Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Thursday 17 February 2011

A load of shite ?

I really cannot be bothered writing about the myriad of Prince Wills stories which abound at the moment, however this one about his father, Charles, caught my imagination.

In it we read of how Charles today launched a conservation project to save the red squirrel from extinction in the UK, meeting some volunteers and noting:

"It is really only by working together that we will have a chance of preserving this most iconic of species.

"Reds are now returning to the woodland and the gardens where they were once terrorised by greys in certain areas and this is something to celebrate. "

The reader might need reminded at this point that the grey squirrel,was originally introduced to the UK by the Victorians as a garden novelty, indeed a whimsie, although soon escaped and took over - apparently they carry some sort of virus which kills the reds.

In my post
a full monty , I conjured up the possibility that Charles was acting a Messianic role, the intention being to recreate a global Garden of Eden with new "Gods". If we carry that thinking slightly further, could it be that the red squirrels are metaphorical of true mankind, the type before the alleged genetic tampering by aliens to create a worker slave. Obviously the "greys", as they are known, represent the alien DNA'd hybrid species.

Could it be that Charles is in touch with our "alien creators", who realise their experiment is a failure. Thus a deal has been done. In return for say 50 million humans in 2012 (the spiritual oneness we hear of), the aliens will leave the Earth alone in future and allow Charles et al, to act as Gods thereafter, perhaps eventually breeding out the alien DNA, from their worker slaves, entirely.


Images are Tufty, a Government funded squirrel who has taught road sense in the UK for some decades. One can see how he has devilishly evolved over time.

Sunday 13 February 2011

Leg Pulling

Charlie Gilmour, son of Floyd Dave, also hit the headlines on double eleven Friday.

The reader will recall his exploits at the student "revolution" march in London in late November, his black attired pendulous swing from the Union Jack draping the Cenotaph creating fantastic media images.

As noted here last month, Charlie had been charged by the authorities with violent disorder along with theft in respect of a mannequin leg. This latter charge has now been dropped whilst another added; that of attacking the Royal convoy later that day.

The Royals being on their way to the Wizard of Oz advertising, Palladium, for their Variety Show. (A Yellow Brick Road)


Saturday 12 February 2011

Forever blowing doubles

A quantity has been written by others on the subject of the numbers 11 11, or eleven eleven, with many saying that it is of great spiritual importance; mostly in a positive manner. Just google it. Personally I am not that confident, seeing it more of a wake up call in ominous terms, given Prince William and his "dark" appearance last 22nd February in issue 1111 of Hello, notwithstanding Armistice Day, for example.

With that, then yesterday surely was to be a day of some numerological significance, given it's date 11/02/2011: a beautiful palindromic, amongst others, sequence. So what happened ?

We saw Egypt, apparently freed from it's manacles, embracing a new philosophy of democracy and thus alleged freedom.

We saw a legacy announced for the crown-like Olympic stadium - it is to be used by football club West Ham United, post 2012.

We saw the release of a coin commemorating the forthcoming marriage of Wills and Kate, it costs a fiver, three quid to children, and has no face value.

And, again using the formula provided in my last post, we can crack this code. For yesterday, low and behold, who should pop up in the Scottish media but Barry "Braveheart" Hughes, an alleged Glaswegian criminal gangster mastermind. His crime on this occasion was to have constructed an activity centre for his children in the wrong part of his garden, somewhere overlooked by neighbours of the complaining variety. He has subsequently moved the structure to a more suitable part of the garden -where no one notices it.

Thus, in the 4 noted stories from yesterday we saw Egypt jump from frying pan to fire. Worthless Wills 'n Kate coins sold by the Royal Mint. The crown-like Olympic stadium to be the future home of a club nicknamed the Hammers. Hopefully you notice, eleven eleven does not forebode well.


Also see no bones about it re lightbringing ritual (as per image) at the Olympic Stadium in December on the solstice.

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