Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Skeletons in the cupboard.

Urban myths are something I enjoy. Often they are untrue or impossible to prove correct. For example, as I have stated before, some twenty or so years ago I heard that Jimmy Savile was a necrophiliac. I thought little more about it until he was buried at a fourty-five degree angle, arse down, in a "golden" coffin encased in concrete. One wonders if he was worried about something.

Then there's the one about Professor Stephen Hawking. I heard, again many moons ago, that he contracted his motor neurone disease from an attempt to travel in time.

Yesterday's BBC News told of how the Prof has lectured that humanity is in danger of destroying itself given the potential perils of nuclear war, global warming and genetically-engineered viruses. He has suggested colonisation of other planets as a potential solution, to prevent the end of the human race:

"Although the chance of a disaster to planet Earth in a given year may be quite low, it adds up over time, and becomes a near certainty in the next thousand or ten thousand years. 

"By that time we should have spread out into space, and to other stars, so a disaster on Earth would not mean the end of the human race. 

"However, we will not establish self-sustaining colonies in space for at least the next hundred years, so we have to be very careful in this period."

Which got me thinking about the myth that humans were genetically created by planet hopping aliens as their worker slaves; thus heading full circle, so to speak.


Friday 15 January 2016

Skullduggery ?

Ex Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, and would-be American president, Donald Trump, have fallen out. Allegedly. It's not new, they were buddies but Donald was not happy about some offshore wind turbines being installed close to his "best golf course in the world", the one in the North East corner of Scotland in Menie that the locals were, in the majority, unhappy about.

Yesterday, we were told that after a radio show in which Alex had a dig at Donald, the stinking rich tycoon responded in the usual manner, bragging of his future investments to the Scottish economy whilst slating Alex for releasing alleged winter-solstice Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, early on compassionate grounds. 

Apparently, al-Megrahi was working on the direct orders of Gaddafi, which I'll go along with for the purpose of this post.

On the Autumn equinox, 23rd September 2009, the BBC reported that construction of a tent which was being pitched close to New York to house Gaddafi, who was due to speak at the United Nations, have been terminated due to planning regulations. The land belonged to Donald Trump who accepted that "it was leased on a short term basis to Middle Eastern partners who may or may not have a relationship with Gaddafi". BBC News

On the equinox, Gaddafi spoke at the UN, directly after Obama and directly before Scotsman, Gordon Brown.

Back in Scotland, on the equinox, something was emerging. At this point Donald had not yet begun construction of "the best golf course in  the world" albeit he had secured planning permission after an initial refusal by appealing directly to the Scottish government who, at that time, were led by Salmond. 

The morning after the equinox, the 24th, many statues in Scotland had been defaced overnight by means of the attachment of a Donald Trump face mask. The perpetrators were, allegedly,  a group calling themselves the Menie Liberation Front. The image up top is that of the Greyfriars Bobby-dog statue. It is popular in it's own right with tourists, however more recently Harry Potterites have congregated close by given Rowling's cafe -where she used to write - and the alleged grave of Lord Voldermort are in close proximity.

Some people believe that statues and suchlike are often more strategically placed that one might consider, in terms of invisible energies of the type that Aleister Crowley was fond of. One may even consider that congregating humans may even have an effect on such, an effect which can be utilised by those in the know. Hence, perhaps, the emergence of the Loch Ness Monster, close to Crowley's energy laden Scottish abode. 


Note that Donald utilised the services of a contractor called Sol (as in the Sun) to construct his course. He chose the date 01/02/2010 to announce this. 

Thursday 14 January 2016

I hear Jerusalem...

Glastonbury Tor at the London Olympic Opening Ceremony - see Monkey business

An interesting article cropped up in yesterday's BBC News - The strange myth in the song Jerusalem.

Within, the author, Gavin Rubin, tells us of how the song appears likely to be adopted as England's own national anthem and explores the "myth" behind the poem which sprung the tune - And did those feet in ancient time - which in itself is based on the legend of a visit by Jesus, in the company of his great uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, to the British Isles.

Gavin discounts the legend given lack of evidence and instead points to the tales of King Arthur :

Instead, the legend of Jesus walking upon England's mountains green is part and parcel of the cycle of medieval legends about Britain's own King Arthur. Those stories say that after Jesus's Crucifixion, Joseph took the Holy Grail to Glastonbury, where he established the first English church. But that's not all he left. According to the 14th Century monk John of Glastonbury, Arthur, the greatest of British heroes, was Joseph's great-great-great-great grandson - and therefore related to Jesus himself.

One of the most famous legends about Joseph's time in Glastonbury states that one night he struck his staff into the ground and went to sleep. When he awoke he saw that a hawthorn tree had miraculously sprung from the staff...

Gavin then surmises that Blake "probably" wrote the poem as a way of expressing his dissatisfaction over the Industrial Revolution and it's effect on humanity and was simply looking back at the simplicity of prior life. He concludes his piece by quoting from Diarmaid MacCulloch, professor of church history at the University of Oxford, who claims the story is "totally obviously didn't happen. Why should a carpenter's son from the eastern Mediterranean even think of coming here. It's just silly English self-promotion. Nothing more to it than that."

Thus what Gavin appears to be asserting is that there was no visit by Jesus, which may well be the case, and that the legend has sprung to life because King Arthur is a blood relative of Jesus.

Curiously, if we look at the wikipedia entry for And did those feet in ancient times, there is no mention of the King Arthur legend however there is reference to a "second coming", the Book of Revelation and a New Jerusalem. Apparently, the English Church uses Jerusalem as a metaphor for heaven - "a place of universal love and peace". 

Prince William Arthur Louis, born on the summer solstice 1982, appears to be fond of the song, it was one of the three hymns at his wedding, with Druid and Archbishop of Canterbury,  Rowan Williams, as celebrant. 

When Rowan became a Druid in 2002 there was some controversy. His white robed initiation involved stepping into a stone circle, "reciting prayers which don't mention Jesus Christ". However, Rowan hit back : "Some people have reached the wrong conclusion about the ceremony. If people had actually looked at the words of the hymns and text used they would have seen a very Christian service." (The Guardian). Thus, can we glean there are strong comparisons between the Druid and Christian "faiths"and if so, which influenced which ? 

Tartan (many colours) clad, Ben Hur, meets a Druid whilst waiting for Jesus

Just to close it's worth reiterating that back in 2013, the Scottish Church, in a report on Israel, stated :

"The 'promised land' in the Bible is not a place, so much as a metaphor of how things ought to be among the people of God. This 'promised land' can be found - or built - anywhere." (Crypto jewology)


Note that the legend of the hawthorn tree sprouting from a staff is not as far fetched as it may sound. In horticulture it's called a hardwood cutting, although admittedly, it usually needs to over-winter before sprouting roots.

Wednesday 13 January 2016

The Melting Pot

The above image is of what's left of "Aleister Crowley's", Boleskine House, ravaged by fire the day after the winter solstice, the alarm raised at twenty to two in the afternoon. Today's Inverness Courier reports that the Fire Brigade have conducted their usual enquiries into the cause of the blaze and, despite their belief it was not deliberately started, they have no further clues to share. 

On the (familiar)  22nd of November 2007, the Scotsman published an article, House of the unholy, detailing some of the history of Boleskine including Jimmy Page's acquisition, Led Zeppelin's "video" to The Song Remains the Same in which Page meets the Hermit from the Tarot,  and the legend that the house stood on the spot of a former Kirk which burned down, killing the entire congregation.
Still from the video, filmed at Boleskine

Someone else interested in magick is J.K. Rowling, alleged creator of the Harry Potter series. Today's mail on line reports that on Monday past, 11/1, she sent a tweet celebrating the 9th anniversary of the conclusion of her writing of the books. It's been covered here before; she reiterated her unauthorised signing of a bust of Hermes to commemorate the occasion, in room 552 of Edinburgh's Balmoral Hotel. Apparently room 552 now carries an brass owl door knocker, whilst the article also reminds us of her recent £22million purchase of Johnny Depp's yacht. Depp is a 20th cousin of the current Queen who spends her summers at a different Scottish Balmoral. Note also that some equate Hermes with Thoth, a diety Crowley was keen on whilst the pair combined are associated by some with Hermes Trismegistus, the "mythical founder" of Hermeticism. 

David Bowie - Outside Aleister Crowley And the Holy Grail


Friday 8 January 2016

A reborn Eden

I noted the post-solstice burning of Aleister Crowley's old Loch Ness abode, Boleskine House, in my last offering, considering it potentially portentous given "the beast's" contention that the place was, in some manner, a hotbed of magickally harnessable energies.

Since then the weather in Scotland, especially the North East corner, has been horrendous. The Royal family have not been spared, Prince Charles' Birkhall garden, originally "constructed" by the Queen Mother, obliterated by floods. From the mail on line we read of how Charles considers that the River Muick, which flows through the place, "is the magic" and of how the Q.M. adored the "hermit" qualities of the haven. Furthermore, we learn of how the house itself, which has been spared, contains a toilet nicknamed Arthur's Seat, allegedly named after a favourite member of the Q.M.'s household.

In (free)masonry, the North East corner is highly symbolic, being the site of the cubic corner stone - "the most important stone in the whole edifice". Let us not forget either of how, after the Scottish independence referendum, Alex Salmond stated:

"The winds are blowing across Scotland and they're blowing very strongly, believe me, in the north east of Scotland.

'There's going to be a lion roaring tonight, a Scottish lion, and it's going to roar with a voice that no government of whatever political complexion is going to be able to ignore."

The Changelings and other fishy matters

A load of balls 

There's another Arthur's Seat in Scotland,  this one not a toilet but rather a lion-shaped extinct volcano close to the centre of Edinburgh. At it's foot sits the Scottish Parliament and historic Royal Holyrood Palace. On it's plug, or capstone, sits Edinburgh Castle which nowadays contains the alleged Stone of Destiny, which some claim is Jacob's Pillow Stone.

Royal Holyrood was founded by King David who, during encounter with a manic stag, made the sign of the cross and survived. The earliest claim of a Loch Ness monster is in a similar vein.

I'll just reiterate my long held theory that, like freemasonry in the past, Scotland is the geographical root of the forthcoming  new global order and that the solitary figurehead will begin his journey here, on the Stone of Destiny.

Whilst lastly, we read today that Tony Blair allegedly told Bill Clinton that Princess Diana's death was like a "star falling". See wiki - Lucifer - in that regard.