong. "Something terrible has happened here" she gasped. "Women and children in danger. Get out, quick".She ran on and took the cliff at the far side like a mountain goat. All Ann could tell me, later, was that she suddenly sensed great danger, and that women and children were crying and in fear."

Savile and PC - Note twin "redcoats" in background, more symbols ?

In the semi-fictional book by Dan Brown, a "roseline" is alleged to run from Rennes-Le-Chateau in France to Roslin Chapel in Scotland. Some people in Scotland believe that the "roseline" runs further North than Roslin. The (Scottish) website, Roslin Roseline Da Vinci, traces it from Gretna on the English border through Robert the Bruce's Cave, Langholm, the Buddhist Kagyu Samye Ling, Eskdalemuir Observatory, Peebleshire, Innnerleithen, Cardrona, Peebles, Roslin, St Katherine's Well, St. Anthony's Chapel, St. Margaret's Loch at Royal Holyrood, Edinburgh, over the Forth to Kinghorn and  Kirkcaldy.

In respect of the latter, the website notes how "Ravenscraig Castle, in the heart of Kirkcaldy has a strong affiliation with the Sinclair Clan of Rosslyn. The town takes pride in the fact by naming a great number of streets after Rosslyn Chapel and the Sinclair Barons with a district in Kirkcaldy aptly named Sinclairtown.......In 1469 the Sinclairs of Rosslyn acquired Ravenscraig Castle from King James III, recently married to Princess Margaret of Denmark, in exchange for the Earldom and all lands associated with Orkney. On the face of it a bit of a bum deal! William St Clair, the architect and head designer of Rosslyn Chapel, realised his masterpiece was in great danger of being abandoned because of a lack of funds. His small army of skilled Master Masons were becoming increasingly disenchanted and were entertaining the notion of dropping their tools and moving on, if no remuneration was forthcoming.King James was consulted of the crisis and offered his act of devotion to the Chapel at Rosslyn by the exchange of the building site at Ravenscraig, in return for a major part of the crown jewels in the Sinclair family's possession, the Orkney Islands. Shortly afterwards building work was resumed at both sites and finished under the Sinclairs."

Mikaeel's "shrine" - Many children focused (pocused)
As noted above, last week we saw a floral shrine assembled in Edinburgh's West Pilton, reason being that a 3 year old child, Mikaeel Kular, a twin,  had reportedly dressed himself and left home overnight. Almost immediately media channels carried "live updates", with search parties and helicopters in abundance.

The date he was reported missing was Thurday, January 16th. The occultists favourite, the full moon, was the 16th. According to legends surrounding Rennes-Le-Chateau, the 17th of January is a highly significant date. According to the same source, 22nd July is also a highly significant date.

"Knights Templar" MK Breivik chose 22/7

Alleged Boston Bomber MK Tsarnaev, allegedly born 22/7

Locals were encouraged to help in the search, and a mountain rescue team brought from the borders to assist, which seemed a bit curious given the fairly flat terrain of West Pilton.  No doubt some of them traversed the Rosetta Road in aforementioned Peebles which leads to Edinburgh. It's named after the Rosetta Stone. The search was fruitless, shortly before midnight on Friday January 17th the police announced that a body had been found in Kirkcaldy.

On Monday 20th Mikaeel's mother, Rosdeep - AKA Rosie, aged 33, appeared in court charged with his murder. Note that the number 33 appears to be most important to the "elite" and the the intials MK, often refer to MKUltra, a mind control program. 

On Monday 20th, the spacecraft Rosetta, again named after the Rosetta stone, awoke. BBC News

As Rosdeep was brought to court, a van displaying an owl-logo could be seen. Some suggest that the owl is a symbol utilised by the "illluminati", an alleged shady elite who nefariously guide mankind's future.

East Mains Industrial Estate - as per cab logo - is accessed by Drover's Road. A drover is a herder.

One wonders whether if dark energies are released via evil doings, they then can feast and grow on subsequent negative energies which surround them.

Tomorrow night sees a twin vigil for Mikaeel, in West Pilton, and over the water in Kirkcaldy.



Monday 20 January 2014

Sugar and spice....


Harry Styles, from the X factor born One Direction, has got two new tattoos according to the mail on line.

One is of the Bible, the other simply says Silver Spoon. They should go well with his others, which include two tiny crosses with the letters M and K beneath, and a large butterfly;  although to be fair he does sport a fair number of body “artworks”.

The handshake as shown in the image at top is perhaps the most revealing as to the “real” Harry.

The silver spoon has connections to freemasonry according to “whistleblower” Captain William Morgan, who was allegedly murdered by the craft. Morgan was arrested for alleged non payment of debt on 11th September 1826, before being released on the same day. Not much is known for definate thereafter, although there was obviously shenanigans involved. It's another 911.


.”Here the Master reaches his arm through the golden gate, opens the tabernacle and takes therefrom a pot of manna, and presenting a morsel of it to the Candidate, in a silver spoon, proceeds as follows….The pot of Manna and the silver spoon are then replaced in the tabernacle, and the golden door is closed…

Uri Geller – see two posts ago (related)
Some might infer too, that the initials MK refer to the infamous mind control experiments carried out by the CIA named MKUltra, in the belief that the techniques discovered are still being utilised under the banner Monarch programming. Allegedly, this refers to the Monarch butterfly, as with Harry's tattoo.

Dirty Harry's badge - note omnipresent numerals
My personal understanding of the  butterfly is that the elite see themselves as stewards of the planet; collective humanity as a hairy caterpillar, a garden undesirable. Yet this caterpillar will turn into a thing of beauty well worthy of the recultivated Garden of Eden after it's chrysalis stage (the bit we should be worried about, when they delete the filth, which they orchestrated). Whilst the monarch angle speaks for itself.

Another creature allegedly utilised by the elite as a symbol of their handywork is the owl. One can perhaps glean why from the fact that owls can turn their heads some 270 degrees in both directions, thus they can cover a full 360 degrees. Plus they have big eyes and are rumoured to be wise. It resonates the elite's beloved pyramid and all seeing eye – the objective being to build a one world, diminished in numbers, society, with them as “Gods”.

We saw an owl today whilst many eyes were turned on Edinburgh and the Mikaeel Kular “murder”. It was on the BBC website beside the van which was allegedly transporting Rosdeep, aged 33, to court.



Vigilant Citizen – Monarch mind control
Aangirfan – Mikaeel Kular Mystery

Sunday 19 January 2014

From Roslin to Rosslyn

Rosslyn Chapel, close to Edinburgh, according to some holds deep esoteric secrets within it's architecture, symbols and decoration. It's wiki article, in respect of freemasonic connections, claims that "the earliest records of Freemasonic lodges date back only to the late 16th and early 17th centuries", utilising the history page from the United Grand Lodge of England as it's source.

Which is confusing, given that Lodge Mother Kilwinning, also in Scotland, claims it's origins back to the 12th century.

What we do know though, is Freemasonry was/is exported, globally.

Roslin Institute, close to Rosslyn Chapel, is an animal sciences research institute. It's where they created Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell.

We know from this week's BBC that this has also been exported, the Chinese are now cloning pigs on an "industrial scale". Apparently they are sequencing genes twenty four seven, in an attempt to find tastier bacon : "If it tastes good you should sequence it," he tells me. "You should know what's in the genes of that species."

Some people might consider that what we do to animals, we later do to humans.

In the "sport" of pheasant shooting, the young chicks are penned in woodland in the formative months of their lives. Predators are actively discouraged by the gamekeepers, who check their flock at least twice daily, ensuring water and the best of corn is available. Close to November when the shooting season begins, the birds are released from the pens, but food is still provided in abundance, hence they tend to linger. Come "the shoot", a line of human beaters march through the scrubland, forcing the birds to fly over a line of waiting "hunters". Some pheasants appear to be smart though, and double back on the ground thus avoiding death or wounding.

One wonders if the Chinese will move on to pheasant cloning one day, in an attempt to create the perfect sport-bird, one without a smart gene.

 In our society, the bulk of our children are sent to school most days. Today's schools are highly secure with CCTV, large perimeter fences and "guards" on the gates. Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, recently told how all Scottish schoolchildren up to year 3 will receive free school dinners. At the age of 16 or so, schoolchildren are released into the working environment where they will spend the vast majority of their lives. Some schoolchildren though, don't adapt, it's maybe in their genes.

In today's Scotland on Sunday, Anne Houston, chief executive of the charity Children 1st, uses the Mikaeel Kular case, to call for members of the public to be ultra-vigilant in respect of children's welfare and, basically, to snoop on their neighbours :

 In almost all of the high profile cases involving the death of a child in recent years, people within the community were concerned about that child’s well-being but either did not act, or felt they were not taken seriously when they did.

Which is curious, given that probably the most famous case is that of Baby P, in which the authorities already knew of the family. Some media reports today contest that the authorities had previously had dealings with the Kulars, the mother, Rosdeep, aged 33, now charged in connection with his death.

Volunteers search for Mikaeel

Note, some researchers claim that Roslin, or Rosslyn, refers to an alleged Rose Line (here),

Scotland's "Statue of Liberty"..

Given the sentiments often expressed here, there's a fairly revealing story in today's Scotland on Sunday concerning Mohamed Al Fayed and a proposed "statue of liberty" should Scotland vote for independence.

The statue will be of Princess Scota, Al Fayed noting that : "When Scotland becomes independent it will need a female symbol to personify its greatest characteristics – courage, foresight and intelligence. England has Britannia, France has Marianne and Scotland should have Princess Scota. Honouring Scota in the form of a statue is long overdue. She was a phenomenal leader and princess."

Whilst the article reminds us of the legend (although there are variations) : "Scota, the daughter of Pharaoh Chencres, took to sea 3,600 years ago after a quarrel with her ­father, taking with her two sons and the Stone of Destiny, on which Scottish kings would later be crowned. The princess is said to have died shortly after discovering a windswept land off the north-west coast of Europe, which became home to her sons and which was named in her honour"

Pyramid memorial for Princess Diana and Dodi
 Someone else who is fascinated by the tale is spoon-bender and alleged CIA asset, Uri Geller; so much so that on 11/2/2009, he purchased Lamb Island in the Firth of Forth, close to Edinburgh, as he believes that the Princess may have stashed some treasure there. Having said that, he has only visited once, when he clambered onto the rocky outcrop, holding his spade aloft to the sky in a hermetic pose worthy of any Italian Renaissance masterpiece. Or perhaps not.

Uri is also fascinated with numbers, in particular the digits 11 11 (eleven eleven). Note the date of his island acquisition, for example. Much more on this topic from  The Pyramids of Scotland Revisited.

A "dark" Prince William from Hello magazine issue 1111,  dated 22/2/2010


Note - some claim that the Statue of Liberty (which was gifted by freemasons) is a representation of ISIS. Princess Diana endorsed a perfume of the same name. 

Friday 17 January 2014

Painting by numbers....

Imagine that everything you thought you knew was topsy-turvy.

For example, some people believe that the "elite" are involved in "satanic rituals".

Some people suggest that some of these rituals involve the abuse of children.

Some people contest that these rituals have a purpose, and that "black magic" is an extremely powerful force with an extremely long history.

Some people believe in reincarnation, the ancient Egyptians most certainly did.

Some people consider that the "elite" communicate with themselves via symbols and logos; not forgetting numbers.

Are these people wrong, have they got it turvy-topsy ?

Back in 2007 when the Queen visited America for the Kentucky Derby, George Bush made a faux pas, the President referring to one of her previous visits to the States being in 1776 rather than 1976. He later said:  "She (the Queen) gave me a look that only a mother could give a child". A couple of days prior to the regal visit, Madeleine McCann had vanished. (BBC)

The image at the very top is of the logo of the American Skull and Bones "secret society". George Bush is a member; a Bonesman. Allegedly, it is a very powerful organisation.

Up here in Edinburgh, a child went missing on Wednesday night. It's a fairly curious case, the three year old boy being put to bed by his mother then when she went to check on him in the morning he had vanished. Hundreds are out looking for him.

Rather than using the standard 999 emergency number the police have in this instance "activated the national Child Rescue Alert" system, only the second time it has been utilised since it's inception, the first case being April Jones, which I wrote about here. There is a dedicated telephone number for the CRA system, as imaged below. (BBC)

Some people do not class zero as a number.



The posting of stories, commentaries, reports, documents and links (embedded or otherwise) on this site does not in any way, shape or form, implied or otherwise, necessarily express or suggest endorsement or support of any of such posted material or parts therein.

Queens granddaughter - who married in Edinburgh - has baby

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Joining dots

Damien Hirst's 2014 Mickey Mouse (see recent posts)

The image below was taken by Annie Leibotivz and is of Jessica Chastain posing as Scottish Merida from the 2013 Disney film, Brave. It is due to appear on the February front cover of O - The Oprah Magazine. It will be interesting to note the rest of the "artwork".

Some people believe that there is more to the magical Disney films than meets the eye. They may have read Fritz Springmeier, or they may have perceived a clue from Walt's 33 club.

I'm not sure that John Negroni does in the manner I allude to, but he has reviewed the movie along with the other Disney subshoot Pixar offerings and come to the conclusion that they are all inter-connected. John believes that one must enjoy "fun and imagination" to like his theory, which may be the case; personally I appreciated it because it perhaps shows the depths to which the unconscious can be influenced - if we take the notion that most just see the movie as the movie, without thinking deeper or paying more attention. It's like a form of hypnotism, of implanting ideas.

Being brief, and it is a fairly comprehensive theory, John notes how Brave covers the earliest time period - The Dark Ages - of all the Pixar animations, yet contains reference to "future" ones through the witch, who provides Merida with the magic she needs via the will-o-the-wisps. In short, Scotland, magic, and "witchcraft" are at the root of our "modern" world.

Sully, from Monster's Inc, in the witch's workshop

The witch, with model Pizza Plant truck
Meanwhile, to conclude:
A young Miley

From 2008,  Leibotivz 's  Miley Cyrus ( Disney's Hannah Montana) aged 15

Miley now

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