Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Double Trouble

Whilst I appreciate it is easy to get carried away and perhaps read too much into numerology, or the hidden power of numbers, it is perhaps worth reflecting on today's date (UK style) of 20/10/2010. Ignoring the zeros leaves 2121, a tidy 21 x 101, almost symmetrical, in a roundabout way.

And so, today, as well as the parliamentary release of the harsh financial "big squeeze" measures which will drastically effect our society, it is surely no surprise to note Prince William is to appear tonight on Sky 1 in a show called Prince William's Africa where he apparently digresses off topic - given the title - and discusses Afghanistan, his Royal minders, and Kate Middleton.

No surprise, given February 22nd this year - and the Dark One's appearance in issue 1111 of Hello magazine.

Bottom image from (tough and ruthless) Dirty Harry

Prince William story.

Newspaceman -February.

Thursday 14 October 2010

Father Figures

Although the Pope is long gone - almost a month now - a legacy of his visit remains here in Scotland: a facsimile edition of the Lorsch Gospels given to the Queen which is now on display at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. The original copy was produced back in the late seven hundreds, early eight hundreds, at the court of Charlemange - an empire building king who was crowned on Christmas Day, 800, and who, according to wikipedia, is regarded as not only "the founding father of both French and German monarchies" but also the "father of Europe"; indeed in his day he was seen as the representative of God on Earth.(BBC 12/10 Pope book)

The Abbey of Lorsch in Germany, where the book obtained it's title, was founded back in 764, although to popularise it as a shrine and a place of pilgrimage the custodian, Chrodegang, arranged for the body of Saint Nazarius to be sent by Pope Paul 1st; they arrived on 11/7/765. I mention this simply because of the date, 11th July, allegedly the date Robert the Bruce was born in 1274; the regular reader will hopefully remember how Bruce took over ownership of the Scottish army from William Wallace in time for Bannockburn, a battle which, with alleged Knight Templar assistance, led to the Declaration of Independence (from England), signed at Arbroath Abbey, and used as the model for America's later independence declaration.(
The Braveheart Enigma)


Sunday 10 October 2010

Stone Crazy

This is just a coincidence, really. I have written before about Donald Trump and his "best golf course in the world", currently being built on a nature reserve in the North East Corner of Scotland; pointing out for example the contractors name, Sol, whilst all the time mentally concocting a conspiracy theory par excellence involving freemasonry, global Zion, Jews returning, sorcery, black magick and suchlike. So much so that I cannot wait to "join the dots" of the 18 holes once constructed, figuring a likeness of the Templar's long lost Baphomet will be revealed.

On Friday, American Donald, who claims ancestry from Lewis, received a honorary degree from Aberdeen University, despite some opposition.

On Friday night, Lewis born and Aberdeen Uni degree holder, Linda Norgrove, was allegedly killed by her Taliban captors after American forces botched her rescue attempt.

A Lewis stone is a device used to move larger stones in construction.

We await the ramifications.


Trump story

Friday 8 October 2010

Boxing Clever

Continuing in the same vein as earlier in the week, we are told that the East End recreational facility which is being built to accommodate the 2012 London Olympics is to be named the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park from 2013, just after the site reopens following the games.

After-event development plans include five "family-focused neighbourhoods" with associated amenities, including hydroponic, Babylonian style, "hanging gardens set 30ft above ground", schools, nurseries, and faith places. (
BBC 7/10) . 2012 is of course the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year and her last in office (in my opinion), see Things are not always as they seem for more on the forthcoming "raising of the King of Zion" ritual.

Also mainpaged on the BBC's site the same day was a story about East End gangsters, the Kray twins, and their donation to a Welsh colliery landslip disaster (Aberfan, 116 children died) help fund back in the '60's; the story being that a letter thanking the notorious criminal twins for their contribution is coming up for auction soon. A 20th century history expert, Dr. Martin Johnes, from Swansea University is noted as stating :

"Aberfan was one of the first human tragedies beamed on television in real time into people's living-rooms.

"The response, if you were to transpose it into modern times, could be likened to the death of Princess Diana.

"There was such an international out-pouring of sentiment, that it would have been more unusual if someone of the Krays' profile hadn't have made a very public contribution.

Winning hearts and minds ?

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Gas Masks

A prile of interconnected monarchical related headlines landed heads up on the media machine yesterday, hell bent on illuminating our global leader on the road ahead for humanity.

Firstly Prince Charles in India getting jiggy with an parasol in the manner of Mary Poppins, potentially highlighting the forthcoming global nanny state, certainly highlighting that he is semi parkers. Added together with his horticultural dolittling and "old age" thinking, one can surely see....(Flower Power)

Staying with India and Charles the next report again spoke volumes; perhaps a Freudian slip, perhaps a faux pas, anyway Commonwealth Games chief, Suresh Kalmadi, apparently thanked Princess Diana (apparently dead for 13 years) for attending the event.

Then, last but not least, hunky, heroic, new-age Prince William, again yesterday reported as having undertaken his first rescue as an official search and rescue pilot (he qualified on the Friday that the Pope was here), transporting a sick worker (heart attack) from a gas rig in Morecambe Bay.


Commonwelath games gaffe.
Prince William first shift story.
Charles jigs in India.