Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Friday 28 January 2011

Talking Heads

A Braveheart : Person of Scottish descent with warrior like, never say die qualities; a hero.

Almost exactly six months ago, I penned,
The Braveheart Enigma, noting a pattern which had evolved around the film Braveheart involving the topical demise of three "Braveheart" nicknamed "celebrities" : actor Mel Gibson, ex Scotland football captain Colin Hendry, along with boxing promoter and alleged "gangster", businessman Barry Hughes.

This week has seen the downfall of two other Scottish "celebrities", both curiously meeting their "end" via the same source - the Murdoch News Corporation (noted here just two posts ago in respect of the Queen's Christmas Message). Whilst neither has, to the best of my knowledge, ever acquired the Braveheart tag, it seems likely that if they had risen to fame after the movie release, rather than before, such are their attributes that they would have surely been honoured with the moniker.

The first is "fearless" ex- Scotland footballer, Andy Gray, born 30/11/55 (St. Andrew's Day), up until Tuesday the soccer commentator with Murdoch's BSkyB. Andy, like our Osiris resonator,
David Goodwillie, (as noted last week; his sister hit the headlines today accused of attempting to poke out another girl's eye) started his career at Dundee United - the Arabs - before joining various English teams and gaining the prestigious golden boot, amongst other awards, in the process.

Andy got the sack from the media empire allegedly because of derogatory - off air - remarks towards a female referee, including questioning her knowledge of the game. This was closely followed up by the release of older, pre-show, "banter", in which he pulls out the waistband of his trousers whilst asking his glamorous (ex pin-up) lady co-presenter if she would mind "tucking it in". However, Andy was also in the process of suing the News of the World (NOTW - also part of the Murdoch empire) in regards to alleged telephone "tapping", the latter another story which has dominated this week's news, with every Tom, Dick and Blind Harry claiming to be a victim.

Which brings us on nicely to top "socialist" and Celebrity Big Brother contestant, Tommy Sheridan, the second for the axe. Tommy rose to fame during the poll tax rebellion of the very late eighties, indeed so committed to the cause was he that he served time behind bars. He later started a political party - the Scottish Socialists - who did relatively well, gaining a fair number of seats in the Scottish Parliament. They quickly fell out with each other (rumour has it they went all Animal Farm) and subsequently a story appeared, in Murdoch's NOTW, alleging Tommy was a swinger and partook in group sexual activities. Tommy sued them for libel and won his case, and loot.

However, the Murdoch empire was having none of it. Somehow a massive and expensive police investigation took place and Tommy ended up at the High Court, along with his wife, on a perjury charge. He was found guilty just before Christmas after a lengthy and highly expensive trial, and was duly sentenced on Wednesday to three years imprisonment . (Proceedings against his wife were dropped in the latter stages of the trial, although not before we heard of how police compared her to an IRA terrorist after she maintained her right to silence during interrogation and fidgeted with her rosary beads.)

In my original Enigma post, I utilised haggis as the metaphor to understand the code. This was in terms of a haggis centred, sliced sausage delicacy also named after Gibson's William Wallace centered movie representing the emerging "new world order"; given the Scottish freemasonic gut which still drives and architects the ongoing construction.

The events of this week again shine light on the future. Andy's unfunny, never meant to be broadcast, comments were perhaps juvenile and verging on the unacceptable, however the "media" have severely utilised the event to reinforce that this type of behaviour is unacceptable nowadays. Indeed, men and women are equal slaves with equal rights in the new global society. Any deviancy will not be tolerated.

Tommy's case is sad really. It seems that he was indeed prone to group sexual activities. Yet it shows the power of the media and, given that Tommy was a fairly well liked character, perhaps many will have a dimmer view of reporting, or certainly the tabloid, sleezy, element. Perhaps this is no good thing and may lead to censorship. Perhaps that is the intention. Or perhaps it was just to show the power of the law, and of the police. Or maybe a combination of all.

Or, then again, maybe there is too an ongoing battle being fought against the Braveheart spirit which surely flickers within us all. Could watching all these individual characters being defeated have a deeper, more sinister, collective purpose.


Thursday 27 January 2011

Revolution for Dummies

Recent posts have highlighted the distribution of Osiris' body parts and a "King raising" ritual in respect of the forthcoming Olympics.

Today it appears that Charlie Gilmour, son of Pink Floyd's Dave, has been charged with violent disorder in respect of the student tuition fees protest in London last December. The reader may remember my original post,
Angel Guardians, which included the photo of him swinging from the cenotaph, this followed up here earlier this month.

It is also noted, more pertinently, in the
BBC report that he faces an additional charge of stealing a mannequin leg.


Wednesday 19 January 2011

Loosely based on Sky and diamonds.

Three "different" UK royalty based stories hit the BBC news website today.

The first is in recognition of the impending ceremony given there's 100 days to go; under the headline
Royal wedding: Countdown for William and Kate , we read of the Queens 85th birthday in April, Prince Philip's 90th in June, a Diamond Jubilee next year and of course the wedding of the "golden couple", the "high point, both for the family and for the public".

Next up is headlined
Review could see Prince William's daughter as Queen, a fairly curious choice given he does not have a daughter. Notwithstanding, within the report we read of a proposed change to the law on succession to the throne which would grant any daughter of Wills and Kate equal rights to those of any son. There is also mention of Roman Catholics within the report given they are currently excluded from the British throne.

The last regards the annual Queen's Christmas message which was originally solely produced by the BBC (1932-1997) although in recent years the responsibility has been shared with ITN, some saying that the infamous (lest we forget) Panorama Princess Diana programme saw the BBC fall out of favour. Under the self explanatory headline,
Sky News to produce Queen's Christmas message, we read of a new 2 year contract for Sky along with more forthcoming royal happenings: again the wedding, also the wedding of Zara Phillips (seemingly to be conducted in Edinburgh at the Holyrood related Canongate Kirk on the Royal Mile here), the Diamond Jubilee and last but not least, our old favourite the 2012 Olympics (and the raising of the King ritual). The report concluded with:

"In 2006, Prince Philip once spoke about what he called Mr Murdoch's "anti-establishment attitude", telling the BBC it had "really pulled the plug on an awful lot of things that we hold to be quite reasonable and sensible institutions."

Obviously he was confused, perhaps on drugs at the time ?


Monday 17 January 2011

Coffin chasing

Coffins seem to be hot at the moment.

We had the eco-police Kennedy Stone Osiris tamarisk barge, closely followed by the Olympic "Ides of March billboard. Then today a front page story from the BBC:
Safety fears for Prince Charles at Diana funeral, tells how a rival newspaper - the ultra dodgy, wikileaks facilitating Zionist Guardian - has published extracts from the diary of Tony Blair's media secretary, Alastair Campbell, in which he recalls the funeral of Diana and some sort of commotion over who, if anyone, would walk behind Princess Diana's Rampant Lion festooned coffin:

But Mr Campbell said there was doubt over whether Princes William and Harry would be willing to make the walk - as indeed they eventually did.

"William was refusing to speak to anyone and he was consumed by a total hatred of the media.

"It was pretty clear that he really felt strongly about the role of the media vis-a-vis his mother, and would not want to be doing anything that he felt was for them. He was being strong and clear about what he wanted.

"But as TB [Tony Blair] said, they were just one of the things he would have to deal with as king, and he'd need help. He felt that if he loved Diana as she had wanted him to, there was the chance he would set his mind on becoming king but having nothing to do with the rest of them."

Meanwhile, whilst on the subjects it is worth noting that Scotland and Dundee United footballer, David Goodwillie, who starred here last November in
Cabbage Patch Dolls re sands of time, Osiris, his dismemered body and golden penis, has today been charged with rape, the alleged rampant and beastly offence taking place in Armadale at a New Year party.

Could his career be dead and buried, or will he rise again ?

Sunday 16 January 2011


Most will know of the Ides of March, a day in Roman times dedicated to their war god Mars, perhaps best remembered through "Shakespeare's" Julius Caesar play, the Roman general assassinated on that date back in 44BC after being forewarned by a soothsayer of his impending and savage murder.

This year's 15th March has been chosen by the London Olympic 2012 organisers as the date that the 6.6 million tickets will go on sale for what chairman, Lord Coe, described, Billy Smart's Circus style, as the "greatest show on earth".

Maybe I have been thinking too much about resurrections given Mark Kennedy/ Stone (allegedly born 7/7/69) and "his" Osiris resonating Tamarisk barge, as noted yesterday, but is that not a coffin like shape surrounding the ominous date in the above billboard display; to the left of the crown shaped stadium.

Whatever, it should indeed be some show.


BBC report.

See too No bones about it, re light/illumination Olympic ritual from December.

Saturday 15 January 2011


In the last post I touched on police eco-warrior "plant", Mark Kennedy, alias Mark "Flash" Stone and how the whole climate camp shenanigan could well be manufactured, along with the impending "revolution", subsequent global reorganisation, and budding, freshly repackaged religion; a new age, greenish, druido-christianity.

More ammunition in this regard comes from the mail on line's
sleeping with the enemy: How undercover cop who went native with eco-warriors used double life to seduce idealistic young women . It appears that Flash (as Mark was known due to his always being rolling in cash) often took young ladies back to his barge, the green and black Tamarisk, which was moored - indeed seemingly still is - at Nottingham's Castle marina.

Tamarisk is a plant with an ancient claim to fame. From
Masonic Lodge Symbol:

The legend of Hiram Abif is liberally drawn from the Egyptian Mystery ritual of the murder and resurrection of Osiris. As such, the sprig of acacia also represents to Hiram's resurrection to all Masons. In the Egyptian legend, the chest containing the body of Osiris, who was viciously murdered by Typhon, was washed ashore and lodged in the roots of a tamarisk, or acacia. The tamarisk grew into a mighty tree enclosing within itself the body of the murdered god.

One wonders if "Stone" was always destined to roll.


Top image - "eco warrior", curiously eyed Mark. .

Monday 10 January 2011


In my post Knights in White Satin last August I considered the absurd possibility that the eco-warrior invasion and police battle of "Gogarbank Bridge" in the Royal Bank's Edinburgh headquarters was in some way a ritual, a reenactment of a historical skirmish related to Scotland's (thus America's) "independence", Bannockburn, The Knights Templar, and the ongoing construction of a one-world society:

The camp had previously been peaceful when, all of a sudden, a platoon of eco-warriors, all dressed in white, marched ominously towards the bank headquarters. They carried a standard above them, emblazoned with an image of the sun.

Yet, it is perhaps not such an absurd notion after today's revelations that the police have had an active spy - a paid employee - within the "green" faction since 2000, a Mark Kennedy, alias Mark "Flash" Stone. Mr Kennedy was described today in the
BBC report as more than a simple foot soldier, indeed he was "in the thick of it", providing transport and suchlike for events including Ratcliffe-on- Soar, the focus of the court case as noted today; an event which climaxed with a raid at the Iona School in Nottingham, hundreds of police swooping on the building and arresting would be climate campers for "conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass".


Also see
A Sunny Trap, re the Gogar area of Edinburgh, crop circles, Human farming and suchlike.

Sunday 9 January 2011

A Full Monty

In my post Is He, or isn't he ? last month I considered the possibility of a nefarious plan for humanity, a new "Garden of Eden" and Prince Charles' messianic role as shepherd of the "chosen ones". Today we read of his forthcoming new model village in Ayrshire, Scotland. Called Knockroon, the 770 homed uber eco-hamlet will have allotments, workshops, offices and suchlike, it's heart to be known as Adam Square.

One can imagine the future, a helicopter lands in Adam Square, a crowd of young humans looking on in bewilderment. These are the survivors of the 2012 virus, somehow children were immune, their new "carers" rescuing them Pied Piper style.

Charles disembarks, although immaculate in white he is old and stooped like a poor man's Gandalf. He has a strange circle of white around the ridge of his nostrils. He picks up a potato and looks at it. Then he cuts it in half and smells it and nods his head. The dozen or so adults in the 300 strong mob begin to cheer and whoop: "He says yes". The thick skinned, calloused hands children follow suit.

That night they get chocolate, the first for a long time.

Charles village story - Scotland on Sunday.

Friday 7 January 2011

Anyone for Tennis ?

Groomed for stardom, Kings of Leon, jumped upon the British royalty train today with widespread media coverage over a game of table tennis which their drummer, the aptly named, Nathan Followill, indulged in courtesy of "great dude" Prince Harry. The tournament is said to have taken place shortly after the Kings played the O2 arena in London last month.

The gig was covered
here at the time, really because of the bus tour fire synchronicity - the previous evening seeing the majority of the lights at the London Olympic stadium ignited (here), only the very top corner (capstone) of the triangular (pyramidal) lighting stands remaining dark.

The following "lunar eclipsed" morning - the shortest day of the year - saw the Kings' O2 inferno.

Wednesday 5 January 2011

Marrying under a rowan

More details have emerged today about the forthcoming royal wedding (lest we forget) which tie in gently with the recent Archbishop of Canterbury/Queen/King James Bible remarks , namely that christo-druid Rowan will carry out the actual marrying part.

This is really not a surprise, according to the BBC, as the AoC has married all previous monarchs-to-be, however, there was "a suggestion that the Bishop of London - the Rt Rev Richard Chartres - might be chosen instead because he is close to Prince Charles and counselled him after the death of Diana ". Lest we forget.

Other information is released along with the above: a reminder of the engagement ring source, the time and the route, along with details that poor old Kate will have to make do with a car en route the service, the traditional glass carriage being deemed too lavish in these economically ravished times. They will, however, leave in a glass carriage together.


rowan tree mythology.

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Echoes of December ?

In my mid - December post, Angel Guardians, I touched upon a quaint relationship between Pink Floyd, the London "student riots", and the "attack" on Prince Charles' blood red Phantom VI Rolls Royce: the mainstay being Charlie Gilmour who swung, in a pendulous manner, from the Union Jack which hangs on the Cenotaph before apparently being part of the mob who were involved in the Royal Variety performance assault. It was all connected to money and time through Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey and the Planet Saturn.

Today, after a few weeks scrutinisation of CCTV images, the police have seemingly made further inroads into "Operation Malone" (as the Prince attack inquiry is labelled), and as such released details of three unworthy individuals they wish to talk to. None of them are Floyd's Charlie it appears, however, coincidentally today, his father's band hit the headlines with the story that they are to retain their contract with EMI and thus end their ongoing legal battle over royalties with the record company.


See also
Echoes, another Floyd track which allegedly synchronises with 2001, and allegedly was plagiarized by Andrew Lloyd Webber for his Phantom of the Opera.

Monday 3 January 2011

God's "english" ?

The photo is from the BBC; an unnamed airport in Queensland, Australia and the ongoing "Biblical" floods. The town of Rockhampton totally cut off due to the river Fitzroy (which "means" son of the King; usually a bastard) surely resonating the Queen's Christmas King James speech made, unprecedentedly, at Hampton Court.


see also Cabbage Patch Dolls in respect of 33 (black and white) beached whales in Donegal, Ireland last November, 33 Chilean miners etc.

BBC - OZ floods

Saturday 1 January 2011

Jesus wept

Hot on the heels of HM the Queen's output from Christmas Day, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has called on people of "all faiths" to see the "big picture" by discovering the King James Bible. Check Spelling

Furthermore, it is apparently "vital" to the "big society" envisaged by ministers - and by that he means politicians, not the Church of Scotland one's who used to send their "elders" round to my Grandad's when I was a boy, asking him to sign a covenant (a method of reclaiming tax on a regular, legally documented, contribution).

Thus we surely see an unholy trinity: monarchy, church and government combining under the auspices of "God's word" to create what seems like bonded slavery.

Remember too that the concept of this "suits-all" Bible production was originally envisaged by King James; not at Hampton Court, but rather Burntisland, in Fife, Scotland, very close to where King Alexander 3rd of Scotland, born 11th September (n/s), seemingly died after drunkenly falling from his horse - a death which proved most decisive in the future history of Scotland and thus the world.


Alexander 3rd (last Gaelic monarch) - wiki.