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Sunday 12 September 2010

Manufactured ?

Claims are made today in the News of the World that Prince William and Kate Middleton - who met at St. Andrew's University - are to marry in the Spring of 2012 just prior to his 30th birthday, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the London Olympics and the dawning of the astrological Age of Aquarius

I suppose it could well be the case that this is just more "newspaper filling", however the quotes appropriated to a mysterious "source" hit the nail on the head in terms of "our" intended future:

The source said: "This will be a landmark occasion. The Chinese may have put on a great show for the last Olympics but nobody can do royal pomp like we can. It will be spectacular.

"The powers that be, and I mean right to the top, see this as the perfect opportunity to secure the monarchy at the heart of the people at a time when the media focus is on our country."

The people referred to being not only being the people of the current United Kingdom but rather a sourced from Scotland, global and green thinking United Kingdom: our very own collective hell.


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Sunday 5 September 2010

Bone Idol

Following on with the recent new green religion enslavement theme proffered up here, it seems that Prince Charles is due in Edinburgh on Monday where he will attend an environmental type festival to launch his "green initiative", named Start, which "encourages people to make a start by adopting changes to their travel, energy, waste and lifestyle habits". The location is St. Andrew Square in the city centre.

Meanwhile, it appears that on a secret date sometime between now and the Pope's Royal visit on the 16th, a Catholic Church administrator, Michael Regan, will carry a pair of bones belonging to St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, from St.Mary's Cathedral in the West End to Morningside, where they will be left in a chapel in order that Cardinal Keith O' Brien and the Pontiff himself can, at 13.00 hours, pray before the relics for Scotland.


Friday 3 September 2010

Hence the Troll ?

As noted in the last post, a solar type symbol was apparent above the heads and towards the front of the white clad "climate change" protesters as they jostled with police officers at the Battle Royal of Gogarbank Bridge a couple of weeks ago; today we read of the "code" for the forthcoming Papal, bridge-building visit's policing arrangements: Operation Zinnia, named after a 20 strong genera of butterfly beloved tropical flower (indeed so much loved that gardeners plant them for that purpose) from the Asteraceae family - from the Greek for star -more commonly known as aster, daisy or sunflower .


images from here (Marc Vallee)

Alex Salmond and David Cameron will greet the Pope