Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Friday 24 June 2016

Independence Day - Scotland is Key ?

The butterfly emerges (thanks to Anon2)

One begins a jigsaw puzzle by sorting the pieces out: the ones with straight edges and the corners are set aside to make a frame. Then one fills in the middle, little bits at a time. As one progresses it gets easier as there are fewer pieces. It's hard to complete without the picture on the box.

The picture I see, as I often reiterate, is Prince William being crowned on the Stone of Destiny (Jacob's Pillow Stone) here in Scotland,  before going on to be Rex Mundi - The King of the World. I believe that magick, sorcery and alchemy are all at play in this ritual and that Scotland is pivotal.

Yesterday was the Brexit vote. Top leave campaigner, Nigel Farage, is declaring yesterday, 23rd June, Independence Day. The United Kingdom have voted to leave the E.U. but the people of Scotland, who only last year voted to remain with the UK, have voted to remain in the E.U. Talk is of another Scottish referendum on independence, rapidly.

The leader of the leave campaign is London mayor, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, Boris for short. We saw Boris back in 2008 at the Beijing London Olympic handover, flying the flag. Yesterday Boris was up in Scotland at St. Andrews, "causing chaos" at his daughter's otherwise orderly graduation ceremony. St Andrews, home of golf is, of course, where Prince William and Kate kindled their relationship. St. Andrew brought Christianity to many countries.  (here)

Stained glass representation of St. Andrew. Note Templar crosses. Some claim the fish represent the "astrological" sign of Pisces.
When Boris was in Beijing he shared the stage, so to speak, with Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page who dueted with Leona Lewis. Jimmy was a great fan of Aleister Crowley. So much so he purchased Boleskine House, the Scottish property acquired by "The Beast" to carry out various magickal rituals. Crowley proclaimed that Boleskine was a magnet for harnessable energies which he could tap into.

Yesterday Led Zeppelin were cleared of plagiarising their song, Stairway to Heaven. (here)

Boleskine House, ravaged by fire the day after the winter solstice 2015. The Summer Solstice was Monday past - The Melting Pot

Yesterday and today are the 702nd anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn. Some claim that the Knight's Templar gave Scotland handers in the alleged miltary confrontation. Some claim the Knights Templar spawned freemasonry.  Alex Salmond, ex Scottish political top-dog, described the skirmish as "the birthplace of modern Scotland". (here)

Yesterday, Prince Charles was up in Scotland playing the bagpipes.  He was here the day before too. His consort, Camilla, visited a sandwich shop in Edinburgh's Rose Street - following in the footsteps of George Clooney and to be followed by Leonardo DiCaprio later this year. Leonardo has links to Scotland via his godfather, a chap called Robbie the Pict, who may well be not what he seems. Roses are symbolic as are their lines. (Bridge Building)

One eyed DiCaprio
Last night, the would-be American President with Scottish roots, Donald Trump, jetted into Scotland. Today he is due to officially open "his" Turnberry golf resort. Donald has hailed the result of Brexit as "great thing", which apparently it is, given his ambitions. (here)

As I have noted before, when one practices alchemy, one's materials require to be "back to base" before one can begin to form the "gold". It irons out any butterfly effect.


Note that Prince Charles also visited a primary school in Kilmarnock. The alleged killer of Joe Cox, Thomas Mair, was born in Kilmarnock. It appears he was there until aged 11 or so.

Friday 17 June 2016

Biting on Apple

Prince William is worried.

Yesterday, speaking at a conference for leading digital and technological entrepreneurs from the UK and around the world - The Founders Forum - he told of his concerns relating to cyber-bullying of children. In fact he is "appalled". However, William embraces technology, often like many of his age utilising his smart-phone for "news, sport, music and the odd bit of gaming".

Apparently though, the fly in the ointment in terms of prevention of cyber-bullying is Apple; they have not yet been tempted to board William's crusade.

Whilst at the event  Wills was introduced to "the most humanoid robot ever created" which goes by the name Nao. It attemped to dance for the Prince to Daft Punk's Get Lucky however fell over and had to be righted, it's internal gyroscope failing.

He also marvelled at a "human-sized" drone designed to carry an individual 100 metres into the air. However, it too failed, it's cargo, a Juergen Weigl, having eaten too many hamburgers.

Sometimes I see positives in failure.


News report - here.

Jesus, Holyrood and the Stone of Destiny

Allow me to return to the events in Edinburgh's Court of Session, Tuesday past.

The "independence seeking" Sovereign Indigenous Peoples of Scotland  set up a shanty-camp outside the Scottish Parliament building at Royal Holyrood; the authorities are not happy and have commenced legal action to evict them.

A Mr. McFarlane spoke for them initially. He told Lord Turnbull that he personally had spoken to Jesus, who is here for his second coming, and Jesus want's the camp to stay. Jesus has also requested that the Stone of Destiny be transported to the shanty-camp in order that he can be crowned upon it.

Mr. McFarlane has tried to secure legal representation, allegedly contacting 144 lawyers, all of whom were too busy. Mr. McFarlane advised Lord Turnbull that Jesus had suggested that this was deliberate as they would "not wish to bite the hand that feeds them". Furthermore, Jesus loves all of us including Lord Turnbull.

Lord Turnbull rebuked Mr. McFarlane for not sticking to legal matters and for making "philosophical and spiritual arguments that could not be properly examined by the court".

I'm interested in Mr. McFarlane's thesis, unfortunately though I don't see it being Jesus being next to be crowned on the Stone. Rather, his opposite prior to global kingship. Perhaps Mr. McFarlane is occultly alluding to that, perhaps he assumes Lord Turnbull knows the blueprint intimately and is poking the hornet's nest?

It's worth noting that Lord Turnbull was one of the prosecuting council in both the Lockerbie trial and the murder Jodi Jones, on 3/6/3 - an act allegedly inspired by Marilyn Manson, an individual who has certainly got his finger on the pulse.

Marilyn Manson, Magick, Jodi Jones and the Clutha


The previous Court judgement can be found here.

Edinburgh Evening News.

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Triggers with Attitude ?

History has been made. Prince William is the first member of the royal family to appear on the front page of a gay magazine. It's Attitude and it comes out next Wednesday, the 22nd, the day after Wills' 34th birthday. Bear in mind it's a leap year. Allegedly the bullying of LGBT people has it's roots in the classroom. (here)

Apparently the magazine went to print before the events in Orlando last weekend, so there's surely no possibility he's jumping on the bandwagon so to speak. Surely?

Yesterday, I noted the claims in court re the second coming of Jesus and the Stone of Destiny. Curiously, another story hit the Scottish headlines similtaneously, plans are afoot to move the Stone from Edinburgh Castle to Perth. Whether, and if so when this happens will be interesting. (Daily Record)

The Childcatcher - From London Olympic's opening ceremony

Coincidentally, coinciding with  William's ground breaking announcement, up here in Scotland the BBC are reporting via their "Scotland Live" reports that Jordan Daly,  "co-founder of the "Time for Inclusive Education" campaign said that despite the law banning the "promotion" of homosexuality in schools being repealed, there had been little progress in the past 16 years.

His comments come as party leaders said Holyrood must take a greater role in advancing LGBT equality.

Mr Daly says teachers need to be better informed.

"We're being told the same thing - that teachers do not know where the boundaries are. They do not really know where they can discuss LGBT issues. We have spoken to teachers in faith schools who believe that if they do discuss these issues then they might lose their job. It has to be made clear to teachers that you can discuss these issues, there is no law anymore that outlaws it".

Promotion being the salient word.

I have written about LGBT Scotland before, in particular referencing their A Very Gayleigh Ceilidh, targeting children aged 12+, which was held in my locality back in 2008. Flyers for the event were being distributed at schools and local health centres. In 2008 LGBT Scotland received £1.1 million from the Scottish Government. In 2008 the director of LGBT Scotland was a Neil Rennie. In 2009 Rennie was sentenced to 14 years inprisonment for sexually assaulting a three month old. Rennie was also a qualified teacher. (Who ate all the PIE)

We see the agenda unfold.


Tuesday 14 June 2016

Words almost fail me

It's rare that a news report makes me choke on my tea or that I write two posts in one day.

Close to the Scottish Parliament building at Royal Holyrood a makeshift shanty town has been established in respect of Scottish independence. The parliament is not happy and has taken legal steps to remove them. The inhabitants of the shanty-town - IndyCamp - previously represented themselves in court. They argued about the Declaration of Arbroath and the Act of Union, basically citing that the laws being used to remove them were themselves illegal. It's a sort of "freeman on the land" argument. At the last hearing, the presiding judge, Lord Turnbull, dismissed their arguments as having "no foundation" however he suggested they perhaps utilise human rights legislation and directed them to consult a solicitor.

Today the case was continued. Apparently Indycamp have contacted 144 lawyers (12x12/ Book of Revelation) to try to find representation, however all are too busy.

I will just cut and paste from the BBC article which resonates many of the philosophies expressed here, albeit  through a looking glass :

Independence campaigners have announced their intention to cite the Queen as a witness in their fight against eviction from Holyrood.

The IndyCamp group described their vigil outside the Scottish Parliament as a "spiritual mission" inspired by "the second coming of Jesus Christ".

The parliament has taken them to the Court of Session in a bid to have them removed from the campus.

Judge Lord Turnbull has retired to consider the next steps in the case.

The latest hearing was intended to let the group provide an update on their attempts to find a lawyer to represent them in court.

In unusual scenes at the Court of Session, the hearing eventually saw the Queen cited as a witness, the rebirth of Jesus proclaimed and Lord Turnbull himself accused of "blasphemy".

 Camper Richard McFarlane told Lord Turnbull that he had contacted 144 lawyers and firms, who all told him they were "too busy".

He explained that about half of the people taking part in the camp, which was set up in November with the goal of staying in place until Scotland is independent, were on a "spiritual mission".

He said Jesus Christ had returned to earth and was "the rightful monarch" of Scotland, calling for the Stone of Destiny to brought out for his "coronation"....

 Another respondent, Arthur Gemmill, then accused Lord Turnbull of "blasphemy", saying he had "ridiculed" his belief in God.

When asked to substantiate this claim, having been warned about the potential of committing contempt of court, Mr Gemmill said he could not find the passage in the written judgement, but insisted Lord Turnbull had insulted him at an earlier hearing. 

He said that the judge had "dismissed my comment that only God could make laws for men", by saying "is that right" in a "derogatory" tone.

Lord Turnbull then rose to consider what he had heard.

I will update,when I know more.


Kubrick's Pinnochio ?

Occultist and movie director Stanley Kubrick has graced the pages of the newspaceman on several occasions, albeit with a misspelt surname at times. My bad.

Back in 2008 I commented on Clockwork Orange and it's influence on '70's football hooliganism. It's quite pertinent to my recent posts. (Eyes Wide Shut)

Then in 2009, I noted the establishment chef, Jamie Oliver, and his April Fool's Day menu for delegates  attending the G20 summit : Baked Scottish Salmon or Childwickbury Goats Cheese followed by Welsh Lamb served with Jersey Royals and wild St. George mushrooms. Dessert was Bakewell Tart and Custard made from Prince Charles' eggs, not the ones he discards at breakfast time after sampling half a dozen. For the uninitiated, Childwickbury was once the home of  Kubrick. (G20 - Food for thought)

In 2014, it was the turn of Molly and her Children of the Universe, Eurovision Song Contest entry. It was maybe just me, but the video for the track resonated The Shining. Check the "keyhole". (Molly, Children of the Universe, and Stanley Kubrick's Shining).

At the end of  May past, The Guardian published an article claiming that Kubrick was planning to cover the tale Pinnocchio, emphasing that it would be a "completely separate project from A.I. Artificial Intelligence, the science-fiction film with a robot version of Pinocchio that Kubrick planned in the early 1990s and which Steven Spielberg later directed".

Which got me thinking about the London Olympics  again. Before the actual ritual began, we were treated to an animated movie - Out of a Rainbow" in which a gentleman called George retired from his job in a steelworks and crafted, in the manner of an alchemist, under a full moon, 2 little metallic creatures (the Olympic Mascots) named Mandeville and Wenlock. He gifted these to his grandchildren in a pair of size 11 shoeboxes (that old double 11 again), they placed them on their windowsill and a rainbow brought them to life. As I noted in the post - Bye George :

There are two ways to read “The Adventures of Pinocchio”. The first is what I would call “profane” where the reader, most probably a child, learns about the mishaps of the wooden puppet. The second is a reading from a Masonic point of view, where heavy symbolism will complete, without replacing, the simple and lineary narration of events”.
- Giovanni Malevolti, Pinocchio, mio Fratello (free translation)


You tube - Out of a Rainbow

Saturday 11 June 2016

Birds of a Feather
21 days since the Hibernian fire was stoked.

English, Russian, and allsorts of hooligans on the "rampage" in France. "It's almost like the mid eighties" except it's not.

Many things spring in Scotland; to be, in time, globalised. 

Back in the days prior to the Scottish referendum, I posited the establishment occultly desired Scotland to be "on it's tod" as part of a magickal, alchemical ritual. If something has worked once before, and exactly the same pattern is followed, then it should work again. The more one practises magick, the more one perfects. Like law and doctors and dentists. Like King James and his Bible. Like Freemasonry. Like golf. Like Grand Theft Auto.

Back in the day I was taken by the clock behind Alex Salmond pre referendum at the Nationalists' conference. I feel numbers are symbolic, always have done, it's hard to explain: potentially hard wired in my brain?

English "hooligans" are currently shouting about leaving Europe, ISIS, and the IRA.

Here's Alex's image :

On 26th May, squarely sixteen days ago, the BBC reported that net migration to the United Kingdom had risen to 333,000 in 2015. After the figures were released, those in favour of Brexit climbed. If the UK votes to leave but the Scots vote to stay, another referendum beckons. A third.

The Welsh Dragon illuminates the Eiffel Tower


Friday 27 May 2016

Stoking the phoenix fire (The fall and rise of Binnie)

Back in February I noted the passing away of Arthur Binnie. Arthur was the BBC reporter who, back on 11th April 1951, landed his exclusive "big scoop", the re-appearance of the Stone of Destiny within a stonemason's barrow at Arbroath Abbey some 108 days after it's repatriation from Westminster on Christmas Day 1950.  108 as a symbolic number carries some currency in certain circles thus I shall return to both it and the name Binnie, shortly - with a synchronous mindset and an added dash of Harry Potter magic.

Last Saturday saw a football cup final. Glasgow Rangers versus Hibernian at Hampden Park. Hibs were the bookmaker's underdogs and had not won the cup for 114 years. The team which ended victorious would play in the cash rich European game(s) next season, so much was riding on the outcome especially given Rangers recent phoenix resurrection after their cash flow problems. I should probably note here that (Protestant/Queen loyal) Rangers are allegedly "bankrolled" by a David King, their now saviour after a spell of Mr. Green and Mr. Whyte: colours which their supporters despise.

Hibs started well with an early goal by Anthony Stokes who is on loan from Celtic, Rangers bitter rivals. Later though, Rangers equalised and then took the lead. The Hibs fans were beginning to lose heart however, with ten or so minutes to go, Stokes rose like an enchanted cobra to head in a goal and make it two-all. In early injury time David Gray emulated Stokes, another venemous header striking in, sending the spellbound Hibs supporters into a collective madness. Glorious.  Three - two. Their hoodoo was broken, the curse lifted.

As the final whistle blew, hoards of Hibees descended the stands and encroached the pitch. Unusually, the police were conspicuous by their absence. Some supporters raced towards the Rangers fans to celebrate and goad, the result being various skirmishes on the pitch and spilt blood, both Orange and Fenian, albeit not in quantities requiring wellington boots. The crossbar was destroyed and turf ripped up as souvenirs. The police soon arrived in numbers and with their truncheons out, order was quickly restored.

Mainstream and social media went into overdrive. Rangers issued statements deploring the Hibs' fans conduct. By Tuesday a "rogues gallery" of most wanted had been published. One individual missing was Greg Binnie - he had apparently already been named and shamed on facebook and had quickly received threats. He also received his very own article in the redtops and was the first to appear in court in relation to the trouble (here). He pled guilty and will be sentenced later.  The game took place 108 days after Arthur Binnie's passing on 3rd February (3/2)

We learned more about ginger Greg during the week. He is young, a sports student, and worked as a squash coach at the prestigious George Watson's School in Edinburgh. George Watson was a philanthropist. He is buried in Greyfriars Kirkyard adjacent to another philanthropist's school, George Heriot. Some claim that JK Rowling based Hogwarts on George Heriots School. Potterites still frequent Greyfriars to visit the gravestone of a Thomas Riddell which they believe was the inspiration for Dark Lord Voltermort. I have written before about royal goldsmith George Heriot with particular reference to the Oasis singer, six-toed Liam Gallacher and his visit to the pub named after George where he announced Edinburgh to be "Beautiful, amazing, f****** biblical, in fact. Words can't explain it..." Magical Scotland

We have still to see what the fall-out will be over this matter. Rangers, it's fair to say, being the establishment club have friends in high places. Indeed their friends are so high that the aforementioned David King was approved a fit and proper director of the club despite his numerous convictions for tax evasion in South Africa. Apparently a judge described him as a "glib and shameless liar"; one presumes Mr. King was under oath at the  time.

To close, I'll just cut and paste from my original Arthur Binnie post with a little addition:

"It is certain that onomatology, or the science of names, forms a very interesting part of the investigations of the higher Masonry, and it is only in this way that any connection can be created between the two sciences". (Encyclopedia of Freemasonry)

Arthur is a common masculine given name. Its etymology is disputed, but its popularity derives from its being the name of the legendary hero King Arthur.

Binnie : "Surnames regarded as septs (sub-branch) of the MacBain/MacBean clan include Bain, Bean, Beattie, Binnie, Macbeath, Macbeth, Macbheath, Macilvain and MacVean." Rampant Scotland

MacBain Family Crest

Gregory is a masculine first name. It is derived from the Latin name "Gregorius," which was from the late Greek name "Γρηγόριος" (Grēgorios) meaning "watchful, alert" (derived from Greek "γρηγoρεῖν" "grēgorein" meaning "to watch").

It could well be that all Kings are cut from the same cloth, it's worth keeping an eye on.

Glasgow Rangers flag inc. Red Hand of Ulster


Thursday 26 May 2016

Kraken up

Image result for prince william swimming

I read John Wyndham's apocalyptic Day of the Triffids, at school alongside Brave New World, 1984 and Animal Farm. I recall they were all part of the exam driven syllabus of the period and that triffids with their stings removed were common garden novelties.

After Triffids, Wyndham penned The Kraken Wakes. In this novel, deep sea dwelling aliens have arrived on planet Earth and slowly but surely a war begins between the two species, started by the humans, culminating in the visitors melting the polar ice caps and causing extensive flooding. The UK version of the book is less pessimistic than the US version, and alludes to human civilisation surviving and rebuilding. 

Scottish author, Val McDermid, who has previously based one of her characters on Glencoe-loving Jimmy Savile after he gave her the creeps in 1977, has adapted the book for BBC Radio 4. Instead of the protagonists - The Watsons - being located in Cornwall, rather the action will be set in Scotland with our own government's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, playing the part of herself broadcasting instructions to the surviving humans. Val has apparently thought deeply about the original plot and decided that there is more chance of Scotland being dry land than Cornwall in the event of a global flooding crisis.  (BBC News)

Kraken refers to a legendary sea monster which is said to dwell in the seas of  Greenland and Norway. In the novel, Professor Alastair Bocker speculates that the aliens and humans could co-exist indefinitely, barely noticing each others existence. One assumes that Wyndham deliberated before choosing the story's title.

Loch Ness is said to hold a monster. Occultist, Aleister Crowley, like Jimmy Savile and Glencoe, was fond of the place. He believed magickally harnessable energies focused themselves thereabouts and so purchased Boleskine House on the banks to conduct his rituals. Some occultists believe that Crowley opened portals to another dimension. His sketch of Lam, an entity he conjured up whilst in New York, shows great resemblance to the common or garden grey alien oft depicted nowadays.


Lam and the little grey men.

Friday 20 May 2016

A Vicious Circle ?

A stooshie has erupted in Scotland.

Muirfield Golf Club members have voted not to admit women members as was the case previously. It was a close tie. Due to this, the club have been banned from holding the open. Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, described the situation as "indefensible". British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is also critical.

What jumped out at me was the report of a letter which was distributed to club members shortly before the vote, a letter which the "no camp" are claiming was pivotal in it's success. Apparently, the letter was composed and signed by 33 club members. (The Telegraph)

33 is an important number to freemasons. One may be of the opinion that freemasonry and golf are linked in some manner other than both being Scottish rooted. Freemasons don't allow woman in either, however no one seems to be mentioning that despite their obvious influence within society.

Pressure is being placed on the golf course to reconsider, move out the dark ages, perhaps have another vote. Perhaps that was always the intention.

I am all for equality however my opinion is that there is a more nefarious agenda behind it. Nowadays, the majority of families have two working parents. The government appear to welcome this and offer discounted childcare and suchlike to help financially. Many children don't see their parents that much. Schools are encouraged to provide breakfast clubs and suchlike to facilitate working parents. Most working parents spend a large proportion of their earnings on mortgages which, to all extents and purposes, is most often interest on the monies borrowed being repaid to the lender. These children will grow up believing it is the norm, which it is, and more than likely behave in the same manner with their children. Thus a nefarious agenda is at play; a vicious circle.


Thursday 12 May 2016

There can be only one..

The movie Highlander has been "restored" in a 4K format. Don't ask me what that actually means. It will be shown at the Edinburgh Film Festival on 18th June. Clancy Brown, who played the Kurgan, will be in attendence along with other "special guests".

Clancy apparently noted : "It’s taken a while, but I swore to myself that I would return again to Scotland after filming Highlander 30 years ago where I first learned of Robert the Bruce, James Macpherson, The Fortingall Yew and, most blissfully, single-malt scotch whisky."

It's a fairly unusual esoteric combination.

Bruce was of course in charge at the alleged Battle of Bannockburn, the battle that ex Scottish political top-boy, Alex Salmond, claimed was the birthplace of modern Scotland. You can find more on it on the sidebar - mythomorph.

James McPherson translated the Ossian poems from Gaelic "word of mouth" myths and legends concerning ancient history of Scotland and Ireland.

The Fortingall Yew is allegedly the oldest  tree (living thing?) in Europe. There's a legend that Pontius Pilate of Bible fame played as a child in it's shade. A book has been written, with  claims of Druid worship and even a visit from Jesus. As a yew tree grows, it's branches become heavy and droop to the soil. At that point of contact new roots will often form, and from there over time another trunk. In the case of the Fortingall Yew, the "original" trunk is almost gone, leaving an outer circle of later trunks.

The whisky speaks for itself.

Bearing in mind the myths surrounding Scotland and historical links with Egypt, for example Scotland and Princess Scota, it strikes me that perhaps Clancy is alluding to something more especially given the premise of the film and that Scotsman Sean Connery was cast as an Egyptian immortal. 

I'll skip for the moment on the police investigation into grooming of minors by celebrities  - codename Operation Yew Tree - which sprouted after the death of Glencoe loving Jimmy Savile, although I have touched on it previously, and before.


Tuesday 10 May 2016

Uri Geller's Loaded Balls

There was an interesting article in last weekend's Scottish Sun regarding Uri Geller, telekinesis and the infamous Scotland versus England football match back in 1996.

During the game, Uri hovered above Wembley Stadium in a helicopter and alleges that he moved the ball with the power of his mind a split second before Scotland's Gary McAllister attempted a penalty kick. McAllister missed and Scotland went on to lose 2-0.Uri had apparently perfected his"trick" whilst working for the C.I.A.

Geller claims in the article that he was wracked with guilt over his interference. He has apparently met with Gary subsequently to apologise. However, his guilt was somehow "released" - his words - after he purchased uninhabited Lamb Island in the Firth of Forth close to Edinburgh for £30,000 back in 2009.

For the uninitiated, Lamb Island came to Uri's attention via an article called the Pyramids of Scotland which explored the alleged correlations between itself, two neighbouring islands, the constellation Orion, the Knights Templar and Rosslyn Chapel. Plus more. The article has been revisited to include Uri's acquisition and can be found here.


Sunday 8 May 2016

Jew Lips Spew Hamster Jam

I feel this blog is stale. I need to attempt to refresh it, somehow. I intend to hopefully rework my style of writing; perhaps be somewhat harsher in my approach. I will see what I can do over the next couple of months before the school holidays.

Last week Kate, of Prince William fame, fed us a hitherto unknown titbit. Prince Charlotte has pet hamster going by the name of Marvin. I wondered initially if it related to Hank, or Gaye. Kate made the announcement whilst on a visit to the new Magic Garden playground at Hampton Court Palace:

"Explore our exciting new interactive play garden for families. Populated by mysterious mythical beasts, with battlements to storm, towers to besiege, and even a secret grotto to discover, the Magic Garden is a new and unique way for your family to explore the palace’s past. Set within King Henry VIII’s former Tiltyard, where the elaborate spectacle of the Tudor tournament played out, the new garden takes inspiration from the fairy-tale-like quality of the Tudor Palace."

There's even a giant dragon.

The root of the name Marvin is interesting. It is Welsh. It is a form of Merlin. I may return to Hampton Court Palace and it's allegedly Hermetically inspired gardens.


Friday 22 April 2016

Purple Reign

First things first. Apologies for the dearth in posts over the last while.

When musician Prince was a child he had epilepsy. He told his mother he was cured by an angel.

Yesterday  Prince passed away, aged 57. Meanwhile it was the Queen's 90th birthday.

There's a 33 year difference.

One wonders if, just perhaps, given Prince and his Revolution,  the "angels" are "speaking".


Saturday 20 February 2016

Divide and Conquer

Today, David Cameron announced the date for the forthcoming United Kingdom referendum as to whether the voters wish to remain part of the European Union, or go it alone. It's to be held on 23rd June, the 702nd anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn, 3 days after the Summer solstice.

The Battle is drummed into Scottish children as part of their education. Teachers, however, often fail to disclose that no-one actually knows exactly where the action took place. No real artifacts have been uncovered.  A couple of years ago, the BBC supported a "Quest for Bannockburn", to eventually establish where exactly the alleged conflict transpired in 1314 (Past Horizons):

There is very little on the ground to mark where the battle apparently took place‘, said Warren Bailie, who led GUARD Archaeology’s team. ‘The Bore Stone at the summit of Brock’s Brae, was according to tradition where Robert the Bruce’s standard was set during the battle, but this doesn’t actually appear in written accounts before 1723 and even then only one fragment of the original bore stone still survives at the Bannockburn Visitor Centre.‘ 

Not much was discovered in the "quest".

There's a myth, a legend, that the Knights Templar helped the Scottish at the battle. Proper historians, the same characters who can't find very much evidence of the event, scoff at such a possibility.

Ex Scottish top-dog, Alex Salmond, noted, back in 2014 when opening the new visitor centre, that Bannockburn was the "birthplace of modern Scotland". BBC News

Some people consider that the Knights Templar spawned freemasonry from Scotland. One wonders whether that was what Salmond was alluding to. If so, then Bannockburn was surely the "birthplace of modern, democratic, society", given freemasonry's colonisation of the globe.

In the excellent Mythomorph , the author posits that furthermore, one can draw inference from the astrological situation above, quoting the Hermetic dictum "as above, so below" :

As I continued to study the “accepted” reasons given for the Scottish victory at Bannockburn, they seemed less and less credible. Moreover, the existence of an underground brotherhood of Scots and English, united in a cause that transcended national loyalty, seemed likely, and confirmation that a secret tale, written deep between the lines of the official tale, began to emerge out of the mists of time.

When the Scottish independence referendum was carried out, I called it wrong. My thoughts revolved around magickal ritual and alchemy and the forging of a global society. After all, it was a Scots King who historically formed the United Kingdom alongside his bringing of the Bible to the masses. Whilst the alchemist uses base products to attempt to form the gold. Maybe that's why the symbolic, yet probably fake, Stone of Destiny sits within Edinburgh Castle.
Salmond - see Half way there

I don't normally do politics, but it requires note that the Scottish National Party, whilst not independent, carry some clout down at Westminster with their almost clean sweep at the last UK elections. The Scottish National Party are keen to remain part of Europe. Who knows what may happen if the rest of the UK vote to leave the European Union. Perhaps I didn't call it wrong. Perhaps the plan was already devised.


Sunday 7 February 2016

"Arthur's" Stone

The Walter Scott Monument, situated in Princes Street Gardens beside Edinburgh Castle. The stone was quarried from Binny Quarry, the lands of Binny gifted to a peasant called William Binning by Robert the Bruce for his help in taking Linlithgow Palace from the English. Today the Stone of Destiny sits very close by, within Edinburgh Castle, which itself sits on the capstone/plug of  Arthur's Seat

 "It is certain that onomatology, or the science of names, forms a very interesting part of the investigations of the higher Masonry, and it is only in this way that any connection can be created between the two sciences". (Encyclopedia of Freemasonry)

 The "Stone of Destiny" hit the headlines last week, the report containing some material worth further investigation.

That's the Stone which was repatriated from England's Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day 1950 by a brazen gang of law students, to then re-appear at the alter within Scotland's Arbroath Abbey some 108 days later. It's the same stone some claim is Jacob's Pillow Stone. Others would say it's a Dr. Jekyll - a Jekyll and Hyde - a snide - a fake passed off to the English way back.

Friday's BBC News tells of reporter, Arthur Binnie, passing away, at the age of 89. Arthur's claim to fame, his "big scoop" which he did very well from financially, was to be the first reporter on the scene at Arbroath on the 101st day of the year, April 11th 1950, after receiving an (presumably) anonymous telephone call at his desk in the Arbroath Herald office. All he was told was that if he went to the Abbey, "he might find something of interest". Arthur grabbed a camera and cycled so hard en-route, the chain came off his bike. Yes, cycled, it was almost 66 years ago.

When Arthur arrived at the doors, the "uniformed custodian" led him "silently" to the high alter. Arthur, well aware of the missing stone, saw a Saltire draped over a stonemason's barrow. Arthur didn't need to employ rocket science to deduce what exactly it was, thus when the custodian pulled back a corner of the flag, "there it was....The Stone of Destiny". Arthur's oily hands received an envelope from the custodian containing a message from the four students which he took back to the office along with some snaps he had taken of the scene. Arthur was sure it was the real McCoy.

"Later he learned there'd been a mix up. A local councillor who'd been supposed to alert journalists had decided to let the police know first but the officer in charge in Arbroath that day took a while to establish the story wasn't a hoax.

Arthur Binnie had the discovery of the Stone of Destiny to himself

The news went worldwide. " -Global...... indeed.

I enjoy greatly James Shelby Downard's KK/33, regarding the masonic fingerprints all over the JFK assassination, the quote up top is from there.  Wikipedia carries a text, abbreviated: a fuller, yet alas not complete version is here

Let's look at Arthur (wiki):

Arthur is a common masculine given name. Its etymology is disputed, but its popularity derives from its being the name of the legendary hero King Arthur.

Binnie : "Surnames regarded as septs (sub-branch) of the MacBain/MacBean clan include Bain, Bean, Beattie, Binnie, Macbeath, Macbeth, Macbheath, Macilvain and MacVean." Rampant Scotland

I would recommend the reader peruses the KK/33 text, although it is somewhat hard going. Downard within connects the dots :

Before pointing to the mystical associations between the murder of the president and Shakespeare's tragedy of Macbeth I wish to call attention to the appearance of the witches in Act I, Scene 1 and to the line in which they chant "Fair is foul, and foul is fair". This is reminiscent of Hermetic Art (alchemy) as well as the "individuation" or "shaping" of an integrated personality in the psychology of C. G. Jung in which the "archetype of unity" (self-head, auto-cephalous), the Yetzer Ha-Ra and Yetzer ha Tov of the Jews, and the "Mingling of All with All" is manifested.
Thus, just perhaps, it was more than "good luck" that Arthur received his unique "scoop".


Wednesday 20 January 2016

Skeletons in the cupboard.

Urban myths are something I enjoy. Often they are untrue or impossible to prove correct. For example, as I have stated before, some twenty or so years ago I heard that Jimmy Savile was a necrophiliac. I thought little more about it until he was buried at a fourty-five degree angle, arse down, in a "golden" coffin encased in concrete. One wonders if he was worried about something.

Then there's the one about Professor Stephen Hawking. I heard, again many moons ago, that he contracted his motor neurone disease from an attempt to travel in time.

Yesterday's BBC News told of how the Prof has lectured that humanity is in danger of destroying itself given the potential perils of nuclear war, global warming and genetically-engineered viruses. He has suggested colonisation of other planets as a potential solution, to prevent the end of the human race:

"Although the chance of a disaster to planet Earth in a given year may be quite low, it adds up over time, and becomes a near certainty in the next thousand or ten thousand years. 

"By that time we should have spread out into space, and to other stars, so a disaster on Earth would not mean the end of the human race. 

"However, we will not establish self-sustaining colonies in space for at least the next hundred years, so we have to be very careful in this period."

Which got me thinking about the myth that humans were genetically created by planet hopping aliens as their worker slaves; thus heading full circle, so to speak.


Friday 15 January 2016

Skullduggery ?

Ex Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, and would-be American president, Donald Trump, have fallen out. Allegedly. It's not new, they were buddies but Donald was not happy about some offshore wind turbines being installed close to his "best golf course in the world", the one in the North East corner of Scotland in Menie that the locals were, in the majority, unhappy about.

Yesterday, we were told that after a radio show in which Alex had a dig at Donald, the stinking rich tycoon responded in the usual manner, bragging of his future investments to the Scottish economy whilst slating Alex for releasing alleged winter-solstice Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, early on compassionate grounds. 

Apparently, al-Megrahi was working on the direct orders of Gaddafi, which I'll go along with for the purpose of this post.

On the Autumn equinox, 23rd September 2009, the BBC reported that construction of a tent which was being pitched close to New York to house Gaddafi, who was due to speak at the United Nations, have been terminated due to planning regulations. The land belonged to Donald Trump who accepted that "it was leased on a short term basis to Middle Eastern partners who may or may not have a relationship with Gaddafi". BBC News

On the equinox, Gaddafi spoke at the UN, directly after Obama and directly before Scotsman, Gordon Brown.

Back in Scotland, on the equinox, something was emerging. At this point Donald had not yet begun construction of "the best golf course in  the world" albeit he had secured planning permission after an initial refusal by appealing directly to the Scottish government who, at that time, were led by Salmond. 

The morning after the equinox, the 24th, many statues in Scotland had been defaced overnight by means of the attachment of a Donald Trump face mask. The perpetrators were, allegedly,  a group calling themselves the Menie Liberation Front. The image up top is that of the Greyfriars Bobby-dog statue. It is popular in it's own right with tourists, however more recently Harry Potterites have congregated close by given Rowling's cafe -where she used to write - and the alleged grave of Lord Voldermort are in close proximity.

Some people believe that statues and suchlike are often more strategically placed that one might consider, in terms of invisible energies of the type that Aleister Crowley was fond of. One may even consider that congregating humans may even have an effect on such, an effect which can be utilised by those in the know. Hence, perhaps, the emergence of the Loch Ness Monster, close to Crowley's energy laden Scottish abode. 


Note that Donald utilised the services of a contractor called Sol (as in the Sun) to construct his course. He chose the date 01/02/2010 to announce this.